Tell me how you plan to help the new administration

I am fed up with all the negative comments. Start with suggestions for improvement. For starters, educate yourself on the laws, learn how the fnancials are processed, read up on the judicial branch, in fact, learn all you can about each branch so that you contribute constructively to your tribe.

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  1. To the person that is fed up with all the negative comments. I believe many things are being exposed on this sight. Most people are trying to educate other citizens and offer solutions to the problem. We all need to know what is going on. Administration was not doing their job. That is why we are in the hole. A little understanding and patience is needed and a lot of prayers for our
    new chief. We need to give him a chance.

  2. My reservation is treated like a third-world country while our government makes useless land grabs with casino profits! I fear the reason our leaders have gotten away with this for so long is because we’ve been conditioned to think this is normal. We’re paralyzed, scared of the magnitude of what needs to be done.

    I have seen firsthand how neglected the people of our tribe are compared to most other tribes in the US. It’s not about “giving things away”–it’s about giving our citizens the means to drag themselves out of the gutter we were thrown in.

    It’s hard for me to get directly involved since I’m out of state but I am an investigative journalist. Anything I can research, expose, or otherwise use to get our citizens to care about themselves, I will do in a heartbeat. I will upgrade your site, place ads for your meetings, print your signs, whatever is needed. It’s time we do what we’re hardwired to do: fight.

    1. Citizens and employees, whoever this “investigative reporter” is, I am wary. First of all he says he lives out of state, and so even though we all know that we have several citizens that live out of state, he doesn’t know that we are not a reservation tribe. I would just be careful in contacting this person to help. There are a lot of non citizens and wannabees that want to get involved in our affairs. We need to be cautious.

  3. Here’s another ideal, have the Chief’s office or Public Relation’s office or someone to periodically poll the citizens and get feedback to how they feel different departments are doing and what changes may be made to help improve. This can be reviewed by the Chief and also published in the newspaper. Just a thought.

  4. Helping the New Administration?
    The New Speaker of the National Council is giving information to a single citizen concerning the financials of One Fire Casino – our Okmulgee Casino.
    This individual went to 2nd Chief Hicks who then gave the information to Speaker L. Tiger, who then gave it to the citizen.
    Is the information a secret?
    Can we all know the financials of One Fire Casino?
    Why is our Legislative Branch giving any financial information to anyone?
    Isn’t that the authority in the Office of Principal Chief?
    Does Chief Floyd know that the only authority that the 2nd Chief has is what he gives to 2nd Chief?
    The Office of 2nd Chief is there for one purpose – to fill a vacancy if the Chief becomes unable to fulfill his duties as Principal Chief.
    There are no constitutional duties given to the 2nd Chief.
    It completely up to the Principal Chief to assign duties, responsibility and authority to the 2nd Chief.
    Mr.Hicks has overstepped his authority unless Chief Floyd has given the authority to him.
    The Speaker has no authority to hand out tribal information to anyone without the consent of the Principal Chief.

    1. To Citizen 2 :
      This website is called the voice of courage not the voice of secrets . If ya are scared to say any names then take your ass else wher

      1. To calling all chickens,
        Poor little rich boy, hater of women, elders and full citizens. Take your nasty mouth and money back to Palm Springs.

        1. What does being “rich” have to do with anything? How is that even a put down? It sounds like you’ve got a case of jealousy. Maybe if you spent the energy you spend on hating someone who is successful, you could be successful yourself? Why can’t we disagree without name calling? It sounds like you’re a bitter person with an ugly heart. Is that what you were going for?

    2. To Citizen 2
      You have uncovered just the tip of the ice berg. It seems the second chief has either been given the authority or has taken the authority from the principal chief. The shenanigans being pulled with hiring and letting some of the council members suggest who should be hired is outrageous. It’s already clear they don’t understand the role of each branch of our government. The Principal Chief should be making all decisions not allowing others to pick his staff. It’s too late now but I can promise you on down the road he is going to realize he shouldn’t have been so passive and should’ve checked the history of the cabinet members he chose. Believe me in time it will be told.

