Say it Ain’t So……

New Topic Request: Say it Ain’t So……

Has anyone else heard that Jerry “the rat” Wilson is coming back to his job as Tribal Administrator? I thought we were trying to replace these pos not give them a little vacation until things got quiet and bring them back! One small step forward 5 steps back. I guess since we kept Brad Fox and Dan Wilson the 3 Stooges wouldn’t be complete without “The Rat”

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  1. Has anyone else heard that florence july is getting another home in kiefer. How many doess this make her, after she gets evicted because her son tears up her house drinking. There are many with children that need a home. It bafffels me that they think she should have another house. Who’s decision is this? Shame on sam for allowing this.

  2. Ok not all topics need to revert back to health or housing. I asked about Jerry Wilson and y’all took it a whole other direction.

  3. Explain to me how it’s fair that Bucktrot is getting a management position in Housing? Couldn’t cut it as the Secretary of Housing but has swindled himself a management position, Construction Services Manager. He even booted the office manager out of her office since she had the biggest office and making her order him new furniture . Job not advertised?? No one in that dept given a chance or anywhere else to apply, same show different Chief or should I say 2nd Chief.

    1. Amazing how we ask our leaders to be honest and ethical but people in HR blast personal information all over the internet and are the first to be “upset” over stuff.
      I wonder without your job at the tribe, where else can you act like this?

      Oh and by the way, for someone who works in Housing, a lot of employees seemed to like Mr. Bucktrot and enjoyed his tenure as director. Even some citizens were happy to see someone like him placed in a director position. But you wouldn’t know an honest hard day’s work, would you?Only people that don’t like him are the ones not benefiting from a house or getting everything they want for free.
      Council and citizens want honest, ethical and dedicated leaders and staff but you got council demanding citizens and family get everything for free (Scott, Yahola, Barnett, Randolph, and Hicks) and citizens waking up every day believing the tribe owes them a fat check and all the benefits (example: Barney Ingram).
      You’re a true example of what creek citizens have become: selfish, loathsome and self-serving.
      May as well quit your job at the tribe and work for the ste-hektvlke for how you just acted.

      1. Riddle me this…. Where are his ethics when he’s trying to get a job unethically??? If he was so great then why wasn’t he confirmed? If he’s so well liked at housing during his “tenure” why didn’t the employees go to the NC to voice their support? Sounds like he’s out for numero uno, kinda like the people you’re bashing, he’s just trying to hustle a cush job.

        1. Since when did council actually give a damn about what citizens believed in besides their vote?
          Citizens want honest and ethical?: council breaks rules and over steps their boundaries (example: council tries to get their family/friends assistance first)
          Council wants someone with a bachelors degree (11 of the 16 council don’t have a bachelors degree)
          The employees know their voice won’t get anywhere cause guess what council wants? All the assistance at no cost to every citizen without following policy.
          Oh and guess what folks? Council only approves executive office appointments. Principal chief can put someone in as a manager.
          “Appointments of inferior officers do not require the advice and consent of the national council.” Title 16, Chapter 1, subsection 101, article E.

          This is a clear example of what kind of culture Creek Nation has become: shaming and online bullying.
          Not one person would EVER go to Mr. Bucktrot and say any of what’s on here to his face.
          No one would ever tell council what they really think. Why? Because we’re a culture of shaming and online bullying.

          I guess council is really a voice of the people: “Gimme everything I ask and at a cost of free.”
          What’s sad is that creek people are the most racist group I’ve ever encountered. They make fun of lvste and ste-hekte people all the time but they’re no different: lazy, living off the system and always asking for assistance. They get mad at white looking people trying to get assistance but they’re always in line with a hand out and asking for more.
          Don’t believe me? Go wait outside social services or ask the council what the burden of their calls are about?

          1. I read this whole rant and rave and realized the truth in all this.
            Don’t believe me? Look at the petition against James Floyd.
            It’s a bully technique for control of power.

            A couple of years ago, I was visiting my cousin and her new husband . The husband (who was controlling) would beret and talk about my cousin in front of family and on facebook. He was always belittling her and when she finally left him, he told her “I’ll always love you.” I always remind my cousin that love doesn’t know hate, controlling or bullying. They finally divorced and are living seperate lives and haven’t been in touch sense .
            The reason I tell you this story is because when will the “love” stop and true love and support actually show? When will Creek people stop trying to control the tribe?

      2. Honest hard days work? Rumor I here is Bucktrot is givin himself a job housing after his director job is over l Also heard Chief was suporting it. Any truth too it?

