Authority Board Appointments

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Called “Authority Board Appointments”
Should the National Council and the Executive office have to give at-least a 60 day notice in the Mvskoke Nation News and website on board vacancies….as we have seen over the last three council session a number of board seat have been confirmed like the gaming authority board and One Fire Holdings board and yet NO notices were given the Creek public about these positions. Should there be proper notices for all 80 thousand plus citizens who are qualified to put their names in the hat…mvto

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  1. Went to the MCN owned “Flying Tee” today. No seal, no built by sign, no nothing @ MCN.
    Our NC with all their personal experience with money making businesses voted for flying tee with the expert advice of One Fire Holding. Has anyone on the NC or One Fire started and maintained a million dollar business.
    MCN will receive $750,000 per year in lease money.
    $62,500 per month.
    $15,000 per month upkeep
    $5,000 taxes (not in trust)

    So a whopping $42,500 a month!

    We could have invested that $22,000,000 in a simple 3% savings account and earned $55,000 a month.

    So get on out to the “Flying Tee” and support the lessor of or building.

    Wonder when the first drunk customer will drive off the bridge?

    1. The National Council passes TR establishing a review committee to recommend improvements to MCN electoral process.

      According to the Tribal resolution, the review committee, comprised of five citizens, will provide recommendations to the Nation to streamline and improve the electoral process prior to the next election.

      The committee would be required to have monthly meetings open to Muscogee (Creek) citizens, make monthly reports to the Council, principal chief, second chief, Election Board and the Attorney General’s Office every 30 days. A report would also be given to the Council’s Health, Education and Welfare Committee every quarter.

      But there’s a snag. According to Rep. Barnett, the legislation infringes upon the independent status of the Election Board which is authorized by the Constitution to have sole authority to decide on all matters related to the election process.

      Barnett maintains the Election Board has been given its authority through the Constitution and that setting aside the authority of an independent board by the National Council is a violation of the National Council oath to uphold the Constitution.

      The Resolution sponsor is James Jennings.

      1. Vernon Cartwright (One of the great guys in the Creek Nation)
        “…my opinion, if the Chief and the National Council had agreed, our last election could have been total Absentee, but the Election Board Manager and the Board decided there was not enough time to implement the Laws and procedures. I disagreed, and was voted down again. Regarding that situation, It’s my understanding that the Election Board is an Independent Agency, which is as it should be, and that the Board itself is totally in charge of what goes on before, during and after elections, but in actuality, in my opinion, it is not.”

      2. The Election Board is a Board comprised of Creek people appointed by either the Principal Chief or the National Council.

        They are not above tribal laws, and the Principal Chief can reappoint, fire, rehire or retire anyone that is on our tribe’s payroll.

        They Boards of MCN are not all powerful. The power still lies in the OFFICE OF PRINCIPAL CHIEF.

        Our newly elected Chief Floyd is not stupid, he is ignorant of tribal laws and has no one to show or teach him how the tribe runs.

        If the National Council wants monthly meetings from any Board of MCN they have the authority to ask for it. But, if the Principal Chief tells the Board Members they do not have attend, they do not have to attend.

        All people receiving compensation (money) from MCN are under the authority of the Office of Principal Chief.

      3. Hey, not so fast

        In official statements, the Creek Nation is the fourth largest tribe in the US of over 80,000 members, but these numbers don’t tell the full story. They are conflated for propaganda purposes.

        The whole story of those numbers is not so nice, and that is the majority who are counted as tribal members are not “real citizens.” They can vote but not hold office; they are in fact second-class citizens. They are counted to make it appear the Creek Nation is a force to be reckoned with, but who are in actuality a small insignificant group. The powers that be in our government are using fake numbers to fluff up their feathers to make themselves appear fierce, in truth, the Creek Nation is involved in a day to day struggle to survive.

        James Jennings is not helping. He wants to improve our voting process to make it, what, fair? Rep. James Jennings is in Government. Governments do not reform. Reforms are what citizens do. If reforms are the issue, let’s strive for a real democratic Nation and make citizenship in our tribe equal, and removed any hint of ugly racial purity exists.