    3. So I guess the whole show on January 4 really didn’t give the citizens the vibe that this council and administration was actually going to do something worthwhile.
      Read your Constitution and it says that all financial matters are open to the Muscogee creek citizens.
      Speaker Tiger was just doing what he’s governed to do by the MCN Constitution.
      If you wanna get really upset. Read the legislation regarding OneFire and you’ll see that the citizens aren’t supposed to know how much they’re spending because it’s not incorporated into the annual budget.

      1. Article VI, Section 7, item d:
        “All expenditures of tribal funds shall be a matter of public record open to all citizens of the Muscogee (Creek) nation at all reasonable times.”

        1. Are tribal funds defined just as gaming revenue or other revenue generated by the tribe? The tribe should also disclose how grant funds are also being spent. I’ve heard some guys brag about things they spent their grants on that from the sound of it, did not match what the grant was for.

    4. Someone we all know needed to keep up with the flying tee project. Most likely an investor. This isn’t the first time information was given out. Last time information information was given out it wasn’t a tribal citizen that received it.

    5. I really believe the information that was handed out by the speaker was for the One Fire LLC company. The so called new company and board that is in charge of the tribal businesses. They are also suppose to improve and look into new business ventures. You see the Nation has two One Fires. The Okmulgee Casino and now the One fire LLC business co. The LLC is supposed to be an independent company of the Nation with no political influence of elected officials if you want to believe that.

      1. Not impressed with the new leadership of the Health Department. Let’s watch the rats jump off of the sinking ship of the Health Department. How many nurses have quit? Heard the administrator in Sapulpa is leaving. Not enough Doctors in the clinics. Can’t keep the Doctors they have. Why can’t Creek Nation retain their Doctors? Chief what is your plan?

  5. Hello No body!! I called communications about the calendar
    she told me that communication printed only what Mr. Hicks wanted them to print and she asked me if I wanted to talk to Mr. Hicks and I talked to the secrretary and asked if Mr Hicks was trying to be Chief? I told her I threw the calendar away and Mr Hicks will never be chief and I hung up I was mad as he is telling the chief what to do!!

    1. What reason would George Tiger have to frequently visit Louis Hicks?
      Is Mr. Hicks still getting his orders from Tiger?
      Is Tiger still running MCN?
      It would be great if Chief Floyd would ask George Tiger if he could be of any assistance to him and then politely tell Mr. Tiger that all the elected people and employees need to get their work done and don’t have the time to visit.

      1. The thing about that is, former Chief Tiger is a citizen. How would you feel, as a citizen, if you were banned from voicing concerns. The truth is, none of us know the truth. We can’t speculate unless we were there. That’s just not fair.

        1. Less than one year ago the National Council of MCN wrote legislation voting “No Confidence” and asked for the “Resignation” of Chief Tiger. They must have known things the Citizens do not know. Should we speculate their reasons as well?

          It puts a shadow of fear, mistrust and dishonesty on the current administration to have Chief Tiger walking the halls whether fair or not.

          Personally I don’t like seeing him walking or stalking the hallways of the tribe. It’s disrespectful to the current Chief.

          1. And 4 years ago the National Council was pushing for George to become Chief. Then once he was elected they voted to give him a raise. There’s always an agenda. I get what you’re saying. However; I doubt he’s running the show since Mr. Hicks openly backed out current Chief. One thing is for sure, it will come to light. Whatever happens at Creek Nation becomes everyone’s juicy gossip until the next “scandal.”

            1. And 4 years ago George & Roger voted to give THEMSELVES and the National Council raises while still on the Council.
              You don’t think Louis Hicks is being controlled listening to all the praise George is giving him?
              After all, Louis is the only person to ever win an election over A. D. Ellis, and then after winning, no one ran against him. In Louis’s eyes and coming from Tiger’s mouth, Louis is unbeatable. You see Louis actually thinks he won that election a year ago in January.
              George Tiger had 6 other people bought and paid for to run against Chief Ellis and then had Nettie make sure the general election went to Louis.
              Use you head. All the precincts were counted, and Louis was declared 2nd Chief seven (7) minutes after 7:00 p.m. The general election between Floyd and Tiger took until 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning to be counted, over 8 hours longer. Why didn’t all those running for 2nd Chief run again? Because George was so confident that he would be Chief another 4 years and Louis Hicks is no threat to any of George’s corruption.
              Have you ever talked with Mr. Hicks? He may be honest but he is a follower and can be manipulated with compliments. And the Great Manipulator has taken control of him.

