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  1. A Nation divided cannot survive and most likely will not. Creek government in shambles, community’s, struggling, citizens unhappy, and all programs are very limited. The talk is good but the actions are poor. Creek people are surivers. Better start looking out for your selfs. The future looks grim.

    1. I agree. Programs seem very limited. We are going to have to try to help ourselves. Some people in these programs just don’t want to do a hard day’s work. It’s hard to say, but true. They just want to do the least amount of work to keep their job. No one these days tries to give extra time or effort. Its just not right. I wish we had people working for us that asked, what else can I do to better my job, myself, the tribe.

  2. This was taken from NCA 10-73 when the National Council tried to unconstitutionally create and put back in Roger Wiley as Attorney General. Remember (Sam Alexander, George Tiger, Roger Barnett, Shirlene Ade, Robert Hufft, David Hill, Cherrah Quiett, Lena Wind, Thomas Yahola, Darrell Proctor, Adam Jones III, David Nichols, James Jennings, Carol McHenry Williams, Kara Medina, Eddie Lagrone, Pete Beaver, Johnnie Greene, Paula Willits, Keeper Johnson, Pearl Thomas, Terrie Anderson, Carmin Tecumseh, Steve Bruner, Bill Fife, and Selina Jayne Dornan) when the Council tried to pass this. Here’s an excerpt from Chief A.D. Ellis’ veto about the National Council’s duties and powers:
    “The Constitution of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation and the judicial decisions of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Supreme Court support the proposition that the powers of the National Council are limited to passing laws, appropriating money and leqitimate advice and consent.”
    The reason Chief Floyd doesn’t have his cabinet set is because a majority of the same council are trying to do exactly what they did to Chief Ellis.
    Shame on all of you National Council members.

  3. How do you all expect to help our citizens with health care? They HAD to borrow out of the permanent funds. What were the alternatives? Help our citizens or let them die? Not all of them qualify for alternate resources or are able to afford them if they don’t qualify.

    1. We as citizens of the Muscogee Nation should expect our leadership to make the best possible decisions in reguards to who can honestly run and operate a successful health care system with the most professional care givers possible. The present Heath director should be relieved of his duties immediately because he was there when health dollars were being misused and depleted. Each and every one considered for a position in the Nations health system should and must be looked into thru past work history and a background checks and that would include everyone. It known that employees are also placed into positions that they are not quallified for and draw large salaries . Really the Nations health division should have a complete overhaul because if it ever is to be successful and the citizens expect quality care it’s not going to happen as it stands. The water is under the brige for the past four year of a costly and wasteful use of the health dollars but that’s not saying it’s ok. Just remember and never forget who all were in charge of and in control of the failed health system that some citizens solely rely on and never ever give the ones that caused the misfortunes an opportunity to hold office or be in charge of the health division. Things must improve soon and I do know the present Chief has only been in office for a few months but one must look at the seriousness of the issue.

  4. Chief and council are working together as a unified government. This would never happen with the previous administration due to lack of trust in the executive office. We have made great strides under chief Floyd, he is an intelligent man and taking care of business, restoring pride to the muscogee nation.

  5. It took Tiger 4 years to put the Creek Nation in a mess, so give Chief Floyd a chance, We are so quick to judge, he needs support from citizens. This is April, it takes time to clean up the situation tiger got us in. Comment about Ms. Guthrie, the Health Administration was in financial trouble before she ever came to work for the time, check your facts. I had rather have someone with 30 plus years of experience in tribal governmental finance than someone with an accounting degree that doesn,t have any idea how the tribe operates. Greed and jealousy will be the downfall of the tribe if we don,t start supporting our nation.

    1. This Man Chief Floyd begin running for Chief in 2015, was elected in a run off and then won the Chief’s election in November 2015. That’s 5 months of being Chief. Get going Chief Floyd. Get rid of Tiger people, Creek or not, get a Cabinet, and start at least acting like you have some sense about our Nation.
      Make some hard decisions and make true to what you said at the extraordinary session about closing the Okmulgee Hospital because of the deficit in the income. Don’t start off not fulfilling your promises.

