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Salaries Too Too High


New Topic Please: Salaries Too Too High

Has anyone looked at the new salaries for staff in the september paper? Salaries seem to keep going up. Do these staff members really have the background, education, experience, and skills to qualify for jobs with these high salaries here at creek nation? I think in many cases not. Anyone that is a SG12 step 1 $40,300.00 or more needs to have full disclosure to the citizens of their resume and background. In many cases they are getting paid more than they would in the federal government or private sector according to these new rates. These are higher than last year!!! So first year of new Chief, salaries are higher than last year with previous Chief. What’s going on down there???? How can we be paying people so much more money, for less qualified and less educated, and with a debt of $68 million plus???? There are a lot of SG12, SG13 SG14 SG15, etc. who are these people?

Say it Ain’t So……

New Topic Request: Say it Ain’t So……

Has anyone else heard that Jerry “the rat” Wilson is coming back to his job as Tribal Administrator? I thought we were trying to replace these pos not give them a little vacation until things got quiet and bring them back! One small step forward 5 steps back. I guess since we kept Brad Fox and Dan Wilson the 3 Stooges wouldn’t be complete without “The Rat”

Pipelines through Creek Nation

New topic request- Pipelines through Creek Nation

I have a friend who works for the Corp of Engineers and he tells me that there is a pipeline called Diamond coming across creek Nation. I looked it up online and it’s coming near my home. Who at creek Nation is handling this? Chief? This guy said he heard that the creeks are now getting rolled over and that no one there seems to care. Who do I call? When I was looking around online I saw another one that should be built in Alabama by horseshoe bend. Is anyone standing up for us? I haven’t seen anything in our newspaper or our website about these. What is our tribe doing about these?

Authority Board Appointments

Hope this comment will find a new post…
Called “Authority Board Appointments”
Should the National Council and the Executive office have to give at-least a 60 day notice in the Mvskoke Nation News and website on board vacancies….as we have seen over the last three council session a number of board seat have been confirmed like the gaming authority board and One Fire Holdings board and yet NO notices were given the Creek public about these positions. Should there be proper notices for all 80 thousand plus citizens who are qualified to put their names in the hat…mvto

Citizens’ Housing Payments

New Topic Please:


From Mvskoke Media

There are 115 people right now that aren’t current.

I plan to issue a statement in the MCN newspaper for the citizens who are behind on their housing payment. Those citizens that are behind need to start making plans to get caught up.
All back payments needs to be paid by October 3, 2016. Any homeowner that is not current or have not made arrangements after Oct 3, 2016 will be delinquent.
Some people are a year plus behind on payments. Some people have already been to court. Several people already have had a court judgment and been told they are evicted.
However, managers have been told not to evict in the past by a HIGHER POWER.

Now citizens are going to complain Bucktrot is too harsh because he’s making citizens pay their mortgage payment when before they probably got it for free.

National Council, Principal Chief and THE CITIZENS are to blame for this because they want everything for free. The Muscogee (Creek) Nation isn’t so great after all.

Budget and Funding

New Topic Requested: Budget and Funding

We are in debt $18M plus $66M. We are taking out loans. What measures have been done prior to making tis decision? Can anyone please tell us how many positions were eliminated and how much money was saved; how many assets were sold to put toward this debt; which program budgets were cut and by how much; if there was any type of hiring freeze to help more money go towards this debt . Can we please see or does anyone know the plan to pay this money back? I understand in times of debt and economic shortfalls not everyone is going to be happy and there will be many sacrifices. What sacrifices are being made other than borrowing more money?

Thief/Liar Tiger

New post please

So do all you Tiger fans still think GT was a great leader?

He has always been a corrupt/greedy sociopath and will remain so until his death. He & his administration created the mess we now have. Anyone who still believes in him must be delusional!  It is so nice not to see his picture plastered everywhere and hear him praising himself.


U.S. Presidential Candidates on Native American Issue


U.S. Presidential Candidates on Native American Issues

In light of campaigning in Indian Country, here are links on how leading candidates are addressing tribes:

Fmr. Sec. Hillary Clinton

“Growing Together: Hillary Clinton’s Vision for Building a Brighter Future for Native Americans” from from her campaign’s webpage.

