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Property was up for auction by Dr Robert Zoellner earlier this month. He did not get the price he wanted so he refused all bids.  Rumor is that a deal has been worked with MCN for 2.5 million after 6 months has passed so that the doc does not have to pay a commission to the auction company.

2.5 mil would have built or repaired a lot of homes for citizens and the money is critically needed to do so. MCN should be spending money on other necessities and besides that, I was under the impression that the tribe is not in good financial shape to take on more debt.

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  1. If the tribe plans to ‘develop’ it or build houses on it, I hope they don’t follow through with the purchase. It’s a beautiful place as it is now but there isn’t money in horses. I’d rather see the tribe expand their creative thinking and come up with a use that works with the land and watershed rather than against it. Why not rehabilitate the land and turn it into a nature preserve?

    Depending on the type of development it can devastate the watershed and what natural habitat is left.


  2. We own land on 75.
    The Industrial Park where the transit system is and the pecan orchard north of it.
    Nothing is being done with that land.

    What about the 26 acres directly across the river from RiverSpirit and near the airport, the vacant parking lot east of RiverSpirit, the torn down Fountain Head Lodge land, the 2600 Hannah Farm land? Then there is the Okmulgee rehab center and hospital that we loose over a million dollars a month on? What about the Okmulgee country club?

    Don’t kid yourself. This is a Duck Creek Community venture headed up by G. Tiger. GT worked for Duck Creek to become a federally recognized tribe separate from MCN when he was in office. They have a language and with land of their own, other than the small horse farm south of the casino they could gain the status and build their own casino and hotel.

    1. Tina,
      If you are talking about the Euchees, then they do not have land of their own. There was an office that was open in Sapulpa that was closed due to this administration. I will have you know that Duck Creek was help founded by Jimmy Littlehead. Had it not been for him there would be no Duck Creek Casino. It was supposed to be a joint venture where the tribe would own half and the community would own half ownership.

      1. Big Russell,

        N.I.G.C. laws warned MCN that the 50/50 split was illegal and placed all MCN casinos in jeopardy because of the illegal 50/50 split to a few communities. So the days of 50/50 are no more for the sake of all of us. Not all of us belonged to a gaming community because of boundary lines. We never benefited from those millions.

        Doesn’t Duck Creek Community own the farm south of the casino?

        Maybe Duck Creek Community members should do what Twin Hills is doing. Twin Hills has a growing travel plaza. They are adding additional space already.
        Their land is owned by MCN and was purchased in 1994 with the help of then National Council Reps George Almaregi and A.D. Ellis. The National Council voted on the purchase and bought it against the wishes of then Chief Fife.
        $37,000 was the final price for the 40 acres.
        Good for Twin Hills – and they don’t have gaming.
        All the profit goes to the community after expenses and loan payments.

        Many of us elders remember when the nation was growing and people were mostly honest.

    2. That vacant parking lot east of the casino locate on the corner of 81st and Riverside is a shame. Before it was a parking lot is was nearly 5 acres of natural land, possibly with wetlands. It was a marvelous small area for wildlife before some ‘forward thinking folks’ at Creek Nation turned it into an unused parking lot.

      I’ve not been on this site in a very long time. Now i remember why. There are a lot of piss poor decisions made down there.

  3. This real estate is on high way 75 in northern Okmulgee County, prime real estate. Investment quality real estate the Creek Nation will use in the future as an income producing investment.
    Let the housing authority build houses for low income citizens with federal HUD funds.
    Use more tribal funds for education of young Creeks through college and eventually low income housing will be unnecessary.
    Power to the Administration for this wise real estate purchase. All land along 75 should be purchased when available for that is the future for the Creek Nation

    1. How many houses has this new administration built? NONE

      The last 4 houses built was already under construction from the previous admin. They have bought some but no new ones have been built. 3rd Secretary of Housing is not a charm, he’s stuck in the past and doesn’t do anything but talk and talk and talk. He has a case of dementia.

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