      1. Sue, as we all know Chief Floyd was inaugurated Jan 2, 2016.
        He was not Chief in Nov Dec. He wasn’t on Jan 1st, tiger was.

        He could not make any executive decisions prior to that. That is te election process.

        Also you need to know tiger and employees tried to hinder the transition period.
        Not to mention the massive shredding of documents that tiger iniated. I witnessed it.

        Chief Floyd is working day and night. Never doubt his interest is The Nation. Not himself.

      2. When will this happen? I went to the Extraordinary Session that night. The Council and Chief Floyd told the heads of the Health Department to reduce to five heads. This has not been done. It has been over two months. They were expected to make major cuts at Lackey Hall. I think only a couple of people have been eliminated. The same people are there who helped to make this deficit and are not being held accountable or responsible! They are just taking turns running the Health Department. The citizens of this tribe voted for change and so far nothing is being done. The two large investments are still not making any profit and they think that the clinics can make it up by doubling the number of patients. Not going to happen. The management at Lackey can not grasp the magnitude or the extreme grave position the Health Department is in. Their minds are too simple and not enough experience from the private sector. The National Council and Chief Floyd obtained a 65 million dollar loan for them and they are just running through it. Where is the over site? I am requesting that the National Council have another Extraordinary Meeting at night for the citizens to attend to find out what is going on in the Health Department and why they have not reduced the head positions as requested. Citizens need to demand to have answers if the National Council will not? How much money are we going to waste due to bad management?

        1. 1st time commenting, but have been watching this board for some time. I attend council meetings regularly. I’ve been wanting to comment on here, but it seems like when someone comments they are jumped on very negatively by others on this site. I would like to see us be able to disagree, correct and state our thoughts on here respectfully without the ugly responses even if we disagree. What have we become? I just ask that we take a breath before posting and try to remember the lessons our grandparents taught us on how to treat others. Now here is my comment on finances. I get frustrated going to council meetings when I see us in financial problems then see very little indepth discussion happening before more money is given for projects. I would like to be able to have us as citizens be part of and view the meetings that happen before the general council meeting. If we aren’t able to attend the committee meetings, I would like someway before the general session for us to be able to hear what was said and approved. It would be great if there was a way on the legislative website for us to give comment on individual resolutions before the general meeting happens. We have voted for our representatives but I personally don’t think they are making decisions based on what the majority of us want. I would also like to see each council person interviewed on the radio or by video asking them why they voted for or against resolutions especially those with money involved. I would like to have the chief at the beginning of each council meeting give a summary of our debt and how our government has paid back each debt, permanent fund or loan. The before and after balance. We should be informed on this if not monthly then quarterly and provided specifics not just general statements. I do not think these are too much to ask of our government and leaders. Mvto

          1. Totally agree with you brother…one of the initiative petitions of article VI section 8 is to allow for public comments at all council meetings, giving each citizen time to address the council before a vote occurs on a proposed bill…also that the national council print the entire BILL so that each citizen can actually READ what they are voting on…these one liners explanation dont explain a thing and its wrote that way…the legislation is printed in its full form so that citizens know what they are talking about and copies are made available at each council session….

  6. Keep doing what your doing Chief Floyd, you’re making a big difference. Proud to be mvskoke under your leadership.

      1. You won’t hear Chief Floyd tell us he is humbled to serve as chief. If you have to constantly remind people that you are humble, then your not. The biggest difference is the PR department actually promotes the tribe and not the chief.

        1. Only those who have to build themselves up are lying to themselves and others. I know many humble, honest , caring people etc. because they live it. I heard a saying once that my dad said to me, “you may be the only Bible a person ever reads”. Our elders may not have had degrees but the good Lord filled them with knowledge of life and it you don’t have that in the world of politics, you have nothing. I see the ceremony ground people stand by their upbringing and I have great respect for them cause their elders, still today are teaching them about loving all people. I do not participate in their ways but I have friends who are and we get along as God intended for us too.

