RedStone Construction Company

George Tiger’s son-in-law, Chris Samples’ RedStone Construction Company is moving operational resources to affiliated construction teams in Dallas,  Texas; Boston, Massachusetts;  and Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Tulsa office will remain.


Ranch Property

Property was up for auction by Dr Robert Zoellner earlier this month. He did not get the price he wanted so he refused all bids.  Rumor is that a deal has been worked with MCN for 2.5 million after 6 months has passed so that the doc does not have to pay a commission to the auction company.

2.5 mil would have built or repaired a lot of homes for citizens and the money is critically needed to do so. MCN should be spending money on other necessities and besides that, I was under the impression that the tribe is not in good financial shape to take on more debt.