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Employee performance improvement needed

One thing that Chief needs to do, Floyd and those that come next after him, is look at each employee for what they offer and the work they do. Many of us work for the tribe, not as part of the Floyd administration or the Tiger administration or the Ellis administration. We are there to work for the tribe whoever the Chief is. But when a new administration comes in we’re all seen as being part of the other’s group. Some of us aren’t part of a group. Some of us just want to do the right thing, work hard, have good service for tribal members, do our part to make things better. But that is not being considered when deciding on employees at creek nation. This seems to happen with each election. There are some people that work for the tribe that are really good workers and mean well. There are others that are there just to get a check and do as little work as possible. We all know someone like that. They make excuses why work is not done, they blame others, they think they shouldn’t have so much to do, they think the work isn’t needed because it doesn’t matter or its not important, you see them talking with others or on their cell phones more than at their desk working, they just complain when they don’t get their way. Other employees are in the middle, do just enough to get by and then lay low to not get noticed. Chief, please set a new and higher standard for employees, even those that may be family or friends of the administration. Each department should have a way to have evaluations from the citizens, whether on paper or online. I don’t mind if someone reviews me. I know I work hard. If problems come up, talk with managers and get things going in a more positive direction. Maybe its a training issue, maybe its an expectation issue. We expect more as citizens and those that are hard working employees, and I think we deserve it.


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  1. Cindy Freeling from I.T. is a freaking joke! Someone please evaluate her. She is terrible! Please don’t let this go unnoticed any longer

  2. I thought the Casinos were built to employ our Creek Citizens.
    Seems like our Casinos are being overrun with Non Indians who can’t make it in the private industry. Security Officers in Tulsa, Muskogee, Bristow and Eufaula and Checotah are 95% white. Also the people that are hired to work at Maintenance
    are mainly Non Indians. Seems like HR should make an effort to hire Creek preference, I am sure we have qualified Creeks
    that could fill the roles as supervisors in these fields instead of
    cronies hiring their friends.

    1. To hire creeks: we are hired bacause when they call creeks to come to work because they were selected, they either show up ( for a day , maybe two or don’t show up at all). You all complain, but when given a job you won’t work! So maybe you should talk to The people thatvwork there and ask them, they will gladly tell you how lazy you all are. There’s only a few that will work. Wake up , its not your fault your tribes lazy and won’t work. Lol

    2. As with many of us, you think the casinos were built to employ Creek Citizens, well you are wrong. The casinos are the primary revenue of the Nation and that is their purpose. If the casinos can hire qualified and motivated Creeks, then great. But because of our culture has produced stoic non-performing workers, we have to hire “non-Indians” to keep the the wheels of the machines spinning.

      And honestly, you are so typically dumb that your argument makes my point for me. If the non-Indians can’t make it in private industry, then you are saying they are incompetent. But we hire them. So, your effectively saying we have to hire those who are incompetent, both Indians and non-Indians.

      I’m sick, as our whole Nation should be sick, of the entitlement behavior you represent. We would expect more of ourselves and our children. Work, educate and integrate so our Nation has a future in this wonderful country.

  3. We deserve it! We are a weak and corrupt people, or we would have never elected George Tiger, or reelected any council members that supported him. Electing a weak indecisive replacement is hardly redemption for the people. Being Creek is now something to be ashamed of.

  4. The Rapture has come, hasn’t it? I know because all the good people have been taken up to Paradise and leaving the rest of us behind. I know this because this site has become so quiet you can hear when a mouse pisses on cotton. The Voices is dead because all the God-fearing citizens are gone and no longer post to this site.

    Through some clerical error in my records, I have been left behind, unlike the National Council and the owner if this site who remain as I expected would be the case should this, The Great Event, occur. There is not anything left for us to do but button down the hatches; not anything can save us now. The Great Tribulation in the form of the previous administration is coming back to torcher us to death, just like they tried to do before, and to which we deserve.

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