“How Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Is Making Its Play for Native American Support” from the Atlantic.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT)

“Empowering Tribal Nations” from his campaign’s webpage.

“In Arizona, Sanders woos Native Americans” from the Associated Press and “Bernie Sanders Replaces Stump Speech with Epic Call for Native American Justice in Arizona” from US Uncut.*

*The first article is slightly biased against the Senator but is the AP wire most news outlets reported for the March 17th event.  The second article is biased towards Sanders but includes video of the full speech.

Donald Trump

Trump has no website dedicated to Native issues, but here are some reported positions:

“Donald Trump and Jeb Bush Find Common Ground on Washington’s Football Team” from the NYT reporting on Trump’s defense of the Washington NFL team’s name.

“The Connecticut Roots Of Trump’s First Big Slur” from the Hartford Currant remembering Trump’s testimony to the House Subcommittee on Native Americans in 1993 concerning Tribal casinos.



No more bashing on this site! what are you NOW doing for the tribe or it’s citizens? Nothing except to complain as far as I can tell. At least you can talk to council members and hope that they will listen. They don’t answer their phones. If that is not working, sent all members of the council an email/letter/message. This last suggestion worked for me; it got their attention.

If some of you spent as much time working to improve the tribe as you do bashing, our tribe could be in much better shape.


MCN Executive Officers

>  Controller:  Kathryn Guthrie
>  Veteran’s Affairs – Ken Davis
>  Tax Commissioner – Jerry McPeak
>  Attorney General – Kevin Dellinger
>  Secretary of the Nation – James Byrd
>  Secretary of Interior Affairs – Christopher         Azbell
>  Secretary of Community & Human Services – Neenah Tiger
>  Secretary of Education, Employment & Training – Courtney Josie
>  Secretary of Housing – LaDonna Northcross
>  Lighthorse Police Chief – Robert Hawkins, Jr.
>  Tribal Administrator – Judy Haumpy
>  Secretary of Health – Lawrence Vark

Prove Yourself

New topic submitted by Creek Woman

I see lots of talk and speculation on here. I think Chief (elect) Floyd will be wise enough to get his cabinet figured out. I’ll be the first to say that I really don’t know who does what or how good they are. There is so much politics and backstabbing that it’s hard to believe what anyone says, but I doubt Chief Floyd keep anyone who is in a position ONLY because of name or politics. Maybe he intends to allow them time to be evaluated for the WORK they do.

What I hope is those who have managed to have entire careers based off of their name and their daddy’s name will have to show tangible work. I hope it will be expected that they need fresh ideas that stem from creativity. Those ideas need to be implemented and will have to produce tangible results. I hope they will no longer get by with simply putting on a fancy White man’s 3-piece suit with a silk tie while sitting at the head of the table to direct meetings. They need to be intelligent. They at least need to be smarter than a box of rocks.

Two people that need go: Jeff Fife (he just isn’t very smart and has never accomplished anything; has gotten by because of name and ONLY because of name).

Next, make sure that Ed Mouse stays as far from MCN as humanly possible.

There is no need to try to reinvent the wheel. Start by accomplishing the simplest of tasks. Evaluate each department’s work flow. If it gets bogged down somewhere find the weak link in the process. (realize that might not be a person; it might be a law or a regulation or any number of things) Example: Why does it take higher ed 2-3 months to pay the students? Everything is ELECTRONIC. So why is the process so slow? How can this be improved?

Evaluate how long it takes for an application of housing work orders to work through the entire process. Map it out the process and time it. How long does it sit here? How long before it goes here for signature? Do this for at least 1-2 years so there is a sizable enough sample to analyze the results. Yes, they need to be statistically analyzed and if we don’t have people that can do that contract them. Trust me, a pattern will show up. Then fix the areas where it bogs down.