              1. Wake up Hicks! Don’t fall for it. Order an investigation of all the business contracts. There must be something underhanded he can be arrested for.

              2. Actually they sat out of that voting session. I remember it vividly. Did you actually read the emails and votes that came in? It was considered a conflict of interest.

        2. That old dog is a swindler, adulterer and thief. He doesn’t need to be hanging around the complex all day. Go get a job George!

            1. Mr. Tiger received a new 2013 Tahoe in 2012 for all his media appearances (says he bought that one personally), then the tribe bought him a new 2016 in early 2015 with a $106,000.00 price tag.
              Which one did he buy?
              How much did he pay for it?
              Where is the other Tahoe the Tribe owns?

            2. They should take inventory of all the Creek Nation vehicles and see what cars need to be returned. Although some higher position employees believe that they are entitled to a car, I bet most are not. Turn those cars in!

      2. A comment like that can only be made by a unprofessional ignorant person. Could is be that maybe Chief and Second Chief are professional enough to acknowledge the fact that working together is the best way to accomplish a goal. It’s good when people are not threatened by the knowledge of others and are confident in their own leadership abilities. So confident in fact that they can embrace the council and assistance from those who have been in office before.

        1. Trying to stay positive with the hopes that the new chief and second chief know what they are doing. Having said that from all early indications they do t look like rock stars with a few of the appointments that have been made. It’s time we hire some new blood and quit recycling the same old untalented pool of candidates. We are at a critical time in our tribes history and we are going to have to hire more talented people and news flash folks they may not all be Creeks. We should look very hard at the Chickasaw business model they seem to be getting it right.
          Let’s just hope the new chief gets in a rhythm and starts getting some things right. As chief he has the ability to right some wrongs and I truly hope he will and become the chief that we all thought we voted for, and if not it’s going to be four more years of the same old crap. Only time will tell.

          1. I agree with you Bear Clan. Let’s take a look at what the
            Chickasaw tribe is doing. The have done very well.

    2. What’s the deal with Geebon Gouge? Heard he still has a job. He and his wife kissed George and Francis butts and openly campaigned for tiger. I’m beginning to think that James is letting Louis run the show! I hope not…but I have lost faith in James. Never trusted Louis in the first place. And neither should be communicating with tiger!

      1. Gee rides the fence. Whoever butters his bread. That’s where he will be with bread in hand… another Edwin..lookout. pretty sure that’s why he abruptly quit the first time,. Wife made him. Who says “cheaters” never win. Watch out for them creepy hugs he gives. At least he can promote his kids more while being paid.

        1. He’s great at his job. Who cares what he endorses as long as he serves his tribe why does it matter who he voted for? And why do people keep talking about other people’s personal lives? What does that have to do with the price of eggs in China? I’d love to see all of your business from the PAST spread viciously on a b.s. website and then see how you feel about it. You can make valid points about issues within the Nation without blasting a family or stirring the pot within people’s personal lives. This site is just ugly.

  6. Mr. Nelson Johnson through Buddy York (pretend gaming commissioner) with orders from Chief George Tiger allowed a Creek Citizen to work in our gaming industry and the citizen cannot get a gaming license.
    A position was first created for this person as an Investigator for the Gaming Commission.
    Now he holds a position as a Surveillance Officer at on of our casinos.
    Do I contact the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC), MCN’s Attorney General or someone else?
    Is our gaming industry in jeopardy because of this fraudulent act?

  7. We received the 2016 Mvskoke Nation Calendar today.
    Now is Louis Hicks the Chief or James Floyd?
    According to the pictures Louis Hicks is the man of the hour.

