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Muscogee Creek Movement

Please contact me by next Wednesday so we know how many tables are needed—-Shelly Harjo-Davis at 918 814 7513 or we would like for all candidates to come to get your word out there. Mvto

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Muscogee Creek Movement
P.O. Box 26, Glenpool, OK 74033

Muscogee Creek Movement


We the Muscogee Creek Movement believe in the Constitutional Rights of all Muscogee citizens, acknowledging that the citizens are the government. The elected officials, appointed officials, department heads or managers are not the government.

We the Muscogee People will assist and inform citizens with information and knowledge to empower them to be active in our tribal government. This includes voting, asking questions of officials and to demand answers, respecting our culture and being able to take on issues without  intimating or intimidation.