Budget and Funding

New Topic Requested: Budget and Funding

We are in debt $18M plus $66M. We are taking out loans. What measures have been done prior to making tis decision? Can anyone please tell us how many positions were eliminated and how much money was saved; how many assets were sold to put toward this debt; which program budgets were cut and by how much; if there was any type of hiring freeze to help more money go towards this debt . Can we please see or does anyone know the plan to pay this money back? I understand in times of debt and economic shortfalls not everyone is going to be happy and there will be many sacrifices. What sacrifices are being made other than borrowing more money?

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  1. I was just watching t.v. and saw the new commercial about the choctaw and chickasaw coming together with the state to resolve a water issue. They are all working together. We need to stop attacking each other, drop that wall a bit, and come together to bring not only ourselves up but the tribe up. We each represent not only ourselves, but our family and our tribe. I’m proud of the choctaw and chickasaw. We have always had people that snickered at them as being “less indian” than us, but we have so much negative in our tribe and how we treat each other. I hear even some of our traditionals that talk more about money and what they are getting out of something than what they are doing for our seniors, our children, our woman, and our people. I’m ashamed. I am hopeful that there will be someone that steps up during the next election to bring us all together and move us forward towards what the choctaw and chickasaw have accomplished. Good for them. I know we can do better…. we have to. Its just bad medicine to keep going like we are.

    1. Actually that Choctaw/Chickasaw ‘water treaty’ (lol) with Oklahoma was just not to go to court over the water rights in their domain is meaningless, useless and all hat and no cattle…what they got out of it is the useless rant that Oklahoma recognizes the sovereignty of both tribes…means nothing, because states are not the ones that grant federal recognition and tribes are already inherently sovereign…its actually the opposite..tribes in this state, recognizes the state..we were here first…but in saying that, the state still controls the water and still make all the money off it….this was just a bunch of Republican Indians cowing to a bunch of Republican Oklahoma politicians…much a do about nothing….

  2. If this tribe is in such a deficit then why are we spending money on such useless things. First a $5000 baby shower and now we are sending George Thompson, Bill Proctor, Bobby Yargee and Lesah deere yargee to Hawaii. Why? Because the Declaration of Independence has been translated and rewritten into Creek and they will be presenting it at some conference. Seriously? Why do we even care enough about some declaration of independence of white people from their mother land? This document is just another chapter of Native American oppression. They may have got their freedom but continued to brutalize us. Yes lets honor the fact the the whites got independence from a harsh and brutal foreign country at our expense! And why the hell do we keep catering to Bobby Yargees wife?

    1. I actually agree with the need to participate in that particular conference….it’s important that treaties are honored. Chitto Harjo and others sacrificed their lives to protect the Opothle Yahola treaty. Unfortunately we do live in a white man’s legal world and play on their ball field, mainly because their guns are bigger…if there was another way, please share….until then, it’s important that our tribal governments play every card we have, because we all know it’s a matter of time when the pendulum will swing background and we will not only need each other but also the help from the international community of world. It’s already being reported out of Donald Trump’s campaign that he plans on following through with the Carcieri opinion of US Supreme Court and closed the casinos of post Indian Reorganization Act tribes, (his gaming competitors) and will succeed if he wins….so yes, I think it’s unfortunate that the NC is wasting money on none Creek organizations or their personal projects when to many employees have gone for years without a single penny raise and some tribal programs cut to the bone…but there are some issues they should certainly be mindful of and one is that conference…if my health was good I would go my self…and I’m not a fan of Hiwaii…
      If you want to know my concerns about the direction of the MCN, I make no apologies….the transparency issues when it come to authority board positions is shameful, the fact that the council is selecting board members and approving their own selections is as banana republic as you can get….can you imagine the US senate nominating Supreme Court justices and then approving their own nominees, can you also imagine the same US senate nominating the Secretary of DOI or the Assistant Secretary of the BIA and then confirming their own choice. The balance of power within the Muscogee Creek Nation has been toss off rail since 2012 when that crap was started, good intention or not…. There is a reason for the Chief to nominate and the Council confirm or not…it’s call balance of power… any thinking person would understand the basic civics in that….also what is annoying the hell out of me is this unending chain of commission appointments using Art V sect 2 (c) which is not the intent of the constitution….if it was so, then the language in article V section (b) would have not been needed..as commission can be forever granted….also the at large communities who are only courted for votes and yet election after election empty promises are spoken that has the worth of fool’s gold, those folks have had it and you can bet their votes will make changes and soon…I can rant on…but you get my frustration….