        1. No fiddle players need apply
          What is the goal of the National council members? Brownie points. Every picture or mention in the newspaper counts for one brownie point. The goal is to build them up as proof they should be re-elected.
          They do that by pushing themselves in news stories, spending money. Wearing ties. Their goals are personal, everything is for appearance, so they can keep their jobs. No goals for the Nation, only for themselves, and none for anyone else. Other than being seen, there’s nothing else.
          It’s an old proverb and true: “A Nation without plans is duck soup.” Our elected officials, with only their personal plans to guide them and nothing else, are allowing our Nation to fall apart while they fiddle around taking care of themselves.
          We’re stuck in place, living in the past, unable to move, and have nary plans for the future of our Nation. When others break out imaginary guitars to play “air guitar,” and we break out our accordions, we know we’re in deep doo, doo.
          A splash pad is a brownie point and nothing more.

          1. Agreed….last fall the entire election message was about transparency…have you seen any this year…a HUD OIG audit conducted last fall, total denial, findings reported just before June, total denial, blind siding those departments with federal grant applications…everyone knows that open federal audits or contested ones affects grants applications across the board for any tribe, we now are posed to experience denial after denial until that audit is closed and HUD is satisfied…anyway folks, we just went through a slew of authority board appointments with no notifications of the positions to the entire Creek pubic….so much for transparency…anybody ready to sign a real petition?

      4. The Constitution clearly states the National Council has the authority to legislate the conduct of elections and election board oversight.
        Historically the election board has lacked qualified*Creek Citizens until the recent appointment of Vernon Cartwright.
        *educated, employed, sensible,experienced

        1. ARTICLE IV – [Elections]
          [annotations to Article IV]
          Section 1. The Principal Chief shall appoint, subject to majority approval of the Muscogee (Creek) National Council, an Election Board comprised of five (5) citizens who shall be charged with the responsibility of conducting, as prescribed by ordinance, all regular and special elections of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.
          Section 2. Every citizen of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, regardless of religion, creed, or sex, shall be eligible to vote in the tribal elections provided that (a) they are registered voters for elections; (b) they are at least eighteen (18) years of age at the date of election, with the registrant providing sufficient proof of age to the Election Board; and (c) they hold citizenship.
          Section 3. All elections shall be by secret ballot.
          Section 4. No candidate for office shall be considered elected:
          (1) Unless the candidate receives a majority vote of the votes cast, or
          (2) When a candidate is unopposed for office he she shall be automatically declared the winner.
          Section 5. If there is any office in which a candidate does not receive the required majority of votes, a run-off election shall be held between the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes in that particular election.
          Section 6. Election dates for offices of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation shall be no more than four (4) years apart.
          Section 7. All citizens shall be allowed to vote for the Principal Chief and any such national office that shall be created.
          Section 8. [This section, which related to eligible voters in district elections, was repealed on November 7, 2009, when Mvskoke citizens passed A67 by referendum vote.]
          Section 9. All citizens having legal residences outside the herein defined jurisdiction of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation shall declare a home district within the Muscogee (Creek) Nation which shall be recognized as his legal residence for purposes of voting in tribal elections.
          The constitution does say as prescribed by ordinance….
          However the issue I have is when the council tries to used this wording after the citizens have their ballots and an election is underway…that’s when it looks bad….I certainly agree and congratulate Vernon on his reappointment….he is a visionary and I hope one day to see his suggestion come to being….

  2. Just reading the committee agendas that are ‘posted’ (at least the ones that are posted as of today) and noticed again, their are more authority board nominations and NOT one notice was given to the Creek public that these positions were available…several ways in dealing with this and one is to section 8 the issue and another is for citizens interested in running for office to make this one of their campaign issues as NO one currently sitting on the council has done anything to improved the transparency of these nominations….FYI, we are now within ONE (1) year of those who will run to make an announcement for seat B districts council seats…because of the high cost of running, this is time to start your campaigning and notifying your friends, family and fellow Mvskokvlke your intent in running… And folks this time don’t let someone just say they are transparent, show them the legislation such as these that prove differently….start taking notes now…

        1. Remember Timothy Jackson who ran against her and lost by a handful of votes?
          Hand your chance then to get rid of her but the voters didn’t.

          1. The people had a chance to impeach Tiger too, but lacked the courage. I hope Mr. Jackson runs again, since her true colors have been exposed for all to see. She is as corrupt as Tiger. At least Shirlene Ade is gone. Just a few more to get rid of before it is all cleaned up.

