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More Filings on Last Day

Per your request, here are the filings for today.

McIntosh District

  1. Adam Jones III (Incumbent)
  2. Tom O. Pickering

Muskogee District

  • Jessina Brown
  • Eddie LaGrone

Okfuskee District

  • Mitch Jack (Incumbent)
  • Travis Scott

Okmulgee District

  • Herod Anderson
  • Brenda Golden
  • Larissa Jack Melton
  • Cynthia Mae Tiger

Tulsa District

  • Samuel S. Alexander
  • Lucian A. Tiger III (Incumbent)

Tukvpvtce District

  • Mary J. Givens
  • Jeremiah Hobia
  • Edwin Marshall
  • Thomasene Yahola Osborn

Wagoner, Rogers, Mayes District

  • Timothy Jackson Jr.

He’s Back. JUST ASK FOR IT!!

From now through the general election anything goes with the National Council.  If a citizen wants it, they will get it, especially if they have a large family of voters.
The Council will be giving away swimming pools, vans, cars, houses, tuition for modeling school, braces for kids to have a better smile, ramps for elders,increase the school clothing allowance and the promises you will hear, oh the promises.
George Tiger and his buddy Cherrah will promise you the moon.  Don’t forget that Mrs. Giles quit the National Council for a high paying job with George.
Chief Floyd won’t veto anything.  If George Tiger gets elected, Chief Floyd may as well stay home because nothing will get done.


Council Filings as of 7/18

Creek District

  • Tony Bell
  • Patrick Freeman Jr.
  • George P. Tiger

Muskogee District

  • Joyce C. Deere (Incumbent)

Okfuskee District

  • Frank Coachman
  • Sandra Golden

Okmulgee District

  • James Jennings (Incumbent)
  • Carmin Tecumseh Williams
  • Grover D. Wind

Tulsa District

  • Cherrah Giles

 Okfuskee District

  • Percy Dug Sharp

Tukvpvtce District

  • David Jimboy

Wagoner, Rogers and Mayes District

  • Mark J. Randolph (Incumbent)


George Tiger


Ole’ George Tiger is running against Dode Barnett for her seat in Creek District as we all knew he would do.  She really helped him by overstepping her bounds bothering employees.  Maybe he’s already paid her off.
The following will be the strategy of Thief Tiger.
  1. Buy the seat.
  2. Buy Speaker of NC with payoffs given to current NC Representatives.
  3. Begin the bashing, trashing and harassing of Chief Floyd.
  4. The next 1 1/2 years will be stopping any progress of the Nation and only negativity will be spewed from his lying mouth.
  5. 2nd Chief Hicks will be portrayed as a do nothing, say nothing leader to get him out of the way and praises of GT’s pick for 2nd Chief will be evident.
  6. Expected to run with him as 2nd Chief would be Cherrah Ridge Quiett Giles or maybe slick Floyd Jones.


Lucian Tiger

After portraying himself as an upstanding citizen and an all-around family man, the hypocrisy of Lucian Tiger knows no bounds. Hidden beneath the façade of an upstanding human being and caring parent is a man looking-out only for his own interest and ego. He is manipulative and devious, typically to gain advancement of his own agenda. He has and continues to parade children in front of others for political gain. Self-centered popularity is the most shameful and disgusting deed a man can do. Shame on him! He should not be using children as pawns for his personal and political gain. And what about his child that is due in August? Will he do as George Tiger  did with his children, that is not be supportive and not raise
them? He and George act like brothers.

Source: the Onion, an underground website

WASHINGTON—Responding to a damning Washington Post report alleging he had shared highly classified information with Russian officials, President Donald Trump addressed the concerns of the press, his fellow government officials, and the public at large Tuesday by announcing that he was an incredibly stupid human being. “I am a big idiot,” said the president, adding that the reason he always messes everything up is that he is a dumb moron who doesn’t know better. “I do a lot of things that don’t make sense and are bad, and that’s because I don’t understand much. If I was smart, I would do stuff better, but I’m not. I’m really, really stupid.” The commander in chief added that it was probably best if somebody stopped him from doing dumb things all the time because he was too stupid to know how.