      1. You are certainly entitled to your opinion as am I but could you please explain? Why is there such a need to participate in this conference? The declaration of independence is not a treaty, besides treaties have been neglected toward natives for ever. How is translating the declaration of independence into Creek important? This does not benefit us in any way. How does sending these 3 Mekos and 1 nobody to Hawaii benefit us? Why aren’t the other Mekos treated with the same luxury?
        You stated is there another way? What do you mean? Another way to do what? What is the presentation of this document doing for us?

        Your opinion that the need to participate in this conference may be correct but this whole declaration of independence b.s. doesn’t accomplish squat! Just three guys and a nobody that thinks she is a queen of some sort saying look at me, look at me. There are other Mekos that actually practice tradition unlike one of these guys that arent getting the same respect. They are no better than the rest.

        Bottom line! We have enough financial problems here. So something so useless such as this just sets alot of us boiling!

        1. Sounds like “mekko” Proctor is showing his jealous side towards the other mekkos again and putting down woman. He has not changed since high school. Get over it.

        2. Building international bridges is the point…for example, when the colonist decided to revolt against the crown, they sent ambassadors to France and other nations to build a coalition against Britian…today we have the opportunity to build relations through the international indigenous community…as far as who gets to attend, that is decided by leadership…allowing Mekko Thompson to attend, the traditional Mekko of the Creek Nation is a no brainer in my opinion, as they are meeting other indigenous nations who still practice their traditional and sacred ways….
          To my other point which is more of a problem is the none transparency of authority board positions nominations including the NC picking and choosing their own people….also the outrageous waste of funds from bot ball to baby showers etc etc etc all the while employees have not had a raised in years….anyway another thing getting ready to hit the fan is the employees salaries placed in the news paper…everyone remembers that show….if they are going to continue that policy, I would like to see EVERY penny given and spent on to the National Coucnil including travel, mileage, stipends, gifts (like the free day of golf at the Flying Tee as an example), etc…also the attorney fees the nation pays to independant attorneys FOR ALL THE BOARDS including and especially the Gaming Authrority Board, every penny…also the expenditure is the authroity boards, every penny, including any travel, mileage, conferences, and hotels…..if we are to embarrass the low pay wage employees, then lay all the CRAP on the table….let’s not forget to add the travel and purposes for all the conference, especially when regular employees are complaining of certain managers going to conferences almost monthly, yet nothing is shared with the employees….I would like to see a column in the Mvskoke news monthly on those expenses….

          1. Ok, then I agree. It is ashame that alot of money is being wasted on frivolous things that do not benifet the Nation as a whole. Attending is one thing but how translating a document like that into creek language is beneficial to us still just escapes me. What is the name of the conference in question? If I have the name I can look it up and see what it is all about.

            As for the salaries being posted they should have been posted already. This is law to do this but since they dont post when they are supposed to or follow any other laws then it is just pointless. Employees know when they are hired that this is to happen so if it embarrasses them then they don’t have to accept the job.

            Whats with Bucktrot also. Majority of the council said they can be commisioned no more than 90 days and that fool has been there way over this. I never could get one of them to show me this in code or policy so it seems to me they just make things up to quiet the questioning citizen.


            1. My concerns are not nesscesary with the regular employees…they are hardly the problem, especially when you see the same people making the same pay from three years ago…my issue, it’s the unwritten expenses of the NC…travel, mileage, conferences, hotels, stipends, extras, and the list goes on…also the unwritten expenses of the Authrority boards, especially GAMING, along with the attorney fees…by the way, how they once reveal how much did it cost the Creek citizens to rebrand the River Spirit to Jimmy Buffets Margarritaville? I was told it was confidential…and how much was the plumbing contract to Congressman Mark Wayne Mullin cost us? I can go on with the so called transparency…The contracts with the River Spirit expansion should be placed in the Creek news paper for transpancy, and please enough already with we have to protect our investors…that’s just a dang excuse of not telling us the truth..,and good old One Fire Holdings, (still waiting on the audits that they were supposed to pay for, and let’s see if the NC allow us to see it, I doubt it) and then MNBE (good grief)….

              My opinion with the endless commission appointments…after one appointment it’s now in violation of the constitution…if the Creek citizens wanted endless commission appointments then there would be no need to for Article V section 2 (b), With the advise and consent of the Muscogee Creek National Council appoint offices of the Executive Office. The National Council may, by ordinance, vest the appointment in such inferior offices as think proper in the officers.
              What comes to my mind, is that the Secratary of Housing among a few others are not inferior offices….so they fall under “offices of the Executive Office”…
              So what have gotten since Jan are Art. V section (c) The PC shall have the power to fill vacancies by granting commissions which shall EXPIRE at the beginning of the NC meeting.
              Now if the constitution wanted commission appointments beyond the ‘next NC meeting’, then it would have said so and not needed the Article V Section 2 (b) at all….
              I hope MY opinion is clear…..

