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  1. Charlie LaSarge.
    Still has his job after asking businessmen to pad his pockets before doing business with them.
    He is at OneFire Casino at least 1/2 of his day daily wearing an MCN employee shirt gambling away.
    Has anyone else seen the employees at the casino during working hours?
    Nothing has changed.
    Hicks & LaSarge are cowboys together so not matter what LaSage does he is in good with administration.
    Keeping the old administration is keeping the administration. Mr. Chief Floyd has done absolutely nothing to change any of the atmosphere at our nation and allows spending, time off, felons, bribers and liars to keep their jobs at the advice of Louis Hicks.

    Gutless leaders, lead us into the pits of no mans land. Floyd is just like Tiger he’s just not as bold or smart because he knows absolutely nothing about tribal government.

      1. Well we all know by now that Charley lasarge is on administrative leave for sexual harassment, Patricia Messer (patsy) owner/operator of patsy bus lines at federal roads building is giving personal rides to Harvey fox , which is married ,then on to kirk the engineer which he spent lots of money on patsy got matching boots and everything, which at that time patsy cause kirk an his wife of 15 years plus to get a divorce .Then she moved to mose Lindsey , then mose an Anna got divorced and probably over 2 camel toe patsy also. Now federal roads department has one big orgy going on over there , all guys in office are fighting over 2 camel toe patsy Messer . So now we wonder who all is involved in the remodeling of okmulgee indian Baptist church and charging all supplies an lumber to the department and who actually had the Lincoln welder which was brought back , YEA BROUGHT BACK !!!!, BUT COULD GET IN TO THE BACK CAUSE THE FENCE WAS LOCK SO IT WAS LEFT RIGHT IN FRONT OF RECYCLE CENTER …

        1. Time for Charley to go. He was leftover from the Tiger administration. Sexual harassment, used his company credit card on a Vegas trip (should had been gone after that but Fife kept him around), and put his cousin in charge at Federal Roads after his buddy who was previously in charge was caught stealing.

      2. Katcv:
        Tim Stephens had the welder at his house when things started going down hill he called Charley, he had told him that he would leave the welder at the wainwright recycle center , then that’s wen Charley sent barney down ther to get it . That shows right ther wen mose did inventory he never had any idea it was missing .

        1. Yeah all the guys are nervous …but I don’t know if ther nervous about the transportation department or nervous about what sexual disease Harvey fox gave Patricia Messer an she gave to kirk, mose, Charley …….lol

          1. Harvey fox got arrested for drinking and driving in Morris ….why is he still driving our equipment around town

  2. Housing got a new director but how is it that the Chief gave a job over here to LaDonna, the former Secretary of Housing? Is he gonna give jobs to all the others not getting confirmed, he should it’s only fair? The job was NOT advertised, she’s NOT creek, all she did was cause turmoil over here and she gets a job?????

    1. Marian, we all know it’s you. Shut up! And worry about the job you don’t do. You work in Wetumpka with no accountability, come and go as you please. You are not the one to be the voice of Housing. You don’t speak for us. You either grace

      1. I do find it odd that someone who had NO support from the NC, was not going to be confirmed, now has a nice paying job as a coordinator for Development. How does that work, lets see she Couldn’t handle running Housing and caused total disharmony in the building, every other day she changed her mind, had emotional crying bouts, rude beyond belief to staff, soooo lets reward her bad behavior by giving her a job dealing with other departments and citizens. Sounds about right!

        1. Wonder if it had anything to do with how well she ran the program. And the education. Oh, and how organized it was and ran smoothly. Oh no prob not. Right guys.

      2. Jealous? Walked around day in a half before I was notified of all this. I am more concerned about the citizens and their needs so if that’s not doing my job, you come on and show me. And for the record Wetumka is where I have my office but I work all jurisdictions so maybe that is why You see me come and go, I don’t always have time to sit around and chit chat.

    2. Is this breaking Tribal Law? Maybe a complaint should be filed with the AG to look into. If HR is breaking the law, Tribal Code states this is grounds for termination. HR has to approve any hires or new positions. Let’s not be quiet and let the good ol boy system continue. I hope this isn’t a showing of things to come with Chief Floyd. I voted for him hoping for a change. It is still to early for me to lose hope but things are starting to add up. Three main areas of concerns is HR, Health, and Housing. Hopefully Mr. Buck trot will turn things around. One thing that stood out in his campaign for NC, he stated it didn’t take a rocket scientist to follow the Constitution. I hope he feels the same when it comes to our laws and HUD’s policy.