  7. I find it funny that some of those voicing their concerns at the Extraordinary Meeting have absolutely no reason to say anything based on THEIR qualifications.
    Dode Barnett: former jantior
    James Jennings: retired cabinet maker
    Del Beaver: husband of Rhonda Beaver
    Mitch Jack: former school teacher
    Mark Randolph: former social worker
    Adam Jones III: Brick layer
    Lucian Tiger: liquor store owner
    Robert Hufft: accountant (his abacus must be broken)
    Randall Hicks: General Manager of a casino

    Yes, these councilmembers are qualified to help fix our health system.

    1. Let’s give them a chance. Look at what the Health Department did. 65 million dollar deficit! Those fools at Health are supposed to know about managing the Health Department. Somebody should buy Tyler a calculator. There are too many administrators and not one thing is being one to decrease or combine jobs. They just keep sucking Creek Nation’s tit. I do not think that the National Council should give them any money until they present and formulate a plan to show how to reduce cost. First cuts need to be done in Administration at Lackey Hall. They will want everyone to work harder while they do nothing! They are asking for suggestions. Talk about totally lost. They are. Why is Vark still in administration? Why is Angela still there? Why is Tyler still there? Time to start kicking the cans down the road.

    2. So what I hear you saying is that blue collar folks are not educated, informed or enlightened enough to be the voice of the people. They are not “qualified” to research projects and they are not “qualified” to listen to the MVSKOKE people voice concerns and then vote on issues based on what the people want and what they researched? If we’re not happy with our N.C. and their qualifications, maybe we should focus on getting more voters. You know, since the majority of voters believe they were the most “qualified” for the job. Basically, it’s unfair to bash people because you don’t think they can do the job. They were voted into these positions.

  8. I believe Chief Floyd is addressing all issues at hand. This man has the responsibility of taking on the biggest challenge of life time. This mess occurred with the last Administration will NOT be cleaned up in One day, month, year this is going to take time to get our Nation on the right pathway again. All employees and citizen need to stand behind our Nation and have Faith we will be strong again.

    1. If Chief Floyd was addressing all issues, why is Charlie LaSarge still there? Why is tribal construction still intact after the huge over runs on the Okemah hospital? Why is Tiger’s daughter still in health? Faith won’t get you far without action, which is not being taken.

  9. Chief Floyd is doing a great job, he and his administration are taking care of business, cleaning up the previous administration’s mess. You won’t hear Chief Floyd put down Tiger every chance he gets, like Tiger did with Ellis. Rest assured, Chief Floyd is making the all the right decisions. He may not fire everyone who deserves to be fired, he may appoint people who we don’t agree on, but one thing is for sure is that he is handling business. His brand of leadership may take some time to develop and work, but this is transparency, we can see what he is doing every step of the way. Chief Floyd is an intelligent man and he has our best interest at heart, he is not a salesman trying to make as much money as he can.

      1. Read something other than this site. Chief Floyd is bringing respect back to this nation. Transformation is happening, just have to be able to recognize good leadership.

        1. Respect to the nation? We don’t see transparency,
          He is probably a ‘good man’ but he took on a job he knows nothing about.
          There is no school to graduate with a “Chief Degree.”
          Chief Floyd took on a job that he knew absolutely nothing about and borrowing from Peter & Paul to fix a problem is not a solution.
          In three months he will be asking for another $65 million to pay other bills past due.

          Getting rid of money pit MNBE, that that was created to provide income to the Nation, would be a start.

          1. To Linda., your correct there is no “chief degree.”
            But integrity goes a long way. Business sense is a big help. Honesty is a must.
            Floyd has those attributes.
            He is not here to line his pockets and give every friend he knows a job.
            Not knowing how hard or easy his previous life has been I bet he is facing a huge mountain.
            Please if you have a solution to clear the financial debt the he inherited share it.

