The Muscogee (Creek) Nation, Okmulgee, OK , Did Not Always Comply With HUD Requirements


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What We Audited and Why
We audited the Muscogee (Creek) Nation’s use of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban
Development (HUD) funds in accordance with the Office of Inspector General’s goal to ensure
the integrity and soundness of HUD’s Public and Indian Housing programs and to follow up on
weaknesses identified in other reviews.
The audit objective was to determine whether the
Nation complied with HUD requirements when it housed families and procured contracts under
its Indian Housing Block Grantprogram
What We Found
The Nation did not:
(1) obtain HUD’s approval to lease to a non-low-income family,
(2) charge the non-low-income family the proper amount of rent,
(3) require a participant to re-certify her income and family composition,
(4) require a manager to remove herself from a conflict of interest situation,
(5) support the fairness and reasonableness of its contracts,
(6) have complete procurement documents,
(7) include mandatory clauses in its procurement contracts,
(8) collect sufficient income information for one participant, and
(9) maintain supporting documents for two housing inspections.
These conditions occurred because the Nation’s staff did not follow its or HUD’s requirements. In addition, the Nation’s payments and rents policy did not comply with Federal regulations. As a result, it could not ensure that it used Indian Housing Block Grant funds to provide safe, efficient, and affordable housing to its eligible citizens. These deficiencies resulted in more than $219,000 in questionable expenditures
What We Recommend
We recommend that the Administrator of the Southern Plains Office of Native American
Programs require the Nation to :
(1) repay $120,581 to its Indian Housing Block Grant program, from non-Federal funds, for housing not approved by HUD,
(2) support or repay $13,878 in uncollected rent to its Indian Housing Block Grant program from non-Federal funds, (3) revise its payments and rents policy to prevent undercharging rent, and
(4) support or repay to its Indian Housing Block Grant program, from non-Federal funds,
$85,380 spent on questionable procurements
Further, we recommend that the Nation improve its controls over re-certification of participants and inspections of homes and revise its contracts and leases.


76 thoughts on “The Muscogee (Creek) Nation, Okmulgee, OK , Did Not Always Comply With HUD Requirements”

  1. As long as lora is in charge at admissions, only help people are getting is her family. She has hired three people in her office area thatvare related to her. Larry that is over emergencies is a total idiot. Spends most of his time outside the office and makes snide remarks after her gets off the ohonevwith citizens, if you go by there take a look at his office and desk, sticky notes everywhere.

  2. Has anyone heard of any information about who the new Secretary of Housing will be? I know that who ever may be they will still have to go through the 90 day probationary period before being confirmed by the council.

    1. HUD money is given to assist and help elderly and disabled first.

      A Mvskoke woman, 94 years old, had a leak in the slab of her home. Mullen Plumbing out of Tulsa was called by MCN Housing to repair the leak. A hole outside her home was left with pipes sticking up which was very dangerous. The Elder Woman asked the plumbers if they were going to fill the hole? She was told that was her problem.

      Her brother, Former Principal Chief A. D. Ellis went to MCN Housing Monday, July 25, 2016 and spoke with Mr. Alvin Bucktrot about the unsafe hole. Mr. Bucktrot told Chief Ellis that it would be repaired that afternoon or tomorrow.

      It is now Friday, July 29, 2016 and no one has visited her home.

      Where is the accountability, oversight and the ‘our word is our bond’ attitude that all those in office speak of?

      No need to bother Mr. Bucktrot, Chief Ellis (though he himself is 80 years old) will finish your job.

      1. I’m beginning to wonder what is the real purpose of the housing division is and beginning to wonder what is the real purpose of the Creek Nation? No need to touch on the issues because they are many. I do remember hearing change will happen. Not much has but there is still time. As for now the young need to step up and take care of your parents and elders. If you cannot do that it will be elders taking care of each other. Remember they took care of you.

