Election Results

Creek District

Candidate Votes Percentage
PATRICK FREEMAN JR. 1978 62.30 %
GEORGE TIGER 1197 37.70 %

Tulsa District

LUCIAN TIGER III 1827 57.87 %
CHERRAH GILES 1330 42.13 %

Okmulgee District

JAMES JENNINGS 1648 51.86 %

Okfuskee District

TRAVIS SCOTT 1786 56.64 %


EDWIN MARSHAL 761 24.11 %

Karma is a bitch.

4 thoughts on “Election Results”

  1. New council members will be sworn soon. It appears the voters were able to weed out some past corrupt and incompetent people, though still a few from outlying districts able to survive. Hope new faces prove helpful.
    Certainly need to examine the Constitution and do something to or for citizens living outside of Oklahoma Creek Nation Boundaries, some Indian governments seem to provide such representative availability.
    Seems current 3 branches of government do not function as equals, Legislative doesn’t only legislate but tries to be executive and Executive doesn’t execute but requests permission from Legislature and of course all legislators aspire to be The Executive , maybe for the paycheck – the third branch no one knows what they do or who they are – mystery branch – but the Legislative and executive encourage and promote no judicial interference with the operations of the private club arrangement.
    All keep your fingers crossed , see if any real citizen and good government individuals step forward.

  2. I would like to thank full blood Muscogee Creek Allen Harjo for being the warrior in Washington DC making us a sovereign nation in the case of Harjo vs Kleppie.
    Without friend Allen Harjo we would not be a sovereign nation. George Tiger was Speaker of the MCN National Council asking Chief Ellis to terminate Allen Harjo, the very man that made elections in Mvskoke Nation possible. I am very p!eased with the outcome of the election keeping George Tiger out.
    We must remember those making it possible for us to be a sovereign nation.

    1. Allen Harjo prevented a dictatorship with his lawsuit there are still a few Creeks alive who know what happened.
      Thank the one above this last election eliminated G. Tiger forever, Cherrah Quiet Giles, Carmin Tecumseh Williams, Tommy Pickering, Edwin Marshall and a host of others who have pillaged the Creek Nation since 1985.
      Hopefully. Chief Floyd will now get some advice from the real Creeks ie Amos McNac, Mike Flud, A. D. Ellis and where is Judge Moore?
      Anyway the Nation is on the way out of a hole and into a Five Tribes leadership role.
      Best of the future!

  3. Frances started out badmouthing citizens by calling them PUPPETS on her facebook page showing the debate between George & Freeman saying GT is the only one who answered questions. Freeman is a novice, yes but at least he was honest. GT will spout one thing but will lie to you sooner or later. Get over it Frances. Hope you can live with a man who cannot make money unless it is off the MCN. To my knowledge, he has never had a real job. If he did, his pay would be minimum wage. Well, this is my last word and now I will concentrate on how MCN can continue to get out of the hole that GT put us in in the first place. GT should have lots of stolen money to live on. Wonder if he reported all those dollars to the IRS.

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