          2. Any business owned and operated or under the umbrella of Creek Nation should be evaluated and determined if feasible to continue operations. This is only good business operations. We should not be spiraling downward and continue to throw money into projects or businesses that will not produce or better the nation and its people.

          3. Transparency is him telling us why we are in a deficit! Did the previous administration tell you that? I don’t think so that’s why it’s a shock to everyone! Tiger was the borrowing from Peter to pay Paul as you say! Tiger is the one who signed all those contracts on behalf of the tribe for building and taking out loans with ballon payments due in 4 years! All to the tune of 74 million! These are all contracts that he was allowed to make to build Okemah and Eufaula! We cannot just not pay and stop payments because I’m sure if they did we would probably be sued! We sure can’t afford that! If he was hiding things we would all still be in the dark! From what I hear heads are starting to roll @Lackey! So be patient all you know it alls!! He has cut all overtime to what the norm overtime rate and made shift differentials for the hospitals. He is doing lots of things for realignment and agree with a lot of the suggestions according to what the TR 16-045 is outlining!

  10. In many cultures, the Japanese come to mind, there is a certain ultimate respect for integrity and absolute accountability for one’s actions. In those cultures, if a leader/elected official ‘messed up’ then it was given that that person would fall on his sword…. wouldn’t it be nice if our culture is as strong as we tend to think it WAS?
    Call out these people who are totally inept and make them pay for their errors. It is not only for ego to run for office, it is to make a difference for the better….. FIRE the council!!!!!NOW

  11. I have nothing against Chief Floyd, he’s probably a nice man but I think he’s in over his head and wasn’t prepared. He’s been in office only a short time, yes but the minute you decide to run for Chief, shouldn’t you have a game plan? Once you’re in a run-off, shouldn’t that game plan get more scrutinized? Once you’re the apparent winner, shouldn’t that game plan go into effect? So technically he’s been on his mission way longer than 4 months. 4 months in, he still doesn’t have his cabinet set, most of his choices are questionable and not qualified. Haumpty was fired, so bring back a disgruntled employee with an attitude. Azbell worked in the Museum, now he’s over it, plus tribal construction, the farm, realty…etc, how is he qualified? Northcross another disgruntled employee, caused total chaos in Housing, extremely unqualified, now you have Bucktrot, a bull in a china shop, worked in a water plant, ran twice for NC, lost both times, chip on shoulder, he’s qualified? Guthrie was fired, another disgruntled employee with an attitude, was in Health with a 65 million deficit, so here’s an idea make her controller over ALL our funds? Byrd came and gone. Hawkins came and gone. Josie, really? If this is the best we got we’re in trouble. The Nation needed a change, needed a leader but we chose poorly. A man is judged by the company he keeps, look who he has surrounded himself with… Just my 2 cents.

    1. to My w Cents,
      I also have nothing against Chief Floyd. When a person runs for any office there is a remote chance that they might win the election. It is evident that Chief Floyd did not know anything about anything tribal. He’s a great VA person but tribal business is a whole new world.
      Judy Haumpy was terminated by Tiger & Ellis. There must be something to that. She likes to prance around giving orders and travel.
      Chief Floyd knew in September 2015 that he might become MCN Chief and yet had no one in mind for his cabinet, who should be terminated and the obvious layoff that should take place.
      He also most seems afraid to make difficult decisions and asks the NC for their blessing for the job that he is suppose to be the qualified one to do.
      Disappointment is heard throughout the nation concerning his choice of who he is keeping, who he is moving up and why the TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT promised is not being fulfilled. We know less about our tribe than ever before.
      Your comments , My 2 cents, are right on target.

  12. I don’t know if she is clueless or not. But, if she was part of this Health Department mess and helped cover it up or could not keep track of the deficit, the tribe should pass on her. Looks to me like that accounting department from health has problems with arithmetic and math and can’t keep track of figures.

