Thief/Liar Tiger

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So do all you Tiger fans still think GT was a great leader?

He has always been a corrupt/greedy sociopath and will remain so until his death. He & his administration created the mess we now have. Anyone who still believes in him must be delusional!  It is so nice not to see his picture plastered everywhere and hear him praising himself.


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  1. Why has it become the normal practice to allow men that work for Mvskoke Nation to be allowed the opportunity to resign rather than being prosecuted in tribal court for sexual harassment or any other sex crimes?

    Ron Daughterty – resigned
    Edwin Marshall – resigned
    William Lowe – resigned
    Charlie LaSarge – resigned
    George Tiger – removed from office without prosecution.

    How many others are getting ‘get out of jail free’ card from MCN?

    What kind of message is this being sent to our young people, our women and outsiders? It says we allow men to harass our women.

    1. To answer the question… It says that for a time, Creek Nation, through electing a morally bankrupt Chief and 2nd Chief, harbored a culture of old,drunk,red-faced, blowhard, premiscuous, namedroppers, and put them all in positions of power, only to find out that any of these men are not fit to lead a pack of cub-scouts, much less a tribe and its business! So, from here on out, lets research who we elect and appoint. Make sure they are honest, have integrity, family oriented people who love and care for there children. Who have good records of employment, have good credit…Sadly, they are few and far between

    2. Past and present. All individuals you named being accused of sexual harassment all should of been investigated by the Light Horse and turned over to the AG for prosecution. If the individuals felt they were violated why didn’t they follow thru with filing a complaint? Probably fear of loosing their job or something might of been offered to drop it . The Muscogee leaderships past and present were and are most likely aware of many of the incident and have never questioned human resources concerning the many incendents that were reported. By not dealing with the serious of the matter and allowing it to continue it could result into one of your family members being abused one day.

  2. Praise chief Floyd for all the great work he is doing for the nation. This is truly a man with intelligence and vision. He has restored harmony between the executive and legislative branches. Proud to be Mvskoke.

  3. Does Angela Daugherty (Wiley) (Root) – still the director of the MCN Okmulgee Hospital?
    This woman is Frances Tiger’s daughter. Frances Tiger and Former Chief George Tiger live with Angela.
    The woman tells Tiger everything that goes on at the hospital and in the MCN health care and gives ammunition to Tiger to deface Chief Floyd.
    Please, Please, Please, Chief Floyd, terminate all contacts with George Tiger. He is making you look more unqualified to be the Commander in Chief everyday by keeping his contacts.

    1. Angela is gone.
      There are plenty of other employees passing information to thief tiger.
      These people are trying to blame Chief Floyd for this financial disaster thief tiger left the Citizens health system in.
      Chief Floyd needs to take a deep cut at Lackey Hall. Immediately. If any hopes of cutting the 10% start at the top. Do we honestly need security guards at the clinic? They sit and read the newspapers. Play on their computer. If there are any problems the Lighthouse are called. They make no contributions.
      Why do we have duplication of positions. You have the made up officers at Lackey. Then they have an assistant. That assistant has a secretary. Do something now. Not later.

  4. In the world of Creekdom, it would be wonderful, magnificent and marvelous if all employees of MCN were Creek Citizens.
    How many Creek Citizens are working on Margarittaville Casino this very day? 10%, 20%, 30% or more? No. Those numbers are to high.
    We get everything handed to us.
    We have our deposits paid for apartments,
    our health care paid for, our eye glasses are paid for,
    our prescriptions are paid for,
    our dental care is paid for, we
    have food distribution warehouses for food,
    free college,
    free funeral expenses, and we just want more.
    It’s hard to find Creek people that will work for a living. We all want to direct, manage, order people around and travel, oh the travel. Las Vegas, Arizona, Florida and wherever we get our department to send us. There are employees of MCN that have never been on a “ALL PAID BUSINESS TRIP.” I’ve been on those “Business Trips”. It partying and fun and anything goes. Nothing is learned, no reports given to administration about what was learned that benefits our nation and that is that.
    Chief Floyd just got back from a business to Arizona with his wife, 2nd Chief & his wife, Speaker and 2nd Speaker and what did the tribe gain from the trip? What did the trip cost? Who benefited from the trip? Did the “Citizens at Large” get anything? Or was is merely a trip for those living out of our boundaries to see the administration and shake hands? I don’s see the Chief & wife, 2nd Chief & wife, Speaker & 2nd speaker going to local communities to let us meet them and shake their hands.
    Where did the $65 million borrowed in March go? What did it pay for?
    What is MNBE giving the nation monthly?
    What is the Okmulgee Country Club giving the nation monthly?
    What is River Crossing shopping center giving the nation monthly?
    What is the Okmulgee Hospital and Re Hab Center giving the nation monthly?
    How much revenue is the RiverSpirit name at the Tulsa Fairgrounds monthly?
    How much revenue do our casinos produce on a monthly basis?
    Where is the information?