        1. In all honesty, the Housing Department is really suppose to provide affordable housing for citizens that are decent, safe and sanitary. It’s why HUD was created in the first place and how NAHASDA came to be a part of it.
          When we talk about affordable, it’s suppose to not exceed thirty-percent of a person’s income while they remain income eligible. I do apologize but I don’t have the current tribes’ income guidelines for housing.
          BUT that is needless to say that it’s affordable within that person’s income.
          Let’s look at something that no one is talking about and that’s affordable housing for citizens. Please keep in mind folks that the underlying goal of HUD is for its tenants to ultimately either pay fair market rent for a unit or to pay a mortgage.
          This example is an elderly person who only has Social Security in the household. For this example I’m going to give them some income the last few years so let’s say their Social Security amount is $1,065 a month. That’s $12,780 a year in income. Thirty percent of her monthly amount is $319.5 which rounds to $320.
          Per HUD standards, she is income eligible and is also only spending thirty percent of her income on rent and that’s all HUD cares about.
          Now let’s add some variables. Let’s say Grandma lives in a unit that is electric and natural gas. So her bills per month are approximately $240 all together. Grandma’s car is paid off and she has satellite and that’s $69 a month.
          So all together so far, Grandma is spending $629 to live in her unit. But wait! Grandma doesn’t qualify for food stamps so the rest of her money is spent buying groceries, gas for her car, and she donates $10 each week to church ($40 a month).
          Now let’s throw in another variable. Let’s say Grandma pays $104 for her Medicare premium. So now her monthly income has dropped even more. Her take home pay is only $961 and that’s just for one month.
          I won’t factor in if Grandma has to raise grandchildren, great-grandchildren or some son/daughter living at home and not contributing. I won’t even factor in what happens when the toilet backs up, hot water tank goes out or Grandma has to get new tires for her bucket she’s driving around.
          Grandma is one bad day from being broke. When you think about your elders, think about this situation that many are living each day. When you go see an elder, take them some coffee, it’ll brighten their day. When you go see Grandma, ask her what she needs from the store. Try and send them $20 a paycheck to help them with groceries or their bills because they soothed us, cared for us, and made us who we are and now some are being forgotten.
          Pay off a car and give it to Grandma to drive. At Christmas, all the grandkids can buy groceries for the dinner. Let Grandma and everyone else cook but her pocket book should stay closed.
          The Housing Authority is doing exactly what its suppose to do which is provide a house that is affordable for low-income Native Americans that is decent, safe and sanitary. Making it a home is up to the families that live there.

          1. Hello thanks for your through s!!it fitted me perfectly!!But this month I spent $700.00for auto repair!!Thank fullevery day!!

      2. This website is all about talking crap about people who don’t really know but I know some things that are fixing to be exposed that will have them running with there tail tucked between there legs cause pictures video can tell a lot. Where things r at that come up missing belonging to creek nation.Because some Tigers corrupt people are still there

  3. In the District Court in and for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, Barney J. Ingram, Plaintiff, v. MCN Department of Housing, Alvin Bucktrot and James Floyd. CV – 2016-114 filed July 27, 2016

    1. Looks like Ruth Bible is no different than Johnna Townsend. Both tried to sue the Prinicpal Chief.
      What’s that old sayin? You hate what you secretly like?

      1. Sundayfunny, I have nothing to do with the petition. My name is NOT on it. Looks like you’re no different than Johnna herself, stirring crap up and talking about something you know nothing about!

  4. Wow, there was no profanity on the last 2 posts. Why were they deleted? I thought this was a free “speak your mind zone”?!

    1. It just amazes me how no matter who is in charge they just have blatant disregard for our laws. Alvin Bucktrot was illegally put in as secretary of housing now he has been there over 90 days. He is long past his 90 day commision limit. Chief Floyd your becoming more of a let down everyday.

      1. Jesus Christ you’re an idiot. April council passed a law that extended commissions for up to six months.

        I think that no matter who is in charge, creek citizens are going to be ignorant, needy and greedy.