  8. Here’s a suggestion… Let the employees have a complaint box under lock and key. Appoint a trusted person who has the key that can get ahold of the employee and investigate their complaint and if there is a just cause foward the complaint to HR and the Chief’s office and let HR handle the situation per policy and if it’s not handled in a timely manner then the Chief’s office can handle the HR department for not following policy. Let these complaints be published in the MCN news paper with a follow up how the situation was handed. No names have to be published just the issues. This will show the citizens that change is happening and maybe it will attract better employees to work at the Nation since they will know issues will be addressed.

    1. Ha! You think HR doesn’t run and taddle to their stomp ground buddies? I know for a fact they break confidentiality to help out old friends. The whole system is broken. There is no easy fix.

      1. That’s true clueless. Melissa Culley is the worst. She uses her position to save her friends and tell what people say to her.

        1. Melissa Culley:

          + Won’t answer emails.
          + If you keep your emails and follow up with her (after giving several weeks to answer or even respond) she gets rude and snarky.

          + She is unprofessional and treats people like they are dog Crap.

          I do not like that woman.

          1. Melissa culled
            late daily
            not confidential
            needs a man
            how is she still there?
            She likes to tell confidential information to her bestie Jan hart..who shares it with her wink wink bestie Dan Roberts… who shares it with the worlllllld. But this is just between us…you can’t say nothing.

    2. Are you kidding the HR department….the front office staff are a joke. Obviously you have never had to do business with with Lucy, Sandra or Greg. These three together can’t even answer a question correctly let alone solve a problem. If you want action try a outside company who can take call at a 800 number and the call can truly be anonymous if needed, caller given a reference number to follow up on at a later date to see what actions has been taken. All complaints/issues would be given to a Resolution Committee (Team selected by Chief Floyd) overseen by both 2nd Chief and HR Director who meets weekly to review the issues or complaint and they come up with a action plan or resolution. They could also track patterns if they arise. Please no MCN Employees taking calls!

  9. Suggestions for improvements:
    To the Citizens…
    1) Give the Chief a chance… you wanted change and this is change.
    2) Stop seeking handouts from the government. You are not entitled to free housing, food and clothes (Your tax dollars are not at work at the Creek Nation*). It is mostly operated like a private enterprise through casino revenues. Be happy the MCN provides services.
    3) You are not entitled to work for the Creek Nation because you are a citizen. We all know a third of the positions at the Nation could be eliminated. The MCN is bloated.
    To the Chief:
    1) Must find a balance between profitability to sustain the Nation and all the needy hands wanting a free ride.
    2) Will have to eliminate un-needed positions that simply cost the Nation money – no matter the political ramifications.
    3) Will probably have to bring in outside educated help to manage certain positions within the tribe (Just because a Creek citizen has the skill set it doesn’t mean they want to work in Okmulgee for the Creek Nation – so be willing to diversify and bring in the people who want to actually work).
    4) Will have to branch out and collaborate with other Nations, businesses and communities to foster economic development opportunities.

    1. Well said. Wish people would quit badgering the tribe for every need and want they have.
      What would or how would they function in the “white man’s world”.
      They need to remember they are suppose to be contributing to the tribe.
      Not always demanding a handout. Hopefully the days of free t shirts are over.

    2. I totally agree with the handout section for food, shelter, and utilities. Our program are great for citizens who NEED assistance. But to see they same people month after month claiming NO Work really need to go through a Self Improvement program before getting anymore assistance to prove they are looking for work. You see the same families even MCN employees writing letters each month that their grown children live at home and dont work..Teach your adult children some self respect and either get a JOB
      or an education and make something of yourself, and be an adult learn to provide for yourself in the Real World. One day these programs may not be available.

    3. Speaking of eliminating positions, I thought the new chief would surely eliminate the cabinet positions if he truly wanted to bring the budget under control. We need to quit copying the larger tribes, and do a reality check. This was another layer added by George Tiger and his people for the purpose of getting his buddies more money and also because half of them didn’t know how to do their jobs so this removed them from the hands on work and they placed people in directors positions to get it done. The cost of this additional layer is shocking. It worked before without a cabinet and there’s no reason it wouldn’t work again plus save the tribe over a million dollars. Same story, different chief.

      1. Many of the Cabinet positions already existed as Director positions. George just renamed them to Cabinet (and added a few useless ones).

