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Electing the new Seat A of the National Council

VOC New Topic Please:
Electing the new Seat A of the National Council. What to look for in candidates.
It has come to my attention that within the last 15 years, the Muscogee (Creek) Nation keeps electing National Council members based on what they can do for them and not how they will help the entire Nation. Since 2011, the National Council is elected by the entire Nation and not by their respective district, an attempt to return the voting rights back to the districts has failed twice.
In looking at potential candidates, please listen to what they will do for all citizens and not just a select few.
Candidates that only care about the betterment of the entire nation and who believe in fairness, progress and inclusion should be the ones who the citizens vote for, in my opinion.
Please really consider who you are voting for to represent the needs, concerns and issues of the people of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation to legislate on behalf of the citizens, employees, and patients. The National Council are individuals elected to legislate matters on behalf of the Nation. It is their constitutional duty to pass legislation and structure laws that benefit the citizens.
The National Council are not social workers, licensed councilors, legal staff on behalf of the Nation, Probate employees, Directors/Managers of the various Departments at Creek Nation and they are not THE HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT.
Please elect the individuals you believe who will legislate and be legislators. They cannot dictate to the Executive Branch and they cannot go in and change everything the Executive Branch has done in the last four years. They cannot fire anyone nor can they hire someone unless they are to work directly for the Council or they are appointed by the Principal Chief.
It’s time we elect true a true legislative branch.