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Election Ballots

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Shelly Harjo-Davis 6:30pm Sep 11
VERY IMPORTANT Absentee Ballot information:

Several have said that instead of their completed absentee ballot going to the Election Board, it was returned to them. The problem is the citizens’ ADDRESS & BARCODE are on the back of the return envelope. When I have mailed packages, I know to block out any barcodes that are not the intended addressee. I plan to go to the Election Board tomorrow to find out their suggestion for dealing with this issue. Will post as soon as I know.

Shelly Harjo-Davis 6:31pm Sep 11
Spoke with the Election Board. They feel insulted, but I have never said anything bad about them–just questions about the process and the AES company. From what I have seen, the disparaging remarks have only been on GT’s FB page.

National Council Seats Up for Election

Each Seat A will be voted on at the upcoming election.

Creek District
Seat A – David Hill
Seat B – Dode Barnett

McIntosh District
Seat A – Darrell Proctor
Seat B – Adam Jones III

Muskogee District
Seat A – Pete Beaver
Seat B – Joyce D. Deere

Okfuskee District
Seat A – Frank Coachman
Seat B – Mitch Jack

Okmulgee District
Seat A – David Nichols
Seat B – James Jennings

Tukvpvtce District
Seat A – Shirlene Ade
Seat B – Thomas Yahola

Tulsa District
Seat A – Robert Hufft
Seat B – Lucian Tiger III

Wagoner/Roger/Mayes District
Seat A – Johnnie Greene
Seat B – Mark Randolph