No more bashing on this site! what are you NOW doing for the tribe or it’s citizens? Nothing except to complain as far as I can tell. At least you can talk to council members and hope that they will listen. They don’t answer their phones. If that is not working, sent all members of the council an email/letter/message. This last suggestion worked for me; it got their attention.

If some of you spent as much time working to improve the tribe as you do bashing, our tribe could be in much better shape.


60 thoughts on “Enough!”

  1. What I wanna know is….?? Why in thee hell do “yall” COLORED PEOPLE (INDIANS) look down on, neglect, discriminate, dissociate, & or hate the other COLORED PEOPLE (BLACK PEOPLE), & Kiss the muthafuckaz ass (WHITE PEOPLE)..that stole your got damn land??????? UNCLE TOM ASS NATIVE AMERICANS!!!!! WE (BLACK PEOPLE) than had a FUCKING NUFF!! SO DO I GO TO NATIONAL COUNCIL OR THE CHIEF ABOUT THAT? ????????✋??????

    1. With that mouth and attitude and your nonsensical ranting, you need to stay home and don’t waste anyone’s time.

        1. Seriously we’re now concerned with ranting and cursing on here and want to screen comments. If that was the case then about 95% of the comments on here wouldn’t have made it. While I don’t think cursing is ever necessary the main point this individual has made concerning how many tribal members treat black people is still present among our people. As a full blood creek man I’ve seen throughout my life this kind of shameful attitude towards others. We need to learn from our ancestors and treat each other with respect whether we’re creek, black, it don’t matter. My parents talked about those like chitto harjo that lived as good neighbors with black people and they helped each other and respected each other and took care of their own. We need to respect all, that what our elders taught us.

  2. This site shows the state and mindset of MCN citizens and Natives across the US. In-fighting among yourselves is getting you nowhere. However, because most of you on this site have nothing better to do but spew garbage and talk about who is stabbing the other in the back, the MCN will never progress. From all that I have read on this site there are few incentives for you to progress. At this stage in the game there is nobody to blame but yourselves. Yet, taking an introspective look would be too difficult. It might actually make you realize that the MCN does not exist solely to serve handouts. Dear lord you all are a mess and sadly it will not get resolved if these so called “Voices” are the activists and voters of the Nation.

    1. In reading your post, I don’t read anything that tells me what we should do to meet your high standards of behavior. I’ll repeat what you wrote as your solutions to our disgusting behaviors: “Yet taking an introspective look would be too difficult.”
      Is that it? Of all the problems you listed we have that are repugnant to you, your only contribution for helping us to rise to your level of civility is for us to be “introspective.” I am persuaded that you believe you are introspective and the rest of us in the Creek Nation are not. I interpret your comments to describe anyone who is introspective as someone of high standing, of which you claim to be, and that apparently leads you to believe you are superior to us. An Introspection person is someone who is gentle; who monitors their motivations to make sure to be careful to avoid outlandish behavior.
      Since you have described me as a reprobate, and absent any kind of redeeming social value, I have no guilt in calling you an asshole.