RedStone Construction Company

George Tiger’s son-in-law, Chris Samples’ RedStone Construction Company is moving operational resources to affiliated construction teams in Dallas,  Texas; Boston, Massachusetts;  and Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Tulsa office will remain.


Ranch Property

Property was up for auction by Dr Robert Zoellner earlier this month. He did not get the price he wanted so he refused all bids.  Rumor is that a deal has been worked with MCN for 2.5 million after 6 months has passed so that the doc does not have to pay a commission to the auction company.

2.5 mil would have built or repaired a lot of homes for citizens and the money is critically needed to do so. MCN should be spending money on other necessities and besides that, I was under the impression that the tribe is not in good financial shape to take on more debt.

What have these Council Members done for Citizens?

Lucian Tiger III            Tulsa District – Seat B
Dode W. Barnett         Creek District – Seat B
Adam Jones III             Mcintosh District – Seat B
Joyce C. Deere             Muskogee District – Seat B
Mitch Jack                       Okfuskee District – Seat B
James Jennings             Okmulgee District – Seat B
Thomas Yahola             Tukvpvtce District – Seat B
Mark Randolph             Wagoner/Roger/Mayes District – Seat B


Questions for MCN Government

(If this tribal citizen wants answers to the following questions, then there may be others who would also like clarification.)

Lets talk money

Let us begin to explore where the money comes from and where the money actually is expended visit this site.

  1. Where does the money come from for Creek Nation to   invest in businesses?
  2. What is the source of funds for the “permanent fund”?
  3. How was the “permanent fund” created?
  4.  Who was the brains behind the “Mackey Site” gaming?
  5. What Committee of the National Council studies the “business plan” before any business passes to the buy stage?
  6. Who are the people now serving in management positions at Creek Nation with business education or experience?

Work For The Tribe

In reply to One who cares.
new topic request

Employee performance improvement needed

One thing that Chief needs to do, Floyd and those that come next after him, is look at each employee for what they offer and the work they do. Many of us work for the tribe, not as part of the Floyd administration or the Tiger administration or the Ellis administration. We are there to work for the tribe whoever the Chief is. But when a new administration comes in we’re all seen as being part of the other’s group. Some of us aren’t part of a group. Some of us just want to do the right thing, work hard, have good service for tribal members, do our part to make things better. But that is not being considered when deciding on employees at creek nation. This seems to happen with each election. There are some people that work for the tribe that are really good workers and mean well. There are others that are there just to get a check and do as little work as possible. We all know someone like that. They make excuses why work is not done, they blame others, they think they shouldn’t have so much to do, they think the work isn’t needed because it doesn’t matter or its not important, you see them talking with others or on their cell phones more than at their desk working, they just complain when they don’t get their way. Other employees are in the middle, do just enough to get by and then lay low to not get noticed. Chief, please set a new and higher standard for employees, even those that may be family or friends of the administration. Each department should have a way to have evaluations from the citizens, whether on paper or online. I don’t mind if someone reviews me. I know I work hard. If problems come up, talk with managers and get things going in a more positive direction. Maybe its a training issue, maybe its an expectation issue. We expect more as citizens and those that are hard working employees, and I think we deserve it.


Community Clinic Services

New Topic Please:

Received a letter yesterday that reads: “effective immediately Muscogee (Creek) Nation Department of Health will no longer be providing Community Clinic services.”
The letter provides a list of nine doctors and one clinic in Henryetta & Okmulgee for us to contact.
Do we have to choose another Doctor now? We won’t have a clinic in Okmulgee any longer?

Nation is well on the way success

A new topic was NOT requested, but I feel this response needs a new post generic for cialis.

The current elected and appointed administration of Principal Chief James Floyd needs and deserves the full support of all citizens.
The previous group placed in charge by less than .0075 of the current Creek Tribal membership made such a horrible mess due to greed, lack of ability and overall ignorance that James Floyd was faced with quite a mess.
Never should we allow such to occur.
Always examine credentials, education, work history, and overall personal habits before electing anyone!
This nation is well on the way success, but four years of numbskull administrative decisions cannot be corrected overnight.