Citizens’ Housing Payments

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From Mvskoke Media

There are 115 people right now that aren’t current.

I plan to issue a statement in the MCN newspaper for the citizens who are behind on their housing payment. Those citizens that are behind need to start making plans to get caught up.
All back payments needs to be paid by October 3, 2016. Any homeowner that is not current or have not made arrangements after Oct 3, 2016 will be delinquent.
Some people are a year plus behind on payments. Some people have already been to court. Several people already have had a court judgment and been told they are evicted.
However, managers have been told not to evict in the past by a HIGHER POWER.

Now citizens are going to complain Bucktrot is too harsh because he’s making citizens pay their mortgage payment when before they probably got it for free.

National Council, Principal Chief and THE CITIZENS are to blame for this because they want everything for free. The Muscogee (Creek) Nation isn’t so great after all.

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  1. This needs to be shared with all who dont have facebook. This was taken from Rodney Josies facebook page. He clearly has a better understanding of our rights than those in charge.

    “Once again, the incompetence of the management staff of MCN Housing is causing unnecessary financial obstacles for our citizens in the lease option program. Due to incompetent interpretations of HUD guidelines/CFR’s, and complete disregard of our Nation’s policies, they intend on penalizing those citizens whom have become fortunate enough to improve and better their livelihood during their continued occupancy in the homeownership program.

    The attached letter that was sent to lease option homebuyers quotes a small portion of the guidelines. What the management fails to comprehend is that this section does not pertain to the current tenants that were low-income eligible at the time they signed their lease contracts. (Anyone that resides in a home who met income guidelines at the time they signed their contract are defined as continued occupancy participants.)

    The section Housing is quoting is specifically for applicants that are served with the 10% of grant funding that is set aside for over-income families that can prove they cannot independently obtain housing otherwise. This section also includes families who do not qualify such as a certain former council member, certain employees, and certain employees’ family members whom were assisted before the eligible applicants on the waiting list. However, the 10% of grant funding can only be made available to over-income applicants if it is included in Housing’s Indian Housing Plan, and the Plan must be approved by Council and HUD.

    As a standard, HUD routinely provides the tribes that receive NAHASDA grant funding PIH Notices to clarify parts of the CFR’s in question. Particularly, Housing should have referred to PIH Notice 2014-02 before declaring an unintelligent authorization that clearly can only be made by Council. The Nation has laws that state that discharge of employment and fines are consequences for these types of actions made by staff, but as usual, they are not enforced. This is why, in my opinion, certain administration do as they wish with no regards to policy.

    PIH Notice 2014-02 is nine pages long, so I am only going to post this simple chart that is included in this notice for quick and easy interpretation and reference. It states that the payments of homebuyers already housed (continued occupancy) are determined by the tribe’s occupancy policy. MCN’s housing occupancy policy sets a ceiling rent for all housing units, and the letter recently sent by Housing clearly violates this policy.

    Our citizens deserve the right to competent decision making. The current management staff has shown that they are incompetent on numerous occasions and we deserve better. After all, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read policies and regulations.”

    He had a copy of the letter and proof Housing is wrong but i cant upload them to this site.

    Thank you Mr. Josie for once again doing whats right. Many mvtos

    1. Another bet ladies and gentlemen! Any takers?
      Who wants to bet me that Mr. Rodney Josie is wrong.
      Let’s make the starting wage $500 again…..

      1. I will take your rhetorical bet and raise you $500. I checked current laws, policies, HUD and other tribal policies. Mr Josie is correct.

        Why after over a decade would HUD just up and decide to say CN is doing it wrong? HUD insists that they do not tell tribes what to charge and leaves it up to the tribes themselves. HUD says the only time they require charging above the tribes payment cap is when you assist those that are not low income at the time of application.

        I read an article about the Pottowattami and this very situation. According to them and HUD they don’t penalize their citizens for bettering themselves. I dont think HUD would make CN do something that the other teibes dont have to.

  2. Attention to ALL employees especially Housing. Are you low on cash, need your 401k?? Well good news apparently if your buddies with Alvin Bucktrot, Acting Secretary of Housing you can resign, cash in your 401k and get rehired in 2 weeks at a higher pay scale. This is exactly what is going on over at Housing, Pat Bear resigned and will be rehired at a higher rate in 2 weeks, he left so he could collect his 401k. I didn’t realize that was an option? The day he returns I’m filing a grievance on Bucktrot if I don’t get the same option. That’s a bunch of BS!

    1. I made a bet last time about Bucktrot being involved with the Housing Authority story on Fox. I’ll up the ante this time. I will bet you $500 if what you say shall transpire. Just kindly print your full name, email and cell phone number so I can get a hold of you, along with how you know this is to be true (without lying) and if this happens, I’ll pay you 5 Benjamins.
      Your move…..

      I believe that Chief Floyd wouldn’t allow this to happen nor would some of his cabinet positions.

