Health in a Hole

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May be a rumor but could be true. The Health Department is millions and millions in the hole. Upwards to $50million. Staff was getting double, triple, quadruple their pay for holiday and over time pay generic tadalafil. Where is the transparency? Tell us administration.

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  1. Why is no one addressing the elephant in the room? Work force reductions, Creeks with many years of service let go from Lackey Hall, rumors of entire departments and programs being cut. Lackey Hall is not saying anything. Administrators are saying budget cuts and lay offs have already been decided and approved by the NC. All they are waiting for is Chief’s signature. Administrators are already gone from Okmulgee Hospital and Rehab Center. Absolute silence even on VOC. Why is everybody afraid to speak?

  2. We will probably never know about what happened in the health meeting. This administration is not being transparent with us as Chief promised. We have been asking for how the the debt is being repaid and we see nothing on the website, the reports online, or newspaper. There is an ole saying by Ellison, “I am invisible understand, simply because people refuse to see me.” The Chief and the chosen directors have refused to see , hear, or serve us and our concerns. Listening to a select few is not good leadership.

  3. Funally soneone at lackey making since. I try for several years to get rid of Joyce Proctor. Its vfinally happening. Can’t figure out why we keep Kendra, evertime I go in office she looking at bridal stuff, where to get married. I don’t like Joyce but she works h a rd. They getting rid of Joyce, Dianna and Gina, cuts should be made with officers and there assistants. Shelia griping cuz she has to take pay cut. Please. The rest of us in finance getting raises an positions being made for employees. That is dumb, everone in finance need jobs to take care of there family. This is all thanks to George tiger and Seneca Smith. Chief Floyd try to clean up there mess, but you are hurt people in the meantime. Don’t make since for 3 employees to loose jobs while the rest of us gets raise. Need to have someone go over to lackey and see what employee works hard at. Think about this!.

    1. Why is anyone getting raises right now??? That’s insane if we’re trying to get out of the $68 million debt. Sounds like you have a good insight on problem people there. 3 down and more to go. Chief, stop giving or letting certain people have raises. It’s not fair and we need people down there to work for our people not for a fat check.

      1. I sincerely hope someone is just being tacky saying raises are being given at Lackey. Especially with 3 employees losing their jobs because of reorganization. We all are expecting to see more lay offs as the reorganization continues and the Health System is moved under the Tribe. Duplication of jobs will be frivolous. How can all of the made up positions continue at Lackey Hall. There are many people to be affected. But many people’s health services have been affected by the funding crisis.

      1. Yes I still work here. I get a raise and new title. Crystal will be working under Kathy Guthrie. Wait ain’t that her kid??

  4. The Okmulgee hospital was in downfall before the tribe took over, it was on the brink of closure, actually the tribe saved the community from having to seek employment, Healthcare and hospital services in Tulsa or Henryetta or any other nearby community. The previous Chief responsible for the takeover of the hospital did not have one clue about how to manage a hospital nor how IHS could help us; it seems to me he wanted the publicity, hey look at me, look at what I did for the tribe, I bought us a hospital. There was no planning, no financial responsibility. Nor accountability, etc. So I suggest, if you are a citizen and you have ideas, talk with your councilman, provide a plan of action.

  5. Creek, are you certain, have solid proof that employee’a in influential positions during Seneca’a tenure received bonuses?

  6. Take citizenship cards away from everyone that voted for and got old George lectern, oh and Barnett too.

  7. Well it sounds like Shoneen showed her bad side at a
    recent meeting. We do need leadership that knows what is going on. Sharon has given it the all American go but is incompetent as Manager of the Diabetes program. The employees do not like her and know she is incompetent. We have all these meetings and nothing is accomplished. It is frustrating. She was so sad when Seneca left (the knower of all but the doer of nothing) because she had him snowed. A clinical person like a nurse should of been in that position. At least the jig is up. The are actively trying to replace her. And she is getting help by experienced people.