      1. Well…. Here’s what I feel is the problem…. There appears to be a culture among the people as to if something doesn’t directly benefit them in an immediate fashion it’s bad… If the work someone is doing doesn’t provide an immediate positive impact then they aren’t doing there job…. There are soooo many brilliant Creek people…. Unfortunately when they answer the call to do positive work within the tribe they are met with opposition…. While most of the time this opposition is small… It is often louder than the praise and appreciation…. This creates a void as to where those who can and want to do good things and are willing to make the tough calls leave….. If you go outside and dig a large hole in your yard…. It’s going to either remain a hole or it will begin to collect debrees… Some dirt will find its way back but that spot will not return to its naturally form without someone there willing to get dirty and mend it…. Same goes for the Nation…. Unfortunately a lot of people simply feel it’s not worth the hassle…. Which is why there is such a big void of capable minds…. If everyone who posted on this site got involved and sat down and OBJECTIVELY tried to work with those in charge it would be a better place… If people would realize their life and well being is ultimately their responsibility and not the tribes but that the tribe is their to provide a different type of support and voice to the people… As well as the council needs to understand that while they are entitled to their personal opinions… That they’re duty is to reflect the will of the people while upholding the constitution and law. They have one job. The Cheif is the captain of the ship and should be steering this vessel away from imminent danger…. We don’t want to become the Titanic… Employees of the nation need to learn to take pride and responsibility in their duties…. Each and every employee must learn that they must treat every customer….. Both internal and external with the utmost respect…. Understand that each and every being that is involved in the tribe…. Creek or Not, regardless of blood quantum… Regardless of education, regardless of gender…. Is an EQUAL link and has something to offer… Regardless of how great or small…. The sad part is the smoke and mirrors seem to be working…. What stehetke’s started many years ago is alive and well in Indian Country and is working better than they could have ever imagined…. Unfortunately most of us are either to busy, don’t care, or EXTROSPECTIVE and could careless unless it directly effects us…. The truth is the truth and it may hurt…. But that’s good… Cause if it hurts then you yourself knows it to be true….

      2. Hello There I got a laugh from you!! You are great!! Chris Asbell is asking to be Secretary of Nation!!!What another laugh he is 168 creek!!We Elders of the first Community of the Nation is protesting..,we started Okmulgee Indian Community when Claude was alive!!We are the originals Elder Community.!!I HAVE CALLED THE COUNCIL MEMBERS TO VOICE OUR OPINION!How bout you call your council too!!

        1. Well they made him secretary of internal affairs ……hmmmmm
          I would of thought Charley lasarge would have got that spot ..

        2. Hotke let someone qualified be in charge, haven’t you had enough incompetents placed in leadership position by former leaders?
          Your logic is the very reason the Muscogee have lost the greater portion of North America.
          Look to the future, youth and education happen to be the answer.

        3. Hokte7, if we don’t want Asbell to be a secretary we need to call our reps. His confirmation for secretary of interior is coming up this month. I don’t trust him. He talks more like a white man.

  3. Chief Floyd has been in office two months, he cannot perform miracles overnight. He has inherited a lot of problems left by the former administration. Also, there is not a tribal law that states a former Principal Chief cannot visit Chief Floyd. I believe advice from Former Chief Ellis to Principal Chief Floyd would be beneficial to the tribe.

  4. I I work at MCN and go to school full time in the evenings and online. Why is it that everytime I want answers on when my school will get paid, I get no answers? I call after submitting my paperwork 4 different times only to hear, “oh we didnt get your schedule…Oh we didnt get your transcript…” what kind of crap is this? I have seen no change in the education dept. Forgive me for wanting to better myself and go to school and NOT be in debt when I graduate. Thanks to the MCN Higher Ed. I will take out a student loan so that I am not faced with late fees and penalities for their lack of commuincation and laziness.

    1. Call the Tip Line. It’s an automated system that lets callers give information to the Mvskoke Media to have problems citizen face checked out. Your issue appears to be critical and calls for immediate action. Be precise; tell them what, where, who, when, etc., Their number is 539.777. 1174. Good luck.

    2. Sad but true. The education department owes students timely grant distributions to the schools they attend. All things related to the education of the Muskogee students must improve now. More $$$ must be put to education also. Cost are rising but grants remain the same. All the talk about education has always been big so let’s make it happen.

    3. Well, did you submit everything like they had asked the first time and in a timely manner (ie before the deadline)? If you did, then yes, they should have disbursed your grant.

  5. Why is Chief and second chief not backing the people he put into positions to make changes? Is that why majority of them aren’t bothering to make any changes? Is he that concerned about council? And when did council start being involved in personnel issues? Why are coucilmen in offices looking at information? I’m confused here . We have to many cracks in our foundation to build a strong house. Get rid of the Tigers den, start over. CHIEF.. your ppl trusted you to make change you are not doing it at all.

