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Received a letter yesterday that reads: “effective immediately Muscogee (Creek) Nation Department of Health will no longer be providing Community Clinic services.”
The letter provides a list of nine doctors and one clinic in Henryetta & Okmulgee for us to contact.
Do we have to choose another Doctor now? We won’t have a clinic in Okmulgee any longer?

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  1. This letter was just for people who saw Dr. Jennings (who saw Creeks as well as non-Creeks) across from the hospital which is now owned by Creek Nation. So , if you are Creek you can still see him at the Okmulgee Clinic. If you are not Creek you will have to find another doctor. Those on the list are the ones they referred that are in this area. The letter was very misleading, but I have called to confirm the above. I am not sure this was a wise move though because those that weren’t Creeks probably had private insurance which could have generated more income for the tribe.

  2. I received one of those letters also and am a full citizen of Mvskoke Nation.

    Wasn’t that letter just for non-Indians?

    Thinking back over the years the Honorable Keeper Johnson, representative from Okmulgee District, worked so hard to get the Tribe to pay for Medicare A & B for our elders. Even then he could see that refunds for elder care from the federal government would save money.

    Sam Alexander, Bill Fife, George Tiger were all against it and now they are all elders. It could have helped with some pay back even though the tribe would have been paying the premiums for the Medicare.

    How many of our elders don’t carry Medicare A & B? $150.00 per citizen to receive thousands beck in payments? Seems like the perfect plan. Wonder what the people in health with their Masters Degrees and great plans have in mind now?

    1. Wonderful observation, G. Tiger, S. Alexander and B. Fife always looked out for themselves and cohorts (relatives, friends with higher education and those who would pay) there are several of this group of cohorts still on the National Council , working for the government or simply not removed yet.
      Chief Floyd will identify them and should support their replacement on the National Council along with those who have zero business or experience working for our government.
      Should any appointments expire amoung these persons previously appoint by G. Tiger that fact alone should should eliminate those persons from further consideration.

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