            2. Somethings to talk about at the water cooler:
              1)They amended the law at the very end of the National Council meeting in April to allow for six months of commissions. Don’t believe me? They amended NCA 13-045 which talks about only allowing 90-day commissions. Call the Council or chief’s office for clarification.
              2) Chief Floyd is currently working on the layout of the employee salary for the paper.
              3) I think people should look at NCA 12-223 which raised the council salary. The speaker makes $70,000 a year and the Council member makes $47,000.
              If you took away the council pay, you’d have a bunch of poor A$$ Creek citizens up there. The Council acts the way they do because they’re getting a high paying salary, benefits and don’t have to work more than a few hours a week.
              I maintain the fact we elected: a dumb social worker (Randolph), a janitor (Barnett), a construction worker (Jones), retirees (Jennings, Beaver, Deere, Greene), a dumb accountant (Hufft), a high paying manager who makes $100,000+ a year (Hill), a truck driver (Tiger), a pastor (Beaver), an electrician (Proctor), a former bus driver (Hicks), a language pre-school teacher (Jack), a stump of an ex employee (Yahola), and a former lighthorseman (Scott).
              Lastly, I tried to do what Eli Grayson did and play the favoritism card with Floyd and Hicks and I got the boot. I tried it with the council and I got hit on, ignored and one I just don’t know about. No job, no kickbacks and no return phone calls. In the words of George Tiger, “Mvskoke solidarity works.”

  3. There is one thing I actually agree with Eli Grayson, how can the tribe afford to appropriate all this money to botball, religious groups, etc if we are in a deficit. OR OUR WE??? They said do cuts, no raises, possible lay-offs for Health but they just allocated thousands and thousands of dollars at the June Council meeting and previous meetings how is that possible? Was the budget crisis just a political move? I do find it odd that the new Chief miraculous got the tribe out of a 18 million dollar deficit within a couple of weeks. It does make you think hmmmm!

    1. Well the way I see it the ball is in Chief Floyds court If he really want to help the tribe all he has to do is not sign any thing that was past today.

      1. Most of the request was written by Barnett she needs to go!!!Along with Green!!What salary do they get!!We the citizens of the Nation should be able to vote in a new constitution
        and eliminate the council members.And the salaries!!!They are raping the Mvskoke citizens!!!Not one honored soul on the council!!Not even James Jeginnings!!
        You are disgusting!!!

        1. I heard they make about $50,000 a year plus benefits. I don’t know if speaker gets more or not. They are outa control.

        2. I like it!
          If the National Council, who citizens hired to represent them but who have not kept citizens informed on issues important to them, and who have purposely ignored citizen’s attempts to gain information from them, and who have not, individually or collectively, established a formal apparatus to communicate with citizens, and based on statements during their campaigns they would be transparent, use the initiative to reduce their compensation.
          Citizens need to discuss the implications of this action on our Nation, and on devising strategic plans to accomplish this goal.

    2. I agree with you Makes you go hmmmm. Earlier this year the 18 million deficit was solved by taking it out of our permanent fund. I think the citizens should have had a vote. That’s a lot of money and no discussion with us before it happened. That’s the savings for our kids and grandkids. Then there was an additional 67 million deficit from health. The solution that council passed was to take out a huge 86 million dollar loan that will have a big 74 million dollar balloon payment due at the end of 4 years. If im wrong on the amounts or what’s happened, someone kindly correct me. its as if council and Chief Floyd has swept the debts under the rug. I haven’t seen anything in the last few months about how or what has been done to start to repay that, just a vague statement by leadership that says we’re going to use income from health to repay it. Okayyyyyyy…. can we see how that’s going? Did we make a payment to this loan of $1, $20,000, $50,0000 yet? What’s our new balance? We should know. Also there’s been talk and writing about jobs that were cut to help with the deficit. But haven’t seen specifics on what jobs in departments were cut including at the complex, health, gaming. They talk about programs that were cut back on, and other decisions to help with these 2 debts. I want the 18 million to the permanenant fund repayed too, but no one has said anything about that. A few vague statements do not mean anything to me from council or chief. To trust this process and the people making these decisions, I need to see specifics. The report online is just general statements. It doesn’t show what the goals where, what was to be achieved, or shortcomings. Its like the wolf reporting on the hen house. From what I hear each department reports on their good things, that’s not a realistic report of how programs are handling funds, programs, staffing, responsibilities by management or staff members. Has the directors and managers set goals for each staff member and program? What are those goals and are staff members doing the work. I hear folks talk about working down there. Some people complain that directors and managers make them do more work. Some think the more work is good for the tribe. Some directors and managers complain that staff isn’t doing their jobs. Some say some staff is doing good work. Seems like no one is handling this. Then nothing seems to get done and those that complain the most get their way and no work gets done. In my many years on this earth, it always happens that those that point the finger at someone else, or complain the most, are the ones that do not do their job and want to get the hot spot on someone else so they can sit back and keep doing nothing. If this is the best we can do, were in trouble.

