Questions for MCN Government

(If this tribal citizen wants answers to the following questions, then there may be others who would also like clarification.)

Lets talk money

Let us begin to explore where the money comes from and where the money actually is expended visit this site.

  1. Where does the money come from for Creek Nation to   invest in businesses?
  2. What is the source of funds for the “permanent fund”?
  3. How was the “permanent fund” created?
  4.  Who was the brains behind the “Mackey Site” gaming?
  5. What Committee of the National Council studies the “business plan” before any business passes to the buy stage?
  6. Who are the people now serving in management positions at Creek Nation with business education or experience?

3 thoughts on “Questions for MCN Government”

  1. I would like to say I’m so pleased Shoneen Alexander Ross did not get the Secretary of Health position. The Department of Health would have floundered. Not only is she not a people person, she makes decisions that are unsafe. If you don’t believe ask the Eufaula clinic. I look forward to working with Shawn Terry. I hope he will get rid the Acting Diabetes Manager. We need someone in that position that will make decisions and not impede our progress. We need someone in this position immediately. Why not look at the progress of each clinic and promote a coordinator.

  2. The Mackey Site is the location of the first bingo operation .conducted by the Creek Nation and now is the location of the “River Spirit Casino”

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