      3. To “Creek”, Again, using your example: “Barney Ingram”. Again people like you running your mouth about something you don’t know anything about. You’re obviously related to Bucktrot. Saying employees seemed to like him, from day one he’s bullied employees by announcing, he was in charge, he’s running the place, every time he opened his mouth he’s been disrespectful to citizens and employees. Firing employees, etc. He’s embarrassed his superiors and himself in staff meetings and council meetings, by responding without knowledge of NAHASDA or anything else in regard to the position he was PUT in. By the way which department do you work in? By the way you’re criticizing all HR, Personnel and other departments you live in a perfect world. Barney Ingram doesn’t work for the tribe, is retired, paid his house off, has been trying to correct the issues and problems that was known by housing prior to it being paid off, but has not been resolved and continued through the Ellis, Tiger and Floyd administration. So unless you know the whole story and reason behind the lawsuit, shut the hell up and quit being hiding behind a fake name like “Creek” . If you want to know about it, ask someone involved and quit ASSuming you know what it’s about!

        1. I’m going to bet it’s his “smart” son he’s always referencing that’s defending him. He’s just going to be toxic for Housing if they let him stay, his ego is to big, he’s already been bashing the new guy they got up to be confirmed.

      4. About HR, it’s true, they tell everything especially melissa. Where does the confidentiality come in. Hughes is only there for the money, he sure doesn’t know personnel issues and regs. And that white girl next to Hughes office she runs her mouth too. They need to be laid off. Not untouchable.

        1. The HR and Personnel department needs to be seriously evaluated and needs new leadership. Ms. Haumpy has not took any measures to correct the problems that we’ve had at the nation. She tells you what you want to hear and hangs you out to dry. We need true leadership and people willing to make tough decisions. She’s not cutting it.

          1. Absolutely true – Judy Haumpy needs to be put out to pasture. Been fired from every position she’s held in previous administrations. She’s way past her prime. Personnel Department needs a complete overhaul.

    2. This is how Chief Floyd, Hicks, Azbell and others do things. Others have warned about this and how decisions are made and who is being placed where even if they are not qualified. They do it because they can. It’s not right but deals seems to have been made and there are ways around the weak hr policies for those that want a way around the system. We can expect this until the next election. What does Bucktrot have in degree, experience and similar projects he’s worked on successfully ? Election 2019 countdown.

      1. He worked at Roto Rooter. When you listen to him you feel the need to get your boots on, Cause it gets deep. Giant ego!!

      2. Why did chris azbill get that position, he’s not mature enough to handle it. Floydd must have promised somebody something as well as jerry wilson, everybody knows what he does all day. Smoke, smoke, smoke, wow maybe if i smoked i could go to floyd and get a big paying job. Hicks is nothing but an alcoholic, look at his nose. Chief has to know about his drinking and the council needs to know.

  4. Disappointment is the talk of the people. Their Nation was total abused by the last administration and current administration has and is struggling month by month to try and recover and maintain services to the people. Finances appear to be a problem in the health area as well as in the tribal programs. There has been mention of raises which some deserve but can the Nation afford them at this time ? It would also seem that the Chief would by now have a cabinet in place to help administer the directors and help with the Nations affairs. Why is the recycling of old employees in top positions continuing ? It must be that no one is applying for the positions or just choose no to be employed with the Nation so we bring some out of retirement. I’m sure there are young educated citizens with family’s that could fill some of the positions. We heard the word Change many times in the campaign speeches but really have yet to see Change. Disappointment is what is heard by many. Laughter is heard by some. Beginning to wonder what the future holds for the Muscogee people. We owe it to our ancestors to once again be a strong Nation.

    1. Health is struggling with a nursing shortage.
      Soon shortage of Doctors will be worse than it currently is.
      Get ready people.
      There are very qualified and willing staff within the health system but the money is lacking.

  5. Jerry is back as director of secretary of the nation. If you need him he is available all day outside smoking..working for his people! (Lol)
    What a joke.
    Chief Floyd where are you? Wth is going on? Tap out man if you can’t handle this. If your making all the stupid decisions so you won’t get re elected…don’t worry you won’t, and Hicks won’t either. He’s a snake. Please pull your head out ,grow a pair and fix this $#!t. We voted you in because it was you or tiger… You said you would change haven’t done squat! Please man the hell up and do better! If this is all you got..step down please . Don’t let Hicks keep running your game, he’s playing quiet and making you go down as a spineless man. Don’t let that happen. Why are we still allowing family to supervise family! What a shame..and shame on you Chief for letting your people down.