  4. “Well well well… 10% cut across the board… unless you are specific departments… but you essential departments… cut cut cut… we don’t care that you provide services to the citizens! What do you think this is? A country club? And while you’re at it… since some of the bosses that we put in place can’t do their jobs we’re going to do it for them! We’re gonna take the 10% that we asked you to cut and install some time readers… never mind that these COULD be implemented in a wiser and more cost effective way… we’re rich! We will spend even more money later to make that happen. What was that? You aren’t authorized to ask us why we aren’t implementing steps to save the tribe money…. but we are talking about it… that’s what we due.. talk.. blow smoke and make you think we are acting on it… Deficit smeficit… Now why would us top level folks don’t need to cut our funds…. how dare you. Do as we say not as we do! We don’t answer to you… we answer to ourselves cause you dummies keep voting for us… hahaha…. And some of us… we make big bucks for less than part time work! Full benefits, travel, cell phones, computers… you mad? LOL… We don’t even have work… we just write checks… we make it rain! $$$$ Can you keep a secret? Are you sure? Ok here goes… We are going to keep bleeding the nation dry from the top down… and guess what? Since we will be rich and gone by the time you fools notice; it doesn’t even matter to us. We will blame it on previous administrations (even though most of us have been around forever and just keep getting recycled) and mismanagement… but we aren’t going to do anything to fix it… that would be political suicide…. No way! We want you to be focused on all the piddly stuff… we’re secretly terrified that if ya’ll find your voices collectively you will ruin what we have going… so we want you to keep fighting with each other… [high fives the federal government for getting the ball rolling… for injecting hatred and jealousy and bigotry…] don’t mind us… we’re for the people… stay worried about those “thin bloods” and all the he said she said… keep throwing shade at each other… LMFAO… [under their breath] dummies….” – Executive and Legislative Branches

    1. Sounds like the electorate needs to oust all incumbents in the next election. That would be Floyd, Hicks, Lucian, Barnett, Huft and who else is an incumbent. Corruption at Creek Nation is rampant. What happened to the transparency that the citizens were looking for?

    2. Speaking of country club, did you see where some idiot from interior department asked for money for the golf club. Shame on whoever brought that to council. Money is just flying out of their pockets. At least it didn’t pass, but come on, let’s make smart decisions, not just what one person thinks they want to do for themselves. We’re still in debt remember. Let’s take care of primary survices, seniors and kids first. Golf club, shame on you interior.

  5. Everyone please watch the next council meeting carefully. There is a lot of big money being requested by Higher Ed and the Museum departments. Dodie Barnett is sponsoring several bills for supplemental appropriations for higher education. Didn’t I read on the tribal website or paper where there had been budget cuts due to our huge amount of debt??? Departments can’t back door that by asking for supplemental appropriations to cover those lost dollars. It’s getting close to the end if the fiscal year, even though departments have to live within their means they need to stay with the same funding they have. What if every department did this? The museum department has asked again for over 2 million dollars for the council house. They were denied last year twice because of the financial crisis we are in. Just because we have moved that debt to a bank doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist still for us. Del Beaver is sponsoring this. His brother John Beaver was the curator, his uncle Pete Beaver was on the museum board and Chris Azbell was on staff of the museum. All playing the same game. No progress occurred and lots of money was spent on salaries, architecture plans, and plans for the tribe to pay a huge amount for the museum now the council house. Go do your job museum staff, get grants, donations, outside sponsors, and plan better!!!!! Do the hard work our people are paying you to do not just ask for money.