      1. We at Housing are still very troubled even though we got a new Secretary of Housing, we are still forced to deal with Ms Northcross as a co-worker. We believe policies and laws have been broken in order for her to have her new position as Development Coordinator. This position wasn’t advertised, the employee who had that position, Stacy Settlemyer (her bff) was promoted to manager of that dept just prior to Ms Northcross “resigning”, we feel Ms Northcross did this in order to provide herself a job. She spouts policy and ethics, how is this ethical? I guess when it benefits her ethics don’t count, remember Ms Northcross “real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not”.

        1. If you’re an employee of Housing, shouldn’t you be working instead of posting on the website during working hours? Maybe you’re part of the problem.

          1. The great thing about the Nation we accumulate annual and sick leave, therefore I have all day to post and read voices of courage my friend.

            1. Chief ought to take a look at what you mentioned because it is grossly abused and costly to the Nation. Especially sick leave.

      2. Creek Nation is Lawless nation . Nepitsom is against the Law but who çares?I am disappointed in the national council!!! The chief !!!

      3. Well well well, stacey settlemyre son just got his job back at environmental. How convenient for him. Goes on a hike for 6 months, a person just happens to get fired and bam! He gets his job back. Was there interviews done?

    3. Wondering has Chief Floyd addressed the employees of different departments including housing to let the employees know what he would like to see and expects from the employees of each department. I do hope policies are being followed and Human resources is doing their part in the hiring process. Extensive back ground checks are very important in high leadership positions. I would also hope a qualified director of housing is what the Nation gets and the buddy system is not part of the process. It could possibly take some time to find the right person. How ever no madder who is chosen not everyone will be happy. That’s life. I would say that all employees that want to work for the Nation just do that for the time you are on the clock. You may not like someone for whatever reason but you are hired to do a job not wine and cry all day. As long as discontent plagues every department in the Nation our citizens will suffer and the Nation will remain the same. Our leadership must take control and if you as employee don’t like who the leadership hires or expects from any department get another job else were. Employees of the Nation have it made and just don’t know it.

      1. HR does what it wants. There are Creek citizens who apply for jobs especially in Health who are working PT and they have applied for FT. HR has hired non citizens/non natives over them!!! Not right. Somebody needs to look into this mess!

    4. There are 2 manager jobs listed on our tribes career website. One is called a director for tourism , the other is manager IT for gaming. Both titles and salaries should be reconsidered. We are paying people way too much. You are there to work for us not make a lot of money. All managers should make the same, keep it at $50,000, not $73,000 to run tourism, that’s insane. We already have an manager of IT, I’m sure she makes way too much too. But we know technical jobs have a higher value. The IT manager for gaming should be titled something different, coordinator maybe, and given a salary in upper $40,000. Money is going down the drain. Major cuts need to be made. Some positions need to be eliminated or changed to part-time. We’re tired of the shell game down there.

  3. Possibly a new topic. May be a rumor but could be true. The Health Department is millions and millions in the hole. Upwards to $50million. Staff was getting double, triple, quadruple their pay for holiday and over time pay. Where is the transparency? Tell us administration.

    1. $30 million is the number. Both tiger and Seneca were advised to not buy the hospital and George Nigh.
      Why did the National Council approve it?
      But hey why did the appropriate/approve tigers spending. They are as guilty as he. But folks listen up he planned it that way. He simply says “the council approved it”. And yes, yes they did.

      1. Sounds like you are a Tiger supporter. Thief Tiger is a con man who brokered these deals to try and make a name for himself. He led the tribe into financial ruin and was only pretending to be a business man. He would not permit a thorough audit and told people what he wanted them to know. He hid his deception with the authority of his office. How much did the tribe pay off people involved in his scandals and affairs. Just wondering what facilities we are going to have to shutter to survive. Need to start eliminating unnecessary positions within the tribe. The Health Department needs to make some important decisions. Do we have the leadership in place to do it? No. Nepotism still seems to be the rule over there. Is it hopeless?

          1. If your name is Courtney Taylor Josie Tecumseh the law doesn’t apply. It’s a damn house full of family in that employment and education office
            People you have 4 more years of hell. The world will come to an end and this bullshit will still go on.

