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  1. Facebook said that there is an emergency session about a 90 Million dollar loan. If this is it, why hasn’t council included the amount like they are suppose to? If $90 million looks too bad to put on the written agenda to us citizens, it’s too much to consider since we are already in debt. By the way, how much have we made a dent in that big debt to pay back our permanent fund and the other loan? Can Lucian, David Hill, Hicks or Chief give us information on that? I would like to see them give a run down of debt payoffs so far before any new debt would be considered. I’m not talking about some generic statement that we’re working on our debt, but real numbers on each, the permanent fund that was taken out without a vote by citizens and the loan Council decided to take out.

    Tiger III; Co-Sponsor(s): David Hill

  2. Anyone having knowledge and proof of misuse of tribal funds and keeps it quite is a guilty as the one stealing, transferring and misusing funds.

    If you know it’s wrong and don’t speak out – go to jail with Roger Barnett.

    1. They know who they are but will ever speak a word. Even now their are ones who will continue to misuse tribal funds and feel they have done nothing wrong. If anyone is found to embessel, miss use or steel anything from the tribe the attorney general has work to do. To much cover up has happened in the past.

      1. I have given information to the Chief before he was Chief and gave the same information to the Housing Director and said “Whatever happened before I got here I am not responsible for “I left his office!!!

  3. Beets says he is a provider advocate. I have provided definitions and examples, not sure I haven seen beets do any of these yet.

    verb (used with object), advocated, advocating.:
    1. to speak or write in favor of; support or urge by argument; recommend publicly:
    He advocated higher salaries for teachers.
    2. a person who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person, cause, etc. (usually followed by of):
    an advocate of peace.
    3. a person who pleads for or in behalf of another; intercessor.
    4. a person who pleads the cause of another in a court of law.

    1. Billy Hicks Beets has become a crony administrator in a short time and has turned on his colleagues. Do all the Hicks have an altered perception of what is going on? How many Hicks are working for Creek Nation besides the Second Chief and Health Department Administrator and National Council Member? Just trying to get a number on how many and see if nepotism is involved?

  4. Required. Hmmmmm. Why are the clinics the only part of the Department of Health making adjustments? It is obvious that you need to shut a hospital down. Are Shoneen and Rhonda too afraid to make that decision? Are you reducing positions at Lackey? Too afraid?

  5. MCN clinics are booking as many patients as required. I still say the administration is partially responsible for our finances. I was not impressed the first time I met Shoneen Alexander-Ross. What she does is bully people. She has an aggressive personality and will be hateful and a bully to get her way. We need our providers. They are hard to come by. They should be respected unless of course we are talking about Dr. Beets whom does nothing but brag about his belongings etc. Employees are working hard to help improve our finances. Middle management should be eliminated. I understand Chief
    Floyd is doing his best to reduce the our debt. If they start cutting benefits for employees, people will leave. We are paid low, benefits are part of our salary. I think all those administrators that got raises and bonuses should take a pay cut before the other employees do. I don’t know if this will happen. If is does I really don’t know what people will do.

    1. Still waiting for administration to have their haircut. Everyone knows that it is overstaffed. Recommendations were to decrease from 14 heads of department to 5. They have not done it. The dumbest people are in charge making desperate decisions that will put citizen’s health care in jeopardy. Shoneen is way worse than Seneca ever was. Shoneen is crazy. Maybe she is having hot flashes. I like Second Chief but his relatives are giving him a bad reputation. I don’t think he will get reelected if he runs
      again if he doesn’t tame his family and someone from the Executive Branch needs to make sure they start getting rid of the dead wood at Lackey and put Shoneen in a straight jacket.

    2. Scare tactics that is what shoneen is leading with. People are leaving due to her leadership. When is her time up?????

    3. Proud to be Creek, I agree with you. I think administration, legislators, managers and any higher paid employees need to take a pay cut. We’ve had people living off lower pay here for a while. Others can too. No one should get paid more than $50,000 . I think if those making $70, 000, $80,000, and more need to come down to reality. They are there to serve the people, not bulk their wallets. Some tribe’s legislators don’t get paid at all. They do it for free, to serve. We should consider this and see who would still be willing and want to serve our people. Money and greed have affected our people too much. Everyone of us could get by with less. It’s not easy, but we could do it.

      1. I totally agree that needs to start with administration and national council. You say your proud and want to make a difference then do so. Reduce Chiefs and 2nd chief to what Chief Ellis was paid during his administration and the National Council should be paid a stipend if they show up to a council meeting not a salary. Do a reality check people. Let’s see who would actually stay. Directors need to be held more accountable, you still have some who work minimal hours in a day but still get 80 hours pay check for not being at work. Perhaps they need start clocking or swiping heir badge too. Don’t forget the two to three hour lunches that are still going on. Employees running the departments not the directors. Visit the departments, make your rounds!!!

