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Employee Protection Law

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The National Council passed a law to protect employees. You can be an employee and you have rights as a citizen. It is no longer necessary to fear losing your job for signing the petition or speaking about how you feel. You have rights! Don’t let one person dictate your life as a citizen. Exercise your right and sign the petition. Show Tiger he doesn’t control you.



Feds Can Be Requested to Audit Tribal Finances — Example Here.

Warm Springs Tribes Ask Federal Gov’t To Investigate Funds

WARM SPRINGS, Ore. (AP) — The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs has asked federal regulators to investigate alleged financial mismanagement within its tribal government.

The Bend Bulletin reports the confederation asked the U.S. Department of Interior’s Office of Inspector General for an investigation in early March. Tribal officials say Warm Springs is nearing the brink of bankruptcy.

The inspector general’s office declined to confirm whether an investigation was under way.

Warm Springs’ secretary-treasurer Jake Suppah said the tribes have overspent more than $100 million over the past 10 years, putting at risk senior pensions, monthly payouts to tribal members, and essential services such as tribal courts and police.

The Warm Springs tribes are a sovereign nation, but they receive federal money, giving the inspector general authority to investigate possible misuse of funds.

More on MCN National Council Votes of 3/10/15 About Chief George Tiger’s Illegal Activities

On other related topics, the threads have become quite long, so VOC is opening up this one for additional comments.

1st of all, lets give thanks to the Tulsa World & their investigation on our Chief’s corruption and his use of illegal means.

We realize our tribal paper and all its media will never acknowledge any negative things about our elected officials.  We always get such news from outside sources.  There is more about George than the Kialegee deals, and it will be flushed out.

At the Council’s emergency meeting, there were 13 members present with 12 voting (Speaker votes only on tied voting).  Absent were Shirlene Ade, Johnnie Green and 2nd Speaker Robert Hufft.  I’m sure they phoned in their excuses for their absences.


By now, all other outside news sources have picked up on this mess and will be printing & broadcasting what they now know.

There are now IMPEACHMENT PETITIONS hatching and that will happen.  I’m certain the petitioners will need assistance in getting the signatures so please be ready to do petitions.  Let’s let George that more of us are not in his pocket nor on his side.

With Ole George T & Kialegee – Have a Deal to Build a Casino & Are Now Making Attempts to Fulfill their deal.

All right, folks.  Remember that big past controversy when Ole George and Roger Barnett fought OUR tribe with their shady methods trying their best to assist Kialegee so they could build their casino in Broken Arrow.   George will say he fought them.  Don’t believe him.  He could NOT bring himself to simply say NO, YOU CANNOT BUILD A CASINO ON OUR LANDS, AND AS MUSCOGEE CREEKS, WE WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO BUILD A CASINO ON OUR LANDS.  What he seems to have told the Kialegees is OK, I will do what I can to let you build your casino as long as you pay me thousands of dollars UNDER THE TABLE, because I know how to get it done.

(More information in The Tulsa World, 3/7/2015 edition.)


Info from the Latest Edition of MCN Newspaper

New Topic per request by Grayhead:

This piece of crap was published in the latest edition of the MCN. It is supposed to be informational- meaning supply answers. Do you see any answers?

Junk Journalism

Okmulgee, Okla.—We the National Council in majority make this statement. We have taken an oath to protect the assets of the Nation.
Also, the Nation has opted for a policy of accountability and transparency.
Throughout this Nation, citizens have questioned the expenditure of tribal funds in addition to a situation involving the previous second chief. We are all are of the penalty of unauthorized expenditures.
To determine if any tribal funds have been misappropriated or misused, it is necessary to perform a forensic audit and the National Council authorized the audit in July of 2014 and such review continues until the present date.
The purpose of the forensic audit is to gather evidence to ascertain the true fact concerning an issue and thoroughly review the record of the Nation as opposed to an annual audit for compliance of required procedures and lawful expenditures, at random selection of files.
The auditors have faced obstacles to prevent collecting pertinent documentation.
But, there is an avenue to complete this task and we will utilize those means.
In closing, we the National Council are allowing our legislative body to be audited as part of the forensic audit, as we have nothing to hide.
The Nation, up to this time has not conducted a forensic audit on the expenditure of tribal funds and all documents relating to expenditures.
It’s time.
(Published the Muscogee Nation News, under a byline, Jessica McBride/Editorial Assistant)

New MCN Public Relations Manager

New topic please.

SELINA JAYNE DORNAN replaces Edwin Marshall as MCN’s Public Relations Manager or better known as George Tiger’s mouthpiece (get it)?

Is anyone surprised?

Let’s recap. Selina lost her NC race in 2011 so Sugar Daddy George created the PT Gaming Commissioner job just for her.

She then ran for State Senate – lost and then lo and behold she didn’t become 2nd Chief in January 2015. as she and George planned. What’s a Chief to do other than make her his personal PR woman.

They have done radio together, campaigned together and really, really get along. The perfect team. Sorry 2nd Chief Hicks.

