16 thoughts on “Payments to George from Shane Rolls”

  1. Eli Grayson the cancer of our Tribe: Part 2.

    Did anyone see the freedman rally that this idiot put on? Nice turn out you loser! I’m sure that did a whole lot for your lost cause.

    I think it’s hilarious that you refer to that pervert Barney Franks as “honorable” when in fact he is just the opposite! Are you and your fellow idiots aware that Franks is just a racist pervert who wants to put on a fake persona just to fool and lure in idiots like you and your kind! Franks and his racist husband have been caught on camera saying the most racist things a person can say about blacks but you are an idiot and just act like it didn’t happen, you frickin morons. Franks was caught saying that “Clarence Thomas needs to die” and his husband was caught saying “give blacks watermelons to keep their vote” among other things referring to ebt cards, welfare etc. keep relying on these racist clowns to lead your great freedman march idiots. Want proof? Go here:

    Not to mention the other “dishonorable” things Franks has done with his sick perverse ways. Let’s not forget how he let his prostitue boyfriend run a brothel out of his home and deny he knew it was happening. Let’s not forget how he met this boyfriend, it was from buying sex from him. Also don’t forget how he abused power to fix 33 tickets for his boyfriend as well. Wake up you idiots and see this dumbass for what he is. I know you still read this site so I hope you try to respond. I will enjoy tearing you down asshole. If you have the balls to comment let’s just skip the whole coward hiding behind a keyboard thing. We all know you like to use that but just get to your excuses asshole.

    By the way, keep using your excuse for not running for office because you have no interest in political office. We all know that’s a lie if you could run you would in a heartbeat to push your personal agenda. Just tell the truth your either not enough Creek or your felony drug convictions in California keep you from running. Your lies show what kind of person you are. Folks the next time he says that he pays Facebook to see who views his post don’t believe him. This service does not exist he just lies.

    So in closing the next time you read a post that starts with “Hensci Mvskolke” ignore it he just learned those words and now thinks he’s the almighty Creek authority.

    Let that sink in jackass!

  2. Eli Grayson the cancer of our tribe: Part 1.

    I so wish that Eli Grayson would just drop off the face of the Earth. He thinks he is running OUR tribe and is a despicable excuse of a human being. Nothing worse than an instant Indian like himself who discovers he’s Creek and thinks he’s instantly an authority on how OUR tribe should be run. Well guess what Grayson, we are a self governance tribe and WE decide who are members not YOU. Ask yourself why is it so important to the Non-Creek freedman to get their greedy asses in OUR tribe. All they are concerned about is what they can get for free and know nothing of OUR culture nor do they care just “what can we get for free”. Do your research you “filthy asshole” if we don’t want them in our tribe then that’s our business and you or no one else will be able to force them on us! The treaty you so like to refer to says that we “MAY” not “SHALL” bring them into OUR tribe so learn the difference! I hope your illiterate self can understand that since you rarely know how to spell words or use them correctly. So in closing why don’t you and your freedman pack your shit and PISS OFF! 🖕🏼

  3. Chief Floyd has surrounded himself with G. Tiger loving people that tell Tiger his every move.
    Chief Floyd was warned, told who to trust and who should hit the road, but was convinced by those treasonous people that they are loyal to him.
    He has been away from our Nation working for the federal government to long to know MVSKOKE NATION.
    He has the reins and control of our nation but he has surrounded himself with people that don’t know anything or that don’t care what happens in our Nation.

  4. TREASON!!!

    What George Tiger (then on the National Council of MCN) and Roger Barnett (then Speaker of the National Council of MCN) was TREASON.

    When someone in a government conspires against it’s own government to profit from conspiring with another government to profit for themselves it is TREASON.

    Does anyone in MCN remember when Tiger and Barnett spoke on behalf of Kialiegee Nation to open a casino within the
    boundaries of MCN in 2009?

    They spoke as representatives of MCN on behalf of Kialagee in Tulsa County District Court to profit for themselves.

    It’s a given that Barnett is still in federal prison but George Tiger is running for MCN National Council when the ENTIRE NATIONAL COUNCIL voted asking for his resignation as Principal Chief for dealing illegally against Mvskogee Nation.

    Chief James Floyd should disallow any governmental office to be held by George Tiger. He could stop this through the Supreme Court of MCN.

    George Tiger is a criminal, he has committed TREASON against his own tribe and could be in shackles in a federal prison.