        1. Well thats odd. I just reread the constitution and it still says commissions expire at the beginning of every monthly council meeting.

          No ammendments exist that says that this is extended to six months. Please tell us ignorant Creek citizens where we can find this law.

          Maybe the real problem is people like you LIARS.

          Law hasn’t changed either about the position of Housing Director MUST be advertised for candidates or law that says employee salaries must be made public which should have been posted last month.

          Please Mr. Floyd follow our laws. Mr. A.G please enforce them.

          Oh wait no accountability so do do as you please.

          1. Liar? So at the April 30 council meeting, the national council didn’t amend the law that went from 90-days to six months? Funny, cause i watched it online and it happened.
            Yes, the principal chief can commission appointed positions but the council (illegally) passed a law saying there’s a time limit.
            Lastly, I’m so tired of everyone complaining about Alvin Bucktrot or Chief Floyd (especially when NOBODY stood up to George Tiger including the council).
            The laws you speak about are outdated. The NAHASDA Department was created in 1996 and then transferred to direct tribal control in 2003/2004 and then renamed Housing and in 2012, the “director” was renamed “Secretary.”
            So all this complaining (Nobody said anything about Brad Fox ya bunch of cowards) should be about updating Tribal law.
            So I’m not a liar but I would guess that you’re probably ignorant, lazy and a good for nothing tick who leaches off the tribe.
            Make sense? Enka.

            1. Thats right LIAR. I double check before I call anyone that. So apparently you need to clean your ears or get hearing aides. You can go back and check yourself too but only this time be sure to check the hard copy of April 30ths meeting as well. Hopefully you can read alot better than you listen.

              You really need to update yourself on things. First of all NAHASDA never changed its name to Housing it has always been NAHASDA snd still is and it has always been under control of housing the tribe just took over.

              It doesnt matter if they changed the name from “director” to “secretary”. They can changed it to “top asshole in charge” but it doesn’t matter the law is directed at the person running housing. You comprehend this? Just trying to make it so idiots like you understand.

              No one said passing a law is illegal you dumbass. They just didnt pass any such law. Bucktrot is there illegally by way of him getting there not according to laws. Meaning position wasn’t advertised and he doesn’t meet specific qualifications required. Look it up idiot!

              I don’t care if the laws I cite are from 1898 because until they are properly ammended they are not outdated and still valid.

              Finally I am far from ignorant or lazy. I want nothing from our Tribe but it to follow laws. I remember a number of people standing up to tiger and fox. You did notice neither is running anything anymore right.

              Make sense? Enkv.

              1. Makes sense you’re uneducated and not on the mvskoke media mailing cause if you read the May 15 newspaper it says on the front page, “Legislation extending cabinet commissions passed during council session.”
                Just a CLEAR and fine example of ignorant creek people blasting on about what they think rather than being engaged, informed or just understanding.

                1. Makes all the sense that your the numero uno idiot. I did read that but it seems as though you are illiterate as well as an idiot.

                  NO WHERE in that article does it say anywhere that law was passed to extend the commissions from 90 days to 6 months! Moron!

                  All it says is that they are postponed indefinitely. Good thing the media people don’t rely on dumbasses like you for info. Try reading more than the headline idiot. The media tried to get an answer as to why the council was breaking law but no one wanted to comment.

                  Just so you know council cannot pass law on their own to override the constitution. Idiot.

                  Just a CLEAR and fine example of ignorant creek people blasting on about what they think rather than being engaged, informed or just understanding.