  3. Interesting legislation this month dealing with more board appointments with NO notifications to the Creek public…
    Anybody else get a mail box full of campaign promises of transparency…..

    1. Hello Eli!!I don,t know where you live but there is an add in the Okmulgee paper wanting a Liason for the machine citizens because you are well informed about the nation you would be great for that position!!

  4. I feel this should be listed for all whom wants to apply however I don’t feel there would be any transparency because we have laws on the books that tell us now how things should be done and they aren’t enforced. I recently seen where James Williams has been listed as the director of the Environmental Department. I don’t believe the law was followed in this appointment. There has been laws broken with the Housing director. HR isn’t following these laws and aren’t been investigated by the AG’s office. It looks as though there is little transparency so far. I was one whom supported 2nd Chief in the last election but I don’t feel I will support him next time around. I have seen some post by Mr. Grayson on these issues and I agree there needs to be some way to have a equal playing field for all Creeks. Until we have a Constitutional Convention I don’t feel anything is going to change because most of the NC don’t care about the citizens input.

    1. One thing that needs to be clear…the authority boards that are created by acts of the national council is what I referenced to the moderator…its found in the MCN Constitution under Article VI Section 7 (i)..
      ” To create authorities with attendant powers to achieve objectives allowed within the scope of this Constitution.”

      If you would noticed when legislation is created for the creation of the Gaming Authority Board, Trade an Commerce Board, MNBE Board, One Fire Holdings Board, etc etc etc…the language in the legislation always reference to Article VI Section 7 (i) of the constitution…

      In saying that, positions that are under the office of the principal chief such as the Housing director is found under Article V, Section 2,
      a) The Principal Chief shall prepare the annual budget request and supplements thereto.

      (b) Budget requests, other appropriations, and amendments thereto shall be considered by the National Council with the same limitations and rules as any other bill.

      (c) The Principal Chief shall administer appropriated funds with the advice and consent of the National Council.
      So there is really two separate issues going on here…one is the Authority Board creations by the NC and appointments is when a Principal Chief is organizing his office…

      My post originally was in relations only to Article VI Section 7 (i) appointments and creations.
      One of the alarming things that happened after AD Ellis left office (after 2012) was the NEW thing the National Council started and was never challenged in the Supreme Court, is what appears to be a over reach of power from the Council creating these authority boards with out ANY signature of the Principal Chief….they read as follow…Chief you pick two nominees and we the Council will confirm them, then we the Council will pick three ourselves and confirmed them ourselves or on occasion when it really went nuts, let the 4 chosen pick the last one themselves (no shit)…its such a gross misuse of power that its dangerous….its a clear violation of the Constitution and yet no one in legal authority has the NERVE to correct this bullshit….
      The other issue (NO NOTICES OF VACANCIES) 3 gaming board positions sense Jan 2016…NO damn notices, not one damn notice was placed in the MCN newspaper that these positions were open and TRANSPARENT National Council is moving as if no one is insulted and adding to that 2 One Fire Holding Board positions and one even went to a NONE Creek….but that’s okay…Article VI Section 8 is fast approaching…
      “The citizens of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation reserve to themselves the power to propose laws, and to enact or reject the same at the polls independent of the National Council, and also reserve power at their own option to approve or reject at the polls any act of the National Council. The First Power reserved by the citizens of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation is the initiative, and eight (8) percent of voters who voted in the last General Election for the office of the Principal Chief shall have the right to propose any legislative measure, and every such initiative Petition shall include the full text of the measure so proposed. Initiative Petitions shall be filed with the Secretary of the Nation, addressed to the Principal Chief, who shall submit the same to the citizen voters at a Special Election unless there is a General Election within 90 days. The National Council shall make suitable provisions for carrying into effect the provisions of this Amendment. The veto power of the Principal Chief shall not extend to measures voted on by the People. Measures referred to the People by initiative shall take effect and be in force when approved by a majority of the votes cast and not otherwise.”

      1. Too bad Creek nation don’t help with glasses. You could use a pair b. Kashus. There is no such position listed on the website. Your credability is non existent. You have several posts that are just plain lies or ignorance.

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