      1. I’ll take that bet. I heard it from Pat Bear myself, that Bucktrot let him resign and is going to hire him back in a couple of weeks with a raise. He told bucket mouth Kaye Willie too so I’m sure it spread like wild fire. I guess time will tell. The jury is still out on that Tulsa Housing Authority so you might want to start saving your Benjamin’s. Or you might need to learn when to fold em!

        1. Like most creek citizens, following instructions doesn’t seem to be anyone’s strength.
          The instructions were to provide your contact information.
          You also fail to realize that just because he says he’s goin to get hired back doesn’t mean it’s necessarily true.
          Let me guess, you believed George Tiger would win the election the day after he announced his re-election campaign?

  3. I watched the Council meeting online this morning. It appears the National Council fell to deaf ears listening to Eli Grayson.
    The Indian Housing Plan passed unanimously and not one council brought it up for discussion. I’m going to consider the matter all settled and closed.

  4. Thank goodness NC did postpone the Housing plan, Bucktrot doesn’t know HUD, Nahasda or budgeting. That’s what happens when you put a guy in who won’t listen and when he does its to Idiots. He’s made it clear to all employees he’s running the show. Keep listening to Pat M, Joellen F, Lora K, Nadine F, Stacey S and Kay W, the idiots of Housing.

    1. Please explain how delaying legislation that directs HUD to provide and document how creek nation is going to use their funding and goals for the department is a good thing?
      You do realize that creek law says council is suppose to approve it?

      1. For clarification there was a questionable reduction in the number of homes under the proposed new housing plan which if not corrected would have affected funding for other NAHASDA activities. …mind you the current funding would remain this year, however, in the future the realocations formalas for funding would be adjusted or recalculated….look folks you never tell the federal government you need less homes because you cant purchase the number you requested in your housing plans…you ask for way more to show the funding is not enough for the need…the other tribes are increasing their housing request to HUD, not decreasing it….adding to that the Creek Nation is adding thousands to the enrollment demand is increasing yearly…I would also suggest they wait until HUD returns the audit (not a housing review) that was done late last fall and ended before Christmas…so that any findings can be corrected in the new housing plan…

        1. Ok, Eli, answer me this:
          Would you rather give to an organization that says we’re on a serve this many people and does it each year?
          Or would you rather continuously give money to an organization that only meets 5% of the before mentioned goal?
          -Which is economic and logical to do?
          The Indian housing plan just tells HUD what their goals are with nahasda money. That’s it. It’s better to set realistic goals and to have an auditor come in and say “they’re doing it.”
          Why didn’t you care about the Indian housing plan before this? Oh because George Tiger and you were buddies and you were too dog at Creek Nation.

          1. No you are wrong Grayson is right. The indian housing plan must be adhered to or our funding can be cut. You cant just say what you would like to do you must do what you say your going to do with the money. FYI

        2. FYI, the audit is complete. There were a few concerns but nothing major, so that is where it ends. There were no reasons founded to pursue any additional actions. There is a deadline to pass the Indian Housing plan. Contrary of what has been said, lied about or plan ignorance being told after 8 audits, there have been no findings in Housing. You Mr Grayson know not of what you speak, stick with freedman issues and puppy dog tails.

        3. The only way an Indian Housing plan can affect funding is if you don’t submit it, then you won’t get any funding. Read the law and the regulations regarding the formula before you post incorrect information.

          1. I suggest that you educate yourself. What you say is absurd. If you dont do what you say you are going to do with the funding HUD wants an answer as to why and how you are going to fix it. NAHASDA regs are online for free if you want to check yourself. You cant lie to the government for funding thats called fraud. You must be one of those current employees who pretend to know their job. Your whats wrong with housing.

          2. One of the reason I don’t like posting here is because of the nameless rants…the housing plan will be submitted when its ready…second, there is a reason I know a lot about NAHASDA, that is because I worked along with the National Indian Housing Council in DC and Congress Frank (when he was chair of Committee of Financial Services overseeing HUD) on certain issues relating to housing when NAHASDA was first being written for law. Many of the staff are now the people who are running HUD, so on occasion I do make calls and ask questions…one recently, would a tribe’s funding be affected if it request less homes…? I gave you their answer…second…the onsite audit of the MCN Housing was last fall starting on Nov 2, 2015 and ended Dec 23, 2015, (and please stop confusing audits with routine reviews) we were audited by HUD OIG conducted by IG’s Office of Audit….this REAL audit has been confused with SPONAP routine reviews, also SPONAP has conducted two monitoring reviews during the past 6 years. SPONAP as required by program policy, completes a monitoring review of its largest grantees approximately every 3 years. The most recent MCN review (not audits) took place in FY 09 and FY13. There was no outstanding findings from SPONAP….however, again a review is not a audit…and saying that, the audit from last fall has not been completed. They will send the tribe a ‘draft’ report of the audit first, giving the tribe time to respond…after all of that back and forth, the audit will be published…my point in saying why not wait a minute and see what the draft says (if anything) then write into the plan its findings…
            Now there is a political side to all of this, no doubt the Republican congress would like to cut funding to tribal programs across the board. The rant among the Republicans and some Democrats is why don’t the federal government formulate federal funding for tribes based on their casino revenue, tribes with casinos get less money and tribes with no casinos or casinos in areas were its hard to make significant revenue from gaming, get more…I’ve been in DC to personally witness those conversations…folks the Creek Nation, like the other others tribes should always asked for more funds than they can handle…the need itself will never be met because the funding is already low… I’m glad the chief and the council place that plan on hold until they get clearer answers on how a reduction in homes will affect us….mvto Council and mvto Chief….
            ps…to the ‘racist’ coward who made the comment about the freedmen…I can multi-task…nuff said…