                  1. I think I’m done cause you can’t win. It’s like when people talk white people politics.
                    PAGE 5 of the May 15 Mvskoke Nation Newspaper.
                    “NCA 16-072 Amend- ing NCA 13-045 (Clarifying commissions to fill vacancies and providing structure and guidelines). Reps. Pete Beaver,
                    Del Beaver, Proctor, Barnett, Deere, Greene, Hicks, Hill, Hufft, Jack, Jones, Jennings, Scott, Randolph, Tiger and Yahola sponsored the amend- ment, which passed 14-0.
                    Article 5, Section 2(c) of the MCN Constitution al- lows the principal chief to fill vacancies in his cabinet posi- tions, which require Council confirmation and have not yet been confirmed, through commissions expiring at the beginning of the next Coun- cil session.
                    The code states that com- missions expire as such to preserve the balance of power intended by the confirmation process and to ensure that commissions are not used as a substitution for this, limi- tations on the timetable al- lowed for recomissioning is needed.
                    The amendment changes the period allowable to re- commission the same indi- vidual for a cabinet position from three to six Council sessions stating that 180 days should be ample time for full confirmation and that the Council will not recognize any individual commissioned past this period.”

                    There ya go. From 90-days to six months. Oh and look it passed 14-0. Need anything else clarified?

                    1. Yeah I do need clarification so give me the TR number that says this then I’ll say uncle. Until then your just talkin out your ass! It doesn’t exist. Anyone can read page and see it days this nowhere! Keep tryin idiot.

                    2. Its really disappointing that the MCN Constitution is being ignored and violated by all leadership.
                      This is the language of Article V
                      Section 2.
                      (a) The Principal Chief shall create and organize the Executive Office of the Principal Chief; and
                      (b) With the advice and consent of the Muscogee (Creek) National Council appoint offices of the Executive Office. The National Council may, by ordinance, vest the appointment of such inferior offices as they think proper in the Principal Chief alone on in the officers.
                      (c) The Principal Chief shall have the power to fill vacancies by granting commissions which shall expire at the beginning of the next National Council meeting.
                      Indeed section 2 (c) states the principal chief shall have the power to fill vacancies by granting commissions…
                      BUT it continues on by stating “which shall expire at the beginning of the NEXT NC meeting.”
                      If the constitution meant that these commissions can be re appointed again and again then there would have been no need for Section 2 (B) which states; With the advice and consent of the Muscogee (Creek) National Council appoint offices of the Executive Office.
                      Article V Section 2 (b) is being violated with the unending commission appointments….lets just be honest.

                      Unfortunately the AG has sat in silence on this and the citizens must bring a lawsuit in Tribal Court to get some clarity on this, once and for all….
                      its one of the ‘problems’ we have with the current constitution and the citizens need to amend it so that it includes an Office of the Attorney General not subject to the Executive Office or the National Council….
                      right now we have the Office of the AG created by CODE in Title 16 Chapter 3.
                      ……one of the major disadvantages of this office is Title 16 chapter 3-102 (a) which states clearly; “There is hereby established the Office of the AG within the government structure of the MCN, the head of which shall be the AG, APPOINTED by the Principal Chief and confirmed by the National Council for the term of his/her contract, and REMOVABLE by the Tribal Resolution.”

                      The dangers of any government is to violate its constitution and own laws because they think its in the best interest of its people to do so….NO BODY IS ABOVE THE LAW…..whats the point of having them.

                    3. In response to why.
                      You’re completely a clear example of uneducated, ignorant and blinded individuals.
                      First, it says right a the top NCA16-072.
                      Now what does NCA mean?
                      Per MCN law, NCA means the formal expression of the opinion or will of the national council relating to the internal operations of the national council.
                      Tribal resolution means the formal expression of the policy, opinion or will of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation relating to specific matter or thing of significance to the Muscogee creek nation government and citizens adopted by vote following a duly seconded motion to approve such tribal resolution.
                      GAME SET AND MATCH!!!!!!!!!!
                      True winner- every creek person that reads this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    4. strange,… I went to the NC site for agendas…cannot find NCA 16-072 as reported in the May 15th paper…its not listed there but it certainly passed. This is unfortunate…seems like we are now hiding controversial legislation from the public’s eye…
                      Two links, one is the April Quarterly Session that this legislation was passed in…its not on the agenda for the public to see or added to the NC website…

                      The other is the May 15th paper…which reports the bill passed…on page 5

                      Not sure why this happened…disturbing

                    5. To creek.
                      It doesn’t matter if its TR or NCA since it clearly violates the constitution.

                      You have still yet to show us where it says it went from 90 days to six months. It doesn’t even say 90 days for that matter.
                      You clearly don’t care that the constitution is being ignored so your opinion doesn’t really matter.

