Wells Fargo Bank Issues

This is another subject but,

Is anyone watching the Well Fargo Bank issues in the newspapers? Didn’t Muscogee Nation borrow monies a few years ago to build or finish River Spirit??? Did we pay it back already or is that loan still outstanding???

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  1. Lets talk money – where does the money come from for Creek Nation to invest in businesses ?
    What is the source of funds for the “permanent fund”?
    How was the “permanent fund” created?
    Who was the brains behind the “Mackey Site” gaming?
    What Committee of the National Council studies the “business plan” before any business passes to the buy stage?
    Who are the people now serving in management positions at Creek Nation with business education or experience?
    Let us begin to explore where the money comes from an where the money actually is to expended.

  2. Hello every one!! I have a new problem here in Okmulgee about our OIC building now the OIC executive board wants to move to another building and has paid on that old church building!!
    I will not leave the old OIC Building!!And neither will any of the other Elders. We elders have been left out of the decision making at oIC!!!The Executive Board has ignored us!!Many of the Eldes live in the two apartments near OIC and OIC is our voting building!! How could the council vote to spent money to purchase an old church building for Oic?? I love our old building and do not want another building!!What is the council thinking!!! Out our money back in the p,ermanent fund and stay out of our business and get us transorttation on the week end!! I do not like the new BYlaws tha tGT wrote and want to go back to the one Claude Cox gave us!!!Help!!Marcell Giles!!

    1. got another problem today on radio station 1240 it the anouncer made an anoucement that the REBUBLICANS were going to have a radio station meeting at the radio station tomorrow they ennounced that CHRIS AZBELL would be there also!! He let the city use ourr old golf house buiding and now he is a REPUBLICA,N !! Please remember who sponosered his name on the council and please remember all the schools that gor funds for the atlecic programs!!Hello Mr. Beaver!!Total disrespect for the PERMANANT FUND crisis~~

    2. Heard the OIC smoke shop is struggling. Some community shops have closed or are leasing to independent shop owners. The Independent shops are the ones making the money. What a compact the tribe passed with the state. Cigarettes can be purchased cheaper at lots of places other than a smoke shop. If the OIC smoke shop is struggling shut it down before it goes in the hole if it steady hasn’t. The gift shop failed. When and if it closes make it the new community center. The old center should be condimed. The only concern would be traffic getting on to Highway 75 for the elders. It’s a fairly new building and would serve as a nice center. Get with the department of transportation and see what they could do to make the traffic flow a little safer. The tribe has purchased many centers and set some up in business but now cannot afford to do so. All community centers should work to create some type of business to operate and create revenue. Duck creek and Glenpool have great locations for some type of business. People you can’t sit around and wait on tha Nation to do everything. Put your heads together and come up with something. Okmulgee comunity could rent or lease a building in Okmulgee down town and come up with something to make money. It’s all a team effort but for some reason some have to take from money from the till. Eufaula has begun to look into business with a partnership I believe. At least their trying. The Nation could help with the legal aspects and with other means of starting a business but has its hands tied with funding . I believe the twin hills community received a loan with the agreement of paying it back and hope they are but really the tribe is not a bank. The Nation has giving so much money away and also purchased so much in the past with no return. If the community members really put their heads together with some help of others you can become self sufficient in time. Community’s just cannot sit back and wait on the Nation to fix everything. There is something all communities even the smaller ones can come up with its just about doing it. Community members put you heads together and make it work. Community’s should be helping other communities in need also. We are all the same people and l’m sure we were all taught to help one another. It is really time for community’s to step up and create there own economic development to do for its membership what the tribe cannot do. Start out small and grow. Nothing gonna happen until you make it happen.

      1. This Nation must stop giving thousands upon thousands of Tribal funds to 30 – 50 people to run a community center tobacco or gift shop who have zero business ability or experience, the venture is just another example of welfare for people who will not get a job!

      2. Monitors I don’t fix things, they just tell people what’s wrong. Everyone who posts on this site are monitors too; they tell us what is wrong and what we should do to fix things but don’t fix anything themselves. When they are asked when they are going to fix what they say is broken, they say, “No I don’t fix things, I just tell people what needs fixing.”
        I love watching TV, you can learn so much from commercials.

    1. Really, if it was it shire happen quick. The store must be a goals mine tone able to operate and pay a loan off that quick. About 6 years.

  3. This is not about. Wells Fargo but for the Mvskoke Elders ! We Elders living at the two Elder Apartments do not have weekend transportation !!We would like to go shopping.g at Wal-Mart on Saturday !!I have approach. Okmulgee Council and now you citizens that are unhappy. about the.
    health dismissal you can get us bus Service. on Saturday. and you cancel members can say you really care about the Elders and when you come to Okmulgee. Indian. Community I will believe you and we may vote for you again###

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