        1. MM
          When he made them “secretaries” the current managers moved up to directors, the current supervisors moved up to managers, etc. so indeed another layer was created with additional costs to the tribe. My point is the cabinet is extremely costly and totally unnecessary.

  10. People, including myself, use fake names on this site and it’s pitiful that anyone would use someone’s real name falsely.
    Unfortunately there is no way to verify a real person or a fake person.
    Anyone using social media trying to drag others into their pitiful world by using another person’s name is trying to make themselves feel important.

  11. I believed in James Floyd during the campaign. I convinced my family to stand and support him during the administration. Not a month in and absolutely nothing has changed. I’m sorry I even voted. Best of luck to the Creek Nation Administration. Only thing that will be Creek in my house is the newspaper.

    1. Exactly. Not even a month in. Evidently you don’t know how government works. Especially with the shambles we were left in after Chief Tiger.

      Some of you people are absurd and have no idea the condition the tribe is in. What hasn’t changed yet? What are you upset about? You do realize no confirmations have even been made regarding the cabinet rignt? You’re definitely judging prematurely.

      I can’t tell if some of these comments are being made by Tiger supporters as ridiculous as they sound. Oh well….. Moving on. Ha

    2. The man has been sworn in for 18 days.
      Actually in office for 16 days.
      How do you turn around a Nation in that few of days? How in the world do you even get a grasp of the job/budget/personnel/etc etc in 18 days?

      1. A good indication is his cabinet choices, even the most faithful Floyd supporter can’t possibly agree with the majority of his picks. Ladonna Northcross? Judy Haumpy? Chris Azbell? James Byrd? Courtney Josie? Please tell me how just the few mentioned are qualified to hold those positions?

        1. Citizen, you ask a good question. None of these people are qualified or have a clue to hold their positions. The only positions that I think are filled correctly are those of Kevin Dellinger for attorney general, Kathy Guthrie for Controller and Ken David for Veterans Affairs. While no one is perfect, these 3 have the experience and background to fill the positions. The people you list do not and could cause a lot more damage down the line if left in these leadership positions. Fellow Creek citizens let’s give Chief Floyd some better suggestions before these positions are approved this coming weekend. Folks, he obviously needs some help. He either is getting manipulated into chosing certain people or he’s already made some promises and has not taken the time to think these positions through. Who else would you think would be better at filling these positions for Health, Housing, Interior, Community Services, Secretary of Nation, and Tribal Administrator??? Names that come to mind are A.D. Ellis, David Nichols, ….

      2. “The man has been sworn in for 18 days.
        Actually in office for 16 days.
        How do you turn around a Nation in that few of days? How in the world do you even get a grasp of the job/budget/personnel/etc etc in 18 days?”

        What? A dose of reality on here? Even if the Nation’s business was in perfect order when the new administration came on there would still be an adjustment; still be a learning curve; and still take time for the new administration to get set up for they way they wanted to run the Nation.

        There are a lot of unrealistic people. I too, was surprised at a few of the cabinet appointments, but we shall see how this progresses.

  12. If Mr. Floyd is working FOR the Creek people, then I’d love to hear how laying off, aka “RIF’ing/reorganizing” & terminating the employment of CREEK CITIZENS/employees with Creek children is helping anyone. Then, apologizing to them after the fact because he “feels horrible” for having to do so. Some employees are still walking around with jobs when they didn’t show up for nine months or traveled on the tribe’s dime and boozed it up at inter-tribal while others showed up and on time and worked to support their families and STILL got the boot! What is wrong with this picture?? Mr. Floyd’s advisors are either jealous or intimidated by some employees and that’s why they were let go. It’s sad. These former employees are going to move on to bigger and better things when all along, all they wanted to do was to get an education and come back to serve their people. Good luck to the Nation, Mr. Floyd and his cabinet. I assure you all that you will be sorry you let go some of your best assets! I hope another tribe appreciates them more than you did.

  13. I think I am so heartbroken at the fact that many of th CREEK citizens/former employees who have recently been let go deserved more than a “pink slip” Some of the employees that were let go were EDUCATED, ALWAYS CAME TO WORK, WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND, and most importantly cared about their jobs and other citizens. Please pray for those former MCN employees who were let go. Pray for their families, children, spouses, etc. They relied on their paychecks to make sure their kids didnt live off the system. HONEST working people that were let go for probably not voting for the new chief.