                      So your telling me if the council passes a law that says white people can vote in our elections, run for chief and receive our services then thats all fine and dandy? Regardless of our constitution? What a loser!

                      You have got to be the most ignorant person alive. Read Mr. Graysons comments. He kinda puts the whole picture in perspective if you can comprehend.

                      True winner- every creek person that reads this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    6. To Why,
                      I’ve shown you and told you. But I clearly see that your argument is just one that involves copying and blind rhetoric.
                      I’m laying this conversation to rest.

                      P.S. I love you.

  5. A little birdie told me that James Floyd’s mother got a brand new 4 bedroom house, no waiting and no justification for it. she lives alone. the more things “change” the more they stay the same….

    1. I hope the mvskoke media will do an investigative report on this! That’s outrageous. We have several folks that need that service. No cuts!!!

      1. Keep in mind folks that federal law says you’re not allowed to talk about someone receiving assistance or disclosing any information about them receiving assistance. Let me find the statute but whoever is receiving assistance should not be published on this site, Facebook or anything.
        Stop. It’s no one’s business.

        1. If this message is ever found to be true concerning the new home .one must qualityfy as a citizen with a family to recieve such a home. Who know the home might of been privetly purchased. If not it should be questioned and answers given. Some facts are sometimes found to be true on this site and some are just B.S.

        2. You can say what you want on here regardless of what LeighA says. That only goes for employees. If I want to talk about someone recieving assistance then thats my business as a nonemployee wether you think its right or wrong.

          Still looking for that statute?

    2. I will post this again to-watcherinthewoods.
      Whomever told you Mrs. Floyd got a house either was miss informed or flat lied to you. She has lived in her home for years.

    3. Your little birdie must be a “dodo”. None of what you said about Margaret Floyd is true. Just thought you’d like to know that.

  6. All I know is, get ready for the Muscogee citizen employment rate to drop dramatically, here in the next few months. You’re fearless leaders and their bright ideas decided to take a law away that FORCED contractors to hire our people. Now we are going back to a system where we have to beg them to take out people. Smooth move, coach.

    Smh. There needs to be some serious council member changes in the next election! Put people who have the PEOPLE’S interest first, in office

    1. Isn’t Mvskoke Nation the only Indian Nation in the USA that discriminates against their own citizens?

      We have full citizens (1/4 blood or more) that can run for an elected office, be in the Scholarship Pageant (Princess).

      Then we not full citizens (less than 1/4 blood) that cannot hold office, be a Princess and are thought to be less than worthy than those with more Creek blood.

      We have some citizens that have no Creek blood but were adopted by a Creek family. If their adoptive parent is a full blood, the non-Creek can run for office or be a princess.

      Who decided the blood quantum of our parents or grandparents? The federal government through the Dawes Rolls. What a pity. Shame on us for saying in our laws that you aren’t worthy because the Dawes Roll says so.

      Goes hand and hand with the new law doesn’t it?

      1. I believe we are one of the few nation (in Oklahoma) that have a blood quantity issued for eligibility to hold office. We are behind the times, using old laws, in a futuristic government! They are limiting the opportunity for good qualified leaders, by oppressing the citizens with lower blood quantum! We have a government full of “leaders” who are more worried about how much money we can try and make, instead of how much they could help their citizens!

