4 thoughts on “Former MCN Employee Charged with Theft of Tribal Funds”

  1. Saw Floyd Jones in a pickup behind the Housing Authority this week.
    Thought LightHorse was looking for him for stealing tribal and federal money.
    He’s driving around like he works here again.
    Has the Attorney General made a deal with him?
    Has he paid the money back?
    Why hasn’t he been caught?
    Everyone sees him but LightHorse.

    1. WOW!! What is MCN’s problem? Are the authorities really after him for anything? Seems like NO. Come on tribal officals, get him. If you get him, he will spill his guts about George Tiger to keep from going to prison.

    2. Did you call the police when you saw him? Maybe they could have caught him if people would do their part to report versus just watch and then complain.

  2. Where is he hiding? Has anyone looked at the George Tiger resident or any of his relatives? George and his cronies are probably hiding Floyd Jones out somewhere and paying him some of their ill-gotten gain taken from Tribal Funds too!

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