    2. Please tell us who was getting this double, triple and quadruple pay? I have never heard of such a thing. I thought overtime was time and a half. Who authorized this fleecing of the Health Department? Citizens deserve to know. Nurses or Doctors?

  4. I find it funny how a certain person aka Tommy Rogers rants on Facebook and gives his neighborhood news, here’s my two cents… If you’re so concerned about our citizens and their housing needs here’s an idea, you own a construction company how about fixing them yourselves, companies do pro bono work ALL the time. Donate a roof to our elders, handicap their bathroom, etc. We all have jobs to do and sometimes it’s not pleasant, yes we feel great giving someone a home but if that participant isn’t paying their house payment, destroying their home, cooking meth in their home what are we to do? Yes, citizens get evicted, yes we work with them and yes that’s the last resort. At least Ms Nichols didn’t evict them and move into their home like you did when you were a counselor. You didn’t like the last adm and apparently are having issues with the current then maybe you should run for Chief, oh wait you did and was not voted in by the citizens. Maybe instead of trying to scam the Nation out of money to back your website to pay for you and your “grant writers” salary, which by the way the tribe already has programs set for what your website entails, you should concentrate on something more productive and positive. People who live in glass neighborhoods shouldn’t throw stones.

    1. At least MVTO salaries are set and not based on percentages. If you read the website you would see it is set up for transparency and giving a voice for the people to get involved. MVTO is for all. the only ones who would have issues with real growth has something to loose from their own pocket. Some people think that a three year organizational phase of One Fire for rent $$ MVTO is hoping to grow financial success for the people. The problem with Creek nation is apparently the missing ethics, and understanding of business being separate from personal attacks which are sooooo easy because everyone knows everyone and has personal issues. Why is it that in our area it seems better yo attack and bring blood than to work together for the good no matter who is trying to help. Wow talk about discrimination- white people donut have to do a thing…..they are winning by the state of things….we can’t get past a conversation.

    2. Also how would you feel to know that everything being done has been bolunteer and donations to this point? With business plans being readied to prosper others….what are you doing besides causing more rifts?

  5. Word is that Greg Anderson has been promised the Administrator position at the Eufaula Dorm. Floyd and Hicks are operating exactly like Tiger did- promising jobs and placing people. Interviews were conducted for that job (just to appear to be adhering to policy), however, the job has already been promised to Greg Anderson. During his campaign Floyd said he would not operate this way- that was a LIE. The hiring process and HR/Personnel at Creek Nation is a joke- Floyd will continue to promise jobs and place people.

    1. Nepotism is still a problem in the health department. Second chief’s son is in administration now and he promoted his sister! Some things never change. Does the Council need to start vetting these people. Looks like HR doesn’t care. Chief Floyd PLEASE take charge and control this process!

        1. to all the elected council members and officials of Creek Nation who employed their children at the Creek Nation you are a disgrace to the whole nation

          1. That is what Thomas Yahola did. He allows his daughter Thomasene Osborn to be a Director over the SIP plant in Wetumka and her brother to work under her. He has a daughter in housing, a son at Okemah Casino, has had one at the Okemah Clinic, had one at the Wetumka Urgent Clinic, one at Wetumka daycare and a granddaughter in citizenship. Only one of his children went out on her own and got a job that did matter who her daddy was.

      1. Both Dr. Beets and his sister were employees long before Louis Hicks even ran for office.
        Also they both have the education and years of experience to do their jobs.
        Facts not favoritism .
        I do think they both got work ethic from Mr. & Mrs. Hicks.

        1. The Fact is that he promoted and is supervising his sister. This appears to show favoritism. No one commented on their work ethic or criticized their work ethic. Everyone knows that this is nepotism and that Beets can be inappropriate at times. The Health Department is turning into a joke.

          1. The fact is she was not promoted by her brother nor is she supervised by him. Maybe you should do your research before spouting falsehoods and making accusations against innocent individuals. Shame on you. Praying for you too get yourself right.

              1. The Health Admistrators are the Clinical Director’s direct Supervisor. The Doctors and Mid-level Providers as a whole have to have a Supervisory “head” who must be a Doctor which at this time it’s Dr. Beets as acting CMO.

                1. To Tally.
                  Not entirely correct.
                  Each individual Mid Level Provider must have a supervising physical in the state of Oklahoma. Each supervising physician can only supervise 2 Mid Level Providers.
                  So no Dr. Beets is not the supervising physician for all of the Mid Levels. He is acting Chief Medical Officer.
                  He has 2 Mid Levels who he supervises. Neither of which is his sister. This can all be checked and verified on the Oklahoma Boards. Simple look it up before you make it up.