        Instead of keeping a program made for Muscogee citizens, they are doing away with it. Why are they getting rid of it, you may ask. That’s a great question! Any council member you ask, can not give you a real reason! They will beat around the bush and never give a clear answer!

        I feel like our “leaders” don’t care about the citizens as they should. That’s just one opinion. Given there are 1 or two Council members that do care, I’ll give those two prop! Shout out Mark Randolph, Robert Huft, and David Hill! You three are probably the only council members who are doing what you feel is best for our citizens!

      2. Second Class citizens and sleeping giant

        Our second class citizens can vote to change the constitution and make themselves full members. Should they decide to do that, there’s not anything we can do about it. They have the numbers to steam roll our small voting population.

        It’s difficult to predict what might be the result should such an event occur. There is the possibility that a refreshing wind would sweep across our Nation, ending the stagnation we have known and accepted as our lot. Perhaps our laws would be enforced and accountability and transparency would finally mean what they mean.

        And maybe for the first time we would have the courage to confront an underground kinship system that has undercut everything we’ve tried to do. It is the real power that fuels the actions of government. Insidious, it works in the background, out of sight but not out of mine to destabilize all attempt to move our Nation from the past and into the Twenty-first Century.

        On the other hand, our new tribal members might become drunk with power and take what is left. But I don’t think so. Most likely our previously discounted tribal members will cherish their heredity and will apply themselves diligently to ensuring and strengthening what the present generation is failing to do. They, after all, are our brothers and sisters.

      1. It was a fantastic idea. The last year it has been used as it was suppose to. Ever since, I think his name is Jon, has been in there there has been some actual stability. Muscogee citizens were getting trained, proven Indian owned businesses were getting to bid and awarded jobs, and idk how many natives they put to work. It would be nice to k ow why the Chief and the National Council, are laying them to rest? I guess if a program works, then it needs to be taken away. Haha

    2. We should not be forced to hire contractors that are our people. We need to have the choice to hire the best contractor for the job. Period.

      1. Agree with anonymous. …No job/position within Creek Nation should be based on tribal affiliation only. Experience and education has got to take precedence over tribal, relatives, or who you are sleeping with.

        1. Tell that to our crooked council! They have been dragging out the light horse confirmation so that they can lower the educational requirements so that an unqualified individual may have the job.

  7. New topic request- Pipelines through Creek Nation

    I have a friend who works for the Cor of Engineers and he tells me that there is a pipeline called Diamond coming across creek Nation. I looked it up online and it’s coming near my home. Who at creek Nation is handling this? Chief? This guy said he heard that the creeks are now getting rolled over and that no one there seems to care. Who do I call? When I was looking around online I saw another one that should be built in Alabama by horseshoe bend. Is anyone standing up for us? I haven’t seen anything in our newspaper or our website about these. What is our tribe doing about these?

    1. C Allen:

      You hit on what is the most overwhelming issue in the Creek Nation. We have no leaders, and no one to go to when citizens have problems the Nation should solve. There is no one in charge in the Creek Nation. The Creek Nation government is worthless.

  8. The Nation will be lucky to survive as a government no matter who is Chief. The damage is done. The only ones that benifit frothe Nation are the elected officials their families and the employees. The citizens on the outside get crumbs if their lucky. What is in store for the future. Nothing. What improvements have we had nothing. There is not even a complete cabinet for the administration to work on improving and planing for a future. Council house crumbling, mound building destroyed, travel plaza is in terrible shape and no new businesses being implemented. Health what can one say about that. Into the seventh month with a new Chief and Second Chief, and a large deficit, how will and can the Nation survive.

    1. To One Who Cares

      We have no functioning government. There is no one in charge in the Creek Nation Government and no one to turn for answers. It has been this way for generations. Our government has lost the ability to enforce laws or follow the Constitution. No one can appeal to anyone in government for redress of grievances, Due to a non-functioning government, confusion and disorder reign supreme.