      2. Idea!!!Duh!!Where do you find that???The Chief is not accountable and he goes to church!!I gave information to him about a employee and the things they did about bedbugs and other things and gave that to housing and he told me “he is not responsible for anything before he got here”.There is no one that gives a xXxX!

    4. I am very disappointed with the current management plan of the Health Administration. Lackey Hall has to be the worst management ever. I wonder how Creek Nation acquired so many inferior people in supervisory or head positions. Tyler McIntosh did not do his job in managing the accounts in the Health Department and he is still there. Rhonda Beaver, CFO, was negligent in managing the business of the clinics increasing this debt and is still there. Dr. Vark was negligent in the management of the Health Department creating this deficit and is still working for Creek Nation. Angela Daugherty mismanaged the hospitals and she is the only one who has left. Everyone knows that Shoneen is batshit crazy and too labile to be in a supervisory position. The Executive Office and National Council better get a hold of things and start taking some corrective action to remove these people and put Hicks relatives in their place. The Health Department has already started to crumble. As it is now, I will never vote for anyone named Beaver or Hicks again.

      1. The new changes of decreasing time spent with the patient and upcoming pharmacy changes will decrease the quality of care for the patients in the health care system. Should rename the clinics Creekkiller clinics.

    5. What do you mean by saying the administration is partially responsible? They are totally responsible. They were in charge of all the budgets, accounts and finances. They are not being held accountable for their incompetence. All but one are still there. The citizens are still waiting for someone to hold them accountable. Shoneen will destroy the Health Department and the managers and supervisors are starting to follow her hateful ways. The employees in the clinics will not be able to meet her demands. How many people did she run off from Lackey and could not stand to work under her. It is against the law to create a hostile and threatening work environment! She is a left over from the Tiger Administration that manages by threat and fear. She is not Creek and doesn’t really care about Creek citizens. Just trying to make a name for herself. When will the Chiefs or Council do something about her? Do they even care about the employees? It does not seem like it. The Chief appointed the spawn of Satan to run the Health Department. She is the worst that I have ever seen. The morale is low and the constant preaching of doom needs to go. One month in and she is becoming one of the most hated in the Health Department! I believe she will surpass Seneca as the most evil before she is done. Thinks she is smart but is ignorant with borderline management skills. The plan to make up the deficit by doubling the work in the clinics will fail. The clinics are too understaffed and not equipped to handle it long term. Why don’t you bring in a reputable billing company that knows how to bill and pull reports. Chief, time is money. Your a fool if you think Shoneen is going to figure it out. It has been 4 months into your term and no definite plan is made for the Health Department. Stop wasting time and hire some experts. Please don’t hire just one person who had the lowball bid. You need an experienced management team. Release pathetic Shoneen and her officers to the private sector. We definitely do not need her and her bad manners!

  6. I hear Czar Tiger is trying to run for Chief again. If elected he will certainly be the downfall of the tribe. He has lied, dodged the auditors, and threaten to fire anyone that questioned him about finances. He and Seneca are both liars. Seneca said he would check into employees salaries and never did. When asked by employees time and time again all he could say is we are checking into it. He would run around telling everyone how great he is. Our salaries are not competitive with outside clinics. Chief Floyd is trying to dig us out of this hole. We need to give him a chance. Thief Tiger will not accept responsibility for anything.

  7. Totally out of control. Who is in charge? Looks like it’s going to get worse before it gets better. The eyes of Okmulgee are upon the Nations health program and it is really embarrassing. Someone take control please.

  8. Heard that Shoneen showed her chibo at the staff meeting yesterday. Very unprofessional and inappropriate. Basically disrespected the Medical Staff. Heard that she strutted out afterwards thinking that she had done something important. Staff probably thinks less of her now than before. Doesn’t she know that these Doctors can get a job anywhere? There is a shortage! Creek Nation better start thinking about how to retain their Physicians. The Health Department doesn’t even have that many physicians to begin with.

    1. Well Dr. Zackary tried to impress everyone with how much more work she has than all the other Dr, PA’s, NP’S

      1. Not at all. Dr Zackery was not trying to impress. She was stating her situation. There are many Physicians, Nurse Practioners and providers spending extra time at work and after doing charting in the EMR and doing referrals. They are not reimbursed for this time and do it to provide quality care to the patients. This is only going to get worse. Shoneen is rude and incompetent and looking for someone to blame. This finger pointing isn’t going to help Creek Nation. Her game is to be rude and mean to people to shut them down so they will not ask questions. Seen this intimidation trick before. I wonder how much longer it will last before others catch on. Sharon Britt was rude to Dr Katie Burden-Greer. She refused to call her by her title Doctor and continued to call her Katie. Sharon called one Doctor by her first name Megan. So rude at a Medical Staff Meeting. Chief Floyd you need to rethink these appointments for Health. The CMO should have stopped this disrespect. Some of these people from Lackey need to go to obedience school! Shoneen and Sharon need to make some apologies!