    1. Council has Always been involved with Personal. Especially when getting jobs for family members or financial backers when they ran for office.

      1. And what part of the constitution does it say that the members of the National council may dictate to executive branch members how to run their office or give preferential treatment of services to individual citizens? Oh, that’s right, IT DOESNT!
        Employees need to stop running to council members for every little item.

    2. The Mvskoke Media wants fact; just facts.
      Callers are asked to use the Tip Line to ‘‘present credible, newsworthy information that can potentially be substantiated through sound journalistic research” for publication in the MNN. The citizen’s call to the Tip Line is automated so that no interaction occurs between caller and the MM; citizens call the Tip Line and leave information. That’s it. Information that is provided to the Tip Line must contained factual material that can be checked out, i.e., what, where, when, who, how, and not on what one has heard or believes to be true based on an opinion. Citizens can accessed the Mvskoke Media anonymously at 539.777.1174.

    3. Maybe because he FINALLY realized what a mistake he made in some of his choices! Foooor instance LaDonna Northcross, she is emotional and mentally unstable, I thought I left high school years ago but apparently she hasn’t. The sooner they get her out the better, its constant turmoil. She is petty, delusional, vindictive, childish, even blasting on her Facebook how a Council rep spoke to her. Grow up and move on preferably down the road!!

      1. Just wondering who you would think would be better suited, perhaps that lying cheating rat Rance Fogle? They should have left him terminated instead of giving him his job back all because his brother in law is on NC. He is no good for our tribe he clearly doesn’t care for the citizens or the condition of their homes. He needs to go, and quick.

        1. Who is Rance Fogle’s brother in law? It always appears that no matter what administration it is, if you have family on council or in the executive office, oooorr someone that influences one of the people in these areas, you get a job, keep a job, or can get a job back. The rest of us that don’t have any influence but just work hard don’t get a break like that.

        2. Rance Fogle pay- 65000
          Brad fox- 53000
          Brant beaver- 47000
          Debra hefner- 49000- non Indian
          Tonette fox- 45000- non indian
          David king, who does nothing 46000
          Lora king-45000
          Stacey settlemyre -47000
          Full blood creek secretary nadine fixico- 31000. See something wrong with this picture.

          1. Yes I do! All are creek citizens except Debbie & she is Cherokee. You also left off the other 500 tribal employees. Oh and don’t forget yourself Ladonna Northcross former employee 78,000 as the 2 month Sec of housing, non Indian, 32,00 as the secretary of finance, 32,000 as former housing employee & don’t forget the
            45, 000 job you gave yourself when u got fired as the sec. Of housing but I guess that was ok because it was you. Sounds like you’re jealous cause you’re making 300 a week sitting on your unemployed white butt! Get over yourself!

            1. This is ladonna northcross, and I don’t need to get on here and rant about housing. You need to get a life , and I am a Cherokee citizen thank you. Oh, and yes I’m enjoying my 300.00 a week sitting on my tan butt, thank you very much. So go back to your job and get a life.


  6. just out of curiosity why does the fleet management department pick and choose who gets to order tires? I was told by one of the arbor care workers that they would order you tires. Has anyone else had any luck with them?

  7. ENOUGH is right! I have noticed during the election a lot of people running for office was talking about transparency, since the election I have seen some movement in that direction but not as much as it should be. We citizens are tired of the elected officials bending the laws to suit their agendas. The law is the law, it’s black and white no grey! If Council want to bend the laws to help people then we need to call it what it is, breaking the law. The can easily amend the law instead of breaking it. The AG should look into all the laws that the Council bend.
    We still have issues with the people that are be appointed to the cabinet position. Was all the laws followed? Funerals being paid for non-creek citizen. Was all the laws followed? Is the 2nd Chief over stepping his duties? Will there be an investigation on the Dorm where there maybe some issues with the money? Why hasn’t the Chief appointed a new Gaming Commissioner yet? What about a Compliance Officer for Housing? Is HR not doing their job by informing him?
    We have laws to be followed by all! I feel bad for the non enrolled Creek that passed but if he wasn’t enrolled then he wasn’t entitled. Does a citizen from Arkansas get to use Oklahoma funds set aside for Oklahomans just because his parents was from Oklahoma, NO. There maybe no doubt the man was Creek, but it’s a choice for all to enroll. If the Council is willing to bend the law then I believe this speaks for their integrity. Why can we have a fund raiser instead? Let the Council hold the fund raiser, this would speak volumes of them that claim they want to serve.
    The Chief can veto this bill, yes it maybe unpopular but it’s against our laws.