            1. The “real audit” is completed, the one conducted Nov 2015 thru the end of Dec 2015. There was a phone conferenence and they stated NO further investigation will be conducted. What concerns they had would be sent and Housing would have the opportunity to respond before a final draft would be sent. I don’t recall seeing Mr. Grayson at the round table nor was he included on the phone conference with the auditors. Mr Grayson you stir more drama and gossip then anyone out there with your said truths and rants. Stick to being Barney’s roadie.

            2. For someone that claims to know alot about NAHASDA you sure misquote its wording alot. I dont believe that you had much with anything to do with NAHASDA. Surely dont see Mr. Eli Grayson credited with its formation anywhere. You cant fool everyone so keep your tall tales to yourself and your lackeys. You speak of Mr. Frank as a saint most of the time. No one cares about a prostitute buying, ticket fixing power abuser. So get off your high horse and quit trying to force your inaccuracies on the rest of us. If you dont like this site then quit posting here we are allowed to say what we want just like you. BTW we are allowed to have racial preference NAHASDA says so.

              1. Hahaha..a wannabe Grayson…what a name for a coward anyday…what part of NAHASDA says you can use US taxpayers dollars for racial perfenence…I’m sure HUD would want to know…but if don’t mind, please post it…by the way folks, I got a copy of the draft audit sent to the tribe, I understand they have until the 23rd of June to respond to all the findings…..very interesting read…seems like we are going to be paying back the Indian Housing Block Grant program a lot money especially on the homes given to NON-LOW-income families among many other issues no one is surprised about….it’s an interesting read…I’m so glad that it’s Chief Floyd that’s dealing with this, because all the nonsense happened in former administrations…now that they know what the Office of the Inspector General findings are, he can make any necessary changes to our housing plan…I’m actually relieved its Chief Floyd handling these serious issues…but I would start from a blank sheet….getting rid of individuals who may possibly be working there thinking it’s okay to violate NAHASDA laws because they think they are individuals who are sovereign or hiding behind Creek Nation sovereignty…..

                1. Hello Eli!!I am read your post today!!I have known you many years “Fred Johnson”days.Hhoe to see you someday!

                  1. Hokte7 is it mentally disabled? If you’re talking about the apts right behind Housing those apts weren’t even built in the 90’s. If you’re talking about the ones right behind those, Housing has nothing to do with those apts, it’s run by the tribe and a board overseas them so go complain to the board and quit blaming the Housing Division & Mr. Bucktrot for your problems.

                    1. Hi!Thanks for that information!!Who and where is the board??When do they meet?What is their guidlines?I am getting ready to file a Solicitor General grievance against Housing!!

                2. Here ya go dumbass.

                  § 1000.120 24 CFR Ch. IX
                  May a recipient use Indian
                  preference or tribal preference in
                  selecting families for housing assist-
                  Yes. The IHP may set out a preference for the provision of housing as-
                  sistance to Indian families who are
                  members of the Indian tribe or to other
                  Indian families if the recipient has
                  adopted the preference in its admis-
                  sions policy. The recipient shall ensure
                  that housing activities funded under
                  NAHASDA are subject to the preference.

                  This was taken straight from NAHASDA regs. Now lets watch Grayson twist what he said to try to make himself right. Grayson is a vile and vulgar man whom thrives on attention. He is also a racist who will quickly call others racist just because they dont agree with him. I witnessed this man call Lanissa Jack a racist white bitch! I believe that is a racist comment especially when she isnt white just light complected.
                  True Creeks do not care about your great freedman crusade either. They arent Creek and dont belong in our tribe so get over it. If your part black, white, hispanic or even martian if you can prove your “creek” anscestory then your creek. White people owned slaves too but you dont see the anscestors of these slaves demanding to be adopted into the white race.
                  So again get off your high horse. You are nobody special. Some may be fooled by you but not all.
                  If you dont like how things are then stop running your mouth and do something about it. Or just keeping hollering your famous chant section 8, section 8, section 8! Ok we get it its been in our constitution long before you discovered it was there we can read too. So shut up about it and use it.
                  And our Creek tribe is a race not a political society you idiot.

