7 thoughts on “Continuation Disciplinary Matter Meeting from February 6, 2017 – Dode Barnett”

  1. Wow! What a lengthy article.
    No disrespect intended by this comment.
    It seems that the Principal Chief should have called the Speaker, invited him to his office for discussion about this situation.
    The Speaker then could contact Dode Barnett and the three of them have a lesson on the do’s and don’ts of their positions.
    The problem is, that none of the three, Chief Floyd, Speaker Tiger or Representative Barnett have much experience in our tribal government and depend on those around them to direct their moves. What’s that called? The blind leading the blind?
    Hopefully Chief Floyd did call Speaker Tiger and when nothing was done had no alternative but to put the problem in writing.
    Does Chief Floyd have his own attorney or does he ask the opinion of the Attorney General?
    I don’t believe the Internal Affairs Committee of the National Council has ever done squat. They stick together no matter what. It’s the old “I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine.”
    – will continue the harassment case, of course we won’t be allowed in even though we put these people in office.

    1. I would personally like to congratulate Mr Speaker on the coming of his baby girl Kinley Allen Tiger. You must be extremely proud. Dode wished mom and baby health and joy. Check it out fir yourself on Elizabeth Coale Facebook. And we just thought Speaker didn’t discuss things with her.

  2. Dode Barnett’s seat is up for re-election this year.
    Were the employees complaining about her interference George Tiger people?
    George’s plan is to regain a seat on the NC, become speaker again and slip back into power and unlimited access to money.
    We know for sure that one of the NC Reps on the IAC is a Georgie Girl – Johnnie Greene would walk on hot coals for him. Look at those on the IAC. Where is their loyalty? To George Tiger or us?

  3. They won’t have a quorum for the Emergency Session Monday. It will keep being postponed until it’s forgotten.

  4. Nothing will ever be done to Dodie Barnett. That’s the Creek way. She’s always tried to assert her power as a councilwoman. She will never suffer any consequences because the council has never taken any measures to punish a peer. Time to deliver adequate punishment for her behavior and to set an example to the other members. Remind them that they work for the citizens.

  5. Dode Barnett at hearing: “I didn’t know about this until three days ago.” (this was on February 6)
    Dode Barnett at January 28 Council Meeting: “There will be a public hearing about my reprimand on February 6.”
    Saying you didn’t know about the allegations but telling EVERYONE about the allegations is a complete lie.
    This isn’t anything more than an “employee” getting reprimanded by her supervisor (speaker of the council). It’s funny that Dode is fighting this and trying to say she’s not promised her due process but if you remember in 2013, Dode tried to get Sam Alexander removed as Speaker and it was completely blindsided. Sam only knew what she was doing because of the GT council people. Now if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black?
    Dode, I suggest you run down to Employment & Training and get an application for services cause after you’re kicked off council.
    I’m only going to say this out of respect for what has happened to me at work. When you’re bullied and you go to your supervisor and they don’t do anything, it breaks your spirit and morale. But for Dode to want to see her accussers and try to prolong this is a true show of her character and that she’s going to retaliate against E&T by fighting against all legislation and having something to say at every piece of legislation.
    Here’s how it’ll go down.
    E&T: “This legislation will help and improve citizens in being more employable.”
    Dode: “How many citizens learned how to read last year?”
    It has nothing to do with what’s being proposed but she just HAS to say somethinnggggggg.

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