        1. He’s actually the Director of the Mvskoke Loan Fund. Which is under the Secretary of the Nation. Only Chief is over the Secretary of the Nation.

    1. Everyone says that hicks is running things not Chief. I heard second chief, doesn’t deserve position, drinks on the job and backs into people and pays them off so they won’t tell. I don’t know how his wife has put up with him. Hes arrogant. Get him out of there. No more shame.

  6. The reason this b.s. goes on is because finding a Creek man, who has more than 1/4 blood quantum, no felonies, not inbred, not burnt up from drugs or alcohol, not a wife-beater or dead beat, is like finding a damned needle in a haystack. That is why you see the same 6-10 dips?$&ts working at the tribe till they’re 70 !!! We need a change badly!

    1. There are well educated and well qualified Mvskokvlke who are over 1/4 BQ but we’re either fired or let go due to tribal politics or who won’t even consider working for the tribe because of the infighting, nepotism and bassackward management style. Why the heck would someone with excellent credentials come to work for our tribe when there is no job security and nepotism/friendship is the basis of employment decisions?

  7. I also heard that Cindy Freeling is now over all of IT, Health included. She has no background in IT and always tells Chief and others that she will get back with them for an answer. She then emails her well educated husband or calls one of many outside vendors she uses to get information.

    1. you nailed it! Council needs to review her budget. All the spending to outside contractors doing jobs that a capable I.t. dept can and has done in the past! Incription is free , why is she paying for it? Her I.t. dept doesn’t need her. She brings nothing to the table. Nothing. Anyone ever notice she is always unavailable most of the time? And when she is available’s her stock answer I will get back with you. Health…I’m sorry but you guys will have more problems now with her in the mix.

    2. Cindy Freiling needed to be gone or demoted a long time ago. Assigning her duties that were under Ted Tammagae and telephony was STUPID. She does not know what she needs to know for that job. Tamage knows his business and his staff knows their business. The man headed up all the communications when Presidents came through town. Tamage knows what to do. Freiling does not.

      About finding a “man” blah, blah…..WTH? There are multiple qualified, intelligent and hard working WOMEN to fill those positions. That is one of the problems at MCN: they will give a job to a under qualified dick just because he has one while a qualified woman gets overlooked.

      I love my tribe, but after over a decade at the job I gave up on MCN. Over 10 years in and my salary was at the bottom of the pay scale for the position. I earned degrees, so I have the option to move on and that is what I did. MCN is a dead end for some people. If you don’t have family in politics or if you aren’t ass licker you won’t ever get anywhere or get much accomplished at MCN. Pretty sad situation at MCN.

      I feel fortunate to have the education and experience to have the option to move on. And get compensated for it!

        1. Correct, she is Dowdy’s sister. BUT, that’s not why she got the job. Cindy was/is good friends with Jerry Wilson, who was Exec. Dir. at the time. That’s how she got the job. AND, that’s how Sonya Rock got her job. Jerry Wilson is Sonya’s uncle, who was over Cindy at the time. But neither one of them belong in I.T. They just knew the right person, at the right time.

    1. Lol for real! Is anyone considering impeachment yet? The man is clueless and unable to perform at the level necessary to do the job of Principal Chief. Poor decisions, spineless, letting Council and Second Chief run the Nation, unable to put qualified Creeks in positions of leadership, and so forth. He needs to go

      1. Along with second chief,alcoholic, chris asbill is running things. He use to know people and treat people with respect. Why did floyd put him in that position, is that what hicks wanted. Boy were we fooled when we voted him in. Its like hes scared to speak up. Sad situation.

  8. We can’t say we were fooled when the tribal members with thier hands out elected George Tiger, as it was no secret that he was a bona fide thief and liar. That one was on us. Obviously James Floyd is either a crook, an idiot, or just plain spineless. I think our nation deserves the status of laughing stock of all the tribes in the state, if not the Nation. I also doubt that it will ever get any better. The gene pool of those with high enough blood quantum to hold office has way too much chlorine in it obviously and all that are left are crooks and thieves at the top, leeching off the rest of the tribe, and blaming the white man.
    I am embarrassed and see no hope for any improvement either in the short run or the long run. But since I don’t take a thing or work for the Tribe, why do I even care?

      1. You got that right. George will finish what he started along with Chief Floyd’s help, and take us directly to the poor house soup line. Then we will all be begging for jobs from other tribes or the EVIL WHITE MAN.

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