    1. Jon is not Del’s brother, he’s his cousin. It cracks me up that people will just say anything whether they have all facts or not. With half truths how can anything that is said on here be believed. Get all facts straight before saying what you believe or hear or think. With the crisis that we are in I believe that what is needed at the museum needs to be put on hold or look for grants. Just get all facts together, it makes you look unbelievable when you don’t.

      1. I get the point. They are related and will promote each others causes. It would be inconceivable to give them millions of dollars when the tribe has a 65 million dollars loan and a 45 million dollar balloon payment for the Okemah project due soon. I do not believe that anyone has been made accountable. They just want to blame it on the people that are not there anymore. Rhonda Beaver should be held accountable since she was the Chief of Operations. Is her husband keeping her there? Vark should have been fired along with Shoneen. What about Tyler? He is still there and was the Head of Accounting! Floyd, Louis, Lucian, you boys better get it together and start making changes. Council needs to insist on changes in management and administration if the Executuve Office will not!

      2. Dear Get it Straight and everyone, i am sorry I did not state the relationship between Mr. Beaver and Mr. Beaver correctly as not brothers but cousins. My neice corrected me on this as well. A small mistake, but the relationship is still one that i think influences possible fund distribution. Other than that error, I stand by my points I made about the funding issue and the need to watch carefully what happens with the extra money that is going to be asked for by higher education and the museum at the upcoming council meeting. Whose next, will Health Housing or others come to council asking for “extra” money too? Watch carefully. Its going to be like the old shell game. Keep your eye on the funds and whose hands are on the shells.

  6. So while the nation is cutting budgets and possibly cutting programs we still have a council rep wanting to fund a pet project for a quarter of a million dollars! Now the rep crying because they didn’t pass it at committee telling everyone to call a rep to let them know to support it. Have we been appropriating a quarter of a million every year for botball?

  7. What does it mean postponing Bucktrot & Guthrie indefinitely? I don’t think neither should be confirmed ever.

    1. Yes please explain.. Guthrie has years of experience. Probably more than almost anyone that is at Creek Nation

      1. Well apparently “all” her experience didn’t getting her confirmed. The tribe has spoken, Please bring Chief Floyd your torch!

        1. Miss Guthrie has the experience and knowledge to be the comptroller and is honest. Political involvement is why she was not confirmed. Political involvement is why the Nation has not progressed for years and if it continues it never will. To much jealousy and hatred in the Nation by certain employees to expect a good work force. Could possibly have issues with filling the position of the comptroller because of fear of being shut down by the council. Four months and still lacking a comptroller. Isn’t budget time coming soon.

  8. We are able to see the monthly general council meetings online. I know that we want to keep some information probably private, but is there a way where as tribal members we can view the committee meetings via video? Use our tribal membership numbers as a security user name or something to that nature. It would be good if we could see for ourselves if we are not able to attend the meetings, the discussions that occur. There may be things we do not want outsiders to hear, but there should be a way we can access the viewing as tribal members. And thought #2, any time there is legislation that is being passed at the monthly session can yall please put an amount on the agenda for those items. Many times they are, but other times they are left off.


      1. Is it true that the construction for the new building for the Reintergration Building is on HOLD due to specifications not being met? That Redstone Construction has the contract on both the new Hospital and Reintergration Building. What happen to TERO? I saw nothing but mexicans out there working on the building. Isn’t that George Tiger’s step-daughter’s company? Is the National Council been checking on these sites or when the ground breaking picture was taken was that the end of it. I would like someone to respond but it never happens.

        1. TERO is involved. That’s why Redstone gets all the bids.

          Waste of money. This “TERO fee” vendors have to pay actually ends up being the nation paying the fee. So in the end, the nation is paying for TERO to exist.

          1. TERO doesn’t select the contractor who gets the contract. That would be the Tribal Construction Department. TERO’s role in the bid process is to make sure preference is given to ALL TERO certified businesses (Business that have been certified, through a vigorous process, makes sure that the companies are at least 51% native owned).

            1. What you are saying about TERO is mostly true but it doesn’t and hasn’t worked correctly every since was created. The TERO program was first run by a family member of the last so called leader and most likely even benefited certain ones during that time. The TERO program even put the small contractors out of business for having to pay the fees to do work for the Nation. As it was mentioned the big contractors I mean the one contractor Red Stone most likely included the fee in their bid and the Nation ended up paying it. I would also question why the construction department would and did give almost all of the construction bids to one company. At least 7 to 8 jobs possibly more. And why was TERO excluded from the Tulsa One Fire golf project ? Another failure.