    1. I haven’t heard of anybody being let go other than the Cabinet members and perhaps several others who were not good employees. Please elaborate. If they were great workers, they should have no problem finding a job elsewhere.

      Unfortunately under Tiger’s administration he created many unnecessary job positions. The new administration inherited the 18 million dollar shortfall and in order to continue services and programs, I am sure people may be getting RIF’d.

      1. Creeks are a do-nothing kind of people, as far as what they do to improve their government. That’s because they lack courage. Some vote, but other than that; that’s it. Oh yes, they have opinions which they mistake as solution to problems. They don’t have any action, just opinions, and they suppose that if one has an opinion that their opinion, will on its own, burst into a solution. It’s the do-nothing kind that do the least but demand the most.
        To vote is a civic responsibility and not an accomplishment. It is what you’re supposed to do, but to the do-nothing crowd, it’s the absolute least they do, and if there were a more least thing, they would do that. Then, they take credit for the victories, and blame others for not voting.
        Creek’s depend on voting, nothing else. They don’t believe in helping to circulate a petition, donate money, or will they sign a petition for fear their identity will be revealed. Circulating a Removal Petition is not an opinion; it’s taking direct action. Everyone was for a Removal Petition, if someone else did it and signed it.
        Our new Chief knew more about Creeks than they knew know about him. He didn’t rely on them alone. He campaigned outside the traditional Creek voting pool by plugging into a block of voters who had never been invited to participate. That’s where the huge numbers came from that slam dunked a tyrant. So, let’s just get over ourselves.

        1. “Oh yes, they have opinions which they mistake as solution to problems. They don’t have any action, just opinions, and they suppose that if one has an opinion that their opinion, will on its own, burst into a solution.”

          Excellent comment, but I would direct that to all people, all humans, not just us Mvskokes. Many people view their opinion as fact and expect others to simply believe their opinion as fact without every putting in the work to research and put forth the evidence that their opinion is valid.
          ^^^^ That is a human problem; not just a Creek problem.

      2. There was not a short fall but a spending problem. The shortfall was nothing more than a Tiger political agenda that back fired. There have been record setting revenues from gaming for the last 5 years along with record setting spending at the tribal level, which outpaced revenue growth. I would believe Chief Floyd is trimming fat, albeit maybe the wrong fat.

        1. You are exactly correct. The over spending was never intended to actually be revealed because GT was surely going to be re-elected, but best laid plans often go bad.
          Chief Floyd has his hands full right now, recent legislation reported a big dip into the Permanent Fund to cover cash expenditures by previous administration. It had to be done for the citizens.

        2. Hello. This is Jerry Floyd, the real Jerry Floyd.
          I was informed of the post dated 1/19 by someone using my name.
          This is the first time I have ever posted on this site.
          Anyone that knows me knows that I respect the office of our Principal Chief, current Chief and all previous Chiefs.
          It is a job that most would not want to undertake due to the amount of responsibility involved. I would never use this or any other public forum to make derogatory statements about our Chief.
          I do take issue with the ability to post anonymously or using the name of someone else to post on this site. Proper safeguards should be in place to prevent this abuse of this public forum.
          Everyone has an opinion and has the right to voice it, however, they should do so by using their name.
          I prefer to keep my opinion to myself as opposed to airing it here.
          Thank you for your time,
          The real Jerry Floyd

    2. What’s hard to see is Frances Tiger’s daughters still walking around with good paying jobs spewing their I’m still in charge attitudes. They are mean, rude and need to go.

    3. You plan to help the Nation by being heartbroken?!?! Keep it movin w/ that bull. the way you can help the tribe is do your job, be HONEST, treat others with respect; how you wish to be treated. An educated, prompt, worker who goes above and beyond should have no problem finding a great job in today’s market. That would be a better idea than getting on “the system” and blaming Creek Nation. I’m sure there are a lot more that didn’t vote for Chief Floyd. The fact is, folks have been frauding the tribe, to the tune of about 20 mil, and from what I can see, the new administration is slowly weeding them out.