      2. She probably has more work because more people request her. She’s a good doctor. Maybe she was making a point… like there’s a physician shortage? Sounds like jealousy. There’s enough opportunities to go around. Why don’t we applaud each other instead of try to talk smack about each other?

        1. Everyone knows Dr. Zackery is a diva and walks in 15 minutes late everyday. She wouldn’t like it if she was the patient sitting in the lobby waiting on her doctor to strut in. I dont see how she could get anything done. And that attitude of her sucks.

          1. Honesty you are chasing the wrong people. Dr. Zackery generates a lot of income for the Health Department. It is hard to replace Doctors in our system and it takes time to train in NextGen. The problems is with the billing and coding and registration. The Health Department should be putting most of their effort into correcting this part of the business instead of harassing the clinics. This must be fixed first. See all the patients you can but you will not get paid for it. Stupid Management!

          2. Try 30 to 45 minutes late and you get Dr Harjo. He comes rolling in most days at 8:25 to 8:45. He’s early if he get there at 8:15.

            1. Not saying she doesnt generate a lot of revenue. Just saying she needs to show up on time. It’s rude to keep people waiting. Registration is going thru training, but also they need certified coders and billers that know what they are doing.

              1. Picking on the Doctors is not going to fix this deficit. You will run them off and they are hard to replace. They put in extra time and hours every night. They work over 40 hours each week. Government medicine is all about hurry up and wait. Nothing is going to change there. Clinics used to start at 8:30 and probably would better suit their schedules.

                1. We are not picking on the doctors. I only know of Dr. Harjo doing as he pleases. The problem with the millions of dollars of debt is this: we had a crook and a thief for chief and 2nd chief. We have people is administration with certain responsibilities that never questioned expenditures or the Chief. The administration did not do their job. You also have people in key management or administrative positions that have no idea of what is going on. They got the job because they were related to someone. When is administration going to realize this? If you want Creeks in position of power make sure they are qualified. Being related to someone does not give you the right to a position if you aren’t qualified. This has got to stop.

                  1. I agree with Proud to be Creek. Definitely, Tyler, Shoneen, Rhonda and Vark need to go. All were there during Tiger administration and did not do anything to prevent this deficit! They just kept their mouth shut to keep their jobs in spite of the deficit they were building. Now, the Health Department is millions of dollars in debt and taking out 65 million dollar loans. Why are they not being held accountable? Chief Floyd please clean up administration in the Health Department!

            2. Dr. Harjo is always late. I guess policy does not apply to him. Does anyone call him on it. No! I say if you can’t comply with policy which applies to all employees you shouldn’t be working for Creek Nation. I am so sick of people getting away with violating policy. Why is it some employees do as they please. Wake up people make all employees follow the rules.

          3. Honestly, Honesty?! Do you truly believe a Dr. being 15 minutes late is the cause of the 60+million dollar hole that the Health Dept. has dug?!! I hope that you have more sense than that. It sounds like you have a personal issue w/ said Dr.

    2. Shoneen does not make a good impression. We all know she
      wants Seneca’s job as Secretary of Health. I am so disappointed in Thief Tiger’s administration. We need new leadership. Seems to me like the administration always got the raises and the employees do not. Anyone that was a Tiger follower should be terminated. They did not speak up or ask the important questions. The employees are making all the sacrifices. Please put qualified people in Department of Health positions. That includes the HA’s. No wonder they don’t last long at the Koweta Clinic. The employees are not happy. We give it all up and the upper administration gets all the benefits. This has to stop. I understand the freeze on raises. We are trying to make money and for the tribe. Insulting the providers (when they are so hard to get) doesn’t help. Your problem is in coding, billing and insurance. Everyone please pray for Chief Floyd. Give him a chance.

      1. Heard that a PA gave notice to leave and people are looking for new jobs in Sapulpa due to the lack of support from Lackey administration and disrespect toward one of the Doctors from the last staff meeting. Way to go Shoneen and Beets! Creek Nation has a bad reputation in the medical community. How many applications do you have to fill the Doctor positions? Probably none.

        1. Someone needs to teach Sharon Britt professional speech and respect for the physicans.
          She’s a piece of work.
          Mark it on the calendar she will be an embarrassment to The Chief.
          We all understand she’s kin to 2nd Chief family but that does not make her a good employee.

          1. Why didn’t someone from administration speak up and tell her how to behave and address professionals? She is representing Creek Nation and proving to be an embarrassment

            1. All I know is there is one thing Seneca Smith did right and that was fire Sharon Britt before he left! Why on earth would you knowingly bring back someone like her? I can’t figure out if the new chief just likes to surround himself with stupid people so he’s the brightest one in the room or just prefers dominate, crazy, bi-polar women. LaDonna Northcross, Judy Haumpty, Kathy Guthrie, Sharon Britt, Ruby Booker just to name a few.