                  1. Hey wannabe who doesn’t understand that Indian preference does not mean a blood quantum and divided citizens up on race…its the legal federal meaning of Indian, a individual who is a member of a federally recognized tribe…a political status…it does not allow you to used quantum which then is a racial issue…it violates HUD and DOI laws..I so hope Chief Floyd reed you people out of that department. ..your nonsense is at the root of everything wrong with housing.

                    1. What did I tell you folks! He would twist it from what was clearly about race to now blood quantum! lol!
                      Hey Grayson you idiot it doesn’t just say “indian” preference it also says “tribal” preference. (i see you left that part out of your rebuttal)

                      So let me break this down for you moron.
                      “Indian” preference means any indian by definition. “Tribal” preference means one tribe (“Creeks e.g.”) thus giving us the ability to put Creeks above other tribes or freedman who are not enrolled with creek nation.
                      So this means if your enrolled with another tribe that we can’t deny you services but we can put our people above you as priority. So if ones Creek blood quantum is higher than someone enrolled with another tribe (which would be zero) then the Creek gets preference.

                      We have been submitting our preference criteria as full blood elderly Creeks then full blood Creeks to be served as first priority for years and guess what? HUD has never had a problem with this. So your statement that HUD would like to know about this is irrelevant because they’ve known about it for years.

                      If you decide to respond please just skip past the whole repetative thing you do like calling me a coward or a racist and just get to the part where you retwist your meanings to appear correct. We all know you are easily butt hurt so just let it all out little fella.

                      Mr. Grayson had nothing to do with the formation of NAHASDA. He just likes to feel important with his tall tales so please don’t let this attention starved man some of you any longer.

                    2. We need new Housing Director and new Senior Apartment manager!!She has been there too long!!I have been put on the waiting 3times since 1990.I have been disabled since 1987.What do think Eli?

                    3. Well looks like the village idiot Eli Grayson has taken to facebook since he can’t force his innacuracies here.

                      He wants everyone to know that we have full citizens and citizens. You all should be offended that he believes we are all stupid and took him the great interpreter to let us know this. We already know this. Been this way for years if you don’t like it disenroll. Its people like you that threaten our existence by wanting non creeks like freedman or other races with a drop of creek blood to take over.

                      He also wants everyone to know that in NAHASDA the word indian means someone that has membership in an indian tribe. Yeah he thinks your that stupid. When is the last time you met an indian that didn’t know what tribe they belonged to.

                      Thank goodness we have Eli the great interpreter explain everything to us. Can’t believe Creek Nation has made it all the decades without him. Remember only what he says is right and your opinion is meaningless.

            3. Alright, let’s break it down:
              The IHP is just HUD’s formal written grant to award funding to Indian Tribes. If you’ve ever worked on grant, and especially grants from the government, you have what’s called “outcomes”. These are the expected and/or projected goals for the grant.
              On occasion, you change your goals to make them obtainable. Why? Because you get tired of year after year of not reaching your outcomes you want and you decide to make it to where those numbers match what you told HUD you were going to do. That’s all. That’s all the IHP is to do.
              -In terms of losing funding, you can lose funding from two possibilities:
              Mismanagement of funds for non-IHP and grant compliant outcomes. The second is if you don’t spend the money in a timely manner. You can have some left over from the previous year but you have to put in the IHP how much and where that money is coming from for the following year.
              Can you not reach your outcomes? Yes. I guarantee that the tribe hasn’t reach it’s outcomes in awhile. And that’s ok cause you’re projecting for the year and sometimes things don’t go as planned. At the end of the year, you submit a final grant analysis and on it you have to document all your outcomes. At the bottom of the grant analysis, you put all your numbers in and the bottom will say “Explanation of any deviations from outcomes” or something similar in which you will have to explain why you didn’t reach your grants. What you don’t want to do is have your reasons the same as the year before. That’s why it’s best to change your outcomes.

              Lastly, just a friendly reminder is that the IHP is DUE 75 days before the start of the fiscal year. That means it’s due in July. The National Council is doing a disservice to the tribe by holding it up and potentially causing the tribe to lose funding.
              Having worked in government and non-profits, I’ve lost HUD grants because we couldn’t use the money or we sat on it and HUD said no more.
              I hope this helps clarify some stuff. If you have any questions, please call the MCN housing authority, your HUD field office or look online at
              Mvto and God bless.