                  1. I agree with you and you explained that part a lot better than I could. I was going for a short answer and just making a generalization of who the Clinical Director’s Supervisor is. So sorry if it didn’t seem that my facts were all there.

                    You are correct to say that the mid-levels do have a “supervising” Phycician so that Phycician is responsible for making sure that they “practice” medicine correctly but according to the organizational chart the Clinical Director is the Supervisor of all medical Providers in the Primary Care Department at each facility. And yes Dr. Beets is not the supervising person for all mid-levels. He is the Supervising Officer of Medical staff for the Health System.

                    1. I am confused. So, are you calling the Doctors providers and now you have Nurses supervising Doctors and have Doctors supervising Nurses and you call nurses midlevels. That is sure messed up. What a train wreck. Chief Floyd straighten this out. Seems obvious to us that the Doctors need to be the supervisors and nurses should not supervise Doctors. That is crazy. No wonder they have a hard time getting Doctors to stay.

                    2. Maybe you should learn how other hospitals are run? Nursing supervisors. house supervisors….Doctors are healers not business minded people…. Come on get it together. So many “opinions” from those who have no clue….smh.

                    3. So are the nurse practioners and physician assistants considered part of the medical staff?

                    4. I do not think the np are closely supervised. They have their own practices in the clinic and practice independently and call themselves Doctors. Doctor Heidi is a np for example. It is misleading for the patients.

                2. Just goes to show you how messed up the organizational chart is and that you can read it any way you want to think that it is OK. Creek Nation won’t get anywhere acting like that.

                  1. Doesn’t look to me like Creek Nation treats the Doctors like healers. Nursing supervisors supervise Nurses. I don’t think nurses are business minded. Look at all the nurses in charge at Creek Nation and look at our deficit and the poor leadership. The Doctors my be more business minded than you think or give them credit for. Maybe we should try listening to some professionals before the Health Department breaks the tribe. It appears that we have been in a crisis for long time and a plan of action has yet to be made. How are you going to make up 30 million dollars? You have to cut the budget. That means layoffs and losing facilities. Who is going to make the hard decision?

                    1. Simple most “white” business owners who need to run a business hire management companies….under contract…..then they themselves learn and then discharge the contract after organization is complete….come on people where’s your business strategy? Why can’t the tribe “use” expertise to help us rise? Why can’t we get savvy??? clinical supervision is different then hospital supervision……they need to be separate with blended oversight and reporting structures with published annual reports. If you don’t want to report there is definitely a reason. Come on let’s wake up and stop this madness!

                3. The Clinical Directors have all been Doctors in the past and give report to the Chief Medical Officer. The Health Administrators are under the Chief Operating Officer. The Clinical Directors work in the clinic and the the Health Administrators work for administration. Most of the HA do not have any experience working in a clinic because they are not medical people. Most of the people running the the clinics lack a clinical background or clinical skills. People get hired for who they know or are related to.

                  1. Sid Daniel HA Sapulpa-Pharmacist

                    Bevy Whitlow HA Koweta- Lab Medical Technologist

                    Sheryl Sharber HA Okemah-Registered Nurse

                    Andrea Polson HA Wetumka-Registered Nurse

                    Bert Robison Ha -Eufaula-Master Degree and in the Health Industry for 15-20 years.

                    I believe that saying these HA’s don’t have a clinical/medical background isn’t true.

                    1. Like I said the only one that I know of that has experience working in the clinic seeing patients is Polson. She is a good nurse. Don’t know if Sheryl has experience in the clinic or hospital. Thanks for proving the point Tally. Pharmacy fills Rx. Lab techs work in the lab. Master Degree in ?

                    2. Sheryl Sharber has worked Med/Surg because I worked under her. She has been at the hospital for many years and is a hard worker. I am retired now but she does know her job and does it well.

