Pipelines through Creek Nation

New topic request- Pipelines through Creek Nation

I have a friend who works for the Corp of Engineers and he tells me that there is a pipeline called Diamond coming across creek Nation. I looked it up online and it’s coming near my home. Who at creek Nation is handling this? Chief? This guy said he heard that the creeks are now getting rolled over and that no one there seems to care. Who do I call? When I was looking around online I saw another one that should be built in Alabama by horseshoe bend. Is anyone standing up for us? I haven’t seen anything in our newspaper or our website about these. What is our tribe doing about these?

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  1. At least other tribes are not putting their heads in the sand with the pipelines. When did we stop becoming warriors for our people and our lands? We do not look for ways to be active in these things, we instead look for ways to avoid getting involved. We have no more advocates, no more warriors. chitto harjo would shake his head at our administration leaders and staff for not trying to defend our lands. You may think it is not worth your time to take a stand, but chitto did not think that and we should not either.


  2. The reason there was no reaction by the Nation with regard to the pipeline is due to the fact that no property held by the Nation was subjected to the the pipeline process. The line was routed through lands that did not belong to the Nation, despite crossing through the tribal jurisdictional areas. Only property holders directly impacted by the crossings would have say.

    This is a reflection of the divestment of lands through the allotment process within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Nation. The Nation has no substantive basis to object nor any bargaining power to leverage with regard to this federally permitted pipeline. It is truly an unfortunate position to be in, but not unique to Indian Country/Five Tribes.

    1. We Nations should have still stood up n blocked it. I’m Cherokee Nation my Cheif is crap. He doesn’t care about the people or the land just about what he can fill his pockets with. He can’t even speak fluent Cherokee nor is he trying to lead our people our of assimilation n colonization. It does not matter if our 14 counties do not have the same rights as the rez has. We actually have 6 Nations on that soil counting the UKB and we should start together for our people, our land, our water n our futures. We have our Sovereignty and that’s something that speaks volumes if these butt monkeys who become Cheif’s stand up n use it.

  3. Chief Floyd and 2nd Chief Hicks just need to resign their positions and let Lucian Tiger take over as Chief. At least he knows a little bit more about Tribal Government than the two of those do put together.

    Chief Floyd and 2nd Chief Hicks are soft spoken tell me what to do boys.

    We elected do nothings to run our Nation.

    Keeping anyone that had anything to do with Thief Tiger’s administration is a travesty.

    What’s worse? Thieves or 2 guys that don’t know squat?

    Roger Barnett will run for office when he get out of federal prison and George Tiger will run again. They will run for office as a team.

    After all, Roger Barnett has never been convicted in Tribal Court right?

    George Tiger has done enough and stolen enough to be prosecuted by the feds and Tribal Court yet the weak AG that Floyd picked has done nothing.

    Dillinger is a good Christian man but is weak in prosecution of criminals.

    Chief Floyd is weak, 2nd Chief Hicks is weak and Lucian is running the tribe anyway, may as well make him Chief.

    1. I even question the ability or the intentions of Lucien Tiger. As speaker, could he not bring an investigation of Thief Tiger? Can he not bring this to Delliger and get the ball rolling? Further, how about an investigation of Roger Wiley? He was there and was instrumental in the cover up. I think if Dellinger was as strong of a Christian man as he projects himself to be, he would drop the hypocrisy and and do his job by prosecuting George Tiger.

    2. I feel you about Chief’s needing to resign. I’m Cherokee Nation we have one of the worse Cheif’s to ever be over our people since John Ross and Stand Waite. I know many people in our 566 Sovereign Nations,1st Nations n all Native Nations of South n Central America’s have fallen under assimilation n colonization. But it makes us weak to believe in others ways that are not our own. I am pretty sure Baker did some shady side deal to keep his pockets fat from the pipeline and any oil company. It’s a sad day when you can’t trust your own Cheif to make decisions without 1st putting everything up to the vote of all tribal members. We Nations lost our say so over our 14counties thanks to the dawes act. All we have is our tribal Sovereignty and we must stand n make ourselves heard along with non Tribal members. This pipeline puts at risk underground aquafiers and 500 water sources. Not to mention all the endangered and protected species it puts in harms way.

      Just because our lands were made up for grabs does not mean any one of us Nations or Non Nations citizens has to allow it. If it’s a risk of putting our water at risk then we must stop it. Just as we have in ND by standing as one with all Nations and all beliefs. Every last one of us needs water to live. No amount of money can quench a dying man’s thirst.

  4. I’m afraid you are about 2 years late with your concern over the Diamond Pipeline. Construction is probably nearly completion. I vaguely remember people in Oklahoma being concerned and protesting the eminent domain for easement for the pipeline, but they were NOT Creek citizens. I never heard a peep from any Creek citizens back when your concerns should have been voiced.

    Contact the Office of Environmental Services. I know they weren’t involved, but they might have some information. They are supposed to be doing more than HUD environmental reviews. You likely won’ get anywhere or get solid information. The pipelines are not really what they do.
    You might have better luck by contacting Cultural Preservation. They should have been contacting way back in the environmental review process that the company’s contractors would have been required to do under NEPA regulations.
    Unfortunately, I think you are two or three years too late to oppose anything regarding this pipeline.
    In the future, if you oppose projects like this make your voice heard. Contact OES, Cultural and Preservation, tribal administration, Chris Azbell or whomever has that position in the future, and all of your council people. Make them follow through and do their jobs.


