U.S. Presidential Candidates on Native American Issue



U.S. Presidential Candidates on Native American Issues

In light of campaigning in Indian Country, here are links on how leading candidates are addressing tribes:

Fmr. Sec. Hillary Clinton

“Growing Together: Hillary Clinton’s Vision for Building a Brighter Future for Native Americans” from from her campaign’s webpage.

“How Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Is Making Its Play for Native American Support” from the Atlantic.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT)

“Empowering Tribal Nations” from his campaign’s webpage.

“In Arizona, Sanders woos Native Americans” from the Associated Press and “Bernie Sanders Replaces Stump Speech with Epic Call for Native American Justice in Arizona” from US Uncut.*

*The first article is slightly biased against the Senator but is the AP wire most news outlets reported for the March 17th event.  The second article is biased towards Sanders but includes video of the full speech.

Donald Trump

Trump has no website dedicated to Native issues, but here are some reported positions:

“Donald Trump and Jeb Bush Find Common Ground on Washington’s Football Team” from the NYT reporting on Trump’s defense of the Washington NFL team’s name.

“The Connecticut Roots Of Trump’s First Big Slur” from the Hartford Currant remembering Trump’s testimony to the House Subcommittee on Native Americans in 1993 concerning Tribal casinos.


6 thoughts on “U.S. Presidential Candidates on Native American Issue”

  1. We Have issues in our tribe that need to be ironed out asap.
    Im needing and hoping for employment soon. I was told Courtney Josie was confirmed. Tell me it’s not true.
    I know Rachel and Steven Bluebird it’s a shame how Courtney and her office staff sabotaged The Bluebird’s marriage. I do know Rachel and Steven don’t have a GED or drivers license and was given office jobs by Courtney. She was in a relationship with Steven when she hired him. I also know Steven operated a Tribal Vehicle with no license and Courtney was a passenger. She took him to intertribal to have an intimate affair on the tribes dollar.
    Josie and Bluebird relocated to Beggs. You can’t run from the truth.
    It saddens me at the behavior allowed and displayed.

    1. It saddens me your the only one upset about Steve and Rachels breakup, your the only one ranting and raving about it, get over it, we have better things to worry about within the nation then those two, it takes two to tango, you must be a relative if you know so much about them, and yes as my husband always says this is not Voices of Courage, it’s called Voices of Cowards cause you don’t put your names on here and yes my name is Mary Harjo, and why blame the whole dept, for someone’s action, and everyone wants to complain about no changes being done, do you think Rome was built in a day, I think not do what makes you think Our Chief is gonna get all of GT mess straightened out within a couple of months, it might take his whole term!! To undue what needs to be done, and if people want to complain already about our Chief and Chief, then why didn’t you run for office, I believe changes will happen in due time, just give it time!! Just saying!!

  2. They all talk the talk in favor of Native Americans.
    If the President Obama cared about Indians he would have changed the laws concerning the Five Civilized Tribes issue of restricted lands. The Choctaws, Chickasaws, Seminoles, Creeks and Cherokees are the only tribes in America that cannot have their ORIGINAL ALLOTMENTS restricted if they are less than 1/2 Indian. All other tribes in America, are allowed to let their children, not matter their blood quantum to have their family land restricted saving thousands of dollars a year in property taxes.

    Why did the Five Tribes get such a raw deal?

    1. Raw deal is right. I asked all the candidates running if land preservation was a concern, most had no response. “I should learn more about it” was a common answer. I also talked with Jeff Fife, who according to MCN newspaper was supposed to be working of this issue, again no real answers to whether or not anything is being done to addresses this issue. I also spoke with the federal solicitor (lawyer) out of Tulsa and he stated that legislation to remedy this problem had made it’s way through one camber of congress and then stalled in the early 2000’s and nothing in the way of legislation has been done since. Creek Nation can do nothing to fix this without congressional help. So call you Federal representatives and express your concerns. Call the tribe and demand action. As for me, I believe the powers that be benefit from tribal family land being taken out of restriction. I also believe that that was the specific intent of the 47 Act. If you’re curious as to who benefits just see who is buying the land once it becomes fee simple land. Those are the ones who don’ t want the law changed. Again push the politicians, federal, state, local, and tribal for action. Without land we have no nation. Mvto

    2. Fortunately we don’t live under a King…Obama can’t single handily change a act of Congress…that is congressional issue. I do know the Inter tribal council of the Five tribes are working on amending the language of the Stigler act of 47….I have been encouraging all of my Creek Facebook friends to contact their congress members in whatever state they live in, especially the US Senators and Congress members of Oklahoma to support a change to the law…but also know this happened not only too by blood members allotments but the freedmen citizens as well…it has opened a broader conversation about how land is stolen by the state of Oklahoma from these tribes and it’s taken since 1947 to bring awareness of the race based policy that the Federal government has wrongly imposed on Creeks….finally something on this site worth the typing about…mvto

  3. Bernie Sanders is a nightmare for Natives!! I encourage anyone supporting him to look up Clyde Bellecourt questioning him back in February!!

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