    1. The Chief won’t veto anything unless Louis Hicks tells him to. Have you talked with Chief Floyd? He’s weak, won’t make his own decisions and frankly acts timid and afraid.
      Where is the transparent government he talked about.
      Nothing on the MCN website except his bio.
      What property in Okmulgee did the tribe buy at this weeks “Emergency Session?”
      Why do we have money to buy more land when our Council House is falling down?
      What’s going on with the Country Club? Didn’t the NC pass legislation putting it under the Office of Principal Chief?
      Is that a swimming pool in front of the hospital?
      Has the tribe paid the $11,500,000 to the state for back tobacco taxes that George promised to pay?
      Why is Ms. Lowe still in the Chief’s office when she does everything except record all his conversations and report to George Tiger?
      Why have we been deceived again? Is it our fate because of wrongdoing and greed?

  8. It would help then ew administration if the Muscogee Nation website was accurate.

    Still shows as of February 16, 2016:
    Jeff Fife – Deputy Secretary of the interior
    Richard Fixico – LightHorse Chief
    Selina Dornan – Public Relations Director
    to name a few.

    1. I.t. dept probably doesn’t know how to apply the changes…. let’s get Judy on that. She likes tiny problems like that, that make her look busy.

        1. Because she doesn’t know anything, she contracts out all of her work. Have a big meeting with ppl that are familiar with i.t. and she will NEVER ATTEND… she will always be out of pocket. She’s a liar, covering her teacks, her brother is cover for her too.(the best he can)

          1. Do you know anything about I.T.? Do you know anything about how difficult it is to hire qualified I.T. Professionals in the Okmulgee area given the salaries that are available? Do you know the many many aspects of copper and fiber networks, switches, routers, firewalls, virtualization, security, monitoring, desktop support, utilization, on and on??? If you do then you know that while one can be knowledgable about the big picture it often takes an expert to consult on some of the intricate details…. And when you don’t have in house security, network admins, Windows admins, cable pullers (Mr. Tamage seems to not want to do anything unless you’re good for him to look at and Hayden is only good at following him around), etc, etc like most governments and large corporations you HAVE to rely on consultants… Even companies who have these rely on consultant sometimes…. Would you prefer Ron back??? Tribal I.T., while still needs some work has improved by leaps and bounds under her direction. She has enabled the tribe to save a ton of money and working on ways to save even more. She has called in the right people to assist in fixing issues that urgently needed a resolution… While knowing how to do everything yourself would be great… Knowing how to get a timely resolution, who to contact, or where to look is equally important! Unless you have ever lived in the chaotic world of I.T., where it cares not of time of day or what the weather is like, or how you feel… Then I suggest you shut your hole and let those who are doing there best with the resources they have do their job….

      1. You’d think with Cindy thrawrting the auditors from accessing emails, she would be gone. You would think Bill Dowdy who kept his girlfriend under his department (and would come to work drunk and Bill turned the other way) would be gone. You would think Dean Hughes who never came to work before and doesn’t know a crock of crap and would run and tell information to everybody, would be gone.

        Judy. We had high hopes for you. Why are you not making moves on these people? Past actions speak volume and these three individuals were part of Tiger’s regime. Play the Donald Trump card. Tell them “You’re fired!”

        1. Dean Hughes is the same as Melissa, yes he does tell your business. He should of went when Tiger did. These people holler ni fair. But they didn’t have a problem walking in on the tiger administration and taking people’s jobs.