    Get rid of the administration that allowed all of this to happen. Shoneen, Rhonda Beaver should be gone due
    to a conflict of interest. Dr. Vark has no spine.

    1. Who actually is in charge of the Diabetes Program since Johnnie Braswell retired?
      Who is overseeing the grants, guidelines, and funding?

      1. Good question, Curious.

        We’ve lost everything in the prenatal depression. The Creeks have never prepared their children to lead, and we’re still not doing that. We should estimate the health of our Nation by looking at what our children, our future leaders, as we like to say, are faring. We say that our youth are our future, but we haven’t done anything to insure their preparation to fill those roles. This failure to educate children is spawning terrible consequences.

        Most of our children are unprepared for college. No one knows for sure, but a cursory look at our children reveals that many of them are unemployed and wasting away, living with their parents, and without anything to do. The reason is they cannot read or write.

        “Education” is basic. It starts and ends with the ability to teach students to read challenging materials and understand what’s been read and to write clearly what they have learned. When we fail to teach our children how to do those two things, they will not be able to express themselves, get into college or to be engage in meaningful and purposeful pursuits. We won’t see one of our children as a star athlete on a major college team until we educate them.

        To your question, Curious, about the lack of oversight, think about Margaretville. Having oversight implies control and accountability over a project, and what project managers are doing with the funds they control.

        And think of Margaretville again, and who will protect citizens’ interests. We claim to own it, but we don’t. Everyone, but the Creeks will get filthy rich. We can’t control what happens to the money it generates. We don’t understand how to conduct a business project and we will be ripped off. It’s a truism that anywhere there is money, there are sticky fingers.
        Instead of investing in our children’s futures and ours, we’ve built this giant monument dedicated to glut and have given it to outsiders to run, and it threatens to stomp us out of existence, while we celebrate it.

        1. In the Constitution of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, you will find a paragraph in Article VI Section 8, that reads as follows…
          The citizens of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation reserve to themselves the power to propose laws, and to enact or reject the same at the polls independent of the National Council, and also reserve power at their own option to approve or reject at the polls any act of the National Council. The First Power reserved by the citizens of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation is the initiative, and eight (8) percent of voters who voted in the last General Election for the office of the Principal Chief shall have the right to propose any legislative measure, and every such initiative Petition shall include the full text of the measure so proposed. Initiative Petitions shall be filed with the Secretary of the Nation, addressed to the Principal Chief, who shall submit the same to the citizen voters at a Special Election unless there is a General Election within 90 days. The National Council shall make suitable provisions for carrying into effect the provisions of this Amendment. The veto power of the Principal Chief shall not extend to measures voted on by the People. Measures referred to the People by initiative shall take effect and be in force when approved by a majority of the votes cast and not otherwise.
          Folks if you are happy with the current codes and the ENTIRE Gaming operation of the Creek Nation is done by code subject to change by the Council or by the Citizens at any point…just remember the last word is really with the sleeping giant…the citizens of the Creek Nation

  8. Why they still have ol Snarkey spreading her cheer to married me? She ain’t nothing to be pound about. Gets all up in the praying and then jumps all over the staff if something don’t go her way. She needs to get right with her praying and ask for help leaving married men alone. Her patients ain’t well taken care of by her. Little therapy wouldn’t hurt her#!

  9. Definitely not impressed with the current management by Shoneen and Rhonda of the Health Department. They are freaking nuts. Chief Floyd you have made a huge mistake with this appointment and continuing to have Beaver there. Was she not in charge of the clinics and allow this deficit to be built up. She is as culpable as the rest. The quality of health care and satisfaction of patients and employees is getting ready to plummet. Your health department will be in shreds by the end of the year if they continue on the current path. Neither one of them have ever worked in a clinic or have clinical experience with patient care. What the hell are you doing? They sure do not know what they are doing. Gain control of these two wildcats if you want to continue to have the respect of the Health Department Employees. Your hands off method is not working. Double the appointments, allow five minutes or less with each patient and cutting the staff is not going to provide quality care. The Creek Nation Health Department is going to be the laughing stock of Health Care in Oklahoma. We need to remove the people that have been there for years and ran it into the ground. When will they reduce the number of heads to five as you requested. They have not done it. What are you and they waiting for?
    Citizens if you have insurance go on to Tulsa and get a Doctor there because you are not going to get quality care at Creek Nation!

