Council Filings as of 7/18

Creek District

  • Tony Bell
  • Patrick Freeman Jr.
  • George P. Tiger

Muskogee District

  • Joyce C. Deere (Incumbent)

Okfuskee District

  • Frank Coachman
  • Sandra Golden

Okmulgee District

  • James Jennings (Incumbent)
  • Carmin Tecumseh Williams
  • Grover D. Wind

Tulsa District

  • Cherrah Giles

 Okfuskee District

  • Percy Dug Sharp

Tukvpvtce District

  • David Jimboy

Wagoner, Rogers and Mayes District

  • Mark J. Randolph (Incumbent)


4 thoughts on “Council Filings as of 7/18”

  1. Those involved in the previous Broken Arrow Casino and this new venture are only self serving and out for huge bucks.
    There are people who have filed for Council with the same desires, their are Geo. Tiger, Ed LeGrone, Carmen Williams, Brenda Golden, Cherrah Giles, Sam Alexander, Adam Jones and Tom Pickering and there are surely more candidates who are wolfs in sheeps clothing.

  2. Interesting how the Embers Grille, aka Red Creek Casino is back in the news. What’s more interesting is how many people with a personal interest are running for national council. Shouldn’t this be considered a conflict of interest, and thus prevent them from running for council?

    1. You’re right on, Otsots.
      Opening a casino in Broken Arrow is a big deal, and has been one for a long time. Quiet for a while it is now front and center again. After turbulent battles with the Courts and gaming rulings, the Creek Nation, and the citizens of Broken Arrow, the casino issue went silent. But the property owners never raised a white flag, instead they made a strategic retreat. The battle was lost, but the war continued. While they had a long time to lick their wounds they never gave up on their dream. And now rested, they’re back, refreshed, and with a new plan.

      Steve Brunner and his crew know they are up against it. They know the Creek Nation stands in their way, and without their approval the way forward is gloomy to opening their cherished dream of a casino in Broken Arrow. So Brunner and his gang are left with one option; to let it all hang out, to go for the Hail Mary. That plan involves injecting themselves into our election process by flooding it with candidates who will do their bidding and vote for their cause with a promise of a payoff.

      Except for George Tiger, It’s difficult to know which candidate has a vested interest. If you can’t get a grasp on what’s going on, watch George, follow him, he will lead you to the money, to Steve Brunner, and to his crummy associates.

  3. George Tiger, and Cherrah Giles have close ties to persons who are dedicated to opening a casino in Broken Arrow. There may be others running for office too that are being supported by Steve Brunner’s group. Their mission is to work toward forming a coalition to buy off other greedy persons in government by forming a majority that is able to out vote opposition to opening the Broken Arrow casino.

    The Creek Nation voters can do themselves a huge favor by simply rejecting these two individuals who have long, storied histories of self-serving behavior.

    George Tiger is known to take his message and goodies to marginal members of the Bristow community who have no idea they are being scammed to carry him over the finish line in his campaign races. His motivation as an elected official has been in single service to greed.

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