That should go for every department. Get rid of managers who do not know how to actually work. If you can’t change a light bulb or fix a flat then maybe you shouldn’t be directing others on how to do it. Managers need a degree that is appropriate to the field and department they are managing but they also need to be trained in how to manage people.

I’m ready for a change and expect good things to come from Chief Floyd’s administration, but I also realize we’ll probably get stuck with the same do nothing managers (almost all of them MEN) who get by because of name and personality——-at least for a while.

Our new motto should be: PROVE YOURSELF.
Each and every one of you. Prove yourself. And the first one of you that refuses to cooperate with others and other departments because you’re worried about getting yourself ahead—————YOU’RE OUT!


George Tiger LOST the election (38.04% for 1,820 votes.) We have a new chief: James Floyd (61.96% for 2,964 votes)
George, the people have spoken!!! We will return to the original “The Mvskoke Way” and with no
such title as “the first lady”

Breaking News

George Tiger has put the whole Media Department on Administrative Leave. He said that come Monday five people will be gone.
His abusive use of power with the purpose of satisfying his personal interest to remain Chief is beyond belief. Is he treating other department employees the same?

Creeks for James Floyd

Well-Said Facebook Comment:

It’s Tuesday, October 27, 2015 and Nov. 7th General Election is just 11 days away!!! Praying for Positive Change to take place for Muscogee Creek Nation!

Sharon Rose attended the Fact Finding committee meeting last night at the council chambers! She encountered a surprise! She was asked to leave because they went into executive session! The discussion was on the Chairman of the Fact Finding Committee – Shirlene Ade and the allegations and the fact finding that had been discovered about her and the inappropriate way she received tribal housing from this source. She resigned her position as Chairman of the Fact Finding Committee. So gracious of her, right?

The National Council is displaying many problems of their own! First and foremost, forgetting one basic item – they were elected to be there to represent ALL citizens of MCN and protect our interests. They all took oaths to do this to the best of their abilities.

It almost seems as though our National Council is a somewhat “private club” and they almost take a fraternal pledge to stick together regardless of the consequences!

The Fact Finding Committee has discovered many items that they are NOT making public to the citizens they serve! Why? As citizens we don’t know the reasons, but obviously to protect people on the Council, family members, relatives and others who possibly can help them in future endeavors.

I personally find this behavior totally unacceptable from a National Council Representative. I have sent letters, sent e-mails and never get a reply other than the auto-responder that it hit one’s email address. When we look at all the current Chief has supposedly done; you start looking at the behavior of our National Council and it seems they might have the same problem with Transparency as the Executive Branch!

There is only one way that we are going to get anything changed in this type of environment and that is to change the make-up of the three branches of government of the tribe. The first step is to put a new Principal Chief in office, one that doesn’t have any one to payback for their support! One that is qualified, has a tremendous work history in areas that will greatly benefit the tribe, and gets nothing but positive reviews from associates he has worked with in the past! We need to make certain we elect James Floyd as the new Principal Chief of MCN on November 7th!!!
We also need to change the current make-up of the National Council! We have an opportunity to put new faces on the council during this election. We need to take that step and do that.
I hope and pray that honesty will prevail over the dirty, unethical performance we are seeing from the supporters and the Current Chief. If this is what we have to look forward to in the next four years, as a Nation we are in serious trouble!

Okmulgee County Suspending Cross-commission & MOU

Found on Facebook:


10/02/2015 Okmulgee Daily Times
Excerpt from “County discuss altering bid specs for repair project”

Another non-action agenda item came from Sheriff Eddy Rice. He was requesting the commissioners acknowledge suspension of the cross-commission and memorandum of understanding between the Muscogee Creek Nation and the Sheriff’s Department.

Rice was unable to attend the meeting as he was on a call in the northern part of the county. But Ballard said Rice had made him aware of some problems, and he felt Rice might be waiting to address those problems until after the Creek Nation’s run-off election for principal chief.

In Rice’s information to the commissioners, read by Thomas, he said, “As of 9-22-15, the Okmulgee County Sheriff’s Office is suspending the cross-commission and memorandum of understanding with the Muscogee Creek Nation. I intend to re-evaluate our professional relationship in 2016. And I hope to be able to resolve a few issues in an effort to solidify and strengthen our working relationship while serving the citizens of Okmulgee County.