                    3. Watching,
                      I was unable to reply to your post so I will reply here. You don’t have a clue what you are talking about. You said clinic, all the clinic as a whole, most people refer to the building as a “Clinic”. You said most of the HA’s are not medical people. I provided the list of the HA’s that are medical people. If you think for one moment that a pharmacist, a lab tech, 2 registered nurses (which Sheryl Sharber you said you weren’t sure about) and all of these people don’t need to know how the body works, especially a Pharmacist, I don’t know what you could be thinking. All of these people had to go to school and learn a lot of Science. They had to study several Science related courses which you must know in order to know how the body works. For you to make a “blanket ” statement and not care that these people have worked very hard for what they got and it wasn’t just because they knew someone or were related to them is not productive or fair. Please research your facts before making a blanket statement that is not completely true and offends people. You may not care and it may not offend everyone but a lot of Creek Nation staff and tribal members have respect for these Administrators. You said you knew Andrea and she was a good Nurse, you might want to get to know the rest of them and you will see how good and knowledgeable these people really are.

          1. Tell Thomas Yahola that and the National Council or whoever cares. His daughter Thomasine Osborn is manager over the SIP plant in Wetumka and her brother Asi is working under her.

            1. Sorry to bust your bubble June, but I work for the Housing Authority of the Seminole Nation. I’m not sure why you feel the need to keep bashing my family.

            2. Your a day late and a dollar short, she doesn’t work there. If your going to make statements on here, get your facts straight. NEXT!

          2. To Tally, what I am saying is that these people do not work in a clinic seeing patients and watching the Doctors struggle typing on the computers trying to chart and order medication. They are clueless in that regards. The Doctors spend too much time typing when they used to talk to us. Administrators go to time wasting meetings that are nonproductive and make moronic decisions. From all appearances, R. Beaver is clueless. The Doctors and NPs are the ones that went to school along time to learn science. And furthermore, remove the nepotism from the Health Department! Anyone can see that you are hiding behind organizational charts.

            1. First of all I’m not hiding behind any organizational chart. I didn’t create it, I just happen to be a low employee on that chart and care what is being said about the Health Administrators. These Administrators do know the struggle and some of that is due to the I.T. Department not listening to the Providers’s complaints. There are individuals in I.T. that I don’t think have a clue where their “bread needs to be buttered” and that would be the best outcomes for our patients. If not for the patients not one person at the Department of Health would have a job!! If EVERY person that works for the Department of Health would live and breathe that concept, we would not even be having this conversation.

              1. Well, from what I can tell, I do not see the health administrators providing much help to he Doctors and Nurse Practioners. Lackey has too many levels of administration and that is part of the problem. If IT is part of the problem then they should be evaluated and asked why they are not helping.

    2. Not sure of who the other applicants for the Administrator of the Eufaula Dormitory were but who else has the experience to know how to manage the financial responsibilities (not to meantion the students and employees) that are from the Bureau of Indian Affairs? NOT the Creek Nation because not one dime is that program run with Creek Nation money. All federal money! Allan Colbert was put there to fire people, run people off, and hand over any crumbs of money to the tribe under the Tiger administration. The main robbery was the 200,000 U.S. Cellular tower money that was for the Seniors who graduated from there. Where is that money? Since Colbert took over under the direction of his brother and others, employees of 15 to 30 years were fired, threatened to be fired, or they simply realized that if they didn’t leave they could be a part of some type of federal investigation that was sure to happen and probably already in the works because of the mismanagement! In my opinion, this may have been Chief Floyds way by hiring someone with FEDERAL experience to not have to pay back all the money that the Eufaula Dormitory owes from the previous Administration. The Feds could care less who is in charge, they just want what money THEY gave to a Creek program to have some accountability. If it the federal funds have been mismanaged, which it obviously has been, someone aka the Muscogee Creek Nation has to pay up. On a smaller scale, ask the employees, former employees, the parents of the children or better yet….ask the dormitory kids what shape it has been in since Tiger and his crew all of a sudden became involved with the Eufaula Dormitory.

    3. Floyd apparently created a position for one of the workers in the Executive Building since she didn’t have a title: Tribal Liaison! Judy is her friend, so guess she told Floyd to create the position for her friend! No advertisement for the position, no waiting period and I’m sure she never missed a payday from the previous administration. Floyd said things would change, but have they?

    4. Floyd created a job for Judy Haumpy’s friend as Tribal Laison. No advertisement for the position and I bet she didn’t miss a payday! Didn’t Floyd say he was going to eliminate unnecessary jobs, not create new ones! Lies and more lies!

  6. Anybody know the real reason William Lowe director of recreation an tourism is on administration leave …..
    Heard from a bird that he was giving personal training an charging people for them. WOULDN’T THAT BE CONSIDERED EMBEZZLING BECAUSE THAT WHAT HE GETS PAID TO DO HIM AN ROGER HAS DOES THIS FOR WHILE SO THEY SAY ….