  13. On Saturday, April 30, at the quarterly meeting of the National Council, I would like to see many citizens come and support Chief Floyd as he gives us an update on the Nation.
    I’ll bring plenty of juice and doughnuts.

  14. Went to turn in summer work app for my child, that Courtney lady was running around like a chicken with her head cutoff. That girl dont even know her own job. It was chaotic, ridiculous and very unorganized. But what can I say, it was like that last year when beckey lady was there. Just tells ya it goes back to the overpaid and uneducated manager. NEXT PLEASE!

    1. Sounds like someone waited until deadline to turn in their SY application again… You really can’t blame the staff because you have an issue with deadlines. To be fair, when you get over 600 applications and there are 2 full time staff members handling them, there’s going to be chaos if 300 of you wait until the last week to turn in your application or if say, you’re one of those folks who waited too late and call the National Council crying a river because YOU failed to follow the deadline. Let’s see you constructively offer up some advice on righting the wrongs since you’re obviously WAY more qualified than those you mentioned above…

      1. Last year it was chaotic. Sorry to say, but I don’t think Ms. Josie is a good manager. She can’t manage her employees, can’t show up for work for 40 hours a week (until recently), has her employees run personal errands for her, hires her own family members, and does not lead by example. I do hope who ever is over summer youth this time is organized and does not speak down to them.

  15. You citizens act like everything can be fixed overnight. Hello?! That’s not gonna happen! It’s a shame we must fight and argue amongst each other’s opinions and most of all, the rumors! It’s so easy to get caught up in all the drama and bad stuff but goodness, maybe we should start praying for the future of our tribe and the ones who are making those tough decisions you and I aren’t able to make. If running a large Tribe like ours is easy, wouldn’t we all give it a try?

    1. I do not forsee the Health System being fixed for years and years. How do you recoup from a 66 million hit and continue to function?

      Drastic cuts and changes must occur. Immediately. Hire someone immediately that knows how to do billing to try and recover millions lost in previous attempts by our current system.

      Require the current Benefits Coordinators to do their job or fire them. Not put them in another position to draw a salary for doing nothing. You currently have one sitting at the Okmulgee Hospital who refuses to do her job. Yes I said it she refuses to help patients. That is potential third party money being lost.
      More importantly she is refusing to help someone who is sick.

      Seneca failed to get the contracts in place for the durable goods store. So again lost revenue. Whose paying for that. They take money from Contract Health.
      He was a joke and a puppet for George Tiger.
      But look he’s not without a job as many of us will be when cuts are made.

    2. I agree, it cannot be fixed overnight. But the first quarter has come and gone. Progress?? Where? Charlie La Sarge is still overseeing lots of money. Still taking kick backs. Health is in a hole and the same contractor that was in George’s pocket is still milking us dry on the construction at the Okema hospital, Margaritaville, the integration center, and I am sure there are other areas. Why are these areas that were under George Tiger sill running unchecked? Tiger was crooked as a corkscrew, and Floyd seems to lack the strength or the will to take appropriate action to straighten it out. I am glad i voted for David Nichols. He has some guts.

    3. The key word here is TRY! What has our newly elected Chief done to show any effort besides obligating 65 million of the permanent fund? The Tiger spawn is still over in Health, and that is only one department that needs attention. I fear that Floyd has enough warrior in him to help us. So far he has not shown it.

      1. To straight up. The REASON Chief Floyd is having to deal with the Health mess is because it is of urgent necessity. That or close all clinic and hospitals. Could happen yet.
        The other reason he is forced to do so this is the mess Tiger and Seneca Smith left this tribe in. It is none of Floyd making. I am sure he would welcome another answer to this 66 million hell hole he inherited. So if you have one please offer it up to help save the health system for the tribe.

