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  1. Finally, A.D. Ellis, a truly honest, humble Chief, who did all he could for the average and undertrodden Creek, never taking advantage of this Creek Nation or its Treasury. Those who insult and ridicule him are the very ones lining their pockets at the Nation’s expense, everyone knows them, some are still hanging around, waiting for another chance at the “feed bag”.
    Elections close at hand watch for retreads, hangerson, former officials telling us how great they are, when in reality they are the very ones who raided the treasury and ran up the debt by purchasing bankrupt businesses and placing nimcomputs in very good paying jobs, that had no ability, experience, education or honesty.
    By the way still waiting for a list of former “Living Ledgends”.
    There is now a light at the end of this tunnel.

    1. I agree completely with your statement about A.D. Ellis! In my opinion, your other comments pertain mainly to Thief Tiger and all his followers. None are ever going to change!
      I think that GT grew up poor, just like most of us, but his answer to poverty is to line his pockets any way he can at anyone’s expense. Beware of what the retreads, hangers-on, and former officials tell you because if their mouth is moving, they are lying, especially GT. Some of the council members might not lie, but will not tell you the whole truth. Or won’t return your calls.

      2016 – Perry Anderson, Lillian Thomas, Wotko Long, Josephine Wildcat Bigler
      2015 – Chebon Dacon, Sarah Deer, Jerome Tiger
      2014 – Peggy Berryhill, Eli Grayson, William Sampson
      2013 – Dr. Phyllis Fife, Jack Jacobs, George Thompson
      2012 – Joy Harjo, Simon Harry, Elsie Mae Martin, Allie P. Reynolds
      2011- Jimmy Alexander, Monte Deer
      2010 – Patrick Moore, Dr. Pete Cosar
      2009 – Dr. James King, Michael Berryhill
      2008 – Wilbur Gouge, Johnnie Brasuell
      2007 – Lizzie Bruner, Jimmy Anderson
      2006 – Bob Arrington, Helen Coon, Phillip Coon, Edwin Moore
      2005 – Hepsey (Randall) Gilroy, Rev. Harry Long, R. Perry Beaver, Amos McNac

  2. What has Eli Grayson ever done for the tribe?
    Nothing that I can tell. He just licked GT’s boots and gave him money.

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