    1. No replacements for those that left Koweta or were fired. Now the best doctor there and the highest producer will be leaving due to lack of staffing. This is not right!

    2. Looks like this prediction is coming true! Employee satisfaction in the clinics is low and patient care is starting to be compromised.

  10. Need to get rid of the Sr. Nurse admin Sara Davis. She don’t do anything but collect a big salary and avoid all responsibility. She’s cheated and lied and don’t support nurses. She don’t know how to do anything but kiss starkey ass cause she’s terrified of her. She ain’t a citizen and don’t care anything about the citizens of MCN. Water of money. Somebody do something.

  11. Where is this hospital going to be built? Too bad Creek Nation can’t get it together for all the corruption and nepotism. Second Chief is too busy promoting his children just like Chief Tiger did. When are we going to have leadership that will think about the citizens and not their own families. Poor Creeks always getting the shaft.

  12. Agree, agree,agree! Why is Vark still here? Shoneen replaced him and Beets is the Chief Medical Officer. How much money are we wasting on him?

    1. Is Beets on probation with the state of Oklahoma for alcohol?
      Is this why he is at Lackey Hall being paid an outrageous salary?

      1. I went to the Extraordinary Session. Chief Floyd recommended that they reduce to 5 people in charge. Lackey has not made much effort to comply. Angela resigned and they added Beets. Vark needs to go back to the clinic or go home. He is a waste of money to do nothing productive.

        1. The Health Department expects each of the clinics to cut there budgets by 10%. Why isn’t administration at Lackey cutting there budget? Administration wants to increase the workload and decrease the number of employees. Good luck with that. I anticipate at the end of Chief Floyd and Second Chief Hicks term there will be a serious deficit in Doctors in the Health Care System. There is already a shortage of Doctors nationwide and Creek Nation does a poor job of keeping the ones that they have. Bleak outlook for the Health Department.

          1. Does anyone with actual knowledge know how the health system is doing financially with the changes being made?
            Any increase in revenue?
            Any decrease in employees?
            Any increase in collections?
            Are our bills being paid in a timely manner now?
            Has waste been stopped or decreased?
            Has surgical staff at hospital stopped riding the clock?
            Has GSA vehicles stopped going home with employees? To McDonald’s? Donut shop?
            Has the insurance denials been worked up?
            Has the flow of narcotic prescriptions from the ER slowed down?
            Sincerely tell us of improvements made for the health care as well as cost savings.

    2. Why is Vark still around? He needs to be let go. Lackey Hall needs to be thinned out and they can start with him. We have wasted enough money on him. He is one of the worst. I will remember when the next election comes around how they kept him in position in spite of the poor job he has performed as CMO. Get rid of him! Shoneen and Beaver should be next!

      1. Agree with need for cuts immediately at Lackey Hall.
        Clinics have been told to cut positions.
        Plus the 10% cut in overall expenses.
        People this is past serious.
        We have started to schedule more patients for each provider. Which is great as many providers have been seeing very few patients. This should have been done a number of years ago.

        There are duplicate positions within the health system. There is a large number of employees that can not indicate any productive service directly and indirectly to the Citizens (patients).
        When we went to electronic records positions should have been cut or reassign, cross train them for other positions within the health system or the Tribe.
        There are positions that desperately need to be cut at Lackey and the hospital at Okmulgee. Now, not in October.
        We as employees do not understand why some divisions at Lackey Hall have so many employees. Yet we can’t get case managers at the Clinics.
        It’s not that we want people to lose their jobs. It’s not personal people. It’s business.
        And Creek or Native preference employees should not keep their job based on their CDIB status. People shoul be layed off because of their lack of production. Also should not be because of who your family or sugar daddy is.
        Cut the fat. Trim down the system and require employees to work or ship them off to the unemployment office.
        Someone needs a tough skin immediately.
        People need to be working for the patients. Both directly or as support staff to those providing the care.

