Consulting Agreement

GT Promissory Note & Breach of Contract

George Tiger is running for National Council from Creek District. We have elected him several times to the National Council and he served four years as our Principal Chief.  The National Council voted on asking for his resignation as Chief. By law he should not be allowed to run for National Council.

  1. Please take a moment to read the CONSULTING AGREEMENT between George Tiger (then National Council Representative) and Shane Rolls.  Mr. Rolls is the same man that worked on the Giles – Kialegee Tribe Casino and the current Bruner – Kialegee Tribe Casino project.  Take notice of the $150,000.00 payment to be given to Mr. Tiger on the final approval of the casino land lease.
  2. The check copies total $31,500 cashed by George Tiger from 2009 – 2011.
  3. Then Chief George Tiger published a letter to us (THE MVSKOKE CITIZENS) about his CONSULTING AGREEMENT with Shane Rolls against Mvskoke Nation on behalf of Giles / Kialegee Tribe / and now Bruner.  Letter written March 13, 2015.  This was written after the National Council asked for his resignation as Principal Chief.
We are a forgiving people it’s true.  But this man has used his citizenship with our tribe to his advantage and his alone since 1995 when he stole $35,000 from Okmulgee Indian Community.  How many times do we have to touch the fire before we realize it burns?
He will do anything to get money. I suspect growing up poor is makes him hungry for lots of money.


4 thoughts on “Consulting Agreement”

  1. All voters must examine all records concerning any candidate for any Creek public office.
    Former Chief Tiger certainly has a long history, that history existed before he was elected Chief, but the history continued.
    If the voters do not examine the Tiger history, then history will repeat itself.
    While Chief his cabinet was made up of those who could not work anywhere but at Creek Nation.
    While Chief the OKMULGEE Memorial Hospital was purchased and continued to lose millions of Creek $$ due to those Tiger placed in charge.
    While Chief a new Hospital was begun in Okfuskee County without any planning or real sources for money to pay for this venture, now completed this beautiful Hospital is not open, due of course to extremely poor planning by Tiger Administration.
    The OKMULGEE Country Club purchased for two times the offer to the AD Ellis administration, a Resturant was opened going bankrupt in just a few months.
    Numerous political appointees of Chief Tiger forced to leave Creek employment due to personal activities that cannot be condoned, not to mention those lawsuits involving Chief Tiger and his habits.
    Then there was the inability of Chief Tiger to meet with the other Five Civilized Tribes Chiefs with President Obama at Obama’s Choctaw Nation visit due US Secret Service objections and other Five Tribes Chief’s reluctance to indorse Tiger.
    Tiger was informed of the financial activities of Second Chief Barnett and did nothing for a year until the National Council notified federal authorities– Result A Second Chief of the Creek Nation went to federal prison.
    While Tiger was Chief the Permanent Fund did not grow as it had under Ellis, and Beaver.
    Where did all the money go?
    Study these people wanting to again feed at the Creek Treasury, do not give them a second and sometimes multiple chances to prosper at the Creek Nation citizen’s expense.

    1. All the above is TRUE!! Those citizens who say, “George helped me, so I am going to vote for him.” You are being manipulated. Do you people make decisions based on what George says, and not realize you have been lied to? Because if his mouth is moving, he is lying!! Lying is an essential part of his personality.

  2. The tribe cannot afford George Tiger on the Council again!! And we sure don’t want to hear about the First Lady. UGH!! Makes me want to puke thinking about either one of them. Now he is telling citizens, “I did what you wanted me to do.” Folks, he is justifying his actions by blaming you. In addition, he did all these things using the Tribe’s money, not his money.

  3. Georgie will always STEAL. He doesn’t know any other way to get money. Now at 67 years old, he has to use his only talent, the talent of lying. He is a MASTER LIAR!

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