Creek History Repeats Itself

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Creek History repeats itself

From the July 2000 edition of the Muscogee Nation Newspaper
OKMULGEE — A Creek Nation Housing Authority manager and Muscogee Nation Natural Resources manager were arrested in two separate cases of embezzlement, theft and false accounts. On July 7, Acting Tribal Attorney General Jessie Huff Durham issued a criminal complaint to Muscogee Nation District Court against housing authority manager Gary Davis for the following counts: count one: embezzlement, theft and false accounts – embezzlement of “monies, funds, credits, goods, assets, equipment, tools, or other property belonging to the Nation…” The count also states that Davis instructed three of his employees —Ben Yahola, Brad Fox and Travis Whitlow to repair his home with parts purchased with housing authority petty cash;
The former housing director and possibly a relative of the new housing director? How is Ben Yahola related to Thomas Yahola?

From the January 1991 edition of the Muscogee Nation Newspaper
Dode Warrington [now Barnett, Creek District Representative Seat B], 1990-1991 Creek Nation princess submitted her resignation in late November. In her resignation letter, Warrington wrote that she believes she fulfilled her obligations as Creek Nation Princess but received no assistance from the Princess Committee.
Warrington contends the committee refused to honor her mileage voucher reimbursements for trips she made as Creek Nation Princess. From June 15 through Sept. 22, Warrington submitted four travel vouchers totaling 3,3390 miles and seeking $813.60.
Committee officials said they did not approve all of her claims since some of the trips were unauthorized. At the beginning of her reign in June, 1990 she was presented guidelines and a list of approved trips. Warrington claimed mileage from her Springfield, MO., residence to buy valium online. The committee disallowed this claim since her presence at Council meetings buy valium online.
Warrington said she believes the committee has been uncooperative, in her resignation letter, Warrington wrote she had been taken advantage of and that the committee should be disbanded and reformed.
Warrington’s mother, Phyllis, of Sapulpa, was a member of the Princess Committee when the guidelines were established. Mrs. Warrington resigned from the committee when her daughter decided to enter the pageant.
Warrington has since married Steve Barnett of Springfield. She is a sophomore at Drury College majoring in elementary education and foreign languages.

Update: Dode Barnett didn’t finish her degree and is now claiming mileage for trips around Creek Nation. She gets a $47,000 salary and still trying to nickel and dime Creek Nation. Don’t be surprised when she shows up at meetings that she wasn’t invited to and sits on her phone throughout the entire meeting.

21 thoughts on “Creek History Repeats Itself”

  1. I am not sure how to make my own post, but I would like to know the significance of Stomp Dance among the Muscogee people, and why shake turtle shells?

    1. Me either, she’s rude, condescending, and downright hateful while taking her petty jealousies out on employees and citizens. She’s all about getting that fat paycheck and her benefits, not about the people. I will be advocating for people to actually vote against her. Please someone step up to run against her in the next election!

  2. Does anyone have any suggestions on who they would like to see run for council in the upcoming election? Whether it be former council members, former candidates or anyone. We need someone not afraid to rock the boat, someone who is for the people, someone that isn’t afraid to say what is necessary. Some former candidates have these attributes but unfortunately didn’t get voted in. Please make suggestions so maybe these people will run again. Even if its someone we never heard of. Just tell why we should vote for this person or people. We are in need of desperate change!

    1. Certainly, the right people serving in government would make a difference in what we want to accomplish in our Nation. But it’s not personalities that are needed but people with creative ideas. Government officials without creative ideas is what we need to talk about.

      The right kind of elected official is someone with creative ideas. Is there someone out there who knows what our problems are and is able to approach them with out-of-the-box thinking? Is there someone out there who can articulate what’s needed to be solved? What are the problems? Can anyone out there isolate our issues? Isn’t that the problem; that no one can do that?

      1. Good point Luke. I wish I knew of a candidate with those qualities. Honesty and true transparancy go a long way with me but as you point out someone with knowledge of problems and answers are desparately needed. Do you know of any potential candidates that meet this criteria? Does anyone? Please speak up anyone. Im just tired of being led to believe that some candidates will be great assets but once elected become a big let down like James Floyd, Lucian Tiger and Del Beaver just to name a few. We need more like Mark Randolph, Mitch Jack and James Jennings. These are only my opinions and anyone that disagrees has that right and I respect that.

      2. Sure there are a lot of qualified people with skills,education,innovative ideas,and loyalty to our tribe……but they are overlooked and excluded because they are not 1/4. We limit our choices for leadership when the only real qualification is blood quantum. I understand our Constitution and what it takes to change it. I want to tell all those who say we are not going to change it because we don’t want all those things bloods taking our entitlements.. if we don’t do something about our nation’s situation we won’t have anything left. While I am waiting for this change in will challenge all those who are able to hold office educate yourself and your children about tribal law, public policy, finance, governance. Build the skills to lead our nation.
        We should not settle we should be thriving. I’m not saying the law has to change to allow those who are 1/315th or something like that but at least increase it to allow those who are active in our communities and more than 1/4.

        1. Maybe more will run now that employees were let go. A lot of employees didn’t want to run because they couldn’t work at the same time which was stupid! But now gives them the opportunity!