    1. Did you know that Speaker Tiger took his live in girlfriend and one of her daughter’s on that trip or the new Mexico trip. May ask him. Did tribe pay for them to go?

  5. We all know most of Floyd’s administration, which means he didn’t bring in people just because they had a doctorate degree. That’s what we’ve been wanting and now we all complain that Floyd’s people aren’t qualified, can’t have it both ways. I know Floyd is the best man for this position and his style of transformation won’t take place over night. We are fools if we ever let Tiger in any position in the tribe again.

  6. I am not a chief Floyd supporter but i did vote for him. But what you all need to realize is there is huge difference between tribal and federal politics, Floyd is a retired as a federal employee which has a infrastructure in place tribal politics change and the infrastructure is based on who you vote for. Floyd has not been involved in creek nation politics until recently this is all new to him he doesn’t know who are the experts in your needs. He has lived out of state until he was named the regional director for the va and we all know now what the va has done to our veterans don’t expect major changes but it’s still ten times better than tiger and that’s not saying much

    1. To Be honest,
      You are right. Chief Floyd doesn’t know much about the politics of MCN in the decade. When he worked for Chief Cox it was a lot different. We didn’t have a man elected that padded his nest and those around him with tribal money, crooked contracts, adulterer as Chief, a 1st Lady teaching our college students, his step children in high positions in all parts of the nation and an absolute liar, thief, cheater and corruptor of other Creeks.
      Those people that worked for Tiger and didn’t report him to the federal authorities are as corrupt as Tiger is.
      He is gearing up for the next election and with the Chief Floyd’s lack of tribal government experience we will probably re-elect him over Chief Floyd.
      What are we?
      Do we love to be humiliated and embarrassed in front of other tribes and people?
      Chief Floyd is probably a good man, doesn’t steal and isn’t looking for a way to may himself or his family rich off of the nation.
      He just listens to the wrong people.

      1. Chief Floyd take charge and don’t rely so much on Second Chief he is new to tribal goverment and learning each day he is there. Tribal Politics are really bad in the Muscogee Nation as you will see. You really should have advisors other than Second Chief. Be careful who you trust and watch your back . There are many good employees and their are the ones who have there own agenda you need to be aware of. It is understandable you are actually new to this and have inherited a failing goverment due to the past administration and have only been in charge for nearly four months but the talk is bad thru out the Nation by some and good by others. Sill changes needed that will come back to haunt you if not made that you will figure out sooner or later. It is good that you are Chief of the Muscogee Nation now become a leader the people will be proud of. Wishing you the best four years ahead with many prayers. Just wanting to see you succeed and the Nation prosper for everyone.

        1. I agree with One Who Cares, I feel the 2nd Chief has too much say on what is happening with the Nation. I voted for Chief Floyd for Chief not Hicks! It’s been obvious by some of the cabinet members that had been selected that 2nd Chief may had had a say. Also nothing against Mr. Bucktrott (Housing Director) but he was selected illegally. This position was never posted in the newspaper as our laws are required. Why didn’t HR follow the law? Why didn’t the AG step in and inform the Chief and Council this was against the law? And why did the Council vote on confirming Mr. Bucktrott when this was against the law? Does the Council not know our laws? Maybe that is why Health is in such a mess because the Council doesn’t take time to read our laws. Council took an oath!

            1. You need to do your research MvskokeMomma. Not all appointed positions are just picked without a process. Mr. Jones is right our law says that the housing secretary position SHALL be advertised by personel and three QUALIFIED applicants will be given to the chief to select from. Laws were broken by Chief Floyd and the Council. Our AG has already proven worthless for not informing our ignorant leaders of this. Several job positions are also being filled without advertisement or proper qualifications. Chief and Council should be fined for not following law but I guess this will be another law they will ignore .