              1. Oh, anon aka Gina burgess and her wannabes patricia, robin, kendall. You are all Tiger supporters and need to go. No one will get anything done until you and your wannabe controllers are gone! Patricia covered stuff up for tiger, Kendall covered for her dad ted, and Robin milked all she could from finance and couldn’t handle it, then went on to NC, please NEXT!

            2. Sharon worked for Eufaula Clinic long enough that she should know Professional Medical etiquette. Working as a PBC there were times that she would have had to work closely with the Physicians, that is if she was doing her job properly.

              Why would Administration correct her? They have no power over her, if they tried to correct her, they wouldn’t have a job anymore, don’t you know how it works?

              Not only is she making herself look like a fool but taking her family (2nd Chief Hix) down the primrose path with her. I would be embarrassed to say I’m related to her much less help get a job back with The Department of Health. I’m not a Seneca Smith fan at all, but he did make one great decision and that was letting Sharon go. She is a total embarrassment to MCNDH.

      2. Does anyone know if they advertised for the positions that Shoneen, Tyler and Rhonda are in? I thought they were going to bring in new management. We do not need to shuffle these people around. They have been there for years and helped to make this deficit? We do not need more of the same. The current plan requires that the clinics carry the brunt of the responsibility to make up the deficit. They are not equipped with enough manpower to do this. After a few months of this all of the rats will start jumping off of the ship resulting in fewer staff. Patients will suffer from substandard care due to the lack of time to assess each patient. I thought Shoneen use to run the Quality department at the Health Department?

    3. It sure would be nice if chief read this site and could see just what his choice in people have done to the department of health. Shoneen and her mean, command by fear tactics along with the king “kono” himself CMO beets. He won’t even stand up to her and protect his providers. Down the toilet the department of health goes.

      1. Beets and his sister are ridiculous. Can anyone say power trip. They are embarrassing. Beets is pussy whipped and Kim dresses to impress with a bar fly style.

      2. When is some one going to do something about the administration at the Health Department? They are incompetent and are not knowledgable. They have minimal experience outside of Okmulgee. When are we going to get some new people? Does Creek Nation really lack the depth of leadership that no one is available? When are they going to receive a pay cut? I am disappointed in the leadership mentality of Shoneen and please do not even think about Beaver as leadership material?

        1. Why does the National Council not make the Health Department reduce positions in middle management at Lackey Hall? The administration at Lackey is still incompetent and wasting money. Shoneen, Rhonda and Tyler need to go and be held responsible for their part in covering up the deficit. These people are making fools out of Creek Nation Executive Office and Council. Should have went ahead and let Vark go. Beets is new to administration and was not at Lackey with the Tiger bunch. Time is running out to clean house.

  9. Sounds like Tiger is still passing around money. He is already campaigning for next term. It will be ironic if he runs against one of his supporters . Look out Dode! He is coming after your job.

    1. George will win if he runs against Dode.
      The NC will make him Speaker and then the ball will once again start rolling down the hill.
      Ms. Barnett can cuddle up to George all she wants to but he wants back on that National Council and will do whatever he has to get back on..
      Heck, by next year Roger Barnett should be out of Federal prison and they can campaign at the same time. Roger for Okmulgee district and George for Creek district.

  10. Why anyone, whether Mvskoke or not would listen to any conversation with George Tiger after the closing of his eyes to the stealing of tribal money proven by the FBI by 2nd Chief Roger Barnett and the deficit of the tribal treasury after his four years in office is beyond imagination.

    George Tiger has been stealing money from not only MCN but other tribes.

    He bathes himself in the luxury manipulation with not only tribal members but women.

    If MCN Media has any respect for us as Mvskoke, they will stop giving any time to George Tiger.

    George Tiger talked the most insane trash about Chief Ellis while Tiger was Speaker and during the four years George was Chief. No one should give any respect to George Tiger for any reason. The fact is that we made a mistake making him Chief when we knew all well that he was a thief. Because Mike Flud would not bring out the bad things that George had done in his past is no reason for us to have elected him.

    George Tiger has raped our tribe, embarrassed us in front of other nations and is still getting the preferential treatment from our own media.

    Why hasn’t MCN Media ever asked Chief Ellis about the accusations made by George Tiger about Chief Ellis’s administration? Tiger was allowed to talk negatively about Chief Ellis, show disrespect and at every meeting or gathering talk badly about the “Previous Administration.” Even as lately as last week the MCN Media allowed George Tiger to make negative comments about Chief Ellis.

    Enough MCN Media. George Tiger is a thief, liar, manipulator and adultery. Give it up. We are sick of it. Stop it Jason Salsman.

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