    1. Will and Roger been using their jobs to meet married women and non married women for a long time now. Roger plays poor innocent guy but takes girls to the softball fields upstairs office for playtime. Should have fired him a long time ago. Also, why is it that tourism only offers weight lifting and aerobics, I thought they where there to develop kids leagues like softball, baseball, basketball and soccer, not everyone is a meathead.
      Get someone that’s more rounded for Kids, diabetics, Elders and weight lifters.

      1. I’m guessing that’s how he met Elsa Frasier now Elsa lowe that worked under him I think . William an Roger should have never been in those positions to begin with but you know as well as I do nepotism an favoritism play a big role out here to get any upper management jobs they should let Mike sands just take over the whole department. Ya know since he’s been back over the fields (mike sands) we been having a lot more softball tournaments out there ..that shows you right there that no one wanted to work with Roger because he never had time to mess with the people in softball world js..

          1. I agree.. Elsa didnt work under him and never has……. also, it’s R-O-J-E-R……… just sayin’! 🙂

                1. She went down on him during the festival one year in the press box. Their both hoes. I heard a bunch of Guys got with her. Rojer likes them married though.

  7. Here is an radical plan. Let’s cut all services out and start disbursing money in per caps. That way everyone gets an equal $1.98 and everything will be fair and equal.

  8. Please stop referring to me as ladonna, you’re an idiot. And it is the ones working for housing that are mad, they actually have to work. Except some that keep there door shut. And won’t serve citizens.do what is right Chief! Fix our tribe!

    1. From now on we will refer to you as LaDummy. Chief does need to fix our tribe firstly starting with getting you out of the tribe all together, I also hope your husband finds out how much time you spend with stan mcintosh. Stan will be baby daddy number 6 (could you imagine what that kid will look like) gross. Btw for your information your so called best friend stacy had herself an affair with a contractor before, go ask her who it was (lets just say he was pretty old and weathered to say the least). You have stated that noone can travel for a year at housing, thats is fine with everyone at housing , however you are sending your buddy lenora to Hawaii for a conference ( not even a training course but a conference) because you think being nice to her and brant because their dad and brother are on the council it will help you. News flash if they ever put you up for confirmation I guarantee you fail like 14 to 1. That one being yahola. Your days are numbered so start packing your things up now!

      1. Wow a bunch of jealous women I am guessing. Bet you would not say that to my face about my mother! A bunch of chicken shits are all any of you are. I’d be jealous of her also. If I looked like some of you do up there!

  9. Why doesn’t Ladonna have to go out and repair damage water line/ hot water heater replacements on weekends??? You Ladonna need to be forever banned from the housing building period. It’s stupid people like you that make this great muskogee nation look bad!!!!

    1. Your an idiot, probably brads wife or daughter or rances gf. Brad fox, layed all the plumbing for dean Hughes house, and probably used force account supplies. Why do you think he’s kept around, he does favors for everyone, including rance. He should of went when all the other secretaries went, but no. Who would do all the plumbing favors.

      Move on, loser

      1. Welcome back Ladummy aka granny, noticed you missing while you were destroying housing. Get over it, move on, you failed. You did probably set the record for the shortest term set by any housing director, take comfort in that. I do find it comical that it was your very own sidekick Stacy that put the final nail in your coffin, Karma!! How does it feel her sitting with a promotion and a raise and you got the shaft? Karma!!

  10. Well let’s see. Anyone who is placed in a position, as acting secretary or director has FULL AUTHORITY to make ANY changes he or she sees needed. So get your facts straight Barb. Lenora, takes care of insurance, study up before you throw people out there with your empty thoughts. Rance terminated, and now he is back. This no matter what happened or what anyone thinks, should not have happened. Ladonna was hired to do a job, and make hard calls, not a job that she would become a puppet. Rance does do other jobs, his own. He does use the tribes equipment and trailers for personal use. Confirmed. Of course the obvious people are gone. But there are many many many more changes needed. Blind changes? Blind is a good word. I think Chief is being blind sided by the mess he was left. We are coming up on our 3rd quarter wasteful employees are still here, and still late, and still being paid extremely high wages,for very little responsibility. There are many employees who do most of the work and make very little. While their coworker may be new with the same job title making double. As long as the placed employees of George tiger are in place there will not be any progeess. It’s not possible. And no matter who is confirmed or not confirmed what good are they if they are under minded and not allowed to do the job the we’re hired to do? If it’s so easy for someone to step in and say..you have your job back. Ladonna is by no means not the only acting personal that is having issues. And those that aren’t having issues aren’t addressing anything. Just moved in and kept signing off. Nodding yes.