  14. It’s the end of the second week. Do some of you have any inkling the situation Tiger left the nation in? A major budget shortfall for one! Yea, he created jobs, but they were not necessary! If I remember correctly, people kept saying after the election that it will take time for Chief Floyd to get settled and figure out the mess the previous administration left us in. Lets see, Tiger is out, so is the illustrious

  15. I don’t understand Chief Floyd.
    We know he has never been in the politics of MCN and yet he refuses to accept help for those that have had political experience in our tribe. Whether or not we agree with past Chief’s or District Court Judges of former Chief’s of Staff, he has to have input from those who have been in the battle. Yes my friends politics in a tribe is a battle. No one can please all Creeks at all times.
    Who is giving the directions to Chief Floyd?
    If it is in fact Louis Hicks he has no clue to the politics of MCN.

    It’s beginning to look bleak for our new Chief. He has not experienced, loyal or accomplished people helping him. But it’s his choice.

    1. We do not need any more past politicians “helping” our tribe. The back room dealing and political b.s. Is what has us 20 million in the hole. How would you like to inherit the mess that our last 30 yr politician has made?! What is there to understand about Chief Floyd?! Why he appointed an interim manager you don’t like?! Get over yourself. He’s been in the office 3 weeks!! Political corruption is why we are in the poor position we are in. You sound like a true Politician, one with nothing to offer. That is the best thing about 2nd Chief Hicks, he’s NOT a politician. I think the future looks more bleed for you politicians.Keep it movin!

    2. I see a lot of criticism over the cabinet choices and the changes. I think it’s far to early to start throwing stones. It might do the tribe some good to get some fresh minds into the mix.

  16. You’re not going to change anything as long as citizens and employees are allowed to run to the Chief or their Council Rep whenever they don’t get their way. Half the employees need to be fired because they can’t or won’t do their job but they’ll be the first to cry to the executive office if you do try and fire them, they will keep their job or moved to another position, we can’t lose a vote. You have citizens who play the system by jumping to each department for help, because we have become a welfare nation. You have citizens who won’t pay their house payment or maintain it but you can’t evict, and put in a family who will, we can’t lose a vote. If you want this Nation to grow then it has to run like a business, if this was your personal business would you pay people for not doing their job, not paying thier rent or trashing your property? The waste is unreal at Creek Nation (a secretary doesn’t need a phone paid by the nation, etc). As long as you’re constantly trying to get a vote you’ll never get ahead but then when you don’t get the votes you don’t get re-elected to make changes. It’s a no win situation! So you might as well give everybody a house, health care, pay their bills and cut everybody a check. Sad thing is there will still be people on here and Facebook complaining. We have crippled ourselves as a tribe and I see no solution.

  17. Attn: MCN Independent Agencies & Board Members

    If you are under the impression that your position cannot be terminated by the Principal Chief, you should read the history of our tribe. You work for MCN and can at any time loose your position – remember MCN is an employment at will government now.

  18. Ignorance: definition is (unawareness, inexperience, lack of knowledge).
    Both leaders of our tribe are ignorant. They choose to ask advice from people who worked for the former Chief and are still loyal to him. At this point those Chief Floyd has surrounded himself with people that don’t know if they are staying or going.
    Previous chief would do anything and use anyone to make Chief Floyd look unqualified.
    Asking for assistance from honest people because of his lack of knowledge would show us that he is a smart man. If you don’t know you must ask for help.
    Chief Floyd is our new Chief and is due his respect, but his lack of involving Creeks with experience is very apparent. Not everyone wants a job.

