More Filings on Last Day

Per your request, here are the filings for today.

McIntosh District

  1. Adam Jones III (Incumbent)
  2. Tom O. Pickering

Muskogee District

  • Jessina Brown
  • Eddie LaGrone

Okfuskee District

  • Mitch Jack (Incumbent)
  • Travis Scott

Okmulgee District

  • Herod Anderson
  • Brenda Golden
  • Larissa Jack Melton
  • Cynthia Mae Tiger

Tulsa District

  • Samuel S. Alexander
  • Lucian A. Tiger III (Incumbent)

Tukvpvtce District

  • Mary J. Givens
  • Jeremiah Hobia
  • Edwin Marshall
  • Thomasene Yahola Osborn

Wagoner, Rogers, Mayes District

  • Timothy Jackson Jr.

4 thoughts on “More Filings on Last Day”

  1. Assessing the current filings:
    Creek District need qualifications on Mr. Bell & Mr. Freeman
    No need to see Mr. Tiger’s qualifications

    Muskogee District need Ms. Brown’ qualifications, know Mr. LeGrone’s qualifications — Mrs. Deer is a fine legislator

    Okmulgee District do not need qualifications for Mrs. Williams, Mr. Wind,Mr. Anderson, Ms, Golden or Ms. Melton– Mr. Jennings is also a fine legislator

    Tulsa District know all to well the qualifications of Mrs. Giles and Mr. Alexander– Lucian Tiger is a competent legislator and fine Speaker

    Okfuskee need qualifications for Mr. Percy Scott , Mr. Travis Scott is well known– Mitchell Jack has done a fine job

    Tukvpvtceb Need info on all except Mr. Marshall who is notorious

    Wagoner Mayes Roger need info on Mr. Jackson , Mr. Randolph has a record which is dismal

    McIntosh slim picked kens here should reopen filing period

    1. Where’s the best place to retire in Oklahoma, and perhaps the world?

      Muskogee, Oklahoma, plain and simple, especially if you’re an active member of the Creek National Council. You can retire there while still on the job. No one will notice, and no one has for years. The Muscogee District is a plum assignment, a place to kick back, and a place to wear your pajamas all day. It’s a place where you can enjoy your siesta, and take a nap before retiring for the night.

      Muskogee is a quiet a town, populated with people who have no opinions, have no personal needs, all of them happy with their station in life, and who couldn’t care less about anything. They’ve heard of Deere and Beaver but believe it’s a children’s movie channel featuring adventurous little animals who entertain their children. They don’t know they are humans and have important jobs listening to complaints and solving problems if they ever had any.

      Once, voting day was a big deal for the Representatives. They were up early to sneak up and capture as many voters as they could. Then they tied them together and lead them to their voter precinct, where they were forced to navigate one booth, one, marker and five ballots. (And maybe a couple more ballots in case of a stampede)

      The Muskogee voters have no opinions and they could care less what happens to their Nation. All they demand is their community center provide them their daily lunch of red beans and white bread with a side of green jell-o. But what really gets them up early and standing in line is the once a month cornbread and possum dinners.

      Most citizens in Muskogee have only a vague idea of the presence of their Representatives. They believe Pete Beaver is the Lone Ranger’s side kick, and Joyce is Bambi. So, it’s not surprising that if all the voters in the Muskogee District were lined up end to end, they’d go to sleep.

      If there are no Creek citizens in the Muskogee District, why do we have Representatives there? Shouldn’t the essence of a hard-working Representative be defined not by their attendance at every council meeting, but by the impact they have on citizens in their districts? And, if they had none, shouldn’t they be prevented from running for office?

      This year, and as predicted, Joyce has no opponent, but if she did, she would have five family members who would vote for her, four more than needed to win.

      Not everything that’s written here is completely true, or false for that matter, that is, except for the cornbread and possum dinner.

  2. I have a concern about a a legislation are they discussed anywhere?
    NCA 17-136 is up for vote on July 29th to provide $25,000 for education expenses for a citizen. For a master’s program in Italy. While I commend him for this honor to be a part of the program to provide support in such an amount is more than double any other citizen is provided for a master’s program. The program is 60 hours so that is equal to $416 an hour when any other citizen would receive $250 an hour . He has agreed to do paintings for the Nation if passed. He may be good at what he does and if we are paying for paintings then call it that, not educational expenses.

  3. Put Tom back in. Adam Jones pocketed money from the Okmulgee Country Club deal.
    Carmen Tecumseh quit the NC for a high paying George Tiger job.
    Edwin Marshall. What can be said about a sexual abuser that G. Tiger allowed to quit rather than be prosecuted. He also quit the National Council for a high paying job.

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