He’s Back. JUST ASK FOR IT!!

From now through the general election anything goes with the National Council.  If a citizen wants it, they will get it, especially if they have a large family of voters.
The Council will be giving away swimming pools, vans, cars, houses, tuition for modeling school, braces for kids to have a better smile, ramps for elders,increase the school clothing allowance and the promises you will hear, oh the promises.
George Tiger and his buddy Cherrah will promise you the moon.  Don’t forget that Mrs. Giles quit the National Council for a high paying job with George.
Chief Floyd won’t veto anything.  If George Tiger gets elected, Chief Floyd may as well stay home because nothing will get done.


One thought on “He’s Back. JUST ASK FOR IT!!”

  1. I can’t believe anyone would vote for George Tiger if he were running for dog catcher. This man is a thief and almost ruined our healthcare program. Chief Floyd had to make some hard choices but overall he has done a good job. Anyone that would
    vote for Tiger needs a mental health assessment!

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