    2. Surely the NC did not appropriate $160,000 to George Tigers County Club to maintain it. Really? And Francis Tiger wants to rant about the Creek Fit gtoup.
      Why are they spending all the money on Pink Party. She dern sure never gripped about that.

  3. Ben Yohola is brother or nephe to Thomas Yahola.
    Ben was married and had a wife who claimed to have cancer. They were able to get a house because of her cancer and they had a small child. She filed for divorce and charged Ben with Child Abuse. He was convicted and was on house arress. Later the wife ran off with another woman and never had cancer to begin with.

  4. Dode won’t be around much longer anyway. When election rolls around, George Tiger will turn on her and take her seat on the Council. Unless of course he runs for Chief again.

    1. Cactus face,
      You are so right. In 2017 Tiger will run against Dode and will defeat her. So he will get the $45,000 salary, mileage, unlimited use of all tribal postage, paper and propaganda for 2017 – 2018.
      Those 2 years on the NC he will travel, make promises, have town hall meetings, gatherings all in the name of Unity of the Mvskoke People.
      Chief Floyd won’t stop him, Lucian Tiger won’t stop him so wait for another go around on the Tiger Merry Go Round.

      When do we start paying for the $500,000,000 Margarittaville and all the other loans we have out there?

      Kind of a good set up. Floyd can say “I didn’t create the debt” and Tiger can say “Why didn’t Floyd pay the debt?”

      1. Anyone that votes for George Tiger for anything needs to think again. He and Seneca absolutely robbed Creek Nation of money. Both so arrogant. Seneca won’t even give an interview.
        Why do you think.? Creek Nation just terminated 200+ people in the department of Health this month. These people have no jobs or insurance as of Oct. 1st. Everything Thief Tiger was involved in is being changed: PRC, Hospital and Dialysis. This lay off was handled so poorly. Many good employees lost their jobs. Administration seemed to take great joy in what they were doing. Shoneen was it really that painful? I don’t see you looking for a job. Did you and Rhonda enjoy letting people go. Administration is a disgrace.

        1. I agree, Ronda would just smile about letting people go. It was the running of the program that needed fixed Chief, not just letting go of employees. How blind can you be Floyd to leave Ronda Beaver in there when she was part of what got us in this position. She didn’t do anything when we had negatives in funds, but now you make her head of the whole things. You got to be kidding me. How blind or misguided are you chief floyd? I’m lucky to still have my job here, but not because of you. You made some huge mistakes. There were good employees you let go here and same over at the main complex. Good workers, just not close family or friends. How are you evaluating who you are cutting? Have you been finding out actual job responsibilities and then reviewing specifics of how each person does that job, their actual work output? It doesn’t look like it. Pull your head out of your @$$ and do what you were voted to do or get out. Same goes to the council!! We should have something in our law where we can review performance of tribal leaders after a shorter period of time and then either keep or get rid of them too. Or we can do it like this chief does and just kick people to the curb without any reason.

          1. Chief Floyd came into office with a 50+ million dollar (and rising) deficit!!!!! What would you idiots suggest he do?!?! Continue to send our tribe off the fiscal cliff, and lie about it?!!! People like Seneca, and the Colberts, and George Tiger, need to answer for all this disaster. Can you not comprehend that George Tiger and gang had filled the Health Department, and cabinet with votes, hiring hundreds of unecessary positions, overpaying them, and no plan other than to be reelected?! ( and still got beaten terribly). No explanations, we’ve seen all of the department heads, and everyone go to jail, resign in shame. And there are morons out there that try to blame James Floyd. Make it your duty as a Creek citizen to tell people why we as a tribe are in this mess! Don’t let the crooks and liars and thieves off the hook!! Keep digging Muskoke Media, Chiefs Floyd, and Chief Hicks, and whoever cares about our tribe! Sure a few people have been laid off, but it’s better than having our funding revoked, and our sovereignty taken away.

          2. The truth of the matter is the Health Dept. was scattered out all over town, renting their own spaces, answering to no one, coming and going as they please, paying out ungodly amounts of salaries, bonuses, and overtime; all the while not making any money, in fact losing money. Add to that the purchase and/or construction of many useless properties ( George Nigh, Okmulgee Hospital, ect) and the inability to manage funds, and you have a recipe for disaster. The worst part, it was covered up, and kept from the Council until everyone responsible was free and clear. It is unfortunate, but everyone needs to know the truth, and stop denying facts.

        2. Why is any of the old Health Administration still employed? Particularly after their less-than-stellar past performance? Will someone please explain why Rhonda Beaver is now the Acting Secretary of Health (besides the obvious reason that her husband is on the National Council). Pitiful.

        3. Remember, N/C approved everything that tiger and Senneca brought to council. Only a few did not agree. It is not Chief’s fault ,he is only clearing the mess that was left to him. The only thing he should of done was get rid of the tiger supporters, I believe that is what has hurt him.

  5. What’s up with you and Dode Barnett? She didn’t commit a crime; she stood up for herself and had an opinion. The rest of what you had to say is a clear indication that you have issues.

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