So, you all know George by now. Based on his past allegations this is what his statements are saying if you read between the lines:

Leader of financial ruin with manipulation skills and lots of wisdom to line his own pockets.

Puts himself first in funding priorities

Protects his individual sovereignty from aggressors

Served previously for his personal enrichment

Loyalty to himself regardless of anything else

Leadership at the state, regional, and national levels have not been in the best interest of citizens

Lacking trust among others and especially Washington DC

Guarantees that citizens have someone knowledgeable enough to manipulate the MCN constitution, laws and policies

Delays progress himself even with all the experience he has just to save himself

Wants a progressive future for himself.

MCN is still trying to get out of the financial hole he made. There may not be a tribe if he gets elected


  1. Tiger says, “This vote is critical for our Nation’s future.”
    IT IS CRITICAL for our Nation that he is not put in any position of the Nation.
  2. Tiger says, “Experience allows for progress.”
    He is progressive in signing contracts with people willing to pay him for his illegal services.
  3. Tiger says, “He believes in a progressive future.”
    Progressiveness like the bankrupt hospital in Okmulgee, no road to the hospital in Okemah, bankrupt restaurant at the Okmulgee Country Club, no Rex’s Chicken the tribe paid for and more and more shady deals with money paid directly to him. Asking vendors to raise the price of services to pocket money himself.


  1. Tiger says, “I will fight to put our citizens first in funding priorities.”
    The only people who ever received funding priorities were his step-children, wife, and himself.
  2. Tiger says, “He will protect our Sovereignty from aggressive attacks by State and Federal governments.”
    He was willing to give our sovereignty to another tribe so they could build a casino within our boundaries. He has fought for that for over ten years and will do it again.
  3. GT says, “He will not be a rubber stamp with loyalty to the citizens not inside political special interests.”
    What a laugh. He promised communities that he would bring back the 50/50 casino money split and didn’t get it done. Why? Because NIGC said it would shut down all our casinos and he knew that when he promised it. The only people that profited from him were special friends, inside and outside the nation and his family.
  4. GT says, “He held leadership at the State, Regional and National levels.”
    George Tiger was not allowed to meet President Obama with other Chiefs because he COULD NOT PASS A BACKGROUND CHECK. He may fool small tribes in Oklahoma talking out of both sides of his mouth but not everyone falls for his lies.
  5. GT says, “He is a trusted voice of MCN and Indian Country in Oklahoma City and Washington, DC on important tribal issues.”
    NO ONE TRUSTS GEORGE TIGER. He cares about himself, we are embarrassed that we elected him for any position because of his personal indiscretions and stealing from us since 1995.

So make yourself aware of those that don’t walk their talk.


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