NCA 16-137

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NCA 16-137
Mr Jennings sponsored a bill out of the chief’s office to change the office of the secretary of the nation to office of the secretary of commerce….which places in jeopardy article VI section 8 of the constitution which requires the secretary of the nation to sign initiative petitions……. Mvto

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  1. My friend Eli! The Mvkoke Nation does not honor our Laws.I appreciate your thoughts and wish citizens honored our nepotism laws but we don’t,

  2. I meet with James Floyd weekly and I was laughing at the “grave concern” this caused citizens.
    This debacle reminded me of the IHP legislation that occurred several months earlier.

  3. I am delighted to see that they have amended their original language and adding ‘commerce’ to Nation, making it the Secretary of the Nation and Commerce….avoiding a law suit in tribal court…if you have windows ‘explorer’ as your internet search engine you can see the draft legislation, unfortunately after all these years you still cannot view the draft legislation under google chrome or safari on your mac…..NCA 16-137

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