Nation is well on the way success

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The current elected and appointed administration of Principal Chief James Floyd needs and deserves the full support of all citizens.
The previous group placed in charge by less than .0075 of the current Creek Tribal membership made such a horrible mess due to greed, lack of ability and overall ignorance that James Floyd was faced with quite a mess.
Never should we allow such to occur.
Always examine credentials, education, work history, and overall personal habits before electing anyone!
This nation is well on the way success, but four years of numbskull administrative decisions cannot be corrected overnight.

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  1. The Muscogee (Creek) Nation for the first time has two leaders (Chief & Second Chief) with Masters Degrees from an accreditated university. Hopefully we have learned enough from electing the greedy uneducated to public office to now stay the course and keep highly educated, experienced citizens in public office.
    The press of competing in today’s business world requires no less. The next election cycle (2017) will be the voting citizen’s chance to require more education background and experience for service on National Council, who are after all are the Board of Directors of our government.
    The uneducated non-experienced person has no place in todays very competitive Native American market.
    Support this current administration as they straighten out the blunders of the previous office holders.

    1. I don’t know what fantasy world you’re living in Doc but this administration is no better than the last. Same game just different players. How about take a poll of the employees under this administration and the citizens that aren’t seen by the mighty 2 you talk about, the citizens not getting help at Health, Housing, etc.

      Here’s a scoop regarding the noble, righteous 2nd Chief, his boy over in Force Account, the poster boy for Reintergration along with his boss Stan McIntosh and a few sidekicks have been stealing material, heavy equipment for personal use, driving company vehicles for personal use (which was taken away but he ran to 2nd Chief and he got it back). We are talking thousands of dollars and here’s the kicker, he admitted it and yet he’s still employed. They say he has enough of Creek Nation’s material to build his new shop and used their equipment to clear his land. A letter was sent to HUD so maybe they’ll do something. So Doc take the rose colored glasses off.

      1. Right on Rat Man! I don’t think much of the mighty two either. No improvement at all. Hicks is an educated idiot that plays favorites to all the dumbasses, he protects the idiots. If you ask him anything he just looks at you with that constipated look on his face and never has an answer or any intelligent thing to say. He only won the election because no one else ran.

        Speaking of CN vehicles. I see BJ Wagner taking his kids or grandkids to the Bixby YMCA every morning about 7:45 driving a Creek Nation vehicle tag # 953EX. I don’t think those kids are covered under CN insurance. In fact I don’t think your supposed to be running personal errands in those vehicles at all. Your welcome Mr. Wagner for us paying for your time and gas for your personal use.

        Oh well the show goes on! Gotta get me some of those rose colored glasses so I can be pleased with all this mess like Dr. “blind” Wahoo!

      2. Don’t forget about Kay Willie in that mix, she’s a big thief too but you’ll see her running to Sam trying to rattle on her boys to save herself. Whitlow isn’t worth a damn either, all he does is hide in his office talking crap about everyone to everyone. He talks in circles, says how he’s gonna get this all straightened up then leave, uh, you left this place in a mess years ago so now you can fix it!?? He has that little man syndrome, like his nephew Shane Holuby. He needs to take his brittle bones on down the road, he talks a big talk but that’s about it.

    2. Oh judy haumpy SHUT UP! Aka Dr. Wahoo
      What a joke making you tribal administrator! You got fired at Finance for running your mouth

  2. The Muscogee Nation has many long years ahead to ever be what many citizens expect of their government. It has taken many years to nearly bankrupt the Nation by not being progressive and using tribal dollars wisely. From the beginning millions have been wasted on business failures, stealing, over spending on purchases and more. Their have been numerous bad business dicisions by many unqualified persons that call their selfs business people for years. That even holds true now. What has or is the Nation getting for there 22 million dollar investment to the One Fire LLC. Community centers also have taken millions in the past. Monies flow out of the Nation as fast as they receive it with no returns. Salarys for some are not earned because the ones receiving them bringing in little monies to the Nation. Yet they still recieve big bucks. So much waste and no positive growth in the Nation. To build anything or have a decent health program all monies have to be borrowed from a finiancal institution. Well everyone knows all envolved has and still fails our government . Chief Floyd is trying although he has a very very long road to hoe.