          2. TERO fees- from what I know, the TERO fees are used in training citizens, (Muscogee Citizens only).providing tools for places Muscogee citizens, sending Muscogee citizens to tech/trade schools, etc. Contractors add up to 5%in their bids for unforeseen problems I.e. Dirt problems, structural problems, or unforeseen labor cost. So the TERO fee is just 1.5% less money the contractor is actually making.

          3. Those vendors increase cost of a project to include the tero fee. Then they pay the fee to mcn, so the vendor still gets his/her money.

            1. Regardless there is a budget on all projects. In the event 1.5% is added, the budget is set and will not be changed. If the added 1.5% is added and goes over budget that vendor would not be selected.

              1. The 1.5 fee is a allowable charge back to the tribe . When a program purchase anything they have to explain the vendor that they have to figure in the 1.5 therefore we are raising the cost on anything w do or buy.

              2. The truth is, as easy and incompetent as tribal construction is, contractors don’t worry about the budget much. They know they are going to be able to convince them that change orders are needed. If you need an example, look no further than the Okemah hospital.
                As far as TERO goes, the only reason Tiger wanted it was to give Redstone and unfair advantage, and make a spot in his administration for another woman abuser. Most reputable contractors won’t even bid Creek work since TERO. It has in effect eliminated a large part of the competent contractor pool. How many good Creek construction contractors can you name? I don’t mean small ones only capable of some rehab work, but ones able to do serious construction projects?

                1. TERO was adopted because it’s a way of showing the tribes sovereignty. Why wouldn’t a tribe want to be able to give preference to Native owned companies?! Would you prefer the tribe’s money go to non native companies?? I’d much rather native money go to native people! Also TERO is a means of making contractors hire our native citizens. Do you think any contractor is going to voluntarily hire natives when they already have a crew? I think not! If TERO is such a horrible law, why are every other tribal nations adopting it? Because it’s progression! It is set to help natives in both obtaining jobs, and giving preference to native owned companies. Anyone against TERO is against helping citizens. I mean it’s simple. What is wrong with putting citizens to work, and getting native companies business? I see zero downfall to that.

                  1. How does TERO Help citizens? When all the contractors come in vying for work, they volunteer to hire as many citizens as they can. Then as it turns out, the contractor asks for them, and then they can’t produce.
                    And the contractor does most definitely put the TERO fees in their bids. This is passed right on to the tribe, so the tribe is paying the fees anyway. Just like insurance , bonding, etc. And it was brought in by George Tiger, and if it a great idea, it would be the first one he had.

                    There are vendors out there that employ Creeks, and one I know of got cheated by George Tiger and Roger Wiley. Now he can’t get Creek work. If you really want to to help citizens, don’t work so hard to restrict the vendors that legitimately have the ability and the willingness to hire Creeks.

                  2. You state it so simply. The construction cost is increased due to the multiple companies involved. Manhattan d not need help from Redstone. All you did was increase the cost to the tribe.

        2. I’ve seen the ones working on the new hospital at Dollar General and none of them could speak English. You could tell where they worked because of the shirts they wore. So much for supplying our Natives with jobs.

          1. The thing is… How many job fairs did TERO hold to try to get our citizens to go to work?! You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

        3. By the TERO Law (TERO is an actual law, not just a department) TERO can not touch anyone on the contractors employees unless they have been with the company less than 1 year. All the non-natives on that site have been with the company for longer than a year. The only way that can be fixed is by updating the law and give TERO the ability to remove all non esential employees and place qualified natives working for companies.

          1. For those that don’t know there is also a huge percentage that TERO is suppose to collect on every contract. I think I saw where it was 3% or 5%. That means for every million dollars TERO would collect that money. Can someone clarify this money, how it is collected and managed and what it is used for? The way the law is written, this chunk of money, is pretty vague.

            1. The fee is 1.5% of the total contract price, and that has never changed since the inception of TERO. So I’m not sure where you are getting that false information. The money is spent on Creek citizens. It is used for trainings, tools, clothes, etc. anything that will help a citizen: aquire a job, retain a job, promotion, or increase their pay.

    1. We are in financial debt. I believe in helping Chief Floyd in reducing the debt. Why are we still giving money to schools and funding other similar expenditures. We need to take care of our own right now. Is it not the time to be making donations unless it is a citizen that truly needs it. We can save money by doing this. Wake up council reps and do your job. Why don’t you all come up with ideas to help us save money instead of spending it. Lets start with administration. First of all isn’t it a conflict of interest to have Rhonda Beaver in administration and her husband a councilman. This is like the fox guarding the hen house. We could save a lot by getting rid of administration positions. Start with eliminating some administration positions and then eliminate middle management. You all expect the employees to do it all. We want to get rid of this debt.

