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  1. I agree with It’s too late. We should lower the blood quantum to hold office. There are many citizens that could help us grow.
    And we sure don’t need Thief Tiger holding office for anything!

  2. IT’S TO LATE!

    Watching the Mvskoke News Media today the citizens running for Okfuskee District were asked questions.

    One question hits pretty close to home.

    The question was, “How do you feel about lowering the blood quantum for those running for elected offices?”

    There are 30 people running for seats on the National Council

    10 – were on the National Council previously (when the money wasn’t so good).
    6 – are Incumbents
    14 – new but some have run in the past

    Being a so called thin blood and not able to run for office, I don’t think my vote should count toward getting any one of
    these people elected.

    Let’s recap.


    1. Tom Pickering – made a lot of money while on the Eufaula Community Board

    2. Eddie LaGrone – BIA retiree know it all, just like his old boss Jeffey Fife

    3. Travis Scott – while on the NC had an affair with an employee of the NC

    4. Frank Coachman – been on the council previously. Effective while on the council, I don’t know.

    5. Sandra Golden – truly believes she is better than you

    6. Carmin Tecumseh – quit the National Council for a high paying position

    7. Sam Alexander – mean and hateful

    8. Cherrah Giles – quit the National Council for a high paying position. She and her spouse used tribal resources for their own benefit. Another George Tiger supporter

    9. Edwin Marshall – sexual predator

    10. George Tiger – misuse of tribal funds, thief since 1995, purchased a home for mistress with tribal funds, took under the table money in all tribal dealings, allowed 2nd Chief Barnett to steal and on and on and on. It will never end with him.


    1. Adam Jones – helped broker the Okmulgee Country Club payout from $600,000 to $3,600,000. How many $ did he and George pocket?

    2. Joyce Deere – honest

    3. Mitch Jack – goes with the flow. Missed a lot of council meetings

    4. James Jennings – goes with the flow

    5. Lucian Tiger – has trouble with women. He wants them all–like George Tiger

    6. Mark Randolph – never heard him say a word

    With this REVOLVING DOOR of 1/4 or more blood quantum, we are spinning our wheels. We take one step forward and two steps back. Just exactly how many 1/4 bloods do we have that live inside the nation’s boundaries, over 18 years of age?

    The pickins’ are getting mighty slim.


    1. “Solutions” don’t cut grass

      In this great Nation, no candidate that has ever run for office has ever had a solution to anything. They have had opinions, promises, descriptions, ideas, but never a solution. All the candidates running for office now have none either. They have answers, explanations, clarifications, opinions, but no solutions.

      If your grass was getting out of control and you wanted to do something about it, but you couldn’t because your mower won’t start, you would follow a process to get your grass mowed. First you recognize the problem. But recognizing the problem won’t cut the grass. If you said, “I know what I’ll do, I’ll get my mower repaired.” That’s a good ideas, but good ideas won’t cut grass.

      If you had your mower repaired, that wouldn’t cut the grass. If you brought your mower home, that wouldn’t cut the grass. Even If you started the mower, that wouldn’t cut the grass either. However, if you started the mower and got behind it and pushed it around in your yard and watched the grass fly, you have solution.

      A recognition there is a problem is no solution, saying what should be done about a problem is no solution. Even an explanation what a candidate said he is going to do about fixing a problem is not a solution.

      A candidate who is serious would say something like this; the first thing I’ll do is this, and this is the way I’ll do it, these are the resources I will need, and here is date the finished product will be presented.

      The problem with the candidates is they have solutions, but none of them cut the grass.

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