      I ask the same question: How can the Creek Nation government, by fostering a state of society without law and order, due to the absence of governmental control expect to survive?

  9. Rumor has it Chief and council have found their new housing director. They’re suppose to be commissioned on the Monday following the July council meeting.

      1. And the over income participant that Brad Fox helped that is causing housing to pay back $ for charging wrong payments is Dan Wilson. And the participant that didn’t comply with her annual recertification and didn’t know she had to live in her home is Raylynn McIntosh. And the real conflict of intetest, and is also a cause for housing to repay federal $ is Tonette Fox giving all those bad contracts under her spouse’s direction, which we all know is Brad Fox. But all these people, minus the brother and sister & the McIntosh lady still have their jobs at the Nation. Like it’s been said many times, no accountability!

        1. Don’t forget the Housing Manager who was over her brothers account and boyfriends while living with him in the house was Natasha Natseway, Rodney Josie’s girl.

        2. It has been said that tonette, debra hefner the manager iver that department needd to be looked at, but obviously that wasn’t going to happen. Thank goodness finally it has come out in the audit! Now what? And natasha nateswsy was overseeing her brothers fiancé Josue files, Fix wasn’t saying anything due yo the fact he had his hand in the cookie jar,rance gogle got his job back due to his brother in law Darrel Proctor NC and Dale BeaverNC along with Randall Hicks. They have to clean house or this will continue.

          1. LaDummy you’re just mad because 2nd Chief didn’t save you. The Chiefs had your back alright, all the way out the door. How many positions are you going to apply for before you get the hint, nobody wants you?

  10. We went from a corrupt chief to a spineless one. He knows what the problems are, but is too scared of the council to take decisive action. I voted for Nichols. I wish more had.

    1. I hope he runs next time. Nichols had the heart to listen, and spine to say what needed to be said and I think he would have been a better Chief. I think he was very sincere and had the experience to make hard decisions.

      1. George Tiger will probably run again for Chief. The current andminstration’s inability and or unwillingness to correct the problems left by Tiger will continue to fester, and our welfare mindset will open the doors to Tiger promising his way back into power. Impossible you say? Everyone knew he was a crook and a thief before he was elected, but he promised and paid people off and got elected over an honorable man.

  11. There are other Elders that would live at the apartments but afraid to live there because of her background. The Chief is hiding that along with the housinganager.I hope they will take the I.Spector advise. and fire her!!


  12. Also my friend lived next door to her brother and she told the manager She has bedbugs and the manager charged her $1000.00 dollars to spray her apartment that her brother brought to the apartments !!

  13. I filed a complaint .!! I hope the Chief will now see what is goingg on at the Elder apartment !! The elders do not like the manager but afraid of her!!Her brother brought the bedbugs he tore out the carpet and was burning his carpet they asked his name and he said he was the manger husband but he was not he was her brother!!!!! I gave all this information to the Chief !!! Before he was Chief !! I sent more information than this about her .

    1. Hotke, you have been designated minority status. This means you don’t scare anyone. Specifically, It means that the powers that prevail can treat you anyway they please because they know you can’t fight back. A minority designation is not necessarily about the color one’s skin. To emphasize, they are people without power to scare the elite. An example of a minority group is poor white people in Oklahoma.
      Once a person is identified as someone without power, others jumping in and pile it on for fear they will be labeled as such too. They are called bullies, of which we have many.
      You have tried, tried, to get attention for your grievances, and you haven’t failed. The same can’t be said about your government.

  14. the senior apartment ma anger should be fired along with the present housing manager!!I have two applications rejected by the Housing management.

    1. That’s for sure! The current housing management manager and coordinator, whatever they call themselves, are terrible! They have no clue what’s going on! They sent out a letter to every home buyer to increase payments that they can’t do! Plus, I’m pretty sure the federal regs apply to low rent, elder housing, and other rental programs, but their stupidity only wants to try to apply it to home ownership. Housing needs a complete change!

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