4 thoughts on “Muscogee (Creek) Nation Annual Festival 2016”

  1. We have a great reason to celebrate at this year’s festival. Nearly 6 month’s ago, a corrupt chief left office. Six months later, we have a new Chief, and no real changes, nor reason or hope. We have a new chief who shows little stomach for the fight with a corrupt council . Health is a mess, construction is in limbo, and Redstone whose owner is married to the former corrupt chief, is still the kingpin of construction of the tribe. The hospital in Okema is way over budget, and behind schedule. As a creek, we should all be highly concerned as well as more than a little ashamed to be part of the laughing stock tribe of the nation.

    1. I agree, the new Chief either won’t stand up to the poor decisions the council is making or actually agrees and is in on it. As a citizen watching the lack of good decision making by the council as they seem to have no control on spending, I will not be voting for anyone on council now. We need to clean the slate, it couldn’t be any worse.

    2. Has anyone seen the legislation for July. Joyce Deere is asking for over 5 million to furnish the okemah hospital. Looks like council still does not understand WE ARE STILL IN DEBT. Where are we saving at? I just see spending.

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