The new Fiscal Year will start October 1st. The standoff between the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch has moved from the sublime to the ridiculous. All of this political posturing will ultimately affect our tribal members the most, and only in a negative way. For what purpose? To feed the egos of little-minded men (and women) who have forgotten the faces of their elders and who only have their own best interests (and agendas) locked into their narrow-minded pea brains. Both sides are at fault for the pitiful state in which our tribe currently resides; however, neither side has the character nor the fortitude to step up and say “we both screwed up, we can’t fix the past, but we can move forward and try to resolve this by working together to find a reasonable solution.” And by reasonable it is meant a solution that puts the tribal members at the forefront. Remember the tribal members? The elderly, the disabled, the young? The very group of people you took an oath to serve and protect? No, as previously stated – it is more important to feed our self-important, self-centered, self-serving, narcissistic egos. Everyone of you within the upper ranks of this tribal government should be ashamed and hope like hell that you do not one day find yourselves in the very position that your current actions have put the majority of our tribal members. I’d pray for you but I’m afraid that would make me as big a hyprocrit as you.

Muscogee Creek Removal Facebook Comments

New Topic for those who are not on Facebook

 Lanissa Jack Melton‘s post.
July 18 at 8:05pm ·

Lanissa Jack Melton
Went to a listening session last night. Hosted by the Muscogee Creek Nation, held in Beggs. I didn’t know about the meeting until Sunday by a city council. Then the city council member announced it at the monthly meeting to the city of Beggs. Two individuals who are not from the city of Beggs named Charlene Adams Lovelace and Eli Grayson was responsible for the meeting. They were both asked if they were the spokesperson for the city. Charlene Lovelace said that she would be the contact person. The meeting started out to be informational. Employees gave their speeches. Questions were asked and answered if possible. During the beginning of the meeting a man asked a question then a woman who let them use the church Said “SHUT UP” out loud to the man. I sat in the far back of the room and clearly heard her say that in church in Gods house. How rude and disrespectful. At that moment I felt uncomfortable. Towards the end the two individuals wanted to have another meeting at the same church. I stood up waving my hand for 10 minutes kept clearing my throat to be recognized. Finally a gentleman said just talk. I didn’t want to be rude. So when I did I suggested that we should have it at a centralized location such as the city hall or the community center. Eli Grayson stood up and said loud and clear “This Meeting Is For All Muscogee Creek Citizens” I was stunned by that comment. I am half Muscogee Creek and half non-Indian. Who is traditional, culturally oriented, and speaks the language. A lady in front of me said what is that suppose to mean. At that moment I was discriminated against. Apparently I wasn’t dark enough to be at the meeting that was held by the Muscogee Creek Nation. My own tribe with a roll number. No one even corrected him. Not even the Principal Chief. This is not our culture we are to respect one another especially women. We are maternal lineage. Eli Grayson has been verbally abusive and aggressive to our people. This is not right. I am livid and nor have I ever been disgraced in a public setting. Individuals from this city came up and apologized to me for his behavior and said that he doesn’t belong in this town nor does he live in this town. They said he might have some family in this town, but not enough to make a difference. They stated that they voted me in as a city council member and being rude and disrespectful to our city council representatives is uncalled for. citizens said that was clearly racist and at the upmost disrespectful. Who came into this town and barely advertised the meeting.
This has been on my mind all day. Tell me what you think.