              1. Funny how no one bitched when Brad Fox got shoved in there. Let’s be consistent with our complaints.
                Alright hot shot, what qualified candidates else are there?

                1. If I remember right there was alot of bitchin about Fox. The conversation was about if laws were broken not about anyone being a hotshot.
                  Who knows what qualified candidates there are. No one will ever know until the law is followed. Advertise like LAW says then maybe we will get someone qualified.
                  I don’t see you arguing about whether or not law was followed. Until our laws are followed nothing will work right.
                  Your comment is pointless.

            2. Title 16, 6-103. Clearly states that the position is to be advertised. The chief then makes his appointment from these candidates. This law.

          1. I wish you would just shut up! You are a whinner, it doesn’t matter who is in there you and everyone else is gonna grip. Lazy good for nothing griper.

      2. Just now read this. Yes floyd listens to the wrong people, Lewis Hicks , chris azbell, wasn’t his secretaries there during tigers administration? What does hicks need two assts. for. Isn’t one of them woody andersons daughter? Hope shes not worthless as her daddy. Bet he doesn’t help very much with his dad.

  7. We needed Floyd badly after four years of profligacy and sweetheart contracts. Tiger fell into a couple of deals that will end up making the tribe money in the long run but his policies and, most of all, his spending were sending us in the wrong direction.

    Full disclosure: I didn’t vote in the last election. But I will vote for Floyd next time.

    1. The two deals may make the tribe money some day, May, but if the truth was known his part is already made when the deals were made. One that fell thru for him was the casino in B/A. But he still made some off of that deal before it was crushed. The flying tee was one of his projects that most likely made him money also but the tribe only gets rent money and even invested 11 mill. The owners will reap the big bucks and it will take the tribe years to recover its portion. One fire LLC and MNBE have also cost the tribe millions. All went out non came back. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      1. I must take my comment back on the deals to make the tribe money. After some thought about the subject there is nothing really going to make money for the tribe just cost the tribe money. What a shame.

  8. James Floyd is a great leader with passion for the nation. I am encouraged by him and the improvements he is making. The tribe is making great strides, proud to be mvskoke!

    1. What are the improvements Chief Floyd has made?
      Please tell us.
      Tiger’s cabinet is gone because the constitution says they go when the chief goes.
      What great strides?
      Please share your information.

  9. Chief Floyd is the answer, he has the will and capacity to turn things around. Change is happening now, proud of the muscogee nation, proud of our chief and council.

    1. Our Tribe of Mvskoke Indians needs a leader that is a fighter, not a diplomat. Fight for us – the people. We are so fortunate to have our own Nation inside the United States of America and we knowingly elected a thief as our Principal Chief. Forgiveness, Forgiveness, Forgiveness is no place or reason to elect a Principal Chief. We could have forgiven George for his past wrongdoings but decided to “Forgive” and give him absolute control of our entire Nation which included our money, creation of jobs for his personal friends and family, giving money to his mistress along with a home and still all called him Chief.
      Thieves no Weakness has no place in the role as Principal Chief of our Nation.
      We will never recover from the 4 years that Tiger raped and pillaged our Nation.
      Our Health System helps less and less people every day, the Okemah hospital has cost $54 million thus far with another $30 million needed to complete.
      Nothing George Tiger touched has helped our people.
      It’s time to shut MNBE down. MNBE was created to make money for MCN and has not given one red cent to the Nation in over 6 years. We pour hundreds of thousands of dollars annually into nothing but worthless salaries to people that do nothing but run around in tribal vehicles and take home huge pay checks.
      START CUTTING OFF THE FAT. We sure don’t need any more salt pork.

      1. Um actually you’re wrong. And they have actually made all of their financial information public through mvskoke media, so before you try to smear individuals on the basis of what seems to be some personal dispute, you should probably take the time and do some research or you will continue to run the risk of looking ignorant and uninformed to people who have actually taken the time to research the current topics that are being discussed about our nation. So if you want to be a productive member of our nation stop spreading lies just to be spreading them, this nation is moving forward in the right direction so either get on board and help make a difference, or get off because criticizing people who actually are out there fighting for the progress of the nation as a whole isn’t going to cut it anymore. Start acting like what you are and that is a citizen of the Muskogee creek nation we are prideful strong people, we are not whiners.