  5. No one wants to talk about the Kialegee problem. We are at election time and nobody is declaring their plans to put the Kialegees back in their box. Take over their casino in Broken Arrow. Make them wish they never tried to partner with turncoat Steve Bruner. He should have his Creek citizenship revoked.

  6. Luis Figueredo and Shane Rolls have been working together to build an illegal casino on our lands at least twice. They reached out to George Tiger back on the red clay casino because they knew they could partner with him. It is funny how they ended up filing a lawsuit against George back then because he even screwed those who wanted to screw our tribe. George can’t be trusted.

    I like the idea that our tribe take over Bruner’s casino. I don’t know Andy Langston but hope he works as hard as he can to make us more money. If he is COO then I guess he has been hired for his ability to build the casinos but all I’ve seen is Margaritaville while our other casinos look terrible, stink with cigarette smoke, have lazy employees who are rude. We have not opened a new casino location in years.

  7. So what that he is kin to the Bruner family who tried to start red creek casino. He is also kin to the Giles family who tried to start the red clay casino back in 2011. He was out there in Broken Arrow with his casino people working with Lighthorse to raid red creek. Actions speak louder than your words. There must be something special about that intersection for so many people trying to build a casino there.

    I say it is now Andy Langston’s turn.

    Andy Langston, you are the COO of the MCN Casinos. You are responsible for the growth of our casinos so MCN can have increased incoming funds. Take the MCN Casinos out to this intersection and clean it up. Get rid of that embarrassing eye sore of the old red clay casino. Make the Giles family clean it up. You can now with the new legislation giving power to the MCN construction department to inspect and enforce. Get ahold of Steve Bruner by the nose and tell him to kick the Kialegees and Luis Figueredo off his property and take over this casino for the MCN. Make that part of a plee deal or we will throw his a*s in jail for what he did. That will make it legal and for the benefit of our tribe. Make sure the Kialegees get the message this time to stay the h*ll out of our jurisdiction. Make sure Luis Figuerdo goes back to Florida and doesn’t want to ever return to MCN lands. This will be his second warning and we should not have to give him a third. Do your job and make us more money. The Nation has given you the tools to do this and the mandate to try.

    1. I hope he does all of this and more. I don’t have a lot of faith in Andy Langston. I have known him well for years. Have seen the slimy, two timing, back stabbing side of him.
      Again, I hope he does do positive things and get MCNC booming into the top tourist destination in the region in order to bring more and more positive revenues to the tribe.
      Honestly, it doesn’t really matter at all that he is kin to them or anyone else. We all have relatives that we aren’t too proud of.

      1. I agree that Andy Langston does as much as he possibly can for the tribe. Take a look at all the code changes as of late. Those have been pushed by him and change is coming. The casinos do not operate separate from our tribal laws. The casinos still have to have everything approved by council. Andy is following our laws and proveing that his staff can handle more of the businesses of the nation. These things take time and the creek nation is one of the more conservative tribes in Oklahoma. I have all the faith in Andy Langston. He and his staff will succeed. Go get em Andy!

  8. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    George Tiger has stolen money, pocketed money intended for citizens of MCN, bribed people out of money, promised jobs and businesses for money, created high paying positions for his family not to mention the consulting position for his girlfriend Johnna and then forced tribal businesses to purchase advertisements from her when she was in PR, stolen the Tahoe he drives, told vendors to overcharge for services and pocketed the rest of the money and on and on and on.

    Bet the IRS would like to know about all the money he HAS NOT PAID taxes on.

  9. Tiger does not see anything wrong with it. My guess is that Tiger promised that after becoming Chief that he would clear the path for tremendous amounts of money for all of them without interfence from MCN.

    1. Jesus H!
      You can’t throw a rock without hitting kin in our tribe. He is a cousin but if you knew anything, the families are not exactly friends. He was instrumental in shutting Red Creek down. Fact.

      If you are looking for a cetto, how many National Council members are Kialegee citizens?
      How many just applied within the last year or so?
      Thinking they may have per capita distributions eventually?

      Chief Floyd had to make sure the raid was known by only a very small number and certainly most of the National Council was included in that group. Sad.

  10. OMG!! Getting another casino in Broken Arrow is only in the best interest of George and his family, the Giles family and/or Steve Bruner, Kialege tribe, etc.and others who have been involved.
    It certainly is not a good deal for MCN citizens.

  11. Wow! $58,000 worth of checks. How unethical. Anyone with slight common sense can see that this is wrong. What did Tiger promise Rolls if elected? Oh yeah a casino contract. If Tiger gets elected I’ve lost all faith in my people and wash my hands of the tribe.

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