5 thoughts on “VOTERS BEWARE”

  1. Well said. That coat tail was very important. Since the SRO office plan was brought up in 1995 with Chief Beaver which wasn’t acted on and Daddy YAHOLA sat at the table of the negotiations.

  2. Let’s try this again. The only ones that will benefit from the Yahola (Osborn) campsite, will be those who live on “Yahola Hill’.
    We’ve seen it in Wetumka as the Yahola children were placed in positions at the clinic, the housing program, the headstart (2) program and at the SIP facility program across the street.

  3. With a grateful appreciation for the 3 SRO offices that house the Indian clinic, housing, and MCN headstart programs and the SIP facility in Wetumka. That being said, I live in Wetumka and saw the placement of Tukvpvtce District Thomas Yahola family first in line for those positions. Melinda as the receptonist in clinic, Thomasene and Daddy Yahola offices in housing, Beth and Angela at Headstart program and brother Asi across the street at the SIP facility. I guess there aren’t any others qualified for those position in the Tukvpvtce District. How about Your daughters and granddaughters who would have qualified for these positions. I don’t think much will change after Sr. Yahola resigns (?) The only ones to benefit from the nomination of Thomasene will be those who live on “Yahola Hill”.

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