        1. Watcher, It is clear why we are in this mess. My question is why the people that caused the mess are still in Health? For instance Tiger’s daughter. How has he been the least bit proactive. Look at the other departments as well! Do you see much progress? Help me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  16. The NC just approved a plan Chief Floyd presented to them that included putting $65+ million of the permanent fund up as collateral on a loan to pay off debts created over the last four years in our health system.

    Understanding that we “citizens at large” are important, is now the time for the Chief, Speaker, 2nd Speaker and others to be taking trips to Arizona?

    Where did that name “Citizens at Large” come from. It sounds like we are all running from the law. Isn’t that want prisoners that escape from prisons called “At Large.”
    Any way, things haven’t changed, trips are still taken, health is still in debt and the beat goes on.

    Hearing Chief Floyd at his 1st State of the Nation, he told us things were great and the following month everything has fallen apart. Where is the transparency we were promised? Where is the accountability to us we were promised?

  17. Which National Council member was/is owner of construction company that was doing work on the new Fast Track /ER at hospital in Okmulgee?

      1. So was it Adam Jones company doing the dirt work at the hospital?
        I thought he built houses? Does he do dirt work?

  18. What other choice would the council have then? Maybe I missed that part of the meeting, but did Mr. Jennings have an alternative solution?

    1. Here is one ugly suggestion that I know won’t be popular but if all employees are truly working at CN for the people then they should be okay with it. Start furloughing employees one day ever other pay period. I know employees may not like the ideal but it would help with the deficit and with it only being one day out of your pay check every other pay day won’t be that noticeable. Just a thought to toss around.

      1. TO Tom
        Understand your concept. As an employee I would be agreeable to this.
        However if you have a good steak you typically trim the fat off and eat the red meat. Right now the Health System is swimming in fat. Other departments within the tribe are probably little fatty too. Many are just gristle.

  19. Our government as an elected body doesn’t work; it is in failure mode. Being in such a condition, government officials are not under any constraints and do as they wish. Some of what elected officials and the criminally minded do is commit felonious acts, and for which they should be prosecuted. Our government does not prosecute anyone who commits criminal acts. Therefore our society is a lawless one. This current condition of lawlessness has resulted in a horrific financial crisis, the results of which will stay with us for long time. Its cause is the result of a government that doesn’t work.
    Citizens can forget that government will reform itself, or that on their own will find a way out of the morass they find themselves. In the history of mankind, governments have never reformed itself. That has always been left for citizens to do. When governments become uneasy about the disquiet of the natives, they promise change, but stay the same.
    Our government relies on citizens to be scaredy-cats and kept under control. Therefore, citizens must put aside a fear that is not real and talk to each other. They must identify the essential elements that has caused the failed state of our government and resultant breakdown of our society. Then, we, the People, the real government, must form a consensus about ways to address these issues and put them into action.

  20. Praying the National Council and Chief Floyd will be able to make the changes needed to repair the damages that have taken place in the last term. I wonder does the Nations leaders really know the damage that has occurred and how deep it goes and how it will affect the Nation for many years? Hard decisions must be made without question to even begin to heal and head in the right direction. Continuing to cover bad decision making or wrong doings with more borrowed money is not the answer. The Nation still continues to finically put its self further in more dept. hard to believe your last two leaders one in prison and the other a defeated person could do so much damage to Nation and its citizens but they did and one says Im proud of the way I left the Great Muscogee Nation.

    1. I’ve been in that office countless times, never saw Courtney even when I ask for specifically. Barbara Dunn always got a damn excuse for her. I heard they look out for each other. Courtney will put her kids on the JPTA program or whatever it is and Barbara will lie and lie for Courtney. They commit fraud together, they were right there with Tiger.
      I heard a situation where Barbara’s son was forging signatures on his timesheet. Can anyone tell me this story and why he ain’t got prosecuted and that office wasn’t in trouble for supporting it???
      Is there anyone in her office that aint her or barbaras kinfolk?

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