    1. Daughters of George Tiger are still working for the tribe as well. They should have been gone the first day Chief was in office.
      Running their mouths about how ignorant Chief Floyd is and how bad it’s going to get for all the employees?
      Daugherty in health is hurting the moral over there.
      Moore, wherever she’s working needs to be gone now.
      And, Dean Tiger is OPG? Does he even have a license?
      Risky business having unlicensed surveillance at our casinos.
      Does that run the risk of NIGC shutting down all our casinos?

      1. Isn’t Angela in charge of the hospitals and rehab facility? She is part of the problem and helped create this 30 million deficit. She is playing executive and irresponsible and helped sink the Health Department with mismanagement. How much more can the tribe afford?

    2. Ladonna Northcross wants to get on here as different names, defend her buddies; Stacey Settlemyre, Lenora Yahola, and Stan McIntosh. It’s obvious these people are the ONLY ones who like you. She wants to air out people’s dirty laundry, ask her how many kids she has by how many different men. Maybe we should ask Ladonna’s husband why Stan is always in her office. Is it because he is smitten with her or because he is being a rat. You got it backwards…Rance Fogle using CN equipment is a joke….WHY would he want to use their equipment, when he already OWNS his OWN equipment. He uses his own equipment on CN jobs. Ladonna is on her way out and she knows it, so she is just trying to bring just as many people down with her as she can before she goes. What’s Stacey, Lenora, and Stan gonna do when she’s gone.

      1. Oh thank you again for the reference, again. But jamie we all know what a big fan you are of rance. So the only person that is going to defend him is you, oh wait I would say his wife, but we all know that’s not going to happen. Any ways, know one cares regarding LaDonna move on she’s gone, and who cares! Oh wait obviously you all at housing do, lol. Funny
        Everyone there are a bunch of ass kissers.

      2. Jealous much. Sounds like it to me. Don’t have anything better to do huh. Another chicken right here! Hiding behind this group. And not putting names. Come on here and bash people. When you know nothing about them! Go ahead and put your name I dare you! I am her daughter Amanda! Yes that’s right I’m not scared at all! Go ahead and talk about my mother some more!

        1. Jealous of what?? Your ugly ass mother with many different baby daddy’s? Her new BANGS?! Her expensive clothes that cover up her bulging belly?! She’s ridiculous and so are you! You should be grateful your mother doesn’t have to work with all her haters. Be happy for her. I’m sure being home is less stressful than dealing with the tribe. Please move on up out of here with your madness!

    1. Of course the Tahoe can be taken from George.
      Our new Attorney General is weak in this area. He does not want to make waves, only wants to advise and give opinions.
      We need a tribal prosecutor to get control of the corruption.

  11. No big change in housing. Yeah Brad Fox is not housing secretary they just put him in another position at the complex. LaDonna North cross wasn’t given any authority to fire anyone and that’s why they called Rance Fogle back. North cross also fired two people over the phone, those people can also be brought back. North cross knows nothing of construction or knowledge of building any kind of homes or where to start, she is only after the title and authority and to draw a paycheck.
    They need to get rid of Tonette Fox. Lenora Yahola, Lora King, Debbie Hefner, Brent Beaver, and those worthless housing inspectors. There are several people they need to let go in housing before you see a change.

  12. Well let’s see, Rance Fogle, Brad Fox, every secretary that was under tiger was fired. He still there. Rance Fogle fired last week and they brought him back. NO CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They drive a truck home, rance lives around McAlester, Brad Council hill. They drive diesels you figure that up. No accountability!

    1. Whinny aka Ladonna Northcross aka granny, let it go already. Btw whinny fits you better, Rance Fogle shouldn’t of gotten fired and EVERYBODY knows it, it was personal just like it is with Fox. Not one council rep is behind you, NOT ONE, so you won’t be confirmed so I dont know what the Chief is waiting on. Hey beauty school drop out, go back to high shcool where you belong.

