More Filings on Last Day

Per your request, here are the filings for today.

McIntosh District

  1. Adam Jones III (Incumbent)
  2. Tom O. Pickering

Muskogee District

  • Jessina Brown
  • Eddie LaGrone

Okfuskee District

  • Mitch Jack (Incumbent)
  • Travis Scott

Okmulgee District

  • Herod Anderson
  • Brenda Golden
  • Larissa Jack Melton
  • Cynthia Mae Tiger

Tulsa District

  • Samuel S. Alexander
  • Lucian A. Tiger III (Incumbent)

Tukvpvtce District

  • Mary J. Givens
  • Jeremiah Hobia
  • Edwin Marshall
  • Thomasene Yahola Osborn

Wagoner, Rogers, Mayes District

  • Timothy Jackson Jr.

He’s Back. JUST ASK FOR IT!!

From now through the general election anything goes with the National Council.  If a citizen wants it, they will get it, especially if they have a large family of voters.
The Council will be giving away swimming pools, vans, cars, houses, tuition for modeling school, braces for kids to have a better smile, ramps for elders,increase the school clothing allowance and the promises you will hear, oh the promises.
George Tiger and his buddy Cherrah will promise you the moon.  Don’t forget that Mrs. Giles quit the National Council for a high paying job with George.
Chief Floyd won’t veto anything.  If George Tiger gets elected, Chief Floyd may as well stay home because nothing will get done.


Council Filings as of 7/18

Creek District

  • Tony Bell
  • Patrick Freeman Jr.
  • George P. Tiger

Muskogee District

  • Joyce C. Deere (Incumbent)

Okfuskee District

  • Frank Coachman
  • Sandra Golden

Okmulgee District

  • James Jennings (Incumbent)
  • Carmin Tecumseh Williams
  • Grover D. Wind

Tulsa District

  • Cherrah Giles

 Okfuskee District

  • Percy Dug Sharp

Tukvpvtce District

  • David Jimboy

Wagoner, Rogers and Mayes District

  • Mark J. Randolph (Incumbent)


George Tiger


Ole’ George Tiger is running against Dode Barnett for her seat in Creek District as we all knew he would do.  She really helped him by overstepping her bounds bothering employees.  Maybe he’s already paid her off.
The following will be the strategy of Thief Tiger.
  1. Buy the seat.
  2. Buy Speaker of NC with payoffs given to current NC Representatives.
  3. Begin the bashing, trashing and harassing of Chief Floyd.
  4. The next 1 1/2 years will be stopping any progress of the Nation and only negativity will be spewed from his lying mouth.
  5. 2nd Chief Hicks will be portrayed as a do nothing, say nothing leader to get him out of the way and praises of GT’s pick for 2nd Chief will be evident.
  6. Expected to run with him as 2nd Chief would be Cherrah Ridge Quiett Giles or maybe slick Floyd Jones.


Lucian Tiger

After portraying himself as an upstanding citizen and an all-around family man, the hypocrisy of Lucian Tiger knows no bounds. Hidden beneath the façade of an upstanding human being and caring parent is a man looking-out only for his own interest and ego. He is manipulative and devious, typically to gain advancement of his own agenda. He has and continues to parade children in front of others for political gain. Self-centered popularity is the most shameful and disgusting deed a man can do. Shame on him! He should not be using children as pawns for his personal and political gain. And what about his child that is due in August? Will he do as George Tiger  did with his children, that is not be supportive and not raise
them? He and George act like brothers.