              1. this whats found in the draft report among a host of other crap…it states:
                We recommend that the Administrator of the SPONAP require the Nation to (1) repay $120,581 to its Indian Housing Block Grant program, from non-Federal funds, for housing not approved by HUD, (2) support or repay $13,878 in uncollected rent to its Indian Housing Block Grant program from non-Federal funds, (3) revise its payments and rents policy to prevent undercharging at $7,880 in rent, and (4) support or repay to its Indian Housing Block Grant program, from non-Federal funds, $85,380 spent on questionable procurements. Further, we recommend that the Nation improve its controls over recertification of participants and inspections of homes and revise its contracts and leases….
                By the way it also list the block grant awards for the years audited…
                as you can see its been increased over the years,…but you can bet your butt that when we propose less homes…it will be eventually reevaluated and reformulated according…. I really encourage Chief Floyd root out these individuals and people who think they can jeopardized our HUD funding because their silliness and self sovereign superiority….start from scratch…and before submitting that housing plan to HUD make sure each of the issues address in the audit is dealt with accordingly in the new plan….

                1. Alright Grayson, since you seem to be hell-bent on attacking housing, which employees do you want to see terminated? Name some names.
                  If you also want people to lose their jobs then who across the Creek Nation and US do you have in mind to fill these positions?
                  (Anyone else is welcome to contribute to this list.)

                  1. This is not about attacking Housing…I actually know that the Creek Nation despite the hiccups, provides better housing assistance to its citizens than most tribes…I started commenting when the question of the housing plan came before the Council..that’s when I said wait until the audit is release and then I was attacked by all sorts of nameless cowards who claimed to be employees that there was NO audit…just a review and I knew that was a lie…I was sure what the audit was about but I knew we had already had the former mess of a former NC member getting a house among other crap that happened…so why not wait…I also was concern sitting in the Business committee meeting when a proposed less housing amount was introduced in the plan…and several council members were concerned about getting less funding from HUD, etc…I actually made calls directly to HUD about that and found out it eventually does, though not this year..anyway beyond all of that the audit was coming out and it would seem to be in the best interest to wait and see what it said…and believe me, it says a lot…however, all correctable….also what concerned me is the misinterpretations that were being applied to words such as Indian preference and we were interpreting that to mean blood quantum…stuff like that…
                    So no, I’m not attacking housing…just pointing out that some of us are not stupid and blind and nor will we allow the continued misuse of the problem for a few to benefit for their personal agendas thereby jeopardizing the entire program….
                    If you want to read the NAHASDA law…I suggest you do.

                    1. No one ever interpreted indian to mean blood quantum you idiot. We all know what indian means.

                      We decide to put quantum as a preference selection simply because we can, not because we’re stupid. Your interpretations are not needed we learned to read years ago. I know you think your far more advanced than us but don’t worry we don’t need you.

                      This topic started out about Creek Nation being able to give racial preference which is correct. Creeks get preference over any other tribe, race or freedman. Grayson said we can’t have racial preference and he was proven to be wrong. Now he is breaking it down to blood quantum and accusing me of thinking that this is what i meant by race.

                      He cant argue with anything else ive called him out on like his racist views, freedman not being Creek, Barney Franks character or even his qualification to be working on the creation of NAHASDA (since when do they seek the help of a house decorator?). So the best he can do is twist the whole conversation to his benefit and pound his innacuracies into this site.

                      I really wish this man would go away. He is a disgrace and embarrasment to our tribe. (did i use the word “tribe” correctly Mr Grayson? I mean by definition we are a tribe right?)

                2. One you’ve obtained this DRAFT illegally and secondly it’s a DRAFT and Housing has to respond THEN the FINAL audit will be posted. You’re the biggest shat stirrer in the Nation and you don’t know what you’re talking about. You just like drama like most Queens. I would also like to ask the Chief to just appoint you to a board so you’ll shut-up already. I bet Tiger is regretting putting you in the Hall of Fame, it didn’t get him anywhere, for someone reason Tiger thought he could buy votes thru you and we see how that turned out.

                  1. The Creek Nation has to respond, before the audit is released, shit I’ve said that a half of dozen times……what I’m been amazed at is how many people (who claimed to work for Housing) has denied that there was a audit in the first place…just go back and read their post…calling it a dang review…
                    Like I said before…it’s in the best interest of the MCN to write in its NEW housing plan in view of any findings that was found in the audit and move forward accordingly…..I also recommend that employees either be retrained and those that have proven to be a constant problem be let go…
                    Just from reading the bullshit found on this site written by people who claimed to be unnamed employees shows greatly what is wrong with that department…
                    Attached is the link to NAHASDA….folks make sure you read sec. 4 (definitions)…so you can understand what is NAHASDA meaning with certain words and terms such as (10) INDIAN- The term “Indian’ means any person who is a member of a member of an Indian tribe.
                    You will not find the words ‘blood quantum’….


                3. I have officially reported you Mr. Grayson aka Mr. Nahasda to HUD along with a copy of this post for documentation. It is prohibited without written consent from HUD to have a reproduction of this draft. I hope HUD gets you and whoever unlawfully gave you a copy.

