9 thoughts on “citizen clarifies MCN officer removal procedure”

  1. The petition has failed, now get on with the business of good government.
    The National Council must pay attention to the voting citizens and the voting citizens must pay attention to those who run for public office and simply require better representation.

  2. The current elected and appointed administration of Principal Chief James Floyd needs and deserves the full support of all citizens.
    The previous group placed in charge by less than .0075 of the current Creek Tribal membership made such a horrible mess due to greed, lack of ability and overall ignorance that James Floyd was faced with quite a mess.
    Never should we allow such to occur.
    Always examine credentials, education, work history, and overall personal habits before electing anyone!
    This nation is well on the way success, but four years of numbskull administrative decisions cannot be corrected overnight.

  3. Hotke 7. Intersting!! How can the Cherokee take our land boundaries on the Vertigree River?? The Land on both sides of the Vertigree River from US 69 Highway Bridge to the south side of US 412 is all Creek lands and within our boundaries. Our people had allotments there. There are also I believe 2 or 3 Locks on that part of the River. So is MCN collecting Fees from the Barges??? like the Cherokee and Choctaw are collecting?? Also Sand being taken from the Rivers?? Is MCN receiving Royalties from Sand??

    1. Hello Carrie !!
      Please read Ocmulgee Treaty 1833 Ft Gibson .
      E eventually Creek Nation recognized the Macy sand bar.Please let me think of the treaty of 1833 .

  4. Thief Tiger’s top and first priority was making sure Judge Moore was out of the picture upon taking office. He knew that he could not accomplish his stealing, nepotism, all the kickbacks and corruption with him there. Judge Moore has more integrity in his pinky finger than Tiger has in his entire person. We need more people like Judge Moore within our tribe.

  5. I could not read the arrival but was happy to know our beloved judge Pat Moore was aware of our dismay about our Mvskoke Nation the council fired him without the citizen knowledge !! I wish he could help us.

      1. Hello. Hello!!Shoot Luke!! Did you know the Cherokee nation took our land and boundaries from us Creeks!!Have you read the ” Okmulgee
        Treaty “?Creek Nation owned the” Vertigre River”Many citizens do not know about our treaty .Just had to let every one know about our treaty.We were cheated by the
        Cherokee tribe and now our council,Hope. everyone. will take the time,e to read it.Mvto!!

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