        1. Am so glad to hear their financials have been turned over. I hope each and every business of Greek Nations financials have been opened up to the Chiefs office, National Council, and the public.
          Now we need a team of people / expertise to review/scrutinize them with a fine tooth comb. Immediately.
          Not a year from not. Please stop the bleeding. Actually the hemmoragie.

        2. to have some pride.
          I am a productive citizen of our nation but don’t participate in facebook, twitter or other social media. I see only what our newspaper tell us and what I see with my own eyes.
          I am neither ignorant or uninformed. Because I don’t participate in the new wave of information does not make me ignorant.
          I do no see transparency. I attend NC meetings and don’t know what they are voting on from the agenda or why.
          I am prideful of being Mvskoke, but want to see more from our administration for us low lives and old ones.
          If you don’t listen to the old ones, the present doesn’t matter because the present cannot create the future without the past.
          Yes, I am uninformed.

          1. Tina I wasn’t calling you personally ignorant, but to spread misinformation because you’re not informed is a form of ignorance. And if you do read the tribal news papers, then you would have seen their financial information was made public. It was on the front page, also if you do attend these no meetings you should have seen that they are not ran by a budget that is given to them like other departments, they are a completely self sufficient entity of the tribe. The information is available through multiple sources, and if I understand correctly they are one of the only entities that made their info public so obviously there isn’t anything to hide that is literally the definition of TRANSPARENCY.

  10. Tiger made great strides dragging the Nation down. Eight years of progress made by the previous administration totaly turned around in four years. We are now a laughing stock of not only the other tribes, but of everyone that can read a news paper. Now we have a new Chief who is at best certainly in no hurry to accomplish any change. This will fester and brew for his entire term, then Tiger the savior will return, touting himself as the answer to the problems he created. And many will vote for him AGAIN! And that is where the real shame is! Anyone want to bet this is not true?

    1. With Roger Barnett out of federal prison and not prosecuted in Tribal Court they again will run as the team that will bring the nation back to the top of the list of great nations.

      Chief Floyd chose a very weak Attorney General and did it with the National Council’s vote.

      Tiger will use this $65 million loan on the permanent fund as a “I told you so.” Chief hasn’t closed the Okmulgee Hospital like he said needed to be done, hasn’t done away with any unnecessary jobs falsely created while he was in office and those hired that do noting but stare at the time clock will vote for the pair again.

      We knew Tiger was corrupt, that he and Barnett had their entire lives lived off of women and the nation, whether MCN or other tribes.

      What we didn’t realize is the degree of the misappropriation of funds and people around him protecting his every move.

      Anyone that worked with and around George Tiger should be terminated – anyone. They had knowledge of what he was doing and said noting, did nothing and went along with his embezzlement and corruption. They are guilty also.

      If a person knows that their neighbor is stealing from the neighborhood and turns their head and pats the thief on the back, they are guilt of the theft as well.

      Secretaries, lighthorsemen, cooks, advisors, cabinet members, PR people, his family and anyone else knowing the wrongful management of or nation is guilty and should pay the price of going to jail or at the very least being charged in tribal court of withholding information and never being allowed to work for MCN again.

      That will not happen with Kevin Dillinger as AG. He has no idea how to prosecute or where to begin.

      Maybe Chief Floyd doesn’t want people to pay for their guilty knowledge, influence and turning of heads.

      We see no transparency in this government and merely going on trips with a few National Council representatives along with the wives of the elected people doesn’t show us a darn thing except things are as usual. Those wonderful trips to see out of state Creeks are not free, they cost us money, and plenty of it.

      George was a great leader of cheaters, liars and thieves – he governed well and the National Council gave him their blessing.

      People ask me “Why isn’t that man in prison, why aren’t those fake contracts signed by fake contractors giving payoffs to those Creeks in prison.” Answer: Creeks don’t prosecute Creeks.

        1. Not to mention… My family drove to Albequrque to see Chief, second Cheif, and Speaker… We got there shortly after twelve and they had left!!! Only social services and citizenship stayed until the end. Seems like the same ole same old to me!

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