Yahola Simms
Eli was raised as a Jew by his father who was ashamed to be Native. This is what Eli told me years ago. Since then he has made threats to sue me for defamation. He disrespectfully told me to get a job when I was going to the University as an adult for my Doctorate in Psychology. He thought he could hurt me that way with ridiculous and slanderous put downs, even when I was completing my dream of education after leaving the Marine Corp and living with PTSD, Dyslexia, and ADHD as obstacles. His insensitivity to the plight of Muscogee Citizens with disadvantages below his self-acclaimed financial stature is arrogantly displayed in his community posturing as a savior to us lowlife impoverished ignorant Indians.
He never lived the lifestyle of a Muscogee citizen growing up, yet he has come into the Muscogee Nation in my opinion as a elitist and a person a step above most citizens. He has referred to the Muscogee people in general as racists in some of his talks when he was in California. This because of his agenda with the Freedmen. He even spoke of George as a liar and a thief when he ran his first race as Chief. His money is his strength and certainly not his humility and values as a Creek Gentleman/whatever gender he identifies with. I have no respect for this person and how he is able to charm his way next to our more affluent citizens seems to be a pattern he sets for himself. Besides being disingenuous regarding his personal agenda to manage our Nation from the sidelines he has become George Tigers confidant. He has intelligent concepts yet acts out with narcissistic rage if you disagree with him. He is the epitome of a lateral oppressor. Eli Grayson is not a friend of the Muscogee People in my opinion. He should have entered the Muscogee Nation sideways with humility and showing respect. Instead he came amongst us with a self-aggrandizing motive. I do not trust him and I look forward to the day I confront him in public amongst our citizens. We’ll see if he shouts this Proud Native Muscogee Citizen down…

Charles Ferguson
Let me add my FB conversation to what you have to say cuz.
Conversation started August 4, 2012
You are no principal chief; you are merely a wannabe. My Great Uncle was Principal Chief in 1979. your heritage club is likened to the Yemassee Negros thinking they are Redman.

Eli Grayson8/4, 11:08pm
who the fuck are you…are you NUTTS…

Eli Grayson
8/5, 3:46pm
listen you fucking idiot, I dont and anyone else dont gives a rats ass about you are your supposedly ancestry…NO ONE CARES but you…and if you do have Mvskoke ancestry I will tell you they are quite embarrassed to have a descendant like you…you RACIST FUCK! YOU ARE AN EMBASSEMENT TO INDIAN PEOPLE…but I doubt if you are because no MVSKOKE act like your stupid ass…GO TAKE YOUR PROZAX FOOL…one other thing, you dont have any clue you creap who was the first elected chief of the Creeks….that would have been more than a thousand years ago…learn the dang history before you show how ignorant you are…

Eli Grayson
8/5, 8:15pm
oh…now that’s explains it…Cox’s sperm…show did express me with him…lol…its amazing you actually know how to use your brain and fingers for typing…I do believe their is civil war museum looking for relics to hang around like you…Charles just in a few words from you, I can tell you are an embarrassment to your family…the loser in the family so to speak, shzt even Claude had a little common sense…but you, a mouth and brain with no intelligence whats so ever…Im going to copy these messages and place them on my face book so that other tribal members can be aware of your crazy insane ass….cant wait for Buddy Cox to see this….he would probaly say you are just off your medication…you know the ole saying sometimes you feel like a nut, will Im sure its all the time for you…lol

Charles Ferguson
8/5, 8:35pm
paste away chimpanzee
Choose a sticker or emoticon

Charles Ferguson
Grayson called himself chief of the Creeks in California.

Charles Ferguson
This is his agenda, wannabe. How many Creek can there be in California and where is the headquarters of his chiefdom located. What form of govt. did he oversee as wannabe chief?

 Yahola Simms
Making derogatory statements regarding Our past Chief/Uncle is unsettling. Grayson is not worth your anger nor your debate. If he didn’t have money and people to pay to think for him he would have no intelligent thought to convey. I mentioned he has intelligent ideas. I didn’t mention they were probably his lawyers ideas. Whatever the case may be he had no right in hell speaking to you my relative in that way. I’m sure his cancer will eat his vile embodiment soon. The Muscogee/Yuchi people are strong. Let Eli dig his own grave.

 Yahola Simms
Eli likes to bully people. Mostly weak frightened people. Creek men need to step up and stop this guy. He has been spewing vile vulgar threats to many for way too long. He is shrouded in good deeds that draw big attention like the true NPD he is. NPD’s need attention and lots of it. If you cross them they punish you severely. He himself is a racist.