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With Ole George T & Kialegee – Have a Deal to Build a Casino & Are Now Making Attempts to Fulfill their deal.

All right, folks.  Remember that big past controversy when Ole George and Roger Barnett fought OUR tribe with their shady methods trying their best to assist Kialegee so they could build their casino in Broken Arrow.   George will say he fought them.  Don’t believe him.  He could NOT bring himself to simply say NO, YOU CANNOT BUILD A CASINO ON OUR LANDS, AND AS MUSCOGEE CREEKS, WE WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO BUILD A CASINO ON OUR LANDS.  What he seems to have told the Kialegees is OK, I will do what I can to let you build your casino as long as you pay me thousands of dollars UNDER THE TABLE, because I know how to get it done.

(More information in The Tulsa World, 3/7/2015 edition.)