      1. I agree with you. A lot of departments have been made up and have a head and an assistant. Some of these created departments should have been left as subdivisions of a bigger department and did not require creating a new head position associated with a higher salary. Look at the Department of Health. So many heads of department. When are our executive and legislative branches going to force the Secretary of Helth to reorganize the administration over there. They are continuing to waste money and we as citizens should demand the Department Heads to be decreased to five. We are being betrayed by the National Council and Chiefs because they are not enforcing this. Have they eliminated any positions at the hospitals? Are they going to continue to allow Shoneen to bully and harass employees? Didn’t the Speaker support legislation for a nonthreatening work environment under the Tiger administration? Where is he now? A hostile and threatening work environment is already starting in the Department of Health all over again. The Tiger people are all still there?

          1. There about 15. Look an the telephone directory and you can dee all the extra people. The business and IT are divided into multiple departments. Not necessary. Why does the Chief of Operations not have some of these departments under her? Is this a telling plan about her competence? Cuts and adjustments should have began here!

            1. I looked at the directory. Are you including Managers as Department Heads? I thought you were meaning officers. Can you name the heads?

  10. Just saw the most pointless video on Creek Nation Emergency Response facebook page. Are we actuall paying this odiot James Nichols to drive around all day looking at clouds and repeating everthing we already heard on our local news about the weather! Somebody get this clown off the payroll and use the wasted money on a creek citizen to have a real job! What a waste of money and gas. Somebody please tell me what he is accomplishing. Just look at the vehicle he drives that has thousands of dollars in upgrades! For what? Serves no purpose. Wth!

      1. Because he lives in Morris. He does whatever he wants on our dime. There is no need to employ this man. Just a big waste of money on a non Creek. Keep an eye on him yoy will see.

  11. In regard to Randalls concern on Tobacco. The communities are the ones selling tobacco, the tribe only collects taxes.

    1. To BEAR,
      The travel plazas sell tobacco and are not a community.
      The tribe does collect taxes on the sale of tobacco, but the communities must have a license from the tribe to be able to sell the tobacco.

    2. BEAR,
      The tribe gives the LICENSE to the communities so they can sell tobacco and pay the taxes. Without a license to sell tobacco from the tribe the communities can’t sell tobacco.

  12. Former Chief Tiger’s article in the Okmulgee Newspaper blames the shortfalls in our health system on the current administration and the administration before he took office. So guess that makes him blameless for the shortfalls.
    If Chief Ellis & Chief Floyd are to blame for the condition of our health system what the heck did Chief Tiger do for four years?
    The article makes it hard for us to understand where the blame is to be placed.
    Oh wait.
    If he left the nation in better shape than he acquired it, AS HE SPOUTS, then what the heck happened?
    The man is crazy.
    Is it Chief Ellis’s fault or Chief Floyd’s fault for the condition of our health system. Tiger claims he didn’t have anything to do with the condition of the health system.
    What on earth did Tiger do for four years?
    Oh yes, the Hall of Fame Gala. Strapless gowns and tuxedos – such Creek tradition – dripping off the shoulders of his wife and her daughters. Our ancestors would not have been impressed.
    Maybe his wife is to blame for him having his affair with those women, spending money on frivolous unimportant things, buying bankrupt property? According to Mr. Tiger, he is an innocent as a newborn baby.

    1. Sounds like the master thief is already campaigning for office again in 4 years. It will be interesting to see how many pitiful idiots vote for him. There will be several. Count on it!

      1. They will vote for him just because he will Give it away as George Strait sings. He has already givin the Nation away to ones that would give some back to him. Many hand outs to the less fortunate but no jobs for them. Trips, party’s, and just spend,spend , spend. He can blame anyone he wants but everyone knows he was out of control with the Nations funds and council didn’t always approve all he done. The Nation is just fortunate the two elected last term were taken out. God knows what they did.

      2. Prevent him from gaining office again by INDICTING and convicting him!!!!! Or be prepared for more ‘spin doctoring’….

        1. Yes he needs to be convicted. He was a horrible chief.
          I wouldn’t vote for him. I never have and never will.
          I’m beginning to think he has some mental problems

        1. Tiger can’t remember when, who, where or what he says from one minute to the next.

          In this article he says he never put blame on the previous administration. That’s all he did for four (4) years while he was Chief. Bashed Chief Ellis at every meeting, every event and every chance he got.

          So now it’s Ellis and Floyd to blame for our trouble?