She’s going to keep her PT Commissioner position for now (since the job didn’t require anything anyway). When she does finally leave her PT Gaming position, who do you think Chief will put in her place? Maybe Kara Medina, Robert Deere, Famous Marshall, Floyd Jones or one of his step-children. What does a part time Gaming Commissioner get paid anyway? No one on the National Council seems to know or care, because they’re all to busy stumbling around Tiger’s behind. What does the new Public Relations Manager earn + benefits?

Don’t we have the right to know what employees of our Nation earn since it is our money? Or, maybe it’s Chief Tiger’s money now.

Why do we need Commissioner York or a Part time Commissioner? Everyone knows Nelson Johnson is still running the show.

George and Selina have a long and varied past with each other. What a great team. Selina will promote George and 2nd Chief Hicks just got the boot because Selina and George will run as a team.

Think of the traveling they will do together. Selina speaks for the Chief now. Don’t think 1st Lady Tiger is going to like the relationship much.

Council House

Could this be a topic of its own?

Has any National Council Rep driven by our Council House?  If they don’t know where it is, it’s downtown Okmulgee, Oklahoma facing 6th Street.

What a disgrace!  The roof is in such poor condition it is literally falling in.

Why does MCN have millions upon millions of dollars to build in Tulsa County and allow our beloved Council House to be an eye sore to all that look at it.

It is the belief of many that George Tiger would rather see the COUNCIL HOUSE fall to the ground rather than repair it because the tribe acquired it from the City of Okmulgee during the Ellis Administration.

If any National Council representative has any heart at all for the heritage of our people, they will demand the repairs to our COUNCIL HOUSE take precedence over any other project.

The Creek Nation Government

New Topic, please.

The Creek Nation government, without constitutional authority, exercise enormous power over citizens. Over the years, citizens have accepted that their government had the power to do as they wished, and that citizens had no authority to keep them within certain limits.
The word “Empowerment” is a noun. That means empowerment it is a thing, and so exists. Citizens can empower themselves, but they can’t bestow it. Exerting the power that is already inherent to citizens is the process of empowering themselves.
The government can’t tell citizens not to bother them. They can’t put citizens in jail. They can’t fire citizens from their jobs. They can’t tell citizens not to criticize them, or protest at any place they desire, whether on tribal property or not. They can’t charge a citizen with a crime. They can’t order the Lighthorse to arrest citizens. Our government is not empowered with the authority to give or take away power from citizens

Citizens get no respect
The constant refrain from citizens is that “Our government won’t talk to us.” They won’t tell us what they are doing.” “Our government doesn’t care what we think or say about them.” “It make no difference to our government what we want from them.” “Our government ignores us.”
Citizens know their government has no respect for them. They know too that their government employs a deliberate plan that keeps them uninformed by not communicating with them. And they know too, that citizens won’t do anything to make them accountable.
The Creek government is right. And the feds know this too.
Citizens are comforting themselves by saying that the result of the forensic audit is a game changer, and the “feds” will swoop in and rescue them from their thieving leaders. The feds are not going to any such thing. Their policy is not to deplete their resources on a group of people who won’t fight for themselves, and who act as if they don’t care. If the citizens won’t fight for themselves and don’t care, why should they? When citizens respect themselves and actively fight for what is theirs, will anyone believe in them and intercede in their behalf.
David Nichols has been in the Creek government for a quarter of a century, He’s a member of the Establishment. He’s done his share of hiding and ignoring citizens’ concerns. David Nichols comes from a long line of leaders who are responsible for an unaccountable government. He has spent a career empowering the government and protecting his interests.
Creek citizens get no respect, and David Nichols, as demonstrated by his record, will make sure it stays that way.

MCN Resignations & Leaves

The Controller, James Pratt, resigned and gave 2 weeks notice. Thief George hopes to put Sam Alexander in as the next Controller. Sam may not be able to get the votes needed from the council. Which other thief FOG will GT pick if Sam is not confirmed?

Edwin Marshall, Public Relations Manager, has been put on administrative leave for SEXUAL HARASSMENT. The same thing happened to him when he worked for the Seminole Nation. Will George fire the victim? Most likely he will. That’s the way it works at the complex.


PROJECTS – Too Many Un-Completed – Where is Money for All of Them?

New Topic Please  (As requested).

In October of 2013, Principal Chief Tiger along with all those working for him told us that Margarittaville would be completed in early 2015 with the pictures in the Tulsa World.

It’s early 2015 and haven’t seen much in the building phase of the hotel or family destination as promised.

It seems as though before we start other multi million dollar projects that we should finish the one we promised.

Though I am not an economic development expert like the National Council and Chief, there could be unforeseen expenses arise at Margarittavilla and Hotel that the new Driving Range and Bar for $22,000,000 could offset.

I compare MCN mowing the yard. I mow one area completely before moving on to the next. What if it were to rain or an emergency arose, I would have an ugly looking yard. Simple minded ME thinks the tribe should finish the $400,000,000 Margarittaville project before beginning another especially since we are so far behind our estimated time of completion.

The National Council are of one mind with Chief Tiger and guess that’s a good thing, but I say come on, elected people, stop trying to make each other look good to the public.
It ain’t workin.

Facebook comment on Losers

Some people walk away from the same written word with completely different impressions of what was written.

We have probably all been misunderstood or had misunderstandings when something has been taken out of its original context.

I think the intent was that the remaining candidates lost the election and were losers of the election for second chief.