  19. I would like to suggest the following functions become a priority of the Personnel/Human Resources Department:
    1) Review of all positions throughout the Nation and standardization of job titles, job descriptions, and pay. I’m asking for consistency here – secretaries, specialists, managers, etc. , all job functions should have consistent responsibilities and be paid within a consistent pay/wage grade. In no other business on the face of this planet is a secretary paid more than a technical specialist, or in some cases a manager, except for this tribe. This practice is unacceptable. Start with benchmarking against other tribes and outside entities and then set the wage grades/salaries to be competitive and fair. While this is a large task, it is not impossible. I guarantee that you will see a marked improvement in employee morale and performance – something which is sorely needed. 2) Implement employee training on the following (at a minimum): customer service, phone etiquette, time management, basic computer skills (if applicable to the job), conflict resolution (how to play nice with others 101), etc. While I can think of a dozen others, this is a good place to start. 3) Manager training on the following: organizational skills, leadership skills, effective mentoring, conflict resolution (do you see a pattern developing here?), etc. 4) Development of performance based standards – set some employee goals and deliverables which will factor in to performance-based pay. It’s pretty basic, do your employees meet and/or exceed expectations? If so, reward them, if not determine why and implement corrective measures. It all boils down to fundamentals of Human Resource Development. Put a Director over the Personnel Department that has the knowledge, the experience, and the backbone to develop the work force that can then provide the excellent customer service our tribal members deserve.

    1. Hiring the right people in the right position. For example, don’t have capable, able bodied men answering phones, and a lady outside splitting firewood!!! If you are a dude, an a receptionist, shame on you!! Lady that cuts firewood, Kudos!!!
      Another example, a lifelong carpenter is probably not gonna make a very good welder, or a bus driver is not gonna no what to do if there’s a fire/rescue. Having a background in that trade or job is very important if you want people in these jobs to produce! As it is, these jobs have been cheapened So Much, by hiring unqualified friends or family, then the staff has to watch them not know what there doing, get drunk, harass, then they wither on the vine, quit, go to rehab, or transfer to another department. It is a hard pill to swallow when you’re required to train someone making $20,000 more per year than you!

        1. Not sexist at all, Ma’am. Just raised and taught respect by a father and grandfather that would not let a lady open a door, much less split firewood. You missed the entire point of my post!

          1. You said “capable able bodied men answering phones” and you were complaining. Not every man wants to work outside. Just like not every woman wants to sit at a desk.

            I agree, people need to be experienced but their sex has nothing to do with it.

      1. i agree with gospel bill………. creek men are supposed to “honor women”
        eliminate the useless. however I voted for change and thats what i am getting. I may not agree with the changes, but who does!

  20. I think town hall meetings are a great idea. I voted for change not reshuffling of the current problems.
    Tried to talk to the Chief last month but he was busy with interviews and didn’t have much time to talk. I will try again this month.

    1. No disrespect regarding town hall meetings, but I think they would just be a total gripe session. Or demands for personal wants or needs.
      Please people the administration has to think of the Tribe as a whole.

    1. No! We do not need that scandal ridden thief Tiger back. We need honest leadership with integrity. After second thoughts, maybe we should have elected Nichols. I think he had already formulated plans on change.

  21. Step 1.New administration needs to continue to clean house!!! A lot of folks still have a job who lied, stole, cheated for the outgoing administration. many of us received calls from these people telling us how bad Chief Floyd was at the VA…. Even how he was responsible for deaths of children while he was the Administrator!!!! Also, how good of a man George Tiger is, and allegations were all political!!! Lol. you think people like that are planning on getting behind the Chief and working together?!?! Hell No. Send them down the road. Until you pull all the weeds, a garden won’t grow!

  22. How do you help a blind person see? This Cheif either doesn’t know or he doesn’t care. Only time will tell. This is a place for people to voice concerns. Yes, concerns are negative. Maybe people want to help bring issues into the light? Why would you want to dim that light?

  23. We have laws and policies currently in place. They past administrations have failed us by not following them. If all laws and policies are followed by the new administration, then we as citizens could expect how an outcome should be handled and most of the complaining would stop except for the ones whom will always complain. My suggestion is for the Chief and NC have a town hall meeting once a month and give the citizens time to voice their concerns. We all have claims to our tribe and who knows maybe our citizens will have some good ideas. I believe by allowing the citizens to be a part will help to bring healing and trust to our tribe. Sometimes I feel the citizens are only heard during elections years but as soon as the election is over our concerns are quickly forgotten. I don’t want to be negative, I just want our Nation turned around but I have to remind myself to be patient. I have always believed if you want to complain about something then have a solution.

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