                4. Eli why dont you just stfu!! Nobody gives a f@$& what you say. Except ruth bible and barney and oh by the way noone at creek nation gives a s..t about them idiots either. You spout creek nation should do this and creek nation should do that then you turn around and say hey what about us freedmans. Freedmans will never be recognized as a creek citizens…… know why???? Because they have no creek blood in them you twat! So honestly stfu!!

            4. Yeah right they just let nobodies like Eli help write NAHASDA. Did they need you to pick from a color selection to bind it in? Or was Barney Frank one of your sugar daddies and just let you in on some things like he does with his male prostitutes.

              Theres a reason why I know alot about government operations, thats because I worked along side with James Bond (007) on many occasions.

              Stop tryin so hard man you just sound foolish. We could tolerate you a little better if you could just let other people have their opinions and not act like a jackass just because they dont agree with you. From what I can see you are the racist and the type of person that interperates housing wrong. So you need to be weeded out instead of the many others you accuse of these things. Look in the mirror before you point fingers.

              We Oklahoma Creeks have been true Creeks our whole life and been involved without any second thought. We aren’t like you who all of a sudden one day decide you wanna be Creek and start pretending that you know everything about us and whats best for us.

              Go on back to Cali wannabe.
              Anyone that can be bought with a blanket isn’t needed here. Just what did you get that blanket for anyway? You have done nothing deserving to be in our hall of fame. Tiger just knew it would shut you up and it did!

              1. There is not one person on the Creek rolls by the name Hmm…so before you go super Creek on anyone..stop being a dang coward….

                1. Thats your go to line when you don’t like what someone says isn’t it?Coward doesnt offend me. I could use my real name but I choose not to as this is my right. Besides I dont need a nut job like yourself harassing me.

                  Thanks for clarifying that Hmm is not on the rolls. Im sure everyone was needing that clarification.

                  The last time I checked there weren’t any freedmen listed on our rolls either. So before you try and force them into our tribe make sure they are actually creek.

                  Thanks for the name Super Creek. What a compliment I shall use it from now on.

                  1. Looks like the cats got his tongue!

                    His facebook post got about 4 likes and one comment made by himself. Lol.

                    People aren’t as ignorant compared to him as he likes to believe.

                  2. Eli… Just sit back and say “I told you so….”. These people are blind… They have drank the Koolaid… These “Oklahoma” Creeks that are to ignorant to see what’s happening… Either that or they want to pretend nothing is happening because they are benefiting from the misappropriations. I actually took the time to read the NAHASDA documents and I totally agree with Mr. Grayson. No where in the document does it state anything about being able to decide based on blood quantum… Which is one of the reason the tribes housing program is in danger… Indian preference is ANYONE enrolled in a tribe and tribal preference means the individual tribe (Creek) as a whole… Period. You housing employees are understandably trying to look good… But it will come out…. And you will look dumb. As far as the Freedmans… They will be part of the tribe as they should be… You can’t choose to partake in part of the treaty and not all… Either it’s all valid or none of it is… Right or wrong the federal government with have the last hurrah on that topic… Brace yourselves Oklahoma Creeks…. ” It’s been a long, a long time coming…. But I know a change gonna come….”

        4. “You ask for way more to show the funding is not enough for the need”… you lie?
          Lying has become second nature for many of our leaders, even our hall of famers…Shame

          1. Legit (whoever) audits are not released on a damn phone call…good grief you cant be that simple…they may have told you it ended but ITS NOT RELEASED…when its release, anybody will be able to go online and read it on the solicitor’s website….its not RELEASED…by the way Im sure there was no setting at the table named ‘Legit’ when and if a phone called occurred…you want to be legit, then stop being coward and use your BIRTH name!
            Eventually folks this particular housing audit will be posted on line for all Creeks and anyone else interested, may read it for themselves…it will be public record….
            You will be able to read on this link…

            1. I didn’t say it was “released”, I said there will be no further investigation after their initial visit. There was a conference call stating that and they would be sending their concerns then Housing could respond. Then an OFFICIAL will be forthcoming. The end!
              ” Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with their experience” Mark Twain. Good day Mr. Grayson.

              1. Mrs Legit who needs to quit….If you had looked through your veil of cowardliness, and read my post…it said they will send the MCN a draft report of their findings and give the tribe some time to respond….
                Now for a little education for you Mrs legit…anybody that has to had behind some fake ass name is all ready down at the bottom, you cant be pull down by anyone….so ironic, using Mark Twain in a quote…as he too used a ‘pen’ name… his REAL name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens…whats yours lady?

  5. I don’t know Bucktrot from Buckshot.
    I do know however, that the position was NOT advertised.
    Is Mr. Bucktrot another friend of 2nd Chief Hicks?

    1. Doesn’t have to be advertised. It’s a commissioned position. Quit being mad because you don’t know how it works

  6. Mr Bucktrot can you explain…Fox23 News has an article regarding the Tulsa Housing Authority talking about employees illegal bonuses from tax dollars, cheating on housing inspections, finding ways around HUD inspections?????