    1. Yes what you say is so true>>>At OIC when I was on thhe executive board 1992-96 we did not get paid and the following staff decided to get paid and that is so disgusting…!!We have lost our gift shop and now plan to let someone take it over because of Greed!! When we made a statement the board ignores us!!I quit trying!! I respect my Chief and feel sorry for him because the power is in the councl.When he says no they just overide him!!

        1. They would not pay a decent wage to the manager for eight hours of labor.. And now the smokeshop is going to given to another non creek person we did well when our last smokeshop manager was there but so much hate and confusion she quit~~~~We have a group of non functional
          exexutive board, now they want to give our OIC builoding up and get an old church building that no one wants and the council cannot find the abstract and we are paying so much for the abstract but no one knows where it is!!!Are we paying for the abstract search???Where will us original Elders go? We have been left out of their coonsideration~~ I will not go to another building not on our sovereign grounds I told them they will not receive money from Mvskoke Nation again~~I am going to see Kevin Dilllinger tomorrow about discrimination aginst the Elders of the Nation~~OIC is my voting place and I will do everything I can to make sure we do not lose it~~I will keep you posted..The two elder apartments are members of OIC we live close enough we can drive or walk to the meetings~~LOL

  3. Some of it may not be huge accomplishments that bring in millions of dollars but some of it is a reflection of his true nature. I’m gonna do my best
    Let’s start at the beginning (from the sound of music: “a very good place to start”)
    -James Floyd has tried to put in place, individuals he believes will do the job and complete the goals outlined for their respective programs. The council doesn’t agree, so he’s had to compromise.
    -At his first state of the nation, he directly addressed employees who don’t follow policy (tardy) and has set a standard because if you drive by at 7 am, his car is already there.
    -He managed to lower the tribal budget and has eliminated a few (tribal operations) employee position that were not needed.
    -He announced the deficit of the health department and gave citizens the chance to have an input on how to handle moving forward with the deficit.
    -the annual festival was held and no extreme costs of entertainment occurred.
    -He’s released quarterly statements of the nations finances as outlined in the MCN Code.
    -the flying tee and Margaritaville were both opened without hiccup.
    -extreme spending on purchases and surprise purchases have not occurred.
    -the Muscogee Nation News has pictures of citizens and departments and not the Principal Chief in photo-ops
    -lastly, he’s gone to work for the tribe. He’s not out galavanting all over the place and if he is, it’s because of tribal business or personal vacation.

    There’s a lot he can improve on in the tribe but everyone can make the Nation better by helping each other first and not rely on the tribe for handouts and payments. Let the tribe be the absolute last place you go to for assistance.

    1. To Creekreviewer:

      You shouldn’t have to try your best if he’s doing such a great job. The great things should just roll off your tongue if he’s accomplished so much. Here is my response to your itemization of accomplishments:

      -Floyd has tried to put inexperienced people in positions that they don’t belong in and quite frankly I am proud of our council for stepping up and not allowing it. (E.g, Ladonna Northcross for one)
      – Addressing the tardy issue and actually enforcing it are two different things. The same employees are still continuously tardy. As far as policy in general goes is a joke. Numerous policies are broken on a daily basis. I’d give you a list but I need more room.
      -He managed to lower the tribal budget? You mean he had to cut things because we couldn’t afford what was being asked. This is no major feat, he had no other option. No matter who was elected they would have had to do the same thing.
      -Announcing a deficit is no accomplishment either. Anyone can make an announcement. Accepting input and using the input are two different things as well. He managed to get rid of the hard working employees and keep the worthless. He even kept and promoted the ones that are partly responsible for the deficit.
      -I haven’t seen the numbers for the festival but the festival appeared to be the same as always so I’m betting he saved pennies on the dollar if any.
      -Him releasing quarterly statements is by no means an accomplishment. He has to do this as you stated by code.
      -The flying tee isn’t even ours that’s why it is doing so good. As for Margaritaville, have you been there? It wasn’t complete when they had there grand opening. It still isn’t complete it’s an embarrassment and another cash cow for Redstone Construction and Tiger.
      -Where do you get info on spending?. I know that they still make extreme unnecessary purchases. I don’t recall a departmental itemization on spending ever made public for us to see. So I’m gonna say you just made one up to throw in.
      -The Muscogee news is now practicing their freedom of press right. He has no control over what pictures of whom are published so this has nothing to do with him as an accomplishment.
      -He’s not out galavanting and if he is? Sounds like you don’t know if he is or isn’t, since you stated that “he is not and if he is”. Which is it? Besides that’s not accomplishment either. Also you mention him on personal vacation! What the hell is he doing on vacation? He’s not been in office a full year yet and already taking vacations? No wonder no changes have been made! He’s too busy taking advantage of the position! Don’t sound like he’s working too hard for the people if he’s already taking vacations!

