July National Council Meeting


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Was anyone there at the July NC meeting? What exactly went on with Chris Azbell?? His firing of an employee and then his own firing??



3 thoughts on “July National Council Meeting”

  1. Let the new ethics and campaign commission get to work.
    Then the candidates taking advantage of zero reporting in the past will at least have to file where their campaign funds are coming from, if they don’t then they cannot serve .
    Hope the commission has the gumption and intestinal fortitude to do the job then there will be a giant step to cleaning up Creek government.
    Remember Chief Floyd neither accepted and did not solicit campaign funds. Which makes for a squeaky clean Chief, who also had the personal funding (after being employed) to actually desire to serve the citizens.
    Just look at the candidates running for office — reject those who only have worked for Creek Nation or are looking for any job that pays.
    Those who are retired certainly should be at the top of everyone’s list, for at least they have held a job outside the Creek Nation.

  2. A statement was made that everyone knows that George Tiger and Adam Jones pocketed some money from the sale of the Okmulgee Country Club. Adam Jones was irrate over that statement. George doesn’t care because he will just LIE about it again!!

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