Recycling Council Members

It’s time that the Tribe moves into a more productive and positive light. This will work if we, the Tribal members, move out of the poverty mentality that holds many down. We, as Native people are equipped with the spirit of survival, as we have proven time and time again throughout history. Let’s take that a step further by believing in ourselves that we can accomplish much if we have our minds and hearts aligned for the good of all. We Natives need to realize that the only thing holding us back from achieving success in this life is ourselves. By changing our thoughts about our capacity to do better we all move forward. We cannot allow what our ancestors fought for die by living a life of divide and conquer and self-serving. We are better than that. We must be examples for that Seventh Generation that is ready to take the lead NOW.

I believe that by allowing politicians to be recycled from one election to the next one, we are hindering new faces and young people with the intellectual vigor and vision from playing important roles in the Nation’s government and development. It is time to hand over the torch to the Seventh Generation. One of the many ways council members can help the tribe is to mentor other citizens instead of running for council each election. If we don’t do something, these young people will be ill prepared for the task of leading our tribe after the recycled politicians are no more. Many may also not come back to the Nation because no one cared enough to mentor them to be our leaders of tomorrow. Many are losing their tribal identity.

I believe today we find ourselves stuck with leaders who have been recycled time and time again because they have become greedy, their desire for power and money have overcome their sense of loyalty to the Nation and all its people. We cannot continue recycling political figures at the exclusion of new younger faces. It may be hard for some to let go and let the Seventh Generation lead, but it is imperative to our survival as a strong, competent and independent Nation.

I find much to admire about some council members. Some are smart and work well with the other branches of our government and want to help Tribal members. But some should not run again. They have been in office too long. It’s time to give someone else a chance in this major position of influence and power. The names listed in RED are the current Incumbents or have been on the council in previously.

Creek District Tony Bell
Patrick Freeman Jr.
George Tiger
Muskogee District Joyce C. Deere (Incumbent)
Jessina Brown
Eddie LaGrone
McIntosh District Adam Jones III (Incumbent)
Tom O. Pickering
Okfuskee District Frank Coachman
Sandra Golden
Mitch Jack (Incumbent)
Travis Scott
Percy Dug Sharp
Okmulgee District James Jennings (Incumbent)
Carmin Tecumseh Williams
Grover D. Wind
Herod Anderson
Brenda Golden
Larissa Jack Melton
Cynthia Mae Tiger
Tulsa District

Cherrah Giles
Samuel S. Alexander
Lucian A. Tiger III (Incumbent)
Tukvpvtce District


David Jimboy
Mary J. Givens
Jeremiah Hobia
Edwin Marshall
Thomasene Yahola Osborn
Wagoner, Rogers and Mayes District Mark J. Randolph (Incumbent)
Timothy Jackson Jr.



3 thoughts on “Recycling Council Members”

  1. As a citizen and former employee, I am at a loss to think Carmin Tecumseh-Williams may again be elected to our National Council. I have been silent up to this point but can be silent no more. While many of the employees at Children & Family Services have a willingness to do right by the familes and the Tribe, she did not. It did not take long for me to learn the hard way that she was out for Carmin and Carmin alone. I got out before my professional reputation suffered by being associated with her horrible reputation and her absurd work ethic, but not before I was witness to Carmin completely contradict her current election platform.

    Carmin makes statements about the importance of hiring Creeks at Creek Nation.
    -Carmin hired a non Indian Receptionist to answer the phones over many qualified Creek applicants.
    -Carmin promoted a non Indian to become the Program Manager over the Tribal Court Unit. Overseeing children and families in Tribal custody. That internal promotion did not allow for qualified Creek employees to apply for that position.

    Carmin tries to stress the importance of employee protection.
    -Carmin threatened to fire several Creek employees if they did not follow her lead, in direct contradiction to practice, procedure and in some cases tribal codes.

    Carmin preaches financial responsibility.
    -On multiple occasions Carmin would disappear from the office, for hours, and return to inform employees of the amount of money she lost that afternoon at the casino. 1) this happened while on Creek Nation time. 2) Do we need a council member with gambling issues?

    Carmin has been seen, in the past, more often than not, after hours, at Intertribal Council meetings or trainings completely intoxicated. So much so her behavior was an embarrassment to the Tribe and employees present at the meeting/training. Do we need a council member who will represent Creek Nation in that manner? NO, WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT!

    1. Carmin Tecumseh Williams, Travis Scott, Edwin Marshall, George Tiger, Cherrah Giles are NOT the type of people that we want on the council!!! Tell me what their accomplishments were in their previous terms as members of the Council. What favors/money have you received from any of them? Those of you who overlook George’s behavior as a mistake, and those who want to give him another chance are fools. In the old days citizens helped one another without compensation. I guess you GT supporters are as greedy as he is.

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