What have these Council Members done for Citizens?

Lucian Tiger III            Tulsa District – Seat B
Dode W. Barnett         Creek District – Seat B
Adam Jones III             Mcintosh District – Seat B
Joyce C. Deere             Muskogee District – Seat B
Mitch Jack                       Okfuskee District – Seat B
James Jennings             Okmulgee District – Seat B
Thomas Yahola             Tukvpvtce District – Seat B
Mark Randolph             Wagoner/Roger/Mayes District – Seat B


8 thoughts on “What have these Council Members done for Citizens?”

  1. Very true Emma. LUCIAN is running for the most disgraceful council member. To imagine that he told his ex girlfriend that if she would get an abortion she could have his Jenks home. (According to Liz) Well she didn’t, now he’s out a house and going to pay big bucks in child support. We as a nation should not condone his behavior. Although if I were Lucian I may get a paternity test cause it could be Randall Hicks child.

    1. What does this have to do with him being a councilman? What does this have to do with legislating and advocating for Creek citizens?
      This type of sl*t shaming has got to stop and I for one will not tolerate this for anyone.
      Whatever goes on in the home of any politician is their business as long as it doesn’t interfere with their work or cause the Nation to lose its image.
      What you just did is disgraceful and shameful. You shouldn’t put someones business out like that because at the end of the day it’s someone’s daughter and someone’s son who you are trying to humiliate. Least of all, the phrase “those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” can be used in this situation to the T.

  2. Most council reps are selfish. They make great salaries and can do lots of favors for friends. They also make sure their family gets jobs and whatever else they need.
    It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you.

  3. Lucian Tiger is running a race for this year’s disgraceful Elected officials behavior. Wouldn’t George Tiger and Lucian Tiger make a great team? Neither one of them have control of their Ding Dongs. The women should get medical checkups for STD’S.

  4. Well you can sure bet Georgie Boy will be back and Dode will be gone.

    George is campaigning at craft shows with pictures of himself and all the wonderful things he accomplished during his years in office. He has pictures of important governmental people, of himself being given awards for his glorious accomplishments all on display for the world to see. We all know George. Nothing he likes seeing more than himself.

    When he regains a seat on the national council he will then become speaker. He will be sure that all of his wife’s children regain their positions, or create new ones and the whole family will be singing, “We’re in the money, we’re in the money” and all will be great in Creekdom once again.

    George Tiger is the best darn thing that ever happened to a tribe that wants to be broke and have a leader that isn’t allowed to meet the President of the USA.

    He did accomplish a few things though. He got that wonderful home for his Mistress and pocketed a whole lot of money for himself.

  5. My question is what have they done for the Tribe as a whole? What has been done as a whole. Not individual citizen’s.

    I don’t consider selling beer at the casinos as a big step in an increase revenue for the Tribe.

  6. Dode Barnett: engaged in activities and actions unbecoming a Council Member. She needs to practice what she preaches.

    Adam Jones: stated in his previous campaign material that MCN could generate and save monies through Tribal Construction and that was one area he could excel. He was promoting his own construction company thinking he could generate business with the tribe. Why hasn’t his company and/or the tribe been successful?

    Thomas Yahola: been around too long. Lots of relatives to protect who work at the tribe.

    Lucian Tiger: wants to be Chief and is trying to prove that he is the man for the job. However, his personal life is questionable. As a Representative for the Tribe, he should be setting the standard in all aspects of his life.

    Comments to be continued at a later date.

    1. National Council Members need to pay attention for all Creek voters now vote for all Council Members, attempting to please relatives and friends in their district of residence is not representative of the interests of the entire citizen body.

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