    1. Give me your name, telephone address and email address and if his name is named as one of them I will personally send you a $100 bill with a note saying “you’re right.”
      But knowing Mr. Bucktrot as I do, it won’t happen. Trust me.

  7. The Housing Division has over 1200 units, I’m not sure 115 deliquent accounts is a major deficit Mr Bucktrot, he’s acting like he going to save Housing. The % of that is lower than the National average of rental properties. Was it just me or does that guy not talk in circles and full of hot air? Can be spell Nahasda? Being a maintenance man at the Tulsa Housing Authority doesn’t mean you ran the Housing Authority, it means you fixed leaks, changed lightbulb and mowed grass. He should of twisted some arms or paid the NC $5 bucks then maybe he would be confirmed but since he didn’t he needs to move on.

    1. I asked a friend in DHS and another friend who is a court clerk to look up the case and both found that it is closed. It’s actually been closed for a number of years from what they were telling me. So if he did owe, then it was a long time ago and he’s caught up and is no longer having to make payments. God I envy him. I’m behind on my child support, rent, and car payment. Too bad I don’t have Creek Nation Housing.

  8. I just listened to Bucktrot’s radio interview, waiting in anticipation to see his TV debut, he’s an idiot. Is this the best we can find to run Housing?? He sounded like a babbling idiot. Telling us we need to take care of our kin like he does, let’s see NOT paying child support doesn’t sound like taking care of your kin to me. If this is the best we can do, we’re in more trouble then ever!

    1. You’re the idiot. You don’t have anything nice to say because you know he’s right. You don’t like what he has to say I suggest you go to his office and tell him yourself.
      Oh and by the way, Roger Barnett never paid child support until he let the tribe pay for it so you saying he’s the worst is a clear indication that you’re the type of person he’s talking about.
      You’re probably unemployed, under employed or just a plain bum.
      You can bash health all y’all want but when it comes to housing and the citizens responsibility then no one has anything to say because you’re one of the following:
      1) a citizen who is behind because for some reason you don’t understand monthly, on-time payments
      2) you’re a citizen who knows someone who is behind on their rent and you can’t help them because you don’t feel “obligated”
      3) you’re a citizen who will always complains because you never grew up and won’t ever. These individuals are the plague of not just creek nation but society as a whole.
      God forbid you stand up and put your big boy pants on one day.

        1. Then tell me what will help defend what kind of manager and employee he really is versus bashing him for something that is no ones business and complete heresay.
          If you have the absolute and best candidate for that position, then please name their names and qualifications but to constantly bash these individuals over minute personal details is getting absurd.
          If you absolutely don’t like the way the tribe is ran then run for office, get elected and try to fix it.

  9. Amen to that! Wouldn’t pay child support what a shame but once again put someone in charge who has no idea! Come on get some better people than this my gosh I know there are people out there more qualified and why aren’t they advertising for these jobs! I thought we elected someone with some sense but it sure isn’t looking like it! With morals like these people you are only asking for more trouble!!! What a joke!

  10. What a bunch of whinners, your not going to be happy with anyone. Your only only if your not made to make house payments and creek nation is kissing your butts. There are some hard working creek citizens out thete and deserve help and take care if their stuff, but there are the ones that feel it’s owed to them that creek nation should hand them a house and pay for it, take care of it and keep that silver spoon in their mouth. I know for a fact MCN spends more on rehab after we take the house back from non payment, they tear it up and it costs in the thousands to rehab and put another citizen in it that will eventually do the same thing. It’s sad how federal money is spent on lazy not appreciated creeks who some that would give a arm and leg for a house given to them. Until the NC and devoted citizens that care, step up this grumbling and complaining will continue. Who they put in will not matter, these haters will hate no matter what. NEXT!!!

    1. Who knows maybe Bucktrot will make a difference, it’s not what he’s doing, it’s his deliverance. He has a hard time listening and when he does it’s to the wrong ones, it’s the very ones who were up Northcross’s butt and ALL turned on her at the end. They ALL had knives in her back while pow wowing in her office, they were running right to Chief & 2nd Chief crying about her. I don’t know if it’s too late for Bucktrot with the indefinite postponement but he really needs to open his eyes to the ones leading him. All I know is he’s better than Northcross but he needs to lose the Attitude and gruffness.

  11. Some of us citizens weren’t handed a home for free, working hard just to pay bills, and some people who work for the tribe gets handed a house for free, or their houses been remodeled, why can’t we get special treatment, cause we don’t kiss their ass for one thing, second their family and friends come first ,need new people working for housing, and that Patrick Murphy he’s nothing but a joke!! They all are as a matter of fact!!!

  12. If The Creek Nation is not going to fix problems with our homes, why do they inspect them?

    I don’t like people looking in my closets, flushing my toilets, looking in my cabinets unless they are going to fix the problems.

