Lucian Tiger

After portraying himself as an upstanding citizen and an all-around family man, the hypocrisy of Lucian Tiger knows no bounds. Hidden beneath the façade of an upstanding human being and caring parent is a man looking-out only for his own interest and ego. He is manipulative and devious, typically to gain advancement of his own agenda. He has and continues to parade children in front of others for political gain. Self-centered popularity is the most shameful and disgusting deed a man can do. Shame on him! He should not be using children as pawns for his personal and political gain. And what about his child that is due in August? Will he do as George Tiger  did with his children, that is not be supportive and not raise
them? He and George act like brothers.

5 thoughts on “Lucian Tiger”

  1. He does play stupid a lot which gets old. He is overbearing most of the time. And he does parade his children too much. BUT he does try to get the Legislative and Executive Branches working together. He does try to work around those who are only out for themselves. And he does try to lead our Nation to be better place. Like George? No way. Nobody is like George, thank god.

    1. Lucian and George are womanizers! You cannot deny that. They both think with their Tallywhackers when it comes to women.
      Let’s see what Lucian does after that baby is born and elections are over.

      1. Lucian will try to fire anyone who gets in his way. So be aware of his tactics. The feds are on alert.
        They know what he is up to. They don’t care about his shenanigans with women, but would prefer to get him on a fed charge or maybe an IRS charge.

        1. On Lucian behalf he is going through alot with his ex. When Lucian told Elizabeth Coale he was kicking her and her other children out because because she had been cheating on him. He tried to work things out but in the working out period Miss Coale realized that she was going to have to start paying for a place to live, utilities, car actually taking care of her kids, so the only way for her to be able to keep up her life style was to get pregnant with Lucian that way there would be a check each month. He allows her to live in his Jenks home but she threatens him daily with things to be able to live there.

    2. Those children he is parading around are not even his! Those children are going to need counseling from what he and his ex Elizabeth Coale has embedded in them. I’ve first hand have seen what Liz and Lucian make those children believe. They both should be ashamed of themselves. But then again they are both only out for themselves. He wants to be chief so she allows him to use those children. She is just thinking bigger paycheck if she allows him to do whatever why do you think she got pregnant? also why do you think he’s still allowing her to live in his home. They both use and abuse each other. Those poor children and then the new one she brought into this world cause we still aren’t sure if it’s Lucian’ s. Shameful!

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