        2. It has been confirmed Chief and 2nd Chief know of all wrong doings of Bill Dowdy and sister Cindy, they are also aware of all the conflicts of interest ( supervising girlfriend and niece) and nothing , NOTHING is being done. They are also aware the people still come to work when they feel like it, nothing has changed sadly.

  9. Since Allan Colbert wants to make it public that he has “retired” from Eufaula Dorm than I feel it must be known that it was not by HIS choice. His sorry butt was fired because the complaints have become to numerous to overlook any longer. He has treated his staff and family like crap for way way to long. Enjoy “retirement” !

    1. This is the real Rebecca A. I did not post this about Mr. Colbert. I do not read nor post anything on this website so whoever is using my name, please stop it. If it continues, just know it’s not the real Rebecca A. That’s gossip and it’s devilish and childish!

  10. Employees are talking of the meeting Chief Floyd and Former Chief Ellis had this week. Guess Chief Floyd hasn’t had his staff sign “Confidentially Forms” yet.

    With social media the way it is these days word gets around fast. Chief’s staff should not be talking about any visitors to the Chief’s office.

    Whether we agree, like, dislike or hate Former Chief Ellis, he has the most experience in tribal government than any other elected citizen.

    1. Here’s a news flash for ya’, Creek Woman – hadn’t heard doodly about a meeting between Floyd and Ellis until I read it here from you. You may want to consider that this forum is, in actuality, part of the “social media” spreading fast facts, rumors, innuendos. Just sayin’.

    2. Confidentiality forms…that really wouldn’t matter here, as everyone knows gossip is rampant at the tribe. But, I hadn’t heard yet over in our office about Ellis visit. So Creek Woman, are you one of our pot stirrers? It appears that the slugfest on this site is slowing down.

    3. That’s great Creek Woman.
      It would be good to see Chief Ellis more involved. You’re right. He does have more experience in our tribal government than anyone else and is an asset to our tribe.

    4. Gee..
      What is the deal? There is no reason Chief Ellis can’t be at the Complex with Chief Floyd.
      History will prove his administration was for The Creek Citizens. He was not a self serving Chief. He does have a wealth of knowledge.
      If he can be of any help to Chief Floyd so be it. Hey people on this site had no problems with tiger gracing the halls because he was a Citizen. Well so is Ellis.

  11. Even though we would all like for things to wonderful…they arent. Sadly this sight is a place for us to vent.. share what we know. Granted there may be some truths and some untruths but that’s the way it is.. if you have a site like this..it happens. Employees still cannot go voice their opinions, mostly because even though the administration has changed the manager positions didnt. And like or not they have the same mind set they had during TIGERS RUN. Now hill they all acted meek for a couple of weeks because they were worried…that is not the case now. We are back to strolling in after 8 .EX vehicles are still be driven after hours. 2 hour lunch breaks are still going on. So yes.. it will happen ppl are going to speak their minds and tell truths that have been hidden. And honestly I think their hopes are that a council member reads this or part of the administrative. Reads this a d quietly checks out what is being g said …because those of us that need a job can’t speak out Publicly. So if not posting all positive is not what you want sorry… but that’s the way it is.. if you Control what is being g said ..then your no better than the last administration..remember he only wanted good things said.

    1. I went online to look at job openings at the tribe and I saw something strange. There was a job I was going to apply for from the job opportunities link and when I went to fill out the online application and went to search for the job I noticed there were a lot more jobs listed there than on the career page. I checked it a couple times. Does anyone know why? I counted and there were 31 jobs listed here and just 20 jobs on the job opportunities link under careers. I had heard in the past that there were jobs filled just inside the tribe and you had to know someone. Why can’t ALL these jobs be posted to all tribal members and even put in the newspaper.