    If they inspectors for Creek Nation can’t guarantee they will fix problems with my home, I don’t want them in it. I buy the home, not renting it.

  13. I for one is behind on my house payment and you want to know why!! Because housing would not send a plumber or come fix my leak or heater for 2 or more years, city shut our water off because the leak was so bad I was paying almost $600 in water bill per month, for 7 days my water bill was $241, so in order to not get evicted we would pay rent sometimes and water bill next time, so unless you know there situation do not criticize, been using heaters in all rms for 2 years till Ladonna Northcross had it fixed and the week she did my electric heater in my bedroom caught on fire, Thank to Mrs Northcross I have a working Hester and my AC been out and I have 2 grand babies in my home, one who is asthmatic,and after 8 yrs working at the tribe my husbands gets fired, because they hired a new mgr, so I’ve been waiting for my rent to drop since nov, still the same and I’m working 24 to 32 hrs a week until my husband can find a job, plus he had medical issues, so yes I’m behind on my rent and hopefully will get caught up by the end of the yr, and yes I receive $56 in food stamps, so unless you have walked in our shoes or anyone’s else’s , find out what happened before you judge others!!! I’m not ashamed for being behind cause I know I’m trying my best to do what I can and I’m still waiting for my rent to drop and that would help me been waiting since Nov, do if Mr Bucktrot wants to check on people maybe he needs to check his employees first, and how come I hear of someone one getting their house remodeled, look at mine, has a new roof of 2 years still leaks has mold, has bubbles on ceiling, water damage in between closet and bathroom, too many to mention, just needs to be torn down and rebuilt!!

    1. What the Housing Authority claims is that we own our houses if we have received a home through the Creek Nation Housing Authority.

      Do you know anyone who owns a home outside the tribe that has an annual inspection done, with toilets being flushed, closets being looked into and questions about the home?

      We that have government loans through the Creek Nation Housing Authority that make payments on that home are merely renting the home. The Housing Authority is responsible to for the upkeep of the home.

      Don’t ever pay your home off if you have the home through Creek Nation. Call HUD. They are the ones that control what the tribe does with our homes. The tribe is responsible to upkeep our homes, make them safe and livable and HUD will back you up.

      Call HUD. PIH – its stands for Public and Indian Housing. The last person I knew of that was in control of Indian Housing was Wayne Sims. If he’s not there someone else is.

      Call HUD.

    2. 1). Are you renting , paying mortgage on a privately owned home or in the lease to own option?
      2) I’m sorry for your troubles but all I hear is “Woe is me,” instead of “this situation can get better if I adjust some things myself.”
      3) you should read your lease or leasing agreement to see what is actually covered by the tribe. My cousin has the lease to own option and THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THE UTILITY BILLS, MAINTENANCE OF THE HOME AND MAKING THE MONTHLY PAYMENTS ON TIME. It’s all in her lease.
      4) My same cousin was going to ask the council for a special appropriation to help catch up on their utility bills and guess what? If the Housing Authority found out that they were behind on their utility bills they’d get kicked out, as per their lease. So council can’t help.
      5) I suggest you take your grandkids parents and file for child support through creek nation or the state of Oklahoma. If you have sole custody of them then you can file. Complaining about it or anything else won’t fix it. I’m sure you love your grandchildren as much as I love my nieces and nephews but I’m not responsible for them, that’s their parents.
      6) if anyone doesn’t like how housing is ran, I suggest you pack all your stuff up and pay full market rent. If you can’t afford $950 for a three-bedroom or $725 for a one bedroom then be grateful you have a home.
      7) for you parents with children living at home, teach them to pay their bills on time so they don’t fall victim to relying on service.

  14. What I don’t understand is if Someone quits their job they have a $0 house payment but someone else working struggling to make a house payment has the potential to get evicted??? How does that make sense? Maybe instead of Bucktrot trying to throw people out he should look into changing policies over there. If he’s listening to the lady over there Laura King, he’s in trouble, she’s an idiot and never there.

  15. For all you citizens behind on your house payment you need to go ask for a hardship and that will wipe out ALL your past balance and make you current. If Bucktrot denies you ask him how come he approved Rodney Josie’s past balance of over several, several months, calculating in the thousands. The justifications was the death of his mother but he was already 9 months behind prior to that??? Is Bucktrot’s sister current and the rest of his family? If his confirmation was postponed indefinitely why is he still running Housing? I’m not saying citizens shouldn’t pay, damn right they should but let’s be fair to ALL! Bucktrot needs to go back to Tulsa Housing Authority and unstop toilets like he was before he got this job. This Administration needs to get a clue and quit picking names out of a hat to run departments!!

    1. Finally, someone else is making sense! I want to know how he was put in this position in the first place? Appointed by Hicks? Does he even have an education? And how is he being hired to make decisions on payments when he sat in jail for so long for not making his child support payments? He is just as bad as the rest of them.

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