      Not everyone relies on the Tribe for a handout. Some of us just want to see our tribe prosper for the betterment of our people. Jobs, healthcare and just being there when our citizens are in desperate need is what I want to see. I do agree with you on one thing “the tribe isn’t there for handouts” . Giving a little help when needed is fine but it’s not your revolving fund because you choose to not pay your bills. That statement wasn’t for all but if it offended you then I’m talking to you.

      1. Seems to me that your standards will never be met and that the only person who would be a great fit to accomplish all that you have set for the tribe, would be yourself.
        I hope you announce your candidacy soon for Principal Chief.

        1. Really? I don’t recall setting any standards. I really don’t think jobs, healthcare and helping citizens in need is too much to ask either.

          I merely asked what he has done to improve things. Maybe you have the answer? No one else has given examples. He’s been in long enough to make improvements but has not. Tell me what I said that isn’t true please.

          1. I think what you’re asking is for a clear example of him revolutionizing the tribe when in reality, that just won’t ever happen in the history of the tribe. It’s never really happened with any other principal chief and I don’t think james floyd is any exception.
            And what you’re asking for (healthcare, services and jobs) takes money. Everything the tribe does takes money. Does everyone not understand that the tribe is broke? We are over $500 million in debt on projects and services for citizens come from revenue and it’s hard to give services when revenue is directed towards repayment of loans from the previous administration.
            We literally are 10 steps back and yet citizens want to complain or criticize.

            If you don’t think he’s doing a good job or doing anything then i suggest you tell it to him yourself. I’ve told him and his staff many times I’m proud of their work.

  4. I would like to know why the Nations Quarter ly report lacked input and information on the One Fire Holding Company. I want to know what that 21 million dollars is going to. What profit has that flying tee made? I heard that they are “loaning” out some of that money to bankrupt buisnesses, is this true?

  5. Maybe not overnight but I think a year is plenty of time to get the right people in place and the wrong people out the door. I don’t see any improvement.

    By the way, that “can’t change things overnight” crap is getting old. It has been way more than overnight. Almost a year.

    Lots of you claim Floyd is making big improvements for the better. I ask anyone to please tell me what these improvements are. I’ve asked this before but no one responded.

    1. You can’t change things overnight, your really can’t, and whether you like hearing that or not, that’s the way it is.

      1. To 2 chuck buck,

        You really just missed the whole point. Of course you can’t change things overnight.

        My point is that it’s been a freaking year and no change for the better at all!

        Does this mean 4 years from now when Floyd still hasn’t stepped up with changes for the better that your still gonna say “can’t change things overnight”? Come on people that excuse is played out. He’s had plenty of time to make some improvement but instead has done nothing.

    2. There has been only one good change and that was in housing and it’s still taking a while to get housing cleaned up from the mess left from the previous administration. I know that Sam Whitlow can clean the mess up.
      Some employees in housing are complaining about a certain employee (Jamie Nichols). She is non-Indian and they said 2nd Chief Hicks said that No One is to touch her because that’s his girl and she does what’s she wants to do and if anyone says different she runs to 2nd Chief Hicks. Doesn’t this sound like a George Tiger and Johanna TownseTownsend episode?

      1. She is a creek citizen, and yes she is Hicks favorite. She knows nothing regarding housing business. But that is Creek nation for ya

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