12 thoughts on “Former MCN Chief George Tiger discusses reported health deficit”

  1. I am not surprised but believe most if the financial mess is from Google Tiger. Too much money spent on things tribe didn’t need.

  2. If Chief Floyd & 2nd Chief Hicks were on the mend for us and what George Tiger has put this tribe through, Tiger would be in jail.

    Why won’t Chief Floyd tell his Prosecuting Attorney General Kevin Dillinger to put the cuffs on that corrupt man.

    George sold Roger out to the feds to protect himself and it worked.

    There is a lot of information that has been destroyed at housing concerning George’s mistress and her home and that alone should be enough to put him in bracelets.

    The contract he signed with Shane Rolls before he was Chief but elected to the National Council is another reason the guy should be behind bars.

    Is it Chief Floyd, 2nd Chief Hicks or Kevin Dillinger that is protecting George Tiger.

    1. I hope this administration is not shielding Tiger, and I don’t think so. I believe a lot of the deficits are from Tigers tenure..too much money spent. hopefully it will all come out. it’s time the tribe had some normalcy and honesty.

  3. George Tiger, Roger Barnett and Tiger’s cabinet should go down in the books as the worst chief and administration in history.

  4. George Tiger is one of the most corrupt people I have ever known. It is proven without a doubt that he sells out his own people for personal gain. His kick back history is second to none, and you only have to talk to him to know you have been lied to.
    Yet the NC knew home well, and still let him rum pretty well unchecked. Johnny Greene even refused to vote to have him impeached. She is one of the senior members of the council. Tiger is corrupt, and it took corrupt people to support him, And some of those very people are still on the NC. Shirlene Ade was defeated, but Johnny Greene, Robert Huft, and Dode Barnett are still there. I bet others could be named as well. And they too will get votes, and Tiger will probably run again for some office. The MCN has become as corrupt as those people by allowing those people even in office. We are more interested in what freebies we can get for ourselves than the good of our people. We have proven this for years. We all are proud of our new Chief, but when he is forced to make the tough choices that might cut out some perks that some think are a birthright, he too will catch hell.

    Good luck Chief Floyd, but your work is cut out for you.

  5. The man each of you speak of has no shame for all he has done.he has set the Nation back years. while looking out for himself making deals with contractors, businessmen,and land investments grossly overpriced. He and other creek citizens have used and continue to use the Nation for their self benifit. He even grossly overpaid non tribal citizens for little services. He gave the appearance that many things were being done for the people of the Nation but what was really improved ? Citizens should realize your last so called leader took care of his family and others that could help benifit him financially and some still do. There is no other Chief to blame for were the Nation stands at this time. Many prayers that it will survive the hard times ahead. I Also hope and pray the people of the Muscogee Nation never elect the past two so called leaders of the last administration . They both had no shame. It’s good you have a Chief now that will do his best for the Nation and the people.

  6. This Chief was not allowed to meet the President of the United States of America , because of his background.
    This Chief lost by more votes in the history of Principal Chief elections, just last year.
    Today he was given the opportunity to muddy our waters by having this interview.
    He placed blame on our new Chief, our National Council and the Chief before him.
    Seeing his face, having anything whatsoever to do with Mvskoke Nation was sickening.
    Yes, he is a citizen.
    The punishment for Tiger, Barnett and any other citizen that commits treason against our Nation should be loss of citizenship.
    It is our prayer that our legislative branch will write a tribal law that :
    Treason = No Citizenship.
    We are a sovereign nation. Citizenship can be revoked. There are some crimes that warrant revocation of citizenship.

    1. To Vote to Revoke
      You have a great idea, and you can do it. You don’t need the Council, they are too weak. Consult the Constitution and follow the instructions. Good luck.

  7. Knowing George, he will probably be at the quarterly session this Saturday. Johnnie Greene, Adam Jones, Dode Barnett or another of his followers will give him time to speak to the citizens.
    He’ll have on his red tie and black suit and prance right down in the front row, shaking everyone’s hands while walking the runway.
    See me, see me, see me – I love my people.

  8. In reply to Okmulgee_Creek.

    George Tiger –
    He can’t decide who to blame.
    The administration before he was chief,
    or the administration after he was chief.
    One good thing from the story is that he IS NOT THE CHIEF ANYMORE.

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