      1. Wrong Rance Fogle SHOULD have gotten fired if he’s as good of a worker as all of you say then how did he have all that spare time to cheat on his wife during his lunch break while in his company vehicle. Eventually everyone will see the true Rance Fogle.

      2. Rizzo,
        oh honey, hush now . Ye of little knowledge.
        We all know your a pioneer of the tribe. You know the best, you call council for everything.

      3. Rizzo I’m sure fits you. The one that slept around, and is the ugly one. Correct. Yes. Go back to high school, that is hilarious. Bite the weinie Rizz. I can make a funny to. See. Aka not LaDonna aka get a life

        1. I’m not the one with 5 or 6 kids all with different baby daddies! That would be your mom Ladonna, now disappear hocus pocus and you are a jokus!

    2. Well let’s see….Brad Fox and Rance Fogle are the BEST workers Creek Nation has. Honest, dependable, and care more about the citizens than anyone I know. I’ve heard that Rance Fogle uses his own equipment and trailer. And that he starts his jobs way before 8:00. Maybe that’s why he drives a truck home.

      1. Honest and dependable? Where the hell have you been? Brad Fox was caught lying to the citizens on native news today! Trying to tell citizens they used proceeds of sale to buy Ade a home that she did not deserve in the first place! It was proven by the media that NAHASDA funds were used illegally. He had his wife and sister illegally working for him. Illegally hired his buddy Rance without giving anyone else the opportunity to apply and numerous other offenses. Honest my ass!

        Go ask Rance Fogles wife how honest and dependable he is! Hes already been caught cheating on her with Amber Gresham. Just ask Jamie Nichols she is the one that tells everyone and shows pictures of the two together. She loves to tell all like how he brings candy for her children and how he comes over and they get drunk together while his poor wife is at home with his children.

        They do not need a vehicle for personal use. Neither go out on weekends or outside working hours. Some of you claim this as fact. If this is true then please provide the rest of us with the hotline number that gets them out. As far as i know there is no way to access any employees outside if business days and working hours.

        1. You can call their cell numbers. There are plenty of others that don’t seen to have a problem contacting them.

          1. Oh ok. Where are their cell numbers posted at? Your full of sh*t if you think we believe plenty of people dont have a problem contacting them. Please tell me what the hotline is. Can all you plenty if others tell me how you just picked up the phone and poof they were there because Hotvle1 thinks were all stupid.

            1. “Please”, I don’t think Hotvle1 thinks everyone is stupid, just you. They are good guys and good workers, all you griped because one of them was just a plumber well he’s back being one and he still gets hammered, good grief! These guys will out work anybody on this site, fact… They come to work, fact… They do go on calls after hours along with other force account guys… Fact…, They are the 2 best men I know… Fact!!!! I do believe there is a 1-800 number for housing, try that “Please” to start with anyway. And spreading gossip about Rance’s personal life is just that gossip, unless you were in the room and have video or pics of wrongdoing how can you know squat????

            2. First of all I never implied anyone was stupid. Secondly I will say you are pretty ignorant if you don’t believe those men work their asses off. Brad Fox and Rance Fogle have worked outside jobs for YEARS. There is no “hotline” so shut up with that already. I don’t understand why you think these two should be at your beck and call when they are off the clock. A person can only work so much. They have families they like to spend time with and they have lives they would like to live. Apparently you are the type of person that believes nothing is ever good enough. If Creek Nation and it’s employees aren’t doing things how you want them done why don’t you find someone else to do it and stop looking for a hand out.

    3. Let’s see whinny do you go on calls after 5? on weekends? In the middle of the night? Because those guys do, stop gripping until you know what these guys do because apparently you don’t!!!

  13. JD Colbert – Gone. Thousands of hundreds of dollars saved
    Bo Colbert and his position – Gone and cut. Thousands of dollars saved.
    Jerry Wilson – Gone
    The Fife duo – Gone
    Cherrah Giles – Gone. Thousands of dollars saved. Savings from all her travel, use of fleet vehicle and mileage.

    That looks like good change to me. Hopefully more will be forthcoming.

  14. So what specifically are you looking for in the way of changes? The Fife’s are gone. Wiley is gone. It will take some time to figure out how to straighten out the huge mess left by Thief Tiger. The first thing is to figure out what was stolen, and by whom. Corrective action needs to be the correct action, not just a blind move in any direction. I turn on the TV and dont see Tiger’s face on there, with the TV time being paid for by the MCN.

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