    This is an example of what one Arkansas group did who had concerns. They put in a lot of work to investigate but the pipeline was approved and permitted.

    Things were pretty silent in Oklahoma. I never see Creeks band together to oppose anything.


  5. We’ve had some people at One Fire get fired for not doing their jobs and are getting rehired at Duck Creek. That’s just not right! But I forgot the GM at Duck Creek was friends with them here at One Fire when she was an employee here.

  6. A little to do with MCN.
    Tulsa World
    July 26, 2016
    Cherokee Nation leader backs Clinton

    Cherokee Chief Baker took on his trip to the DNC
    Kayln Free – Choctaw, Oklahoma delegate and attorney for the Cherokee Nation.

    Muscogee Creek National Council Speaker Steve Bruner served on the Rules Committee.
    SHOULD HAVE READ Former Speaker of Muscogee Creek National Council, Kayln Free’s husband and millionaire from selling his family original allotment land and selling tobacco with a Mvskoke Nation license. MCN’s license to individuals should cease – now.

    How much tribal revenue does the tribe receive from those individual’s shops?

    1. Uhm, what does this have to do with the pipeline? Is Free and Bruner part of it or something? Does anyone know what’s going on with this thing? Can our newspaper please get some information in the paper or on their website about it and who we call at the tribe?

    2. I’m Cherokee Nation. Our transparency reports always seem short to me. I can tell you we make millions lingering closer to a billion maybe. Cherokee.org has reports on its page. I cannot stand Baker he is the biggest crook our people have had since Stand Waite and John Ross. We lost the greatest Chief ever when we lost Mankiller. I’d say let’s get Smith back in but he is a shady crook also. Baker says he is building houses truthfully not enough houses for the citizens that need them. We have a federal governemt contact also that I know we make millions off of.

  7. We can all be confident that Wood-watcher has neither any land OR resources. You can be an expert on Interior Affairs from grandmas couch, apparently. Judging someone on the basis of what they look like is racism, and going strong within MCN. But the funny thing is, our last couple of ” Miccos”, advertised they were traditional. Stomped in with a ribbon shirt for every day of the week, a host of step family shell shakers;traditional folks…. 60 million and a prison sentence later, we found that they sold out THEIR tribe at every opportunity. Thieves, liars, adulterers, but at least they didn’t look stehetke.

    1. Those two you speak of claimed to be full blood. They we’re full of something. Chris Asbell is a highly educated person with skills to work in the Creek Government. He has and will make changes to better the government with the help of others. One man cannot do it all and he knows that. The Nations constitution includes Mr. Asbell as a citizen and the constitution was written and adopted by tribal citizens that were full blood.

    2. My post didn’t say anything about how Azbell looks, you all jumped to the conclusion since he looks white and has been an enrolled citizen all of 8 years that was why he is unqualified. Kissing the Floyd’s *ss does not make someone qualified. Azbell has no experience or training in land, titles, deeds, mineral rights, oil and gas leases, property, IIM accounts, trust lands, asset management, construction and the list goes on, that is why he is unqualified. He was appointed after serving on the Museum staff under Justin Giles. Which must be why Marcella Giles is now the consulting attorney with the MCN Dept. of Interior. Yes the Marcella Giles that was ready to sell out the MCN to build a casino on her land for Kialegee. hmmm

      1. You go watcherinthewooods, I agree full hardily. He lacks the experience and my few encounters with him he acts like a white man out to make a deal. Why the hell is Marcella Giles working for any of our Departments???? She’s an opportunist and has done nothing good for us or the Seminoles she represented, or for Hickory Ground when she was their attorney. Then theres the Kialegee thing she tried to get over Creek Nation. Are we just so dumb that we keep hiring her? Just because someone talks a lot doesn’t mean they are the person for the job. She always ask for money and drains the tribes with no results. We have attorneys, use them! Azbell and Giles, don’t trust either at all.

  8. The Department of the Interior is responsible for anything land related with the Nation. But Chris Azbell is unqualified and knows nothing so we should all pray that our land and resources are protected because he sure doesn’t won’t do it for us.

    1. Azbell is the most qualified person serving the Creek Nation.
      Might I ask your qualifications to make statements concerning qualifications of leaders picked by the current administration.
      English grammar certainly is not your strong suit.

      1. This is rich. The irony. Dr. Wahoo, like Chief Wahoo, the cartoon Indian mascot with the big goofy smile that represents the white team, backing another white guy Azbell.

        1. TBruner68,
          The hatred of white people if obvious by your comment. It’s a certainty that you have 0% white people in your family. Most of us however, do have a few whities in our families and don’t like remarks made about them.

          Chris Azbell is a Citizen of MCN. Maybe all citizenship cards of all employees should be publicized on MCN media for all to see. Why not? SS#’s are not on them anymore, only the roll# and blood quantum.
          White man bad?
          Indian good?

  9. Now that we have a weak chief that thinks the council runs the nation, it will only get worse. At least Tiger would look into things, usually to see where he could get his kick back. All our government is good for now is spending our money. The Creek Nation money is nothing more than a cash cow for our corrupt and spineless leaders. There is no longer any reason for Pride in our Nation. Only shame.

  10. C Allen:

    You hit on what is the most overwhelming issue in the Creek Nation. We have no leaders, and no one to go to when citizens have problems the Nation should solve. There is no one in charge in the Creek Nation. The Creek Nation government is worthless.

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