          What the heck did Tiger do for four years except put the nation into bankruptcy.

          It’s all Chief Floyd, the National Council and Chief Ellis’s fault according to Tiger. Tiger is like an innocent little child, blameless and unashamed.

  13. Might take a look at salaries of some of the employees. Start with upper gaming employees, business enterprises, upper health employees and so on. Boards over some of the things allow salarys way above the the norm if this was looked into there would be money saved. These boards even allow large bonuses above the high salarys, why. Money is still being wasted daily. These high salarys could easily be adjusted campairable to the average salary and experience for each position. If the salarys and positions were posted citizens could see were a lot of the Nations funds were going. Wouldn’t hurt to look at the qualifications of board members too. Might need to rewrite qualifications in order to strengthen boards the oversee the Nations businesses. Time to move forward and advance the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

    1. I wonder how many unqualified officers are in Health Administration. Look at the deficit they grew. When are things going to change?

      1. Just because you have a degree does not mean you are qualified. Just look at administration. Yes they have degrees and look what they did. They did not do their jobs. We are in a financial crisis with the Department of Health. All those in charge of finances and management of facilities should be fired. Get qualified people in positions that care about our tribe. Get rid of Shoneen and Rhonda Beaver.

        1. Today is the council meeting at 10:00. Let’s see if the council has listened or if they will blindly give away more of our money even though we are still in huge debt. I’ll be there but if you can’t watch it on the website. Another note for a comment on another topic on here about information being destroyed at housing. That happens in housing and every department. Documents are trashed or taken home without any oversight and years of emails are destroyed without any oversight. People can act dumb and say they didn’t know they weren’t suppose to but they will continue to do it.

    2. Not only qualifications of the board members but also a good look at the job responsibilities and job production of employees. While we want our citizens to have jobs, we want them to do their job to the highest capacity they can, not just now and then when they feel like it. If one staff member is completing 50 things a week and another only 5, then someone is doing less than they are expected to do. There is always a reason why those that do less think they can, they have a hundred excuses or they’ll point the finger elsewhere. But we need hard working employees to represent us, just not sit on the phone talking with their friends and spouses. It’s these people that think just because they are citizens and may have worked (minimally) for the tribe for years and have family, church friends, or ground friends, in higher positions that they can get away with not doing the work our tribe pays them to do. If you hear someone complaining a lot or pointing fingers at others, be careful, they are usually just trying to distract from their own short comings. These are the folks that also need to be out and are wasting our money. The hard working ones are too busy to do this. Monitor the employees work and let’s keep the best and get rid of those that just want a check.

      1. Dang, I wish there was a “like” button – no, a “love” button on this website. Finally, finally, finally someone has hit the nail on the head. I nominate Citizen to be the next manager of personnel!

  14. Doesn’t seem like the current administration is taking any quick action to turn this debt around. Still have too many people on staff at Lackey. The clinics are not going to be able to make this up quickly. This will take years to recover from. No new management has showed up at Lackey yet. It seems like no one over there knows what to do and are asking for ideas from anybody and to write and send them in. I would think with their education and experience they should have some idea on how to correct this. They should know what to do. They just do not want to be responsible for these big decisions. Close one of the assets bought by Tiger! Consider decreasing staff at MBNE. It has not made any profit for Creek Nation.

  15. Wondering why tribal vehicles are gazed up at other gas stations in town.
    Why is the Travel Plaza not used? Seriously won’t be long and it will be out of business when Loves is cometex.
    Chief Floyd should make a pass thru the Travel Plaza. Or his Cabinet. It’s nasty.
    Employees,look like they slept in their clothes. The hair not combed. Attitude is horrendous.

    Now after someone reads this it will straighten up. Short term. Very short term.

    Hope someone in Economic Development is working on an idea of what to do with that place when Loves opens.

    1. MCN will make the either plaza a casino!! The tribe will charge the Gaming Commission an outrageous monthly rent amount and then for once the plaza make some money.
      When does the lease with Burger King expire?
      Where is the REX CHICKEN franchise we paid $180,000 for?
      Does the tribe own the building that houses MNBE? If so, move those employees in the travel plaza building and let them run the casino. All those MNBE people are brilliant and could surely make some money in the gamin industry.
      After all you don’t have to have a master’s degree to make money from gambling and tobacco.
      I’ve always found it so ridiculous that we sell tobacco and spend millions of dollars on campaigns trying to get people to quit smoking.
      Sort of like telling your children they should abstain from pre-marital sex, and then putting the girls on the pill and giving condoms to the boys.

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