        And someone needs to get smart and move Contract Health and Behavioral Health out of a building we pay huge rent for. We have empty spots everywhere between Pine & Baker buildings and hospital. Plus the newly remodeled Alexander building that is sitting empty.
        Close the hospital down at Okmulgee with exception of the ER and radiology services. That place is bleeding out and bleeding us dry.
        Move Lackey Hall out and stop that huge rent payment.
        We have an empty golf club house that can be made into offices. Put them all in the same rooms with patios or pack them in spaces together. Just like the clinics. We have no rooms but people share offices all of the time.
        Get people into other positions if possible or urge them now to seek other employment or further their education in another field.

  13. The whole Health System knows.
    She wants to make demands to people in the clinics.
    She may run Vark. But not the clinics.

    1. So get rid of her Chief. She doesn’t care about Creek Nation….someone please tell us that she’s not doing the supply ordering for hospital or rehab… She knows nothing about inventory it’s just order order order not my money let’s spend it! When Koweta was getting ready to be accredited each department had to go thru supplies and get rid of all out of date supplies…The waste was unreal. Guesstimated loss….50 k Again she does nothing but talk bad about CN she’s a problem within our health system . Ask around she’s had it out for CN ever since she was placed as administrator at coweta and then the lady ms Skaggs replaced her. She needs gone along with her minions like I said Ask around . Someone please check behind her

      1. The Complex is closing early at 3:00 pm for inclement weather. What about the employees at the clinics and other sites who are expected to stay until 5:00 pm when we all know that inclement weather is coming! Inclement weather closings should be for all employees, not just the complex. I guess if someone dies in the storm trying to get home to safety, it is on the Chief and Health Department Officers, Shoneen, Rhonda and Vark

        1. 5:40 pm. Okmulgee sunny and dry.
          If this was a call by Emergency Mgt they missed it big time.
          This truly is reminiscent of George tiger tactics in an election year.

        2. Seriously, they are now expecting the storms to not even get to the middle of the state by later tonight. I work at one of the clinics and today staying at work was no problem for me. Seemed silly to let people go home that early. It didn’t look like we were going to get anything here.

          1. How much money did the tribe lose by shutting the complex down early when it was not necessary fir bad weather? Can soeoe give us a guesstimate?

        3. The storm hit just before 1:00. We had very limited power.
          We did not get to leave until 3:00. Couldn’t work so why did it take administration 2 hours to figure this out. They were getting frequent updates. So we sat and waited till they
          said ok you can leave. Poor management.

      2. Please you’re. About as clueless as a simpleton. Brada knows what she’s doing ad does it better than most. Ans for replacing her with that Joanne woman that poor thing has some kind a disability or memory issues and she’s mean as,a snake. I feel sorry for her grandkids. Stop trashing Bradah because you ain’t got the brass to do the job or even try. Go find a chair ant the casino am just move ON!!

        1. I think that brass your talking about is ridiculous. When did they offer a Creek nurse her pay or position or allow her to bounce around from site to site and nickel and time the administration for travel for any and every little thing.

        2. Excuse me, but if you’re going to bash someone over something, you might want to learn how to spell. HELLO
          shaking my head

            1. Why would health administration request leave donations for an employee who was placed on probation for failure to do their job?

              Why would employees donate leave to someone that gets sent home for failing to do their job?

              The employee who leave was donated to is seen in the casino drinking and gambling. Now the Okmulgee police have photos of him with accusations of shoplifting.

              My confusion is with Lackey administration asking fellow employees to donate leave. And yes I realize it is a choice to donate or not. I feel they are giving the impression, it’s not necessary to do your job. We will send you home. Hold your job for you. Even send out an email to your fellow employees telling them you’ve exhausted all your leave and we can donate to you.

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