      1. I asked around about the jobs online. The word is that there are jobs that are not posted for everyone to see and apply for but just for those already working there. I looked again today and there are jobs like the Director for the Secretary of Community and Human Services that’s a secret job posting, and then there is another secret job posting for the Office Manager for the Secretary of the Nation. Why would the Secretary of the Nation need an office manager, it’s just one person, the Secretary. Is this just a way to get someone on from the inside at a higher pay? Take a look on the job application online , just click on the SELECT button after you answer a couple questions. Chief, why can’t all the jobs be posted for all of us? This includes salaries that these secret jobs will be paying and the qualifications.

  12. i want suggest that we not use profanity and everyone should have the courage to identify themselves.We will disagree but we have a responsibility to represent our families,ceremonial grounds,churches and Mvskoke people with dignity and character.

    1. I agree with Mr. Frank’s comment. How are concerns going to be addressed if they aren’t asked directly of the people who can make a change or give a reasonable response back? For the site name to be Voices of Courage, I don’t see much courage – just a lot of griping and name calling. A suggestion to the administrator of this site, why not require that real names be used and only post those with names, in lieu of made up or nick names? Just a thought….

  13. Cry me a River is correct. The mean things posted about the previous administration….go back and read some of them.
    Did you expect everybody to magically become happy and sit around the fire singing Kumbayah?

  14. I think this site exists because the administration and those in charge of the Departments will not listen. The previous administration provided an oppressive environment and so far not much as changed. Employees are not allowed to express their opinions at work with out negative ramifications.

    1. So is the target audience for this site only employees? I’m not trying to start anything. It’s just really hard to tell because of the tone that has been set. I honestly didn’t know this site existed until I got a phone call that my name was on it.

      I’d like to help change the tone by mentioning some things that I think the tribe is doing RIGHT. I’ll start with Dode Barnett, is she pushy… Yes! Think about all of the things she’s pushing for. Bot Ball, Youth Camps… She’s investing in our youth. She may run some people the wrong way, but I’ve watched how she voted and it’s from her heart and not her influences. I’d just like to say way to go Dode.

      Tony Fish, you started with a program with a staff of what… 5? You had a vision. You invested in the people that most people wouldn’t bother investing in. You sought out grants and you grew the program. You found ways to educate and heal the broken and you hired an amazing team and provided a great culture for your program. Way to go Tony!

      Nancy Mason, you’re the queen of pushing back. People either love you or hate you. You started a whole new division from the ground up with passion, with input from the community and you let the Youth decide what their purpose was. You devote time that doesn’t have to be devoted and you are an exceptional leader. Way to go Nancy!

      Jeffrey Frank, you come to work with a positive attitude and you pass on that positivity to the Lighthorse Explorers. You’re a great mentor to those kids. Thank you! Great job, Jeffery.

      Beky Baker, where to even start… You put your heart and sole into those children that come through your program and you provide an awesome Christmas for those babies. For the future of our tribe. What you do makes a difference. Great job, Beky.

      Barbara O’neal, how much fun do those children have at your centers? You make sure they get cultural education, fun day and you set them up with so many field trips. Way to go, Barbara!

      I could go on about people who do make a difference. I certainly left out a lot. My hope is that some of you will call out people for the good they do. Even if you don’t like someone. There’s always good in everyone. Some people are too closed off to find it. That’s really a shame.

  15. That’s the problem when you have a site with the credibility of the National Enquirer. Nobody is happy. Not the person who posted the B.S. and definitely not the person being posted about.

  16. Good to see this and I hope whoever runs this site will follow through on cleaning out the complainers. Have a complaint? Offer a real solution.

    Don’t like someone who works at the tribe or is a politician? State why but that statement should be based on fact about some action or behavior not because of a personal vendetta.

    Other than a few reasonable comments on here it is mostly like the hallways of a middle school. I hope it is cleaned up and that people offer opinions, facts and potential solutions to resolve problems.

    Good Luck

  17. Funny how you didn’t have “enough” when there was all the bashing against the last administration. The lies on here, the name calling, bashing their family members, NOW this site is getting a conscience and realizing how